Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1066

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The wizards at the venue seemed to be surprised by the sudden announcement of Harris father and son. After a short period of silence, heated discussions broke out in the venue.

“Crazy, is he thinking about the consequences? Once Britain leaves the International Wizards Federation, most of the agreements will be invalidated, not to mention trade and even population circulation becomes a problem.”

“I don’t believe that Britain will withdraw. He should just be a threat. This is intimidating the president of the International Wizards Federation!”


Aaron and Owen did not act according to common sense, and suddenly demanded to retire, which made Madam Maxime anxious: “Minister Owen Harris, Commissioner Aaron Harris, Britain Ministry of Magic still has to proceed cautiously…Lost diplomacy, for Britain and other countries, It’s a huge loss.”

“Everyone, please keep quiet.” Akinbad forced himself to calm down. He squinted his eyes and looked towards Owen and said, “Minister Owen Harris, regarding withdrawing from the International Wizard Federation, we don’t want to talk about other processes, even if you are Minister, I’m afraid I don’t have the power to be the master of the whole Britain magic circle…”

“I’m worried about this, the chairman, I asked myself that I haven’t wasted time in Britain in the past few years, and I have won a little reputation…” Aaron has not given up for a long time, “I will try my best to call on Britain wizard to do this after I go back. .”

Everyone knows Aaron’s appeal in Britain at this time, not to mention how much wizards from muggle and half-blood worship him, even if there are some pure blood that doesn’t deal with Harris in the concept, Aaron will defeat you again this time. After who also changed his attitude, if Harris desperately wants Britain to leave the International Wizards Federation, they might indeed be able to do it.

Akinbad also knows that whether it is Aaron as the top-level battle strength or the lower-level battle strength with the British Ministry of Magic, which has the reformed armed Auror, it is enough to ensure that they are not afraid of any military force threat during this process-after all, the International Wizards Federation But there is no way to convene the magic circle of all countries in the world to do their best on this kind of thing, risking the death and injury of the doomed war and consuming resources on this kind of thing.

“In addition, Britain Ministry of Magic will re-establish diplomatic relations with other magic circles and sign new trade contracts. We in Britain have been trying to seek common development with other magic circles, and help each other…” Owen read the word assistance. Very loudly, he looked around the wizards’ expressions in the venue, and then smiled nodded with satisfaction.

It seems that he is worried about angering the other party and making things completely out of control. Akinba’s German language is no longer as rigid as before, and almost persuaded with pleading, “…After all, our current goal is to jointly combat you know who and maintain confidentiality laws, please Consider the overall situation… we don’t need to make such a small matter to such an extent.”

“Small things? Now the president, but you have held the International Wizards Federation meeting for this little thing…” Aaron raised an eyebrow. “Also, since you want to take care of the overall situation, why don’t you take care of the overall situation, the president? I think we are already in Britain. In this meeting, the overall situation has been taken care of many times…”

After being told three times by the opponent that Gu Quan was stunned by the overall situation, Akinbad had no idea how to end the stage. He had no idea that he was going to just fight back against Britain’s hostility towards him until now unfathomable mystery, and give them one. In the end, the meeting of lessons will make you completely unable to get off the stage.

It’s fine to apologize in a private meeting. What the other party asks is a public apology for clarification; and if you don’t agree, even if the probability is small, it doesn’t matter if things happen or not, because the president of the International Wizard Federation has no reason to target the member states. Applying to withdraw from the association is considered unheard-of, and this will make Akinbad feel that his president has lost his face and is recorded in the annals of history.

Then, Aaron Harris’s vague voice rang from the bottom of Akinbard’s heart, “Dear Babajid, how is it? Although silence is a third choice, it will only make you more embarrassed over time. It’s better as soon as possible. Make a choice.”

Akinbard was shocked, knowing that the other party was communicating with him using secret words, so he also asked the answer he always wanted to know in his heart: “Why? Is it because Britain wants to get back the chairmanship? “

“Babajid…you misunderstood, we Harris have no interest in this position…”

After that, on the 2nd day after the International Wizards Federation meeting. In France, in the depths of a deep and wide jungle, all kinds of trees and bushes are intertwined and densely mixed. The branches and leaves of the dwarf jungle are too dense to even the wild goats.

More than a dozen black smoky silhouettes suddenly appeared from the void. Among them, the taller wizard of each and everyone used wand to split a clump of stalks that entangled his magic robe, “bad luck, it broke… The master chose such a place, it is really hidden.”

“The jungle of Port Vecchio, the local muggles describe it like this,’If you commit a murder, then hide in the jungle of Vecchio.’ This is a good place to hide the base.” The dark wizard, who was slightly shorter, suddenly became shorter. Lower body, got into a dark cave.

“How did you get in Coulter Town?” The tall wizard’s half of the face exposed under Lumos’ rays of light was extremely gloomy.

“Not very good,” short wizard said annoyedly, “you can’t imagine that there are so few existing gold Galleons in the famous Miller Farleys…I have to take some art that is not easy to get out…but their house The pastries are not bad.”

“These prestigious families have their own vaults in Gringotts. It is normal to store less cash… But you dare to eat their cakes…” The tall wizard’s expression became a little joking, “I don’t know the Lu from their family. K. Millefari? He is indeed a famous pastry chef, but he is famous for his love of poisoning mudblood with pastries…”

This made the short man look horrified and took out a bottle of universal antidote and poured it into himself, and then threw away a baggage that had been casted on a non-marking stretch curse like a poisonous snake harmful insect.

The tall dark wizard continued to laugh at him as he walked towards the cave’s hinterland. The terrain dropped abruptly, and the two of them held their breath and walked down the winding path cautiously—the signs on the wall proved this way. It was not long after being transformed with magic by this batch of dark wizards.

Only later, the rays of light in front of them suddenly brightened a lot. They squinted their eyes, and it took a long time to get used to the dazzling light of the dark tunnel that they had just passed through.

The tall wizard shook his head. The Death Eater mark on his arm was hot, and all kinds of information about the person who said Voldemort’s name was imported into his brain, which made him even more impetuous. It’s just that the silhouette in the hall of the mountain belly in front of him did not dare to complain at all, even the atmosphere did not dare to come out, pulling his companions to quietly stand in the silent Death Eater on the 2 side.

The stone wall is surrounded by flaming torches. A luxurious carpet almost covers the entire stone floor. The person who made them fear stands barefoot on the furry carpet, and the light of the jumping fire reflects his pale skin. On the face, describe terrible.

“So you haven’t got the news of Gregorovitch…” Voldemort’s high-pitched, clear voice sounded in this space.

“Master…Dumbledore and Order of the Phoenix have also started activities in Germany…They blocked us…” The Death Eaters were silent, lowered their heads, and their breathing slowed down, for fear of incurring the angry Dark Lord.

“You want to tell me now that not only did you fail to obtain the information I wanted, but there was also the sound of people leaking?” Voldemort’s slender fingers were on the death mark on his arm, and he resisted the urge to pull out the wand: These stupid idiots are weak, but they are more loyal than those who fled. Dark Lord narrowed his eyes dangerously and took a deep breath. The remaining sanity made him understand that he still needs more hands to do things, and as long as the predatory behavior without a hitch, by regaining sufficient resources, we can recruit enough manpower as soon as possible, and regroup strength-and those who make the rudder to run away, when the time comes, with free time, you can also determine the location through the imprint. ‘Fatal punishment’ or’forgiveness’.

“Master, the materials I brought from Britain this time have been counted and stored…” Lucius Malfoy’s voice sounded to ease the silence on the scene. He just walked in from the door and bowed to Voldemort.

“Very well, Lucius, you have been using your actions to prove your loyalty to me…” Voldemort’s cold voice showed rare satisfaction, and he raised his arm with the “Vicna Hand” installed. , Turned his wrists a few times, and pointed to the Death Eaters standing aside, “Lucius and you all swore to be loyal to me forever when we were in Britain. You have been following me until now. Your loyalty is compared to These newly joined Death Eaters have been tested and are much more reliable and sincere.”

“Master, these things are of no use lying in the Malfoy Vault of Gringotts,” Lucius Malfoy’s body was lowered. “My father taught me that money must be spent valuable to be called wealth… if they To be able to share the worries and serve the master, that is something Malfoy can’t afford.”

“As expected, Abrams.Malfoy who can oust the mudblood Ministry of Magic long-term plan…Huh?” Voldemort raised his head. He praised him with a smile that was rare during this period of time. He noticed one Death Eater, who was leaning in the corner, couldn’t seem to restrain himself, and glanced over his arm from time to time. “But I noticed that some of us seem to be unhappy recently… Is there anything that makes you unhappy, Avery?”

“Master, I didn’t…I didn’t…no” Avery said tremblingly, sweat dripping from his forehead and upper lip, but he didn’t dare to move.

“Lie! Master! He is upset because of the imprint!” Bellatrix touched her belly kicked by the fetus due to her emotional ups and downs, and licked her thin lips with the tip of her tongue, “…but the master…recently seems to dare to say. There are more and more idiots of the owner’s name… It seems that there are still a lot of dirty mudbloods!” Bellatrix twitched her expression a few times and seemed to be more insane than her owner, “How dare they directly say the name of the great Dark Lord Exit! Where did they learn about it! … When I finish giving birth, I will kill them one by one.”

Hearing Bella’s doubts, Lucius glanced at Voldemort quietly and determined that the Dark Lord in Bella’s mind was “satisfactory”. It might be because the environment here did not see the recent turbulent news and did not know the reason-and He himself had just returned from Britain, and he wanted to pretend to be confused and say that he didn’t know it, otherwise he would know when the time comes Voldemort.

Lucius sighed then said silently, wiped the sweat from his lips with a trembling hand, and whispered carefully, “Master, I came back from Britain this time… and brought some news… it should be related to this…”

Lucius took a step forward, holding up his own collection of “Daily Prophet” and other magazines, and dedicated them to Voldemort.

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