Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1067

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The black and bold front-page headlines of the magic newspaper appeared in Voldemort’s eyes: “Babajid Akinbad Publicly Apologizes to Britain Ministry of Magic”, “Maintenance or Destruction, Harry Potter and Philosopher’s Stone are finally concluded”, ” you know who, no, please call him Voldemort “…

The newspaper photos show the corresponding pictures in detail. The most striking picture is the photo of Babajid Akinbad bowing and apologizing to Britain Ministry of Magic Owen · Harris. The picture shows him with his head down, looking very depressed. …The newspapers fluttered like snow flakes, falling dazzlingly on the ground, and Voldemort’s pale and distorted face appeared behind the snow.

“”Harry Potter and Philosopher’s Stone”, what is that? What is this?” Voldemort lightly said, scanning the group of Death Eaters in the room with his scarlet red, cold eyes. “Dare to say my name recently. Does the increase have something to do with it?”

The room was silent. In this temporary cave, most of the Death Eaters were far away from civilization and looted and looted everywhere with Voldemort. As a temporary stronghold, there was no wizard TV installed this time, so they did not respond to the news. Not working.

One or two wizards couldn’t help but shiver. No one dared to look at Voldemort’s eyes. Some people lowered their heads for fear that Voldemort looked towards themselves; more looked towards Lucius who brought the news of Britain. · Malfoy.

Under such pressure, Lucius Malfoy raised a slightly trembling hand to wipe off the sweat from his pale forehead, arched his body and carefully approached Voldemort, his low voice tightened: “Master, “Harry “Potter and Philosopher’s Stone” is a fantasy novel published by the despicable Aaron Harris in muggle world so that everyone can… can call out the owner’s…name.”

After learning that the harassment’phone calls’ received recently are increasing and it is Harris’s ghosts, other people dare not speak out, fearing that the owner will use them to vent their anger.

The edges of the newspapers scattered on the ground were instantly ignited by the flames. They cocked due to the high temperature and uttered a slight wailing. In a flash, they turned into ashes, and wisps of smoke rose from the newspapers and quickly The air drifted away, and only the remaining ashes fell on the ground.

After you know who burned, it was unexpected that Death Eaters looked not at all into a rage. He just frowned and asked, “What is the apology of the International Wizards Federation?”

“Because the magic circle is described in detail in that novel, so…” Lucius said, and informed the Dark Lord of the information that he had discovered about the previous federation meetings.

“It’s so cunning to come up with such an insidious method,”

“Harris is really arrogant. In order to achieve his goal, he actually at all costs.”

“Let those dirty, nasty mudbloods stain the owner’s name, Harris, damn it!”


The Death Eaters cursed angrily, one louder than the other, as if they could show their loyalty in this way. The angry screams and curses of Bellatrix were especially prominent.

“I don’t have the pride of being a pure-blood family? My servants, don’t worry, wait until I’m ready this time…” Voldemort’s lipless mouth twisted into a weird and cold smile, “No… No, Harris is not going to curse such trivial things for his name, he is willing to offend so many countries and make other magic circles feel that Britain is so threatening… He has some other purposes…” Just finished with a smile. Voldemort thought of the humiliation the other party had brought him and the statement in the duel, his expression became angry and distorted when he thought he had recalled, “The dragon slaying champion will eventually become a dragon…huh…my servant.”

Recognizing the reason why the other party released himself trapped in the crystal ball, Voldemort’s eyes became more humiliating and angry. He slowly pinched the intact pale big hand with fingers one by one. He pulled out the wand and pointed at himself to dispel. He cast his own spell on the name “Voldemort”.

After doing all this, Voldemort realized that he had been acting according to the “arrangement” that Harris had planned for him. After this duel, he realized that he was no longer the opponent’s Voldemort for the time being, his expression began to be gloomy and uncertain. Land was forced to use his remaining sane thinking in his youthful mind to think about countermeasures.

Seeing Voldemort’s movements, the voices of the wizards cursing in the cave gradually decreased until silent.

There was silence in the cave for a while, only the magic torch on the wall made the crackling sound of the fire bursting open, until the rapid footsteps came from the cave again, and the Death Eaters looked towards the entrance of the cave with relief.

Old Parkinson hurriedly walked in from the door, feeling this unique atmosphere, his walking posture was stiff, but thinking of the news he had brought, he plucked up the courage to continue walking forward, but his body looks Go up and squat a bit.

“Why are you late again, Parkinson?” Voldemort’s voice was cold and slow, his ferocious gaze fell on Parkinson like a catharsis.

“Master, this…this…” Parkinson shivered involuntarily as if being burned by his gaze. He quickly glanced at Lucius, and walked stiffly to Voldemort’s body, respectfully. I lowered my head and finally found my tongue, “Master, I have good news, I found some information about the Eye of Vicner…”

The faces of the surrounding people were full of astonishment, and the Death Eaters were agitated. You know who also felt a little surprised that the task that he did not hope for would be detected by this waste.

“Master, the trace of Vecna’s Eye is related to the Monte family in Bulgaria.” Under the light of the fire, Parkinson’s skin looks darker than before, but his bloodshot eyes are full of panic, and his voice is hoarse and rough. “In the Middle Ages, the founder of Durmstrang and the first headmaster of Bulgarian witch Nerida Vocanova… After her death, it was the ancestor of the Monte family, Harfon Monte, who soon succeeded him as Became the second headmaster.”

“Idiot, what’s the point?” Bella scolded her throat, “Are you going to teach us A History of Magic?!”

“Ah! Sorry!” Parkinson shivered, and then said as quickly as an endorsement, “I found out that the Eye of Vecna ​​appeared behind this period of history, and Harfon Monte dedicated it to Nelida Vocano. My baby, the founder of Durmstrang died bizarrely within a year too! In the history of the Monte family, there has been a wizard who has always been known as a genius but unexpectedly died an untimely death… This is too abnormal… Master, these are all together. Together, it will never be a coincidence. I conclude that even if the Monte family does not have the Eye of Vecna, there must be news of the Eye of Vecna.”

“Monte family…” Voldemort’s prolonged voice sounded chilling. Torch was reflected in Voldemort’s red eyes, emitting weird rays of light, “Then, Parkinson, tell me, tell your master, it’s so secretive. How did you detect the news?”

Parkinson heard the question from the Dark Lord, and then he bent lower and did not dare to neglect, replied trembling with fear: “Master, Hogwarts had an exchange program to Durmstrang before. My daughter Pansy got it from them. I got the news…”

Bella hearing this looked very angry: “It’s been so long, why didn’t you say it before?”

Voldemort was also terrifying calmly, and the atmosphere in the cave seemed to be a volcano just before the eruption, depressing and dull and almost stagnant.

“Master… I… really can’t help it, so I mobilized everyone in my family to help me inquire about this news…” Under such pressure, the cold sweat on Parkinson’s forehead was pouring out, “I just knew Pansy Just know the relevant situation…”

“Which exchange student did Pansy learn from?” Voldemort asked after looking at the nervous face of old Parkinson, there was no gap of 1 point or a second.

“Lord…Master, this…this me…I…” Parkinson’s body trembled more severely. He stammered and raised his head, unable to say anything. Voldemort followed Parkinson’s gaze, coldly. The red eyes met Lucius’s somewhat annoyed gaze, his gaze was so sharp, several people next to him quickly looked away.

Seeing Dark Lord looked towards his own eyes, Lucius paled, “Master, it’s my fault, Draco and Pansy are very close, they are almost inseparable in Slytherin…” He bent down low, “I will go back with Narcissa this time. When supplying materials, when Cici and Draco were chatting, I only accidentally discovered that he and Pansy both knew this information…for Parkinson’s sake… I showed Parkinson this way…”

Parkinson was frightened and suddenly fell to the ground. He crawled under Voldemort’s feet, shaking from head to toe. “Master!” he pleaded, “Master, please forgive me! Forgive us!”

“Malfoy and Parkinson, the combination of pure blood and pure blood…” Voldemort’s calm, chilling voice did not change at all. His gaze moved from shiver coldly old Parkinson to Lucius, and he asked in a hiss. Lucius, did Draco find this by himself when he was in Durmstrang or was someone told him? According to your previous introduction, Bulgaria and Britain don’t seem to deal with each other?”

“Master, before I came here, in order to properly confirm it, there is a part of the record in Durmstrang’s library. The easy death of the Monte family genius wizard is also well known in Bulgaria…” Lucius carefully held Voldemort’s unusually cautious today. The meaning behind it, he understood that his former master had developed some fear in so many confrontations, and worried that he would fall into the trap of his new master behind him.

“The Parkinson’s house is a bit unworthy of Malfoy, but it’s up to you…” Voldemort straightened his waist, raised his head, and scanned the Death Eaters in the cave. The high-pitched and clear command sounded: “Now, my servants, Pack things, in 30 minutes, we head to Bulgaria.”

The sound of the rustling magic robe rubbing sounded, and the Death Eaters walked outside in an orderly manner. Suddenly a huge explosion sounded, and the roof of the cave was shaken by the huge sound, and some rubble and stones fell down. dust. The horror almost swept through everyone’s hearts, but before they had time to think about it, they pulled out their wand nervously almost instantly.

“Idiots, some of you have been followed!” Voldemort’s hollow red eyes looked like the roof of the cave, as if he could see the scene outside the cave. His voice resounded through the cave and drowned the explosion. Then he turned to Lucius and quickly instructed, “Protect Bella…”

Bellatrix looked so touched. She stretched out a wand on her belly and pressed it to her Death Eater mark, eager to know the situation outside.

There are also many Death Eaters like him who did not get an answer. Death Eater couldn’t help exclaiming, “What’s going on.” But the continuous explosions and screaming shouts were very loud. Obliterate their doubts soon.

“Master, there are all Auror outside…Britain Auror is attacking us…” A panicked Death Eater staggered into the cave, the wall was shaking, and more and more stones fell. He was covered in dirt. He crawled to Voldemort’s feet.

There was a commotion among the Death Eaters in the cave, and some were secretly exchanging eyes. In this thrilling explosion, mixed with the shouts of Death Eaters, you know who also pulled out his wand.

“Master! Don’t go! Maybe Aaron Harris is also…” Bellatrix screamed, noticing Voldemort’s eyes, and then flinched back. “No, of course the master doesn’t have to be afraid of that bad boy… But we can solve the Monte family first. Go to Germany again…when the time comes, the owner will win more beautiful…”

Lucius stared at Bella, who was regarded as his eldest sister-in-law. He had already learned from Narcissa that this crazy and unscrupulous woman in front of him had often had nightmares since the last attack, and seemed to have been scared by his new owner. Dared — Lucius had been wondering how to save Bella after knowing that Bella would die to save Cici last time, but the other party’s enthusiasm for the Dark Lord and character made him completely afraid to reveal this tendency.

“My servants, if we don’t need things, go straight to Bulgaria… Let’s finish the more important business as soon as possible and then return to Britain for revenge.” Voldemort’s tone seemed reluctant, and then he whispered, “Go, Nagini.” After that, The corners of his mouth were completely motionless, but the si si sound was getting louder and louder. Nagini crawled over a bit awkwardly, the snake swayed and stood upright, Voldemort’s hand pressed against Nagini’s head.

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