Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1062

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Babajid turned Wand and pointed at himself, and his voice spread throughout the hall.

“Everyone, our committee members are gathered here today for the purpose of Britain magic circle to talk about the suspected violation of the International Wizards Federation Confidentiality Act when the employees of the Umbrella Group issued “Harry Potter and Philosopher’s Stone” in the muggle sector.

For this book, many of us have exposed the thoroughness of the magic circle and exposed the various magic and even detailed spells of the magic circle to muggle, feeling shocked and protesting seriously. In a short period of time, this book has become popular in the muggle world, and muggles’ curiosity about magic has reached its peak. This situation is very worrying, and this trend is still continuing, and muggle’s attention is increasing. .

The magic circle became more and more transparent under the continuous accumulation of the influence of this book. In a short time, a large number of muggles clearly understood the magic circle and Hogwarts.

The Britain Ministry of Magic has not made any changes in this regard, and has not taken any action… But at least in our International Wizard Federation, the contracting states have made up their minds to tackle this problem. Now our member states will deal with this matter. Conduct meetings and rulings to clarify how to solve this serious problem. “

Obalonsk, the head of Bulgaria’s Ministry of Magic, immediately stood up, and he was already wearing a certain black big round hat on his bald head.

“I am very pleased to see that the leaders of our International Wizards Federation have reiterated the continued validity of the “Confidentiality Act”. This law is generally recognized by all countries and aims to protect the defensive magic world from being discovered by muggles and protect our wizards. We must maintain confidence and prove through our actions that even in the most difficult circumstances, the “Secrecy Act” is still significant and can have a meaningful impact on protecting our wizards.

In addition to the “Harry Potter and Philosopher’s Stone” incident just mentioned by the chairperson, I would like to add that some time ago, a civil organization in Britain called Order of the Phoenix completely ignored the life safety of muggle, and you know The violent conflict between who and Death Eater resulted in a large number of muggle casualties. The nature of this incident is very bad…

And according to the Ministry of Magic report, although the struggle between Order of the Phoenix and you know who was not approved by the Ministry of Magic, the Order of the Phoenix itself was certified by the Britain Ministry of Magic just before the action. Qualified civil organizations. In other words, this issue is so turbulent that Thunderbird and venom are needed to make muggles in a whole city forget that what they saw was a serious leak that had never happened since 9.

In addition to being suspected of being a monopoly, the Harris TV station has recently continued to show the so-called technological documentaries of the muggles to the wizards of the magic circle. This has seriously provoked the opposition between muggle and the wizard and caused panic in the ordinary wizards of the magic circle. I think This is also a serious dereliction of duty by Britain Ministry of Magic.

This series of incidents seriously violated the “Confidentiality Act” and “Muggle Protection Act”, not only affecting the life and safety of muggle, but also posing the most serious threat to the peace and safety of our magic circle. This behavior endangered the wizards. The rights and interests of the International Wizards Federation undermine the authority of the International Wizards Federation. The International Wizards Federation cannot stand idly by and allow Britain Ministry of Magic and its social organization wizards to act recklessly. We absolutely cannot tolerate such a situation. For this, I suggest In addition to imposing sanctions on Britain magic circle, the International Wizards Federation also recommends a thorough investigation of the Britain Ministry of Magic. “

After speaking, the Bulgarian minister put his hands on the 2 sides of his trousers, bowed to the chief Babajid, and politely bowed slightly to the all around wizard, and glanced at Aaron with provocative eyes. Representatives of the country also voiced approval and condemnation.

Babajid is nodded, the president of the International Wizards Federation. After he took office, he was inexplicably hostile by Aaron. After that, he was embarrassed several times by the Britain Ministry of Magic, although he did not know the root cause and did not understand the pure blood. The purpose behind the minister. But he is happy to use the general trend to teach Britain a lesson in today’s situation, so he tidied up the little dome hat on his head similar to Kingsley, and let himself face the direction of Britain: “So, I I think things are basically clear, representative Britain of the Federation, is there anything I need to explain and defend about this?”

Faced with this round of menacing accusations, Aaron stood up calmly. He didn’t make any extra moves, and his calm and peaceful voice spread throughout the venue.

“Guests, ladies and gentlemen, I cannot agree with what the two gentlemen have said about the Britain Ministry of Magic…. First of all, I want to say that no one understands the “International Wizard Federation Confidentiality Law” better than I…

Since the Federation began to enforce this law in 6, we have hidden the magic world from the muggle world. After several weeks of intense discussions, our member states have carefully studied the methods of hiding the magic world, including how to hide magical creatures, and at the same time eliminate them from the consciousness of muggles, so that some places cannot be used by muggles. Way labeling.

In 7, the Federation added 5th 70 to the “Confidentiality Act”, clarifying that each wizard management agency is responsible for hiding the magic world in its own jurisdiction, and violators will be disciplined by the Federation—Britain Ministry of Magic has always been committed to maintaining the authority of this law. Please don’t forget the fact that when someone wanted to break it, it was not someone else. It was our Britain wizard who stood up to stop him, just like today when the Dark Lord returns, we are also Britain. The wizard stood up and stopped him.

The popularity of the book “Harry Potter and Philosopher’s Stone” is diametrically opposed to President Akinbad’s accusation. This does not at all expose the magic circle, but further maintains the safety of the magic circle.

This is a wonderful move made by Britain magic circle to maintain the peace and security of the magic circle. What I want to know is, up to now, in our meeting room, how many wizards have dared to call the Voldemort name for himself? “

Aaron’s gaze swept across the group of wizards with different costumes, and there was silence on the court. The panic created by the Dark Lord has been deeply rooted in the in mind of many wizards, especially in European countries that have been disturbed by it in recent years. The female representative couldn’t help but take a deep breath.

“Commissioner Aaron Harris, please don’t talk about topics that have nothing to do with this meeting!” Akinbad broke the silence. “In safeguarding the laws of the International Wizards Federation, the Britain Ministry of Magic does have a very glorious past, but I am very sorry. I can’t see it now. I think that’s why our meeting was held.”

“This question is actually closely related to today’s meeting. Wizards dare not call their names directly. This situation will soon be improved… No one knows Voldemort better than I…” Aaron’s index finger of two hands is pressed against the other fingers of his thumb Going up, and gesturing outwards at the same time, his expression is so complacent that it makes people feel a bit too silly, “I think many people know why Voldemort is called you know who and the person who can’t even say the name, also knows Tom. He has been cursed again on his own name, but with the popularity of Britain’s book in the muggle world, now you know who can no longer use his name to locate the wizard who dared to call him directly.”

Aaron’s hand was habitually backed behind him again, and a lot of objectionable growls came from the audience.

“Sophistry can’t change the fact that this book has made Magic Circle well known in the muggle society, and Britain Magic Circle failed to restrict the publication of this book in time, resulting in a large amount of information about Magic Circle being learned by muggle.” Akinbard coldly said “Commissioner Aaron Harris, as you said, even if Britain Ministry of Magic uses this method for the purpose of deterring you know who, this is a very stupid behavior, and this does not change that it violates the International Confidentiality Facts about the Code of Conduct of the Act and the wizards!”

“No one understands muggle better than me… muggle is always full of fear and curiosity about the unknown, but not when dealing with the known… In fact, this is not just for all our wizards to say Voldemort with confidence. This is also our Britain Ministry of Magic’s efforts to maintain confidentiality laws.” Aaron satirized him in the audience about “knowing the king” or “being omniscient and omnipotent?” He didn’t care at all about the mockery like’. He pushed the water glass at his table out toward the lead seat, and put his hands on it. “After the release of this fictional fantasy novel for muggles, it will be the muggles in the future. If they accidentally see something about magic or the different behaviors of wizards from muggle, they will become not just in name only, but also in reality, just like the meaning of’muggle (muggle)’. There are magic diehards, and they will not think that the magic in those unintentional exposure events of Wizarding World is true. Instead, they will find reasons for these unusual things themselves, thinking that it is some book fans who are imitating books. This kind of behavior is very popular in the muggle world and is called CostumePlay by them…This is indeed a better guarantee for the implementation of the “International Wizard Federation Confidentiality Act.”

“What’s your myth?” Obalonsk of Bulgaria stood up and retorted impolitely. “And how do you explain those programs on your TV station?”

“The programs broadcast on TV are just to allow wizards to learn about muggle directly, not to be misled by the outdated muggle research materials. Minister Obalonsk, fans of your country, Bulgaria, in the Quidditch I participated in that year. In the campsite during match, there are quite a few women wearing muggles… When the wizards can get familiar with muggle society correctly, then this kind of exposure incidents caused by ignorance will naturally be reduced. Britain is also for maintenance. To implement the “International Wizard Federation Confidentiality Act” well, I wonder why the Bulgarian side repeatedly suppresses our TV station?”

Aaron deliberately failed to mention or ignore the fact that the staff of Britain Ministry of Magic, and the fact that many officials maintaining order at the junction of the site and the muggle campsite at the time also wore the wrong clothes. Aaron only deliberately spoke with contempt. Staring at the junction of the lower edge of the other’s hat and forehead, as if you can see through it to see the bald scoop inside.

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