Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1069

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“You must know that the Ifamoni Magic School is recognized as one of the most democratic and educational for everyone, irrespective of background great magic schools. It is influenced by the Ifamoni school ethos…Although the students enrolled by Hogwarts do not ask about their background, But your style…” Leonard paused embarrassedly. “But your style seems to them too authoritarian. Before you drove Dumbledore out of school and expelled those pure-blood families, many people think you No other sounds…”

Hermione, who was taking a sip of Butterbeer’s hearing this, put down the goblet: “Ivamoni’s sense of Britain has not been very good and it’s also a historical issue. Even though the founder of Ivamoni is a British native, But it was because of the persecution of Britain’s aunt, Gormley Gaunt, that he didn’t go to Hogwarts to go to school, and was forced to go to America on the Mayflower…”

“Miss Granger is really knowledgeable. In addition, the problem that you are not so easy to explain is to me… In fact, it is not just a historical factor, nor is it a conflict of ideas. This is also a competition for the title of the best magic school in the world. Mani has always regarded Hogwarts as its biggest competitor, so some aggressive youngsters can easily become hostile to Hogwarts…” Leonard said very heartily, then turned his attention to Aaron, “and this time In the International Wizards Federation, Aaron, you took advantage of Britain’s powerful strength to show such arrogance and force, forcing President Abba Jinde to bow his head and apologize… If you pass it back, you will definitely be opposed to the leader of the opposition, Graves’s rigidity Fuji III. As a handle, it will bring you more hostility and opponents.”

“Graves house? Which one of the ten or two Aurors originally recruited by the American Magic Congress?” Hermione, who was dealing with his state-owned business because of the umbrella, reacted immediately, and then she watched Aaron explain to him again, “No. A group of Auror composed of volunteers has a special status in the A History of Magic in the United States. The challenges faced by these twelve individuals are enormous, so when they join the ranks of Auror voluntarily, they are already prepared to sacrifice their lives. Mental preparation… After the establishment of the Magic Congress, the first task is to try those who betrayed the Wizards. These wizard betrayers who committed murder, trafficking in wizards, torture and other evil acts were finally executed… However, only two of the first ten two Aurors lived to old age. In the magic society, they and the subsequent generations of Aurors have received considerable respect.”

“I’m actually a little bit impressed. I have read the files of Britain Ministry of Magic. From 1692 to 1693, the Salem Witch Trials took place in the United States… At that time, at least 2 leaders of the so-called Puritan judges were known Surgers. …The reason why the United States now has so many wizards with half-blood backgrounds in the Maji world is precisely because there are some notorious scavengers who have escaped the pursuit of the magic Congress of the United States. After the international hunting order is issued, these people will be forever The ground was hidden among the Maji crowd. Some of them started to form families with Maji. If the child who had the magic innate talent, he would be abandoned, leaving only the offspring without magic to hide his own cleansing. Identity.”

“And the reason why the magic circle in the United States implemented a secrecy method that is even stricter than the secrecy law itself, the Rappa Potter law issued by the United States stipulates that even wizards who are willing to lock their wands in the cabinet cannot interact with them. Marriage is still the same…” Hermione immediately added, “Bartholomew Barryborn, the offspring of a Surgeon. During an outing, Witch Dorcas Ten 2 was infatuated with him… Barto Luo Miu firmly believes in the existence of magic and believes that all wizards are evil and should be eliminated. So he managed to extract a lot of magic-related information from Dokas and make it public, resulting in the “International Secrets Law” being Serious violation… This incident led the US Magic Congress to enact more stringent laws to force the strict separation of Mochi from the wizard world to prevent such incidents from happening again.”-When Aaron admitted to Hermione that he wanted to break the confidentiality law After using it as an example of the fact that the American Mochi and the wizard cannot get married, she found out the whole sequence of events clearly.

“If you are in the Separate house of Ifamoni… the crystals embedded in the forehead of Horned Serpent with long horns will definitely shine… It’s really impressive knowledge…” Leonard was a little dumbfounded, “but the Wampus statue in my house probably won’t I made roar calls to Bookworms like you…”

“I may not let the Wampus statue scream, but Leonard…” Aaron ordered nodded first and then shook, “But she and Hermione will definitely be able to… If she is not a strong champion, no one can forget, you Maybe you forgot that she is from Gryffindor? In addition, Hogwarts Sorting Hat almost assigned her to Ravenclaw.”

“No, Aaron, don’t praise me!” Hermione’s sudden compliment and her ruddy complexion made Aaron very satisfied with nodded.

“And Hermione has a pet named Thunderbird, she also likes to take risks, so she is keen to accept the adventurer’s Thunderbird house’s statue wings must be spread for Hermione, and Pukki chose to accept the kind and noble healer…Hermione led the umbrella to make potion Wumei The price is cheap, and she is also good at medical spells, so the Pukki statue will definitely raise the bow and arrow in her hand… If there is more than one house statue expressing the willingness to recruit students, then the choice will fall to the student himself, but This situation is very rare, Leonard, it seems to happen only once in ten years?” Aaron didn’t let Hermione mean.

Hermione was already a little overwhelmed: “Enough! Aaron don’t say…”

“Miss Granger, you might think he complimented you because of your relationship? But you are indeed a very good witch… If you do so much, it is possible that all 4 statues will react. “Leonard is also a little bit excited about this way of interacting with Jessica… but Hermione’s eyes and the thought of waiting for the meeting have to talk to her about some investment matters, making him imposing manner immediately soft. After going down, he coughed twice and changed the subject, “By the way, talking about Pukchi… The Pukechi who saved founder Isolt and her husband James, named William, may still be alive! You are so knowledgeable! I must know…Today, there are still many Pukchi working in Ilvermony magic school…they still complain and insist that they do not want to stay in school, but year after year, Pukchi Still haunting the school mysteriously, no one knows what Pukchi’s lifespan is, so no one knows whether William has passed away… However, there is a very old Pukchi in the school who will respond to the name “William” .”

Aaron became interested: “Then this Pukchi lifespan is already over 300 years old…”

Leonard nodded: “This Pukchi has been in Guardian Isolt’s marble statue, and puts a few May flowers on her grave every year Isolt’s death day. However, if anyone caress about it, , He would lose his temper. He also laughed at the claim that he was Pukki who saved Isolt and James, saying that if that William was still alive, he would have been over 5 years old. However, there are still many People insist that he is the former companion of Isolt.”

“Next time I go to the United States, I have to go and see them… These tsundere Little Brat are much cuter than their distant European relatives, Goblin…” Aaron said, seeing Hermione also fascinated, he He quickly stunned and exclaimed, “Wow, Hermione! I think of someone!”

“Ah?!” Hermione, who was still immersed in the story, was taken aback by Aaron’s yelling. She suddenly raised her head to shake her dense hair. “What? Who?”

“Speaking of which served as the chairman of the American magic congress in the 1920s for several years. At that time, the most prestigious witch, Serafina Pickcore, met-all four houses wanted to recruit her…” Aaron’s expression He seemed serious and serious, “Maybe you can play Ministry of Magic for a few years in the future…”

“That’s enough!” Although Hermione actually likes to be praised, she has to face her face in order to maintain her dignity in this situation, and then her eyes rolled and said, “I have to remind you, Mr. Nox and Aaron… It seemed that we were talking about not liking Aaron, your stiffness in the American magic circle, Fuji Graves.”

“Uh…” Aaron admitted in a weak voice, “Uh…you are right…” Then he and Leonard looked at each other awkwardly and asked, “Then, Leonard, the specific situation of this rigid Fuji III. Can you tell us?”

“As just said, the family of the 12 Aurors originally recruited by the American Magic Congress has a considerable influence in the American magic political circle. This rigid Fuji with the same name as his ancestor is one of them… This youngster is very good and has been in it for several years. Auror, Auror, this is the tradition of these families… When he was at school, he made statues other than Pukki react, but he has always been more radical to believe that Ivamoni is the best magic house in the world. There is a very innate talent in magic. He is a Bookworm just like you, and he also has excellent speech organization ability. The youngster in the magic congress has a strong appeal… You are very disgusted with Britain and Aaron, and you are very disgusted with it during your fifth year summer vacation. After those remarks, he has repeatedly expressed his dislike of Harris’ tyranny in public. He also opposed Miss Granger’s umbrella to come to the United States, but you know our style and are very welcome to investment. So his views are We old men are too radical in the eyes…”

“It sounds like a stunned young man with a little innate talent…” Aaron finished speaking and took a sip of the goblet. “Speaking of which Hermione, Abraham Potter, one of the ten Auror in the United States, and Harry have some distant relatives. Well, after Harry became a boy who survived a catastrophe, enthusiastic genealogists checked the links between them.”

“Aaron, don’t take it lightly. Your live duel with Voldemort and the education reform declaration silenced the group for a while, so this time our neutrals won because of this relationship…” Leonard’s expression returned to serious, “This pair In this small faction, it was a big blow, but after that, Fuji Fuji seemed to have become more sleek, using social innate talent to make a lot of people, and because Ian was not involved in it, but also Many youngsters have become friends with him, and often go to bars and drink together, so I just want to remind you…It’s not just the American stiffness Fuji. Of course he doesn’t have this ability to do to you, but I think youngsters in many countries…I know it. There are more people who admire you, but if you do too unscrupulously to make others feel threatened, you will push them to the opposite…”

“Thank you very much, Leonard, you, like Professor Flitwick, have always taken good care of me and treated me as your own…” Aaron thanked me sincerely, and then paused. “But in the end I still have a question. Forgive me. I just noticed that you said that they often go to bars, so this stiffness Fuji likes drinking? But in recent changes…has it become more alcoholic…for example, often take a sip and so on with a hip flask?”

“Of course not, he hasn’t reached the point of a drunkard…huh?” Leonard said halfway he understood Aaron’s meaning because of his profession. “Aaron, I know that Percival Graves is also his family, but since this one After the magic congressional security director was directly impersonated by Grindelwald with superb transfiguration, the magic congress would conduct security inspections on its members from time to time. Neither Polyjuice Potion nor transfiguration can be hidden…”

Aaron hearing this shrugged: “I have read too many novels recently…”

After the “boom”, a woman’s scream and cry came from outside the door.

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