Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1068

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Unlike the white clouds on a sunny day controlled by magic seen outside the window of Ministry of Magic, there was heavy rain outside the window of Three Broomsticks Inn.

In such bad weather, Aaron and Leonard Nox, who came from the United States, sat at a long table full of drinks and snacks, chatting comfortably.

At this time, in the bar, due to the weather and summer vacation, except for Aaron, there were only a few customers who came to shelter from the rain, and the wizards at the construction site only came to drink after get off work.

“Jessica is passionate about dressing herself up and studying recipes. She is now teaching some witches to use wand makeup, but later changed her mind to become a costume designer. She doesn’t know that many weird thoughts came from her, but She has always wanted to compile a food magazine, but she insisted on this for a long time.” Leonard raised the cup and drank a glass of wine, “I just didn’t see how to make a boyfriend…”

“It’s not a bad thing to focus on work first…” Aaron refilled Leonard with a glass of red currant rum. “How is Ian? What is the ultimate wizard exam in America?”

“En? He is about the same age as you, but you entered school a year ago and graduated, and now you have just become an Auror trainee who has been practicing for 3 years.” Leonard said proudly, “Ian was defeated by you last time. I was thinking of duel with you again, so I have been practicing magic…but after you defeated you know who for the first time…Although he didn’t show up in front of other people…” Leonard said with some relief, “I’m going through it. After a while, he walked out more hobby by himself, and now he plays the game called basketball with his neighbors from time to time, and has also learned how to sing, jump and RAP.”

“Speaking of which, Hogwarts’ upcoming university is about to start… With Ian’s magic innate talent, if he comes to my university for further studies, he can easily get more achievements.” Aaron grabbed a piece of fried pigskin and put it away. Into the mouth.

Leonard smiled because of Aaron’s compliment: “It’s worthy of being the headmaster, but don’t come to dig out the genius of our Ifamoni house…”

The door of the Three Broomsticks Inn was pushed open at this time. Hermione and her guards got in. The umbrella she was holding in her hand turned back to wand and shook it, and cleaned it with water. Looking around at 4 places, she walked to where Aaron and the others were. The subordinates sat at the door and made their own.

After saying hello to Aaron and Leonard, Hermione sat next to Aaron: “Sorry, I’m late. Mr. Boss Ambrosius Froom from Honeydukes is not willing to let us place a small obelisk next to his shop. We quarreled with him for a long time.” Hermione raised her chin in annoyance and dangled her fluffy hair. “Finally, I told him that if he didn’t want to, then when the time comes the damage has nothing to do with the umbrella…this Stubborn guy, only then agreed.”

With the sound of the boots knocking on the floor, Madam Rosmerta swayed from the counter to say hello, “Miss Granger, what would you like to drink? Is it the same as before?”

“Hello, Madam Rosmerta, it’s better to add some ginger ale to beer…” Hermione pulled her wind-blown hair behind her ears. She pointed to the door and asked, “By the way, Cheryl at the door seems to be in trouble. There was a drunk who was pestering her and she was so frightened that she was about to cry, but I used to help her and said it didn’t need to be the case?”

“The drunk you saw is Cheryl’s husband Sean… He lost his job because of illness before…” Mrs. Rosmerta shook her head. “It was a good person, but now the character has become a little bit addicted to drinking and gambling. …” She sighed continued, “I saw Cheryl playing Episkey on herself that day, and it seemed that she had done something… I tried to persuade him before, but Cheryl had just given birth to a child and didn’t want to divorce.”

“Have you moved your hands?! Shit!” Leonard threw his goblet on the table with a thud, his brows curled up, “The American witch has already ruined the family he has accused of…”

Aaron’s tone patted Hermione’s back to comfort her, then raised her head and asked, “What did Sean do before?”

“Originally working in the Pobin family chain potion store.” Mrs. Rosmerta pursed her red lips and laughed at Aaron. Instead of the detailed introduction just now, she just took it lightly.

Hermione blushed a bit-the umbrella potion was made of high quality and low price. Last year, there was a tendency to monopolize the market. Too many small workshops and small businesses made by potion went bankrupt. Annette Bobin was also at the banquet of Professor Holas I found her on the Internet and finally broke up… In the magic circle, the employees are not as secure as the muggle world. It seems that Sean not only lost his job but also received no compensation because of this.

“The wind and rain outside just now were too big. I noticed that Miss Granger got a part of her body wet when she came in…” Noting the silent atmosphere, Mrs. Rosmerta gave Hermione Scourgify a smile and dried the corners of her robe, “I’ll go The back chef made some drinks for Miss Granger and the guards.”

Mrs. Rosmerta smiled lightly and cast a wink at Leonard on the dinning table and turned to leave. This made Leonard, an American wizard, a little bit overwhelmed and flushed.

“Don’t mind, Mr. Nox, Mrs. Rosmerta is acting like that.” Aaron’s words called Mr. Leonard’s attention back.

“She reminds me of Mrs. Klein…” Leonard no longer leaned on the sofa. He moved his back away from the sofa and sat upright. He pushed the goblet and plate in front of him, his eyes condensed slightly, and the wrinkles in the corners of his eyes became deeper. , And then he noticed his lost self-control coughing twice, “By the way…Aaron, some things are not good to say at the meeting, in fact, I think…Um…” Then he realized that he had stopped ignoring the existence of Hermione and his fingers were not. Stop turning goblet, frowns is a little embarrassed and wonders if he should continue talking.

Upon seeing this, Hermione understood that the other party had something to talk to Aaron privately. She was worried that she would not be able to speak, so she immediately stood up, “I’ll see if Cheryl can help, sorry, Mr. Nox, Umbrella and the U.S. Ministry of Magic, please wait for me to talk about business matters.”

Leonard understood that Hermione had seen through her concerns, her thin fingers stopped moving, and the corners of her mouth were a little embarrassed: “Uh, sorry Miss Granger, you don’t need…”

Hermione smiled and said, “It’s okay, Mr. Nox, I understand that I actually have a bit of the issue of rebuilding Hogwarts. I will need to talk to Aaron privately. You can talk first.”

“It doesn’t matter Hermione, Leonard is just out of habit…” Aaron also grabbed Hermione and looked at Leonard, who was much older than him, “Is it related to the previous wizard federation meeting?”

“Aaron, you know… Filius and I are also Old Friend. He and I mentioned you many times in our exchanges. He said that you are his favorite discipline… For Filius’s sake… Um… I think , Uh, here I am not the U.S. representative of the International Wizards Federation…” Leonard’s sitting posture rubbed forward again, his head lowered to adjust his posture, and he raised it again and said to Aaron, “I have to act like your friends My personal identity reminds you that perhaps Britain Ministry of Magic and your Harris family have their own considerations… But from my personal point of view, I have to remind you that it is better to converge later.”

Hearing what the other party said, Hermione couldn’t be polite and asked immediately after Leonard’s voice fell: “Mr. Nox, did you get any news? Is it because we were too public before?”

“Miss Granger, in fact, this has nothing to do with your high-profile behavior. The most essential problem is that… your many actions during this period of time have made almost all countries feel threatened. Just after this meeting, I was When the German representative invited to meet in private, he spoke of Britain in a very jealous tone…but he and I refused, but I think many representatives of countries have participated in their private talks.”

Hermione bit her lip, her hand under the long table gripped the magic robe tightly, and the worries in her heart poured out like a tide of water and annihilated her-she knew far more than Leonard could see on the surface Those are much more. All that Aaron has done is to break the secrecy laws in the future, and now that so many countries have been hostile to it, once it is really broken in the future…

“In fact, before I came, we had a lot of controversy about the position of the International Wizards Federation. The reason why we maintained a neutral attitude at the meeting was because Secretary Harris put forward some conditions that made us profitable. , Those of us who support Britain were able to win…” Leonard pushed the big glasses on his pointed nose so that he could see more clearly.

“Mrs. Rosmerta, let me take care of the others first.” Aaron waved for Mrs. Rosmerta to levitate the ginger Butterbeer she prepared for Hermione and prevented her from approaching. Then he asked casually, “USA People who don’t like us internally… if it is convenient, can you tell me their reasons?”

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