Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1063

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“Excuse me…” A very well-dressed wizard soothed Obalonsk who wanted to rebut. He stood up from his position and bowed slightly around half a circle and bowed to everyone. He put a piece on his wizard robe. Cloak wears a stand-up collar that looks a bit like a military coat. The bow tie is tied neatly around his neck. The big beard on his face is very neatly repaired, which makes him show a somewhat old-fashioned demeanor and temperament.

“I am Heinrich Thalmann, the representative of the German Ministry of Magic. First of all, I would like to thank the Federation for seeking our opinions on the content of the meeting and giving us the opportunity to put forward our own opinions.” The beard wizard from Germany said to Aaron again Slightly salute, “Commissioner Aaron Harris, the situation that magic circle is about to expose is very serious… The international situation is not peaceful, and the root cause is that you know who and Death Eaters are all from Britain, and Britain itself cannot completely The solution has led to various unrest in other European countries.

The problems exposed by Britain have become more and more prominent. Please do not blindly do meaningless things and shift the blame to others. In fact, since Cornelius Fudge, the former minister of Britain Ministry of Magic, resigned, the International Wizards Federation has repeatedly tolerated the problems caused by the unfavorable jurisdiction of Britain Ministry of Magic…

From the return of you know who, to the magic circle and muggle world of you know who and his subordinates raging around the world, to Harris TV’s muggle programs that make the entire magic circle wizard nervous, and not reporting to the international wizard union The Department of Education of the Association allowed the teaching of dark magic and dangerous spells to minors…Finally, there was a dangerous operation in which your country obtained the permission of the British Ministry of Magic to operate Order of the Phoenix and almost exposed the magic circle…

However, the Ministry of Magic in Britain does not seem to be satisfied with this, and is constantly testing the bottom line of provoking the International Wizard Federation, and now it directly writes our magic world into a book and then publishes it in muggle world…

Even if, as member Harris just said, Britain Ministry of Magic has many reasons for publishing the book “Harry Potter and Philosopher’s Stone”, but Britain should inform the International Wizards Federation in advance and take action after discussing the feasibility at the meeting. This is the minimum respect for us…

Regrettably, as usual, what we see is that Britain each minding their own business has carried out various dangerous actions, arbitrarily and willful, this kind of overbearing and arrogant style, so that both the muggle society and the magic circle are full All kinds of chaos and turbulence that could have been avoided.

Therefore, I propose that, in this case, our International Wizards Federation can no longer make concessions and should impose sanctions on Britain. I personally suggest that the International Wizards Federation should send representatives to form a supervisory agency to settle in Britain, so that it can be unreasonable and illegal to intervene in Britain in time. And work together to build a lasting and stable peace in the international community.

I think if this resolution can be passed, it will help ease the current tense international situation and promote the peaceful development of the magic circle. “

Heinrich Tellmann’s tone barely fell. Many representatives at the meeting began to stand and applaud to show their support. Driven by this group of people, seeing that Britain did not say anything for the time being, more and more representatives started to stand up. All of them, including the proponent Heinrich Thalmann, of course knew that Britain impossible would agree to it. This is just a way to make Britain more acceptable for subsequent sanctions that are more in line with the laws of the Federation and that Britain impossible will agree. In recent years, under the leadership of Harris, it has become more and more powerful, which no other country wants to see.

Babajid Akinbad frowned not at all. What do you mean? As the president of the International Wizards Federation, he knows the importance of Britain and their current strength, just like the idea of ​​the club when he first took office. Actually, I am not at all aiming at Britain Ministry of Magic, and his purpose of holding this meeting is to make Britain respect him, the new president and the federation, and let Britain put away his hostility towards his unfathomable mystery that’s all .

“Please be quiet…” So Babajid pressed his hands to silence the scene, “Commissioner Harris? Do you have anything to add?”

“Mr. Tellman, just what you just said…” Aaron let his calm voice ring in everyone’s ears: “Does the German Ministry of Magic want to interfere in the internal affairs of the Britain magic circle? You propose that you be stationed in Britain…I Can it be understood that countries that agree with this point of view and want to participate want to declare war on Britain magic circle?”

There was a breathing sound at the meeting.

“What?! When did I…” The German wizard’s nostrils were wide open. He thought that under the pressure of most of the federation members, Harris would definitely give some soft words to make some concessions, but didn’t expect behavior. It’s so unruly, “We, the German Ministry of Magic, never meant this… It’s just the current situation of Britain…”

Seeing that he had stopped talking, Aaron did not let him go and asked, “What’s wrong with Britain’s current situation?”

Heinrich’s tightly squeezed fingers loosened again under Aaron’s gaze. As the German magic circle that was most damaged in the first Dark Lord provoking the war, even if he knew that Aaron’s war threat was fake, He couldn’t take this risk, but Aaron’s follow-up question forced him to say in general, “Commissioner Harris, I am just a suggestion… If the British Ministry of Magic thinks they can handle these problems…”

Aaron sneered with a smile: “So you were so softened so soon? The Thielmanns are still as spineless as they were back then… There were that many great wizards in the German magic circle, but is it like this now?”

“You!…” Didn’t expect to retreat in exchange for further direct insults from the other party, which made Heinrich Tellmann flushed angrily.

“What kind of Thelmans do you dare to make trouble in front of me?!!!” Aaron scolded sharply, “When our Harris family was still in Germany, your family was like beggar, flattering behind us. , To get a little bit cold…Take advantage of the opportunity of the Harris family to leave, your grandfather used himself to get Imperius Curse to escape the blame, and then embezzled some of our people’s property to make a fortune… Now you actually have the face to want to be with me Show up in front of you and pick things up? Who do you think you are?”

“Please stay calm and don’t quarrel at the meeting…” Babajid’s eyebrows almost went into his hair. He was only going to sweep Britain’s face at the meeting, and pass a resolution to impose appropriate sanctions on Britain, not at all means to make things big.

“The Harris family used to be a follower of Grindelwald in Germany! I now have reason to suspect that the Harris family is now trying to repeat Grindelwald’s back path in an attempt to break the International Secrecy Act! It seems that we need to raise awareness of the dangers of the Harris family They are not only loyal followers of Grindelwald, but they also don’t obey the law and rules. They want to use military force to force others to submit.” Bulgaria’s Ministry of Magic Obalonsk stood up, “but we won’t be affected by you. Threat, Aaron Harris, don’t think you have won you know who we will be afraid of you! If you want to go to war, come on, Bulgaria took the lead against Grindelwald back then, and we can do it now! No matter how powerful you are, Britain may not be able to fight. Our entire magic circle?!”

“Now I am finally willing to defeat Voldemort? In addition, Bulgaria took the lead against Grindelwald?!” Aaron snort disdainfully, “as everyone knows, it is our Britain’s Albus Dumbledore who defeated Grindelwald in a duel and stopped his rampage. , And Bulgaria was just a country saved by our country, now I am embarrassed to claim that I take the lead? Do you still use my family’s already punished behavior to view our country’s efforts to maintain secrecy laws? The Telmans and all of you, including your Bulgarian magic circle, were tempted and made the same choices during the catastrophe that year, just like our Harris family. Then, Mr. Bulgarian Ministry of Magic, do you think they Now I want to break the secrecy law?!”

The scene began to become chaotic, and the representatives of the magic circle led by pure blood continued to protest with Obalonsk.

“Quiet! Quiet!” Babajid patted the table in vain, but in this situation, not many people seemed to be willing to listen to his orders from a minister who was not a powerful country in the magic circle. He believed that he had not achieved his original goal. , On the contrary, he lost his face more and more.

“Quiet!” Madam Maxime stood up. The tall silhouette and Sonorus played a role. “Minister Obalonsk, French Magic Circle agrees with the efforts made by Bulgarian Magic Circle to fight against Grindelwald… Committee Harris, please calm down. As one of the victimized countries, our French magic circle clearly agrees with Mr. Albus·Dumbledore of Britain magic circle’s key role in this matter…This is not something that can be erased…”

“Committees, please calm down. What we are discussing today is only about Britain’s publication of the book “Harry Potter and Philosopher’s Stone”…” Babajid wiped his sweat, and he glanced at the half-blood giantess gratefully. headmaster ——The development of things now exceeds Akinbad’s expectations. Harris is currently relying on Britain magic circle and his personal strength, and he is not afraid of triggering war tyrants cultivation. Continuous provocations have angered many countries, which makes him feel Panic-even if the probability is small, if there is a war or even some small conflict between Britain and any country because of this meeting, he cannot accept the responsibility he has to shoulder as the chairman of the meeting.

The Bulgarian minister snorted from his nose and sat down a little bit angrily. Aaron looked towards Babajid indifferently and looked towards Babajid. The smile on his face became even more disdainful.

Seeing Aaron’s eyes in his eyes, Akinbard forcibly suppressed his anger, his clenched fists showed his veins, and said stiffly, “We should discuss things together, not judge the right to speak according to the strength of the country… Everything is There should be a right and wrong judgment. Since the international situation is turbulent, we should coexist peacefully and treat each other as equals… This is the original intention of our International Wizard Federation…”

“Then the meeting itself, President Akinbad… I have a question about today’s meeting itself.” Aaron’s light voice sounded again.

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