Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1071

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When Aaron watched Cheryl also go to the hospital.

“Pa. slap. slap…”

There was applause behind Aaron, and he looked back and saw Mrs. Rosmerta standing at the door clapping with relief. Hermione and Leonard also appeared by the door.

“Aaron…it seems that you do have your own considerations in these matters. What I just suggested is just a reference for you, but I still hope you can be more cautious… When the world wizard is dueling the tournament, Jessica and I will be there. Cheer for Ian…” Leonard patted Aaron’s shoulder with a gentle smile, “Don’t look at me like that, don’t you need this? The organizing committee is also having a headache because of your presence. There are many contestants. After watching your live broadcast, I have begun to consider retiring.”

The last remaining dark clouds in the sky condensed again in clusters, and the sunlight that had just appeared temporarily was temporarily blocked-but it seemed that it would clear up soon.

Leonard left the Three Broomsticks Inn broom pub with a backpack filled with various drinks and snacks, with a very warm greeting from Mrs. Rosmerta.

“Hermione, let’s just go to the nearby expansion site.” Aaron extended an invitation to Hermione, then turned around and said to the guards, “Everyone is free, I will send Miss Granger home later.”

Without hesitation, the guards followed Aaron’s instructions-but they all chose to stay in Hogsmeade village so that the situation changed.

Walking slowly along the road along the Hogsmeade, Aaron and Hermione did not enter any shops like they did when they first came to Hogsmeade. Now because of the holidays, these shops also appear cold and cheerless. Some shops are each engraved with 3 magic words. The small obelisk is in the middle, as if it is marked behind it by the pure-blood family.

Looking out of Hogsmeade Village, you can already see the general division of the area with the erected and neat stone walls in a circle. You can see from a distance that some spires have begun to take shape, and the scale is sparsely populated. For the wizards, it is amazing enough to be magnificent.

Some wizards dressed in costumes with umbrella logos shuttled through these extremely huge architectural embryos, using wand to direct a variety of huge materials to build. Compared with the muggles, the speed of building with magic is amazing.

Although according to Gamp’s basic rules of transfiguration, these permanent buildings currently manufactured cannot use transfiguration that will fail after the magic power dissipates, but with sufficient raw materials and the help of magic, they can completely ignore many steps, and those areas are completely burned out. Shrouded in the mist generated by the high temperature, the metal forged by these hot alchemy magic flames is directed to transform into a steel frame. The cement powder, stones and water are directed to fly to these targets before they begin to mix. It originally had to wait. The freezing time is also completely omitted.

These almost instantaneous buildings are ding dong dong, and noisy sounds occupy Heaven and Earth, but all the projects are being constructed in an orderly manner. Large blocks of stone are flying in the sky, and they are built according to those intricate drawings. , The unsegmented wood was transported to a pile, and the wizards used magic power to carry those seemingly heavy building materials, waving the wand in their hands, and processing the building materials into the shape they wanted—if not needed It also takes time to decorate the house with various magic effects such as non-marking retractable spells and constant temperature pest control, and it takes time for the project to progress through the whole holiday.

Looking over the orderly construction site, Hermione, who was satisfied with his obsessive-compulsive disorder, slowed down in a somewhat rapid tone, “Aaron, I just wanted to tell you, Firenze told me that recently some wizards often come into contact with the Centaur tribe. They Instigating these Centaurs, with the ridiculous reasons that we will drive these Centaurs out of the Forbidden Forest when we rebuild and expand, suggesting that they stand up and resist, and many people even provide them with some enchanted bows and arrows.”

“My relationship with Centaur was due to each other completing a… transaction during the First Year? Well, so to speak, the relationship has been very good since then, it doesn’t matter…” Aaron touched his bare chin and didn’t care. “Your parents How is your house designed?”

“Aaron! I know the relationship between Centaur and you is very good. Out of trust in Aaron you and distrust of those pure-blood families, they actually did not accept the bewilderment of these pure-blood families at first… but over time , We are doing such a big construction here. After seeing those sites that are being renovated, some people told them that we will build a large dragon farm near the Forbidden Forest and also move the umbrella Care of Magical Creatures area. Firenze said that many people are very worried…Many Centaur trusts you and will not believe that you will drive them away, but the thought of being neighbors with fierce magical creatures like Dragon makes them very uneasy.” Hermione hugged her arms and browsed knit.

Aaron still didn’t have the worry of Hermione. He raised his hand to feel the cool breeze after the rain, “Hermione, the summer is hot…but the weather after heavy rain is very cool…while the sun hasn’t fully come out,” Shall we fly on the broomstick in the sky of Hogsmeade for a while? I remember the last time you flew so much that you didn’t seem to have enough.”

“Aaron! I think this matter is serious.” Hermione pursed her mouth in disapproval. “Listen to me, the tone Firenze told me… You know, it was originally kicked out, but the Centaur are now uneasy enough to need it. Tell us about this through him…” Hermione shook his head, “Maybe the Gaia you told me they prefer to stay with Rolan now is the same. In Centaur’s eyes, you have made these things because of the influence of dark magic in recent years. The attitudes of the sensitive creatures have also changed. Firenze is worried…Some young impulsive ponies in the Centaur tribe are facing the dragon farm.. Uh, the ponies are what he said, and he is worried that these young Centaurs will be Instigate… You know they expanded a lot of territory after Acromantula was captured by us…”

“Don’t worry about Hermione, Centaur is a very trustworthy race. They are different from humans. Humans chase benefits, while Centaur values ​​friendship. Regardless of whether they have doubts about me, they will not actively destroy their friendly relationship with me. …Will not attack me first, Firenze is more worried about what will happen on my side, reminding me of changing directions…you know that the name of our wizard among these intelligent and magical creatures is not much better than Goblin.” Aaron is serious. The voice flicked away the anxiety between Hermione’s eyebrows, and then Aaron resumed frivolous, “And even if they are really incited or we need…Hermione, don’t forget that the Centaurs are already polytheistic, and the Hogwarts group… I still believe in Goddess of Fortune!”

“That’s Luna deceiving people!” Hermione still said in accordance with the usual practice to express that she did not agree with something that she thought was unethical, but the person himself also let go of the thing that was overwhelming.

Feeling relaxed, Hermione thought of Aaron’s suggestion just now, and she didn’t want to behave like a disappointment, and because the Quidditch match made Hermione really feel a little addicted to recall, she yelled excitedly: “Let’s go. I’ll take you to stroll around the Black Lake, where the residential area is…with a broomstick!” It seems that I feel too excited, Hermione paused and added, “This way, I can get a bird’s eye view of the school in the sky.”

“Good.” Aaron complied was about to take out two broomsticks from his pocket, but as soon as he put his hand on the bag, he heard Hermione call, “Come on, Aaron, this time I will take you to fly, you can guide Get down on me.”

Seeing that Hermione had taken out a new Firebolt, she was surprised that Aaron, who had bought herself one of the best broomsticks, touched the hand of her pocket and watched Hermione change her past resistance to the broomstick. Flying and rosy and excited, I had to hold back my original plan to ride each other-thinking of the memory of Hermione riding The Bluebottle into a Firebolt speed in the previous game, Aaron swallowed again, and he walked to Hermione stiffly. Behind him, he spread his legs and sat up, and put his hand on Hermione’s waist, “Hermione, I think as Broom Flight Class Madam Hooch taught, you’d better fly slower first.”

“Aaron, don’t worry, I actually used The Bluebottle secretly to practice a few more times before, although this is the first time to carry people.” Hermione looked like a good student who secretly did some pranks, and seemed a little excited, “Let you see See my progress, this time I will take you to heaven!”

“Uh…Hermione, since you want me to instruct… I think it’s better to fly slowly, as taught by Broom Flight Class Madam Hooch… 咻~~~” Aaron didn’t finish her words, she felt her body Leaning backwards suddenly, let both of his hands instinctively start scratching, so that he didn’t get thrown away. The broomstick controlled by Hermione had no speed transition at all, and it flew into the sky like this.

“Xiu ~~~” Hermione, who was unable to speak normally because of the strong wind in her mouth, turned her head and shouted, “Aaron!!! The difference between Firebolt and The Bluebottle?! How to brake?!!!”

Because of the strong wind in his mouth and Aaron who was in a high-speed shock that he hadn’t experienced as a Quiddich professional athlete, all the shouts he made for a while were squeezed into the sound of’xiū xiū xiū’ by the wind.

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