Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1072

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A gust of wind blows around Hogwarts, and the water of Black Lake is filled with ripples. Except for the original Hogwarts range, there are no changes. Various grotesquely shaped buildings and more are just flattened open spaces standing on the banks of Black Lake-except for need Outside of the first batch of residents, shops and workshops, most of the areas are just planned areas not at all and start construction.

Because when people of different cultures and classes are gathered together, they can’t help but want to show their individuality, especially when they don’t have to consider the cost issue-even the Muggle’s Clearwater couple met that group After wizard’s design drawings, he also tore up the boring drawings that he was very satisfied with, but now it seems too normal.

The vast expanse of the Black Lake under the original Hogwarts Castle is in the middle of the lake. A small island has been artificially built. A castle is located on the inaccessible Lake Heart Island that was uplifted by the spell. It is a huge main fort. The Hemanor Palace is surrounded by a stack of 7 towers and 7 rhombuses in the outer circle. Although they are not at all completed, it seems indestructible from a distance-and there are many black shadow-like humanoid objects floating in the building. Around the object, some metal blocks carved with ancient runes are covered and installed on the surface of those heavy stones.

The style looks a bit like another Hogwarts, but compared with the fairy-tale appearance of Hogwarts, this castle has a quaint atmosphere unique to the inherent marching soldiers. This is the new castle of the Harris family. .

In Aaron’s planning and design this time, Harris Castle is the center point that deserves its name. The Hogwarts Castle and the newly established Hogwarts University and Elementary Schools form an equilateral triangle. The three schools’ The main building is the 3 vertices of the equilateral triangle, and Harris Castle on Lake Heart Island is just at the center point of the equilateral triangle.

In order to maintain a regular, equilateral triangle, the elementary school is located in the woods far away from the shore of the Black Lake, while the Hogwarts Castle and the university are located between the mountains and the water by the lake.

The entrance is different from the big iron gate of Hogwarts. On the wall, there is a large arc-shaped fireplace side by side, so that adult wizards can use floo powder to pick up and drop off their young wizards. The elementary school did not build student dormitory, but all high towers are equipped with anti-falling measures. There are no square pillars in the castle, and all are cylindrical. All window edges and corners of the porch are rounded arcs. Avoid young wizards from being bumped. Although they can’t use magic at this age, the children’s untimely magic power awakening and vigorous energy make this castle relatively small compared to the other 2 schools. These additional safety measures have been taken to deal with wizard parents who are difficult to cope with.

The scale of this wizard elementary school is a bit smaller than Hogwarts Castle, but its construction and design style is brighter and more lively than some gloomy Hogwarts, and the colors are brighter and brighter. The bright colors used in the building make it Even in Heaven and Earth, where the dark clouds are overwhelming and the dark, it is very dazzling. There are also various sculptures of story images in “The Tales of Beedle the Bard” familiar to young wizards, such as the round pot with unusually beautiful feet, and because of being in the cold cellar for a long time. Touching music, can’t feel the love of loved ones, can’t get the caress of lover, has become shrunken, the wizard heart covered with long black hair.

Compared to the magic elementary school which is basically completed, the progress of Hogwarts University seems to be quite full.

The huge boulders on the site are volley, and various building materials are still shuttled in the air in an orderly manner. In addition to the basic and large scale of some buildings, it can only be recognized from the completed parts that the university is the same as Hogwarts, and continues to be used In addition to the original medieval castle architectural style, the building materials are mainly gray with granite—but compared to elementary schools that don’t need too much magic except for the seamless spell, Hogwarts University is more professional and dangerous because of the magic mystery Like Harris Castle, in order to set up a place for adult wizards to study magic, the university used heavy stones and magic alloys carved with ancient runes metal blocks that can resist the curse. In addition, the wizard university provides various Discipline and new facilities such as Arcane Greenhouse Garden, the duel field, make the entire construction site look like it’s almost halfway behind.

However, Aaron almost heard the above scenes from Hermione’s mouth. His head shape was messed up by the wind. He is now a little indecent as he is holding the hem of the robe with his hand like a skirt to avoid being dizzy from time to time. Searching for a week and vomiting, it was dirty and dirty—obviously, when he was in the sky, Aaron basically didn’t even bother to see any scenery.

And Hermione leaned over and patted Aaron’s back lightly, and handed her water bottle to Aaron with the other hand. Her cheeks were hot, her face was flushed and swollen, and fine beads of sweat emerged from the tip of her nose.

As a result, Aaron rinsed her mouth with Hermione’s water bottle. After feeling a little more comfortable, he peeked into his pocket, but then let go of the comb with the raven sculpture, and directly used her hair to face her. After combing and cursing at will, it will not be like the usual meticulous hair styling.

“No one would believe it, I made the best Seeker in the world stun the broomstick…” Hermione’s tight lips couldn’t help but let out a complaint, trying to find himself an imposing manner.

When Hermione is not embarrassed, it is Aaron who feels embarrassed. He argued: “Just like a muggle, some drivers are fine, but they feel dizzy when sitting in the back seat… These are totally two experiences…” After that, Aaron again With lingering fear, he glanced at Firebolt at Hermione’s feet, “Hermione, you have a very innate talent for flying in a sense…I don’t even know Firebolt can fly so fast…” After finishing her words, Hermione tightened her lips. When he realized that he might be dying, Aaron quickly changed his tone. He pointed to the gaze that had already appeared in the sky, “The sun is out, let’s just walk for a while as a walk… so that we can observe those closely. Architectural details…”

“Let’s go, let’s take you down. If the Seeker of our Britain is right… according to Luna’s words, broomstick phobia, etc., then my sin is even greater.” Hermione looked at Aaron’s appearance. What’s awkward, she bit her tongue to maintain her stern look.

Hearing that he didn’t need to sit on the broom, Aaron, who felt really relaxed, stood up quickly. He whirled his vomit into the black lake with his hands and tried to feed them to Grindylow.

“By the way, talking about the architectural details…” Hermione said and pointed towards the Lake Heart Island castle. “Aaron, have you seen Lovegood’s new home?”

Aaron followed Hermione’s fingers, and saw standing in the house of all kinds of strange things on the banks of Black Lake, or the building not far from the new home of Weasley The Burrow, which was unchanged in style.

Lovegood’s new home is built around a central garden facing the Black Lake. The main body is still like the wizard chess piece in the village of Ottery-San Catchpole, which makes people know who the owner of this home is at a glance, but This new house has a lot of continuous bending similar to the “roller coaster” track belt-shaped buildings, it seems that the indoor gravity of these buildings has been luxuriously changed.

Then, Aaron was a little stunned to discover that the weird building in front of him was indeed the same as the roller coaster carriage itself-the outdoor square terrace decorated with flower stands and many green plants was connected in series, and it was constantly following the ridges of those winding track-shaped buildings. Sliding, even if the angle of the terrace is reversed, turn the terrace floor upside down to face the ground. The tables, chairs, green plants and other debris in the terrace did not fall down, as if they were firmly glued to the terrace.

However, just like the Harris family castle that Aaron had just noticed, there are some black humanoid creatures floating around the buildings of Lovegood’s house. Aaron resisted his eyes with his hands and took a closer look before discovering that these things were dementors, and Aaron was before entering school. The kind of Eris dementor that has been transformed by Ravenclaw, not in black rags but in raven feathers, seems to be participating in the construction work. A series of symbols will appear on the lenses inlaid in their palms. There is a faint rays of light on those symbols, just floating in the air in their palms.

“Xenophilius didn’t know why he suddenly liked the roller coaster… Luna didn’t slacken his father and your house. He helped complete the design and applied some difficult magic, but changed the gravity and realized the continuous movement and stability of the building… There was a great temple where she was just building the foundation… The raw materials were used well but it cost a lot of money…” Hermione shook her fingers as if she was settling accounts, and then she noticed Aaron’s gaze, “Oh, so you are very concerned about these dementors. Not familiar? Luna doesn’t know how to control these terrifying things, and then make them look like this. Those symbols are what they say when they communicate…” Hermione narrowed her mouth. “Luna told me that they In fact, English letters can appear normally to communicate with simple vocabulary…but they prefer to hide what they say with these riddle-like symbols. If you can understand these riddles and prophecies, you can understand what they are talking… Big, but didn’t expect better than many wizards when doing construction…”

“I’m not very familiar with just seeing it once.” Aaron responded casually. “By the way, Hermione, what’s the situation in your family?”

“Ai, my father and mother do not have the same opinions…” Hermione sighed, “My mother hopes that her home can still make her feel familiar and safe, and my father thinks that the style of Wizarding World should be more magical. Some-those magic are actually derived from his own personal fantasy, although we can achieve it.” She shook the head again, “Let’s continue walking, and many other companies can give them some suggestions.”

“…Anyway, there is a lot of open space now. You can just build a building for them alone.” Aaron some nouveau riche gave a suggestion that was not a suggestion, and then changed the subject before the other party rejected it, “Or I will go. Get a flying carpet here? In addition, this kind of weather seems to be suitable for taking a boat in the Black Lake.”

“Aaron, it’s against the rules for Britain to not be able to use the flying carpet!” Hermione vetoed, and then felt that his tone was blunt and soft, and came up with a suggestion to remedy, “Maybe…we can play skateboarding.” As soon as he finished talking, Hermione seemed to think that Aaron, who grew up in Wizarding World, didn’t know what it was, and tried to describe to him some extensions of surfing, and then began to explain to Aaron what surfing was.

“Hermione, you are implicitly discriminating against a pureblood wizard… I don’t even watch the wizard TV and I know what skateboarding is.” Aaron started to digress after Hermione began to talk about it as early as 1778, when the British explorer Captain J. Cook was there. The Hawaiian Islands have seen local residents have this kind of activity before helplessly stop her science, “but you don’t look like a girl who likes to skateboard.”

“It’s like I don’t seem to be able to make a professional player dizzy and broom.” Hermione replied, then she rolled her eyes, and recalled with two hands opened gestures, “Probably when I was 2 or 8 years old. In between, then I have a neighbor boy named Tom Felton who is 9 years older than me…Yes, another named Tom,” Hermione deliberately used a tone similar to the expression when she was a child when she admired Lockhart, “You know, He can play all kinds of cool fancy skateboarding tricks…”

Under Hermione’s slightly more sneaky gaze than usual, Aaron really puffed up his chest. He pointed to the Firebolt and directly transformed this magic creation broomstick into a red skateboard with a lion head sticker.

“Come up, let you see.” Aaron stepped on to invite Hermione.

Smiling and complied, Hermione just walked a few steps, and raised her hand to block the dazzling sunlight that broke through the dark clouds, and then she would take out two hats for her own use from her pocket, and use transfiguration to turn them into red baseball caps. Then I put it on for Aaron and herself, but her own sun hat was indeed worn backwards so that it didn’t do much.

Afterwards, the blond boy and the brunette girl stepped on a skateboard and slid on the initially hardened ground with the eyes of the wizard architects on the expansion site of the residential area next to the Black Lake of Hogwarts.

“Hermione, don’t shake too hard, keep your feet steady.” Aaron not at all he said so badly, he just used excellent agility to maintain this balance without skiing.

“Haha!” Hermione lay on Aaron’s back and smiled happily. “My feet are steady.”

“You didn’t…” Aaron also frivolous responded, “Don’t dance on the skateboard, hold on.”

“Hold on~” Hermione responded with a softer tone than before. She put her forehead on Aaron’s back without the brim of the hat, arched her back, and then put her chin on Aaron’s shoulder and her eyes curled like a crescent. Got.

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