Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1070

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“It’s Cheryl!” Hermione slammed the table, and stood up from her seat, and everyone followed up and pushed open the bar door.

A big wooden barrel that had been in the door fell over, and a thin man swayed, foul-mouthed, and pointed at Cheryl who was already sitting on the rainy street.

The wizard in front of him was medium-sized, thin, with brown curly hair piled unkemptly on the top of his head, with some narrow forehead gazes gloomy, because of excessive drinking, his eyes and nose were red, and his expression was a little confused-his skin color was originally It may look good, but now he has a messy beard and looks dirty. Although he has a big mouth, his teeth are fairly neat.

Hermione glared at Sean, pulled out the wand to teach the man, but was stopped by Aaron’s outstretched arm. The drunkard seemed to notice that he was surrounded by Aaron and his guards at this time, and heard the movement. The Auror who came here, but the alcohol made him a little confused.

“Hermione, you should go in with Leonard to talk about the umbrella. I’ll take care of it here.” Aaron said softly and moved towards Cheryl with her chin. She just got up with a sad expression and noticed the Hermione people, she was embarrassed. The ground lowered his head and waved his hands to signal that he was okay, and hurriedly pulled out wand and cleaned himself up with magic.

Hermione glanced at Aaron suspiciously, but finally walked into the bar with the guard and Leonard, and Aaron waved his hand so that the Aurors would stand aside.

Seeing the crowd dispersed, Sean’s only sanity seemed to disappear. He approached his wife, clutching an arc-shaped large wine bottle in his left hand, and couldn’t tell whether it was wine or rain that made his scruffy beard into a lock. Quietly, his wand pointed at his wife and yelled at his wife, while Gu Li said some nonsense about asking her to give money to make a profit.

Cheryl stood on the spot and leaned against her body, her head tilted to the side, some of them did not dare to look directly at her husband who was drunk-it seems that she has been treated like this recently. Sean’s wand’s tip slammed Cheryl’s chest hard, Cheryl blocked the wand’s tip he wanted to continue with her hand, and staggered back 2 steps, tears streaming from her eyes, but She just rubbed her sore chest, timidly not daring to resist.

Aaron walked not far in front of the couple as if casually. The table and a chair where they had just eaten suddenly appeared in the Three Broomsticks Inn. Aaron sat down comfortably and picked up his own goblet. After grabbing a piece of fried pigskin and swallowing it, he raised his hand to the dumbfounded Sean and motioned him to continue-his wife Cheryl felt too embarrassed and lowered her head. She felt everything except her flushed cheeks. All faded.

And Aaron’s arrogant behavior seemed to wake up Sean a little bit, his nostrils widened, he bit his upper lip angrily, tilted his head and stared at Aaron, but still didn’t realize who he was facing, he was annoyed. He looked slanted, and with the Yu Wei who had just scolded Cheryl, he held the wand and walked towards Aaron shaking its head and wagging its tail.

Cheryl’s face turned pale. As soon as she said something, Aaron waved her hand to stop her. Sean had already approached. He raised wand and gestured threateningly to Aaron: “Boy, get out of here. Go aside.”

Aaron seemed to realize his recklessness, and quickly got up and bowed slightly to apologize to him, then took out a handful of Gold Galleon from his own pocket and handed it to him.

Sean, who was not so conscious, took it with both hands subconsciously. After noticing what was in his hand, his head slowly tilted from one side to the other, his eyes could not be removed from the gold Galleon at all, and his ears became turbulent. It was flushed, and his mouth opened slightly to make it more humiliated.

Aaron expression calmly took out a beautifully packaged bottle of potion from his pocket, and handed him the antidote for nothing, and let the other party sober up. Shaun, who had no intention of finding fault, quickly put the gold Galleon into it. He took the potion and took a sip without even thinking about it—then he realized that Aaron was not inviting him to drink.

Noting Sean’s gaze, Aaron took out the pocket watch he had attended Albert’s wedding and held it in his hand, not to check the time, but to inadvertently let the drunk who had begun to sober up slowly under the influence of potion to know. Its value.

Although Sean, who was shivered by the antidote, has begun to feel that the wizard in front of him is familiar, his attention has been successfully lured to the pocket watch. Its color matching is very gorgeous, and it looks like a filigree. The dial of Francis is inlaid with many blue gems.

Shaun’s pupils shrunk slightly, and he immediately sat down beside Aaron. If it hadn’t been for Aaron to stop him, he would have asked Aaron to have a drink with the gold Galleon that Aaron had just given him.

After talking about it, Shaun realized that this gold Galleon was because Aaron felt that Cheryl touched the back of his hand when he was blocking his wand. This made Aaron feel trembling and cold. He felt that the wizard in front of him needed Make up, the wizards should stand up from then on.

Sean looked at the male boxer he thought was a nouveau riche in front of him, wondering in his heart that he might have encountered a drunk… His eyes were sneaky and drunk, and he glanced at Aaron with disdain, and grabbed him. Grabbing his messy hair, he had an idea in his mind. He immediately stood up, turned around and yelled at Cheryl and said, “Come here, you slap me directly.”

Cheryl, who was just next to her, did not hear the conversation clearly. She stepped back 2 steps, glared at her husband vigilantly and somewhat fearfully, and shook her head to reject the puzzling request.

Noting that his wife did not move, Sean watched stared wide-eyed, his white eyes were exposed, and anxiously scolded: “Hurry up.”

Under this threat of gaze, Cheryl had to extend the hand helpless, tentatively lightly brushing on Sean’s face, and then stepped back to avoid revenge. Shaun squinted her eyes, one side of her lips was tilted, and she sneered, which made Cheryl feel terrified, and she touched the wand with her hand and clenched it tightly.

But at this time, Aaron took out a large amount of Gold Galleon from his pocket and threw it on the table. The sound of the Gold Galleon hitting, spinning, and beating on the table was so clear and sweet. Sean immediately looked back towards these bright Gold Coins. Short of breath, this gold Galleon has more gold Galleons than the one just now.

Sean rushed forward in disbelief. He deliberately covered his face, and asked Aaron in a trembling voice, “This…this…These are for me too? Huh?… Are you Mr. Harris?”

Aaron, who was finally recognized by the other party, had no additional reaction. He picked up the goblet, took a big sip and burped, and said, “Yes, now they are yours, because this time you have suffered more damage than before.”

“Thank you! Dear Mr. Harris!” Sean seems to have basically returned to his normal sanity, but he still covers his cheeks that he didn’t feel at all, and with the other hand, he was afraid that Aaron would repent the money desperately. Tuck it into your own pocket.

I finally understood everything in front of me. Although she was just a waiter, Cheryl felt very disrespectful to be a pureblood. She shook her head and tried to persuade her husband to be a bit spine, but she was tasted the sweetness as soon as she spoke. Sean grabbed her neck suddenly, and then scolded loudly and whispered, “Fool, take advantage of him to be drunk! Hit me faster, a little harder than before!”

“I’m not drunk…” Aaron was just laughed, he slowed down and explained, “It’s just the life of the rich…it’s often so unpretentious…and boring…”

Sean was a bit contemptuous at first, but after hearing Aaron’s lines, I knew that the other party was awake enough. Aaron looked at Sean’s expression, from contempt, to surprise, and then to gratitude. It took only 3 seconds, which was very funny.

Then Sean continued to berate Cheryl for letting her do it. The witch glared at Aaron with humiliating tears in his eyes, and then was stabbed by her husband with wand again, in pain and with her husband who looked more urgent and angry. Under the fear that came, the woman finally gave up her fragile stubbornness and began to beat her husband.

Cheryl’s temptation from the very beginning gradually became handy. In a blink of an eye, she has helped her husband earn more than 300 gold Galleons, but Sean didn’t seem to want to stop, and even berated Cheryl for playing too lightly.

And Cheryl seemed to be tired too, she simply pulled out her wand from her waist, from Locomotor Mortis to slackness to Funnunculus, and tried various small offensive spells on him.

Aaron grabbed a handful of fried pigskin with his left hand, and the right hand took out one from the inside and licked it into his mouth from time to time. He believed that after this wave of operations, Sean would at least have a lot of balance after paying off his debts.

It’s just that the eyes of the two people in front of you have exchanged, the chair that Cheryl has changed with transfiguration, Shaun, who is imprisoned on it, has changed from looking towards his wife’s fierceness to the fear now; and Cheryl also From looking towards Shaun’s fear at the very beginning, to turning the normally grievances and fears into anger during this period of beating.

Later, Cheryl’s man with cuts and bruises in front of her eyes had two ears on his head crumpled under the effect of the Ear Crinkle Curse. His tongue and upper jaw were also glued together under the effect of Langlock. Cheryl was so immersed that she hadn’t noticed that Sean had been begging for mercy.

Cheryl’s curse also changed from the normal curse at the very beginning, and later the least negative, annoying but interesting curses, to the curse with moderate negativity that causes pain or harm. Then this Slytherin graduated curse. witch began to recite curses-this is a type of black magic, and the most evil in dark magic. There are many forms of curses, and their magic power have nothing common with each other, but most of them cause Severe injury or pain, such as unbearable pain, mind control, or direct death, and the most unforgivable can even cause irreversible injury.

Sean, who had completely sobered up under the effect of the antidote, learned from the movement of his dysfunctional wife waving wand that she was going to use the next magic, and under his desperate and horrified gaze, she determined Cheryl’s mouth. , She did shout out the spell as he guessed: “Confringo!”

However, this was once cast in Pettigrew Peter. The curse that killed ten or two muggles in the street and caused a lot of damage was automatically dissipated in the air when it was just formed.

Cheryl turned her head abruptly and looked at the wand in her hand in amazement. She didn’t understand how the use spell had failed. Then she woke up and realized that she had almost killed her husband, and started to cover her mouth in surprise.

“Sorry, Cheryl, I don’t have change anymore.” Aaron’s voice sounded, and the two couples looked over to see that Aaron was putting down his arms, so that the couple who had seen him and you know who duel understand. It was Aaron who dispelled this spell.

Afterwards, Aaron put his hand on his mark for a moment, and the’Victor’ Fritz Barça, who was not wearing a uniform and showing golden curly hair, came in: “Young Master?”

“Sorry for interrupting your vacation, Victor, but please help me take this gentleman to St. Mungo’s Hospital for treatment… and please help this gentleman with the money and return it to him…” After speaking, Aaron pointed out Raising his hand in the direction of Sean, the temporary effects of the imprisonment chair and the evil curse that Cheryl had not changed in subtle transfiguration were lifted.

Victor, who moved the gold Galleon on the table in a clean and neat manner, didn’t ask Aaron about the reason and didn’t give the opponent time to talk. He pulled the opponent’s arm and disappeared in the dark fog. .

“Sorry Cheryl, the reason for your family’s misfortune is the responsibility of the umbrella… I apologize to you on behalf of the Harris family…” Aaron suddenly changed his previous upstart attitude and bowed solemnly to Cheryl.

“What…Harris headmaster?” Cheryl was even more unable to grasp the status quo by the sudden change.

“Cheryl, I know you have been forbearing because of the child in your family… But I think you can choose another way to get along with Mr. Sean.” Aaron said sincerely, “I mean, if you don’t If you don’t plan to change your current state…From my point of view, your level of spellcasting is compared to that of Mr. Sean. You can make Mr. Sean more sober at the right time… My performance just now is as educated and pure as you. Blood witch is too rude and improper…but I just hoped to help you realize what you can do…huh?” Aaron looked at the waitress’ eyes and understood nodded, “Oh, if you need time to think about it Your relationship later…maybe there is a cooling-off period that can help you think about your future life…I will ask Victor to temporarily arrange Mr. Sean to the Americas and let him work in the umbrella branch…”

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