Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1064

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“What?” Akinbad did not respond to the other party’s question.

“President Akinbad, I mean, this meeting was caused by the violation of the specific terms of Britain magic circle?” Aaron raised his eyes indifferently and looked straight at Akinbad. “There is no basis for accusing Harris TV and the Ministry of Magic has already given punishments that have nothing to do with the closing Order of the Phoenix incident. What I want to ask is, the publication of the novel “Harry Potter and Philosopher’s Stone”, Britain now specifically violated the “International Wizard Confidentiality Act” Relevant regulations?”

“The central idea of ​​the “Secrecy Act” is that every magic government is responsible for concealing the existence of the magic community in its own country. Apart from this, they also need to control magical creatures located in their own countries, prevent minors from publicly displaying magic, and Make sure that people are not at risk of being discovered by muggle when they engage in magic sports.” The Panamanian wizard with feathers answered this question.

“You have included all matters of magic circle in Britain, so are you embarrassed to ask us?”

“Even spell is written in, if muggle…”

“If the muggles follow the thoughts, what magic will he release?” Aaron interrupted the opponent with a rhetorical question. He looked directly at the president of the federation. “I have to remind everyone of the fact that this novel violates the International Confidentiality The law exposes the existence of magic circle, in fact, not at all really happened…which muggle does not at all let this book really know and thinks magic circle really exists, can’t be considered really exposed, in fact like me As just described, this can help us in the future if there is an exposure incident, it can be explained by a group of book fans engaging in activities on their own to help us continue to hide our whereabouts, right?”

“You are playing a word game!”


In the audience, some wizards including Kuslapari High Priest and Obalonsk roar angrily. Abakinde has realized Aaron’s plan, but he can’t find words that can refute the other party, Wizarding World’s Most laws are inherently ambiguous.

“So far, the magic circle hasn’t really been exposed.” Babajid pulled Green Kanga a little helplessly, and said dryly, “But the International Wizards Federation has never received Britain’s information about this beforehand. Explanation and report, so we are worried that this kind of behavior in your country will expose the magic circle.”

Aaron scolded the remaining unmoved: “So, President Akinbad or other members who can explain for the President, this meeting was caused because of what specific clauses Britain magic circle violated?”

Obalonsk yelled unwillingly: “It’s illegal for the wizard to run into the muggle world to do business!”

“As long as the local Ministry of Magic license confirms that no magic items are allowed to flow into the muggle world, this is not a violation.” Madam Maxime added another sentence. “Many wizards with muggle backgrounds have also returned to work in muggle world, so some are just The written novel is obviously not included in this list.”

Akinbad saw that Aaron was unsuccessful in this meeting, but he was forced to find a loophole and forced him to have nothing to say. If it is a weak country, that’s all can dominate people with power-Akin Bud felt deeply embarrassed that he was so angry that his tanned skin turned white. Finally, he gritted his teeth, looked at his wand with a gloomy expression, and said muffledly: “Everyone Committee members, now that the misunderstanding has been resolved, let’s end this meeting and adjourn it.”

The door to the British branch of the Department of International Magical Cooperation was opened, and the representatives of the committee members stood up, knowing that something must be done, and the crowd was surging and wanted to leave the venue.

“Delegates, please wait.”

To everyone’s expectation, the door was just opened but locked with a snap.

The representative looked towards Aaron Harris who had just stopped them in amazement.

Aaron straightened the cloak slowly: “So, President Akinbad, our Britain magic circle not at all violates confidentiality laws, right?”

“I have announced that the meeting is over, what do you want?” Akinbad’s voice, who has not left his seat, sounded a bit sharp and rigid.

“Over the period of time, various public opinions caused by this have caused damage to the reputation of Britain magic circle… But now it has been proved that this novel not at all violates the confidentiality law, let alone whether it will help maintain it in turn. Confidentiality law issue…” Aaron stroked the hair that was originally meticulously combed with his hand. “So now that means that publishing this text novel, which is not a magic creation, is just Britain’s internal affairs, right? So international wizards. Under the leadership of the president, the Federation raised the incident to the point where it needed to meet to discuss sanctions without clarifying the truth. Now the president and just keep on saying slander several representatives of the British Ministry of Magic After doing all this, now you want to pat your butt so easily and leave?”

Aaron’s indifferent gaze swept across the few wizard representatives who had just spoken, stopping their urge to abuse.

“We in Britain have always been committed to maintaining the secrecy law. I defeated the half-blood dark wizard who claimed to be Voldemort by the name of Tom twice. The Britain Ministry of Magic also expelled his death Eater. Now there are many magic circles outside of Britain. The situation in China is already chaotic, and the Ministry of Magic executives are unable to control their own domestic situation.” Aaron looked directly at Akinbad, retorting sharply. “But these governments that failed to protect their wizard people have repeatedly shifted the responsibility to Britain, and Sir President seemed to ignore these major events…but he put his mind on the trivial matter of Britain publishing a novel.”

Obalonsk, who was seated in the right seat, seemed to fly into a rage out of humiliation: “These disturbances were not brought by me, but your Britain! You know who is also your Britain wizard!”

And Akinbad did not expect that Aaron would bite back and accuse himself now. His face sank and stared at Aaron gloomy. “As the Bulgarian committee member said, these disturbances were not caused by our other countries. We are Victims… and even if things are not mentioned in the novel, the non-sense fight between your country’s civil organization Order of the Phoenix and you know who some time ago resulted in a large number of muggle casualties and almost exposed the magic circle, but it’s a fact…Britain magic circle has continued to develop. This kind of action makes us have to worry…”

“There are also a large number of national origins in Death Eater. Even in Germany, Grindelwald who wants to directly break the secrecy law has appeared. Can these countries be blamed for the current situation?” Aaron scanned the crowd. “Obviously the origin of the criminal does not represent The attitude of the country behind him.”

Seeing that the other party also mentioned Grindelwald, I felt that Aaron’s remarks were somewhat shameless, and Heinrich Tellmann couldn’t help but yelled: “You were Grindelwald followers before, but now you are against…”

“The Thielmans have followed Harris, what are you doing now?” Aaron interrupted him with understanding, and then looked at Akinbad, “Since President Akinbad took office, you know who and the dark wizard’s terrorist attack Incidents emerge in endlessly. Are exposure incidents and frequent activities of you know who just a matter of Britain Ministry of Magic? As mentioned above, these incidents are more common in other European countries. I remember that I personally wrote a lot of warning letters to remind me Everyone…”

Kuslapari High Priest squeezed a smile: “Commissioner Harris, the purpose of our federation including today’s meeting is essentially to stop this phenomenon…or do you have any way to solve it completely?”

“In fact, as I just said, because of this situation, as a member of the International Wizards Federation, I have to send out many warning letters. Of course, I have also received many. I think many country representatives are just as affected by this kind of feeling as I do. It’s been overwhelmed…” Aaron glanced at the Indian wizard with a playful look: “Everyone, what I want to ask is actually why President Akinbad doesn’t focus on helping countries deal with you know who On the other hand, I have been keen to crusade against Britain Ministry of Magic. This makes me suspect that the president does not have the ability to control the International Wizard Federation… I can only use this to divert the attention of countries and avoid being under his term. The fact that countries are increasingly difficult to maintain confidentiality laws…”

Although Aaron’s tone was as gentle as ever, the indifferent expression and its meaning aroused Akinbad’s greater anger.

“Aaron Harris! It’s just nonsense!” In a hurry, Akinbad retorted angrily. His two black eyebrows and black forehead were tightly twisted together, making him look like a black leopard. “I have always been responsible for the magic circle, doing my best to safeguard the “International Confidentiality Law” and sanction countries or individuals who violate the law!”

“Speaking of which, the International Wizards Federation has just changed its term. Members, we can recall that under the leadership of the previous president, Mr. Dumbledore, the magic circle did not have as many disturbances as it is now.” Aaron pretended to be nostalgic. “President Akinbad, Mr. Dumbledore was removed from the post of President of the International Wizards Federation because he was misunderstood. Now that the misunderstanding about Mr. Dumbledore has been clarified, facts have proved his original warning about the magic circle. It is completely correct…that is to say that he did not at all have any negligence in the position of the president of the Federation. He has always been worthy of the title of the greatest white wizard in the world. During his active period, Mr. Albus Dumbledore Solved the first Dark Lord Grindelwald, solved the entire Wizarding World wiki, he and his Order of the Phoenix, at the sacrifice of fierce and unafraid of death, won the First Stage Provoked by the second generation of Dark Lord Voldemort The first Wizard War… But now many countries that have been blessed by Mr. Dumbledore from Britain Wizarding World and the Order of the Phoenix rebels organized by Britain Wizarding World, now they have forgotten thoroughly because of an unintentional mistake. Describing them as’civil unlawful’ organizations and trying to discredit them as reckless people who have failed to succeed?”

“Have you not driven Dumbledore out of Hogwarts and described him as the worst headmaster in history? Although the Federation did not restore him as president, it also restored his status as representative of the country of Britain. Haven’t you taken him away now? Now I am ashamed to speak for him in reverse?” The veins on Obalonsk’s forehead jumped with his anger, and he felt that Harris was extremely shameless.

“Does the representatives of each country change frequently? This is just a normal change, but as I said when I drove Mr. Dumbledore from school, he is not responsible for education, but he spends all his thoughts on it. In fighting evil, this is not in conflict.” Aaron nodded to the Bulgarian minister, “And Ms. Ravenclaw personally corroborated, if you have any dissatisfaction with this, do you want me to send you go with her face-to-face to confirm?”

Obalonsk looked like a rooster pinched by his throat at this time, like a crowing but no sound.

The wizards off the court couldn’t help but smile. These forces were essentially made by Britain. Harris’s resistance to Dumbledore and Order of the Phoenix was far more than they were. You know who made trouble before was also the representative of Britain. I am sending warning letters to various countries, and now they are actually taking the issue in reverse.

Hearing that Aaron wanted to say that the Bulgarian Ministry of Magic was sent to Ravenclaw, Leonard, the representative of the American Wizarding World, sneered. He seemed to see from Aaron that the muggle government in his country likes to do it, relying on strength. Powerful In the muggle world, some people to have no shame use all kinds of perverse reasons to make others trouble.

“Commissioner Harris… Please tell me directly if you have any thoughts and requests.” Madam Maxime urged, seeing that the meeting has become ugly like a farce now, feeling that this is really detrimental to the honor and face of the International Wizards Federation.

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