Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1065

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“President Akinbad, Mr. Dumbledore resigned as president because he was misunderstood. Now that the misunderstanding about Mr. Dumbledore has been clarified, whether his original term of office should have expired? Mr. Dumbledore’s chairmanship is returned?” Aaron spoke clearly.

“You!” As soon as Akinbad pointed to Aaron to say something, the Indian representative Kuslapari loudly said, “Please be cautious, member of Harris! The chairmanship is elected by the wizard federation through regular procedures!”

Obalonsk yelled: “Yes! Even if Mr. Dumbledore was wrongly stepped down due to an unfortunate misunderstanding, President Akinbad did not have to resign in accordance with the regulations if he did not make a big mistake. The president of the federation again It’s not your Britain hereditary!”

“But now he made a mistake! Why did the International Wizards Federation impose sanctions on Britain Ministry of Magic? From the very beginning all kinds of groundless accusations against Britain are wrong! This meeting simply should not be held!” Aaron’s voice Sudden improvement overwhelmed the noisy parliamentary scene, “Even if it is stipulated that President Akinbad does not have to return his position to the former chairman who has been misunderstood by you and lost his position, but I learned from Akinbad I don’t feel any guilty thoughts in my body! Today you are still talking about Mr. Dumbledore and his mistakes in leading the Order of the Phoenix. Do you want to put the heroes of Wizarding World to shame?!” Aaron patted the table angrily. “President Akinbard, you seem to focus all your energy on investigating some unimportant things in other countries, so as to prove your own existence? Let us ignore your efforts in safeguarding the protection law. The fact that there is no accomplishment, the magic circle has become increasingly chaotic, and the maintenance of the confidentiality law has become more difficult? Now I think you are really not suitable for the post of president of the International Wizards Federation… As a member of the country, it is in compliance with the requirement to impeach you? “

Abakind’s nose kept sucking, his chest and chest fell together, his hands were clenched into fists, and he placed his hands in front of his chest, holding his breath, and taking a deep breath, 2 eyes Looking straight at Aaron, with his wide front teeth biting his bloodless lips tightly, Abakin really couldn’t understand: He asked himself that he had never offended Harris before, and this time he was just behaving against them. With a friendly counterattack, why does the other party be so hostile to him?

The scene was silent, and no one didn’t expect Aaron Harris to make the scene like this in today’s situation. The wizard felt that President Akinbad’s personal behavior of Order of the Phoenix was completely tied to Britain’s head. Excessive, but Aaron Harris’s response described the responsibility as being caused by Akinbard’s taking office, which is even more far-fetched. This is obviously because they are basically the perception of the British Ministry. Magic’s strength and the power of its own power can have such confidence, and then Akinbad was caught by the tail that was not a small tail to blatantly revenge and discredit him.

Aaron’s eyes narrowed slightly, and the corners of his mouth raised. He couldn’t hide his mockery of Abakinde-even if it wasn’t really possible to get him off the stage like this, there is no way to hide what happened today. After Dumbledore, two consecutive times President Ren was asked to step down, not only to lose his personal face, but also to damage the honor and dignity of the International Wizards Federation. The chaos of the Wizarding World during this period, the random flying of warning letters from various countries has made ordinary Wizard is more or less aware that the International Wizard Federation is losing its strength control, and the unpleasant existence has become even more unpleasant.

“Commissioner Harris, it would be too much to let President Abbakind step down… His original intention was also to safeguard the “International Confidentiality Act”, not at all committing major issues of principle… But Britain Ministry of Magic himself did not take the initiative to agree The International Wizards Federation communicated that it does not describe the purpose of publishing this book that basically restores the appearance of the magic circle in the muggle society, and it should also bear certain responsibilities.” Kuslapari High Priest stood up from his seat, and he was slow He pulled Buddy on him, and just opened his mouth to help Abakinde who he had pleased before, but his tone was very polite compared to before.

“Commissioner Harris, President Abbakind is still a very responsible president, although he has made mistakes…” Madam Maxime stood up gracefully and paused for a while to smooth out the wrinkles on the black satin clothes, indicating that the president made a mistake.” But things don’t stop there…”

“Of course, Madam Maxime, you reminded me well, I personally got a little excited…but the previous few criticized the representatives and president of Britain before the matter was cleared…” Aaron’s hands were behind her back and her body shook back and forth. Akira, an indifferent gaze swept over the country representatives who had just jumped out, “This reckless behavior caused the loss of Britain’s reputation. Now Britain requires these countries to publicly apologize and clarify. This request is not excessive, right?”

The tone barely fell another roar on the scene.

“Is it that Britain is superior to other countries and can’t tolerate any criticism and discussion?!” The black round hat on the head of Bulgaria’s Ministry of Magic Obalonsk shook with his excited words.

“Aaron Harris, I can understand that Britain Ministry of Magic is threatening the German Ministry of Magic?! As I just said in my speech, I cannot accept your overbearing demands.” German Ministry of Magic represents Hein Rich Thielmann threw his cloak, which resembled a military coat, angrily behind him.

“Commissioner Harris, please listen to me. The countries that have just spoken are only because of the information provided by the International Wizard Federation, that they have made inappropriate remarks on those news.” Leonard Nox sounded some old voices. The big glasses on the pointed nose made his old age more obvious. He noticed Aaron’s sight, and he gently shook the head to Aaron.

The reason why he was willing to get up to ease the relationship between the two parties was that he didn’t want Aaron to be young and vigorous for a while and put all countries on his opposite side, leaving Britain in a more isolated situation.

“But it was President Abbakind who provoked the misunderstanding of other countries because of his personal misdirection… Then Britain can not hold accountable for the misleading statements made by these representatives…” Aaron did not use Legilimens. Can understand Leonard’s intentions-the reason why he is willing to get up is that he does not want Aaron to put all countries on his opposite side, leaving Britain in a more isolated situation.

The atmosphere of the scene was relaxed. Heinrich Thaelmann sighed, but Aaron was only slightly paused, so he spread out his hands with difficulty: “But the president Abakin who caused all this, I must publicly apologize to clarify the efforts of Britain magic circle to maintain the “Secrecy Act.”

“I just held a meeting, and my behavior is not at all violations…” Abakinder lowered his head, his mouth curled, his bald forehead was greasy, his fists clenched tightly, “to Britain The sanctions not at all happened, and this meeting has clarified the facts. I don’t think I need to apologize.”

When the voice fell, he turned to leave.

“I think our discussion is not finished yet, President, please wait.” Aaron waved his hand, and the tables and chairs behind the President were transformed into wooden fences, leaving him behind.

“How dare you! Does Britain want to shoot at us?” Abakinder yelled in fright.

But this is some unscrupulous behavior, except for a Swedish female representative to say, “How dare you?” In addition to the questioning of’, let the other representatives sit in their seats and shut their mouths, and began to worry about whether Britain would madly attack everyone.

“I’m sorry, this meeting that shouldn’t exist was convened by you, President Abakinder. Britain was invited to come out of respect for the wizard federation and the president.” Aaron face doesn’t change staring. President, “But what exactly did Britain do to Abakinde? Make the President so disrespectful of us? People are responsible for their choices and actions.”

“Don’t do this, Commissioner Aaron Harris…I understand your grief and indignation, but our Britain wizard shouldn’t be so overbearing.” The British Ministry of Magic Owen Harris, who has been silent for people to ignore his existence, stood up and spoke.

Owen and Aaron’s staring at each other and the short eye contact made many people speculate. Owen didn’t know that things would happen like this beforehand. Only then would he speak to stop his son’s hegemonic cultivation.

“President Akinbad, deputies, I’m sorry, my son has caused you to be frightened by a guest in Britain that you shouldn’t have suffered…” Owen solemnly bowed and apologized to all the wizards. This incident made it feel like sitting on a Firebolt today. The irritating people just mentioned the eyes of the throat and their hearts fell back.

“Minister Owen…I’m fine, I just hope that next time, let’s leave the meeting first.” Seeing Owen came out to stop the meeting, Abakinde wanted to say something about it-but then he didn’t want to stimulate the big thorn in his eyes, Aaron. , Decided to back down and change his tone.

“Thank you for your understanding, but Britain magic circle takes this opportunity to announce one last thing…that is, Britain magic circle will consider withdrawing from the International Wizards Federation organization.” Owen said calmly.

When Owen’s words fell, many wizards stood up from their seats. Madam Maxime’s huge size is particularly eye-catching. Several older wizards have been groping for themselves with a stable potion. Going down-and Babajid Akinbad, the president of the International Wizards Federation, is even more on the verge of collapse, holding on to the table to catch his breath.

“No doubt, deputies, you heard that right. We are not thinking about leaving the magic circle in Europe. Britain wants more than Brexit…” Aaron smirked and picked up a terrifying joke that only he knew now, and then The transfiguration of the fence around the president was removed to make them return to the shape of a chair. “Considering that Britain has been subjected to unfair treatment for unjustified reasons in the International Wizard Federation in the past few years since President Albus Dumbledore was replaced by the innocent. I was deliberately slandered and interfered in our internal affairs on the grounds of the crime committed by Britain not at all… After being forced to prove innocence, we couldn’t accept the apology we deserve, so we, the Britain Ministry of Magic, have good reasons to consider Withdrawal…and reserves the right to take further countermeasures.”

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