Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1073

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After time came to the end of August, the Ministry of Magic’s second major department, the Magical Creature Management and Control Department located on the 8th floor of the basement, was crowded today, and wizard reporters were surrounded by long spear cannons.

In the middle, 2 pure white Unicorns were distorted. The white fluff on their bodies gradually faded. Their front legs stood up. However, their parallelism not at all attracted too many people’s attention, because almost everything on the court People’s eyes stopped on Veela in the field.

Veela, which has grown from the horrible head of a bird with a big sharp beak and a pair of wings covered with scales on its shoulders, has been transformed into a human-shaped Fleur, although there is no wind except for the hair, but it also flutters behind the head. Besides, what has changed in appearance not at all, but the ability of Veela bloodline to make people obsessed and crazy seems to have been improved and strengthened after she came into contact with Animagus. Some people have begun to do some crazy things. , Like smashed my camera or kept looking directly at Harris’s Owen and Emily.

The reason why I say crazy is because the father and daughter 2 now have two dazzling green Basilisks, one big and one small. The big head has a bright red feather, and their fangs look like thin and long fangs. Sword, feeling the hustle and bustle next to him, the two Basilisk straightened up and climbed up, slowly returning to their human form. After transforming into a human form, Emily and Owen let themselves open their eyes, but the onlookers still dare not look directly at them.

The flashes were constantly flashing dazzlingly, the reporters frantically pressed the shutter again and again, and their cameras sprayed out one after another purple smoke, bursts of smoke floating in the air, they recorded these scenes one by one.

“Minister Harris, does this show that… The Harrys family has completely successfully mastered the method of transforming into the magic creature Animagus?” A little wizard jumped up and down, raising his hand to ask.

“Will the Harris family publicly announce the method of transforming the magical creature Animagus this time?” An old wizard wearing thick-soled glasses followed up nervously. “Aaron Harris headmaster seemed to have not announced it because it was a family secret. , But later he hopes to reform education for everyone, irrespective of background …I don’t know if he changed his mind?” The old reporter seemed to worry about his tone of voice causing misunderstanding, and he added, “In this way, I don’t think we need to wait for Harris headmaster at all. When the NEWT comes out, he will be awarded the “Transfiguration Today” Most Potential Newcomer Award…”

Owen recognized that this old reporter was from the old pedagogy of Transfiguration Today, where Aaron had come back from ancient times to ask similar questions. Knowing that the other party was just a nerd and didn’t take a stand, he replied with a good temper: “Thank you for your question. Our Harris family has indeed mastered this method of transforming magical creatures. In fact, as everyone knows, when Aaron was transforming his Animagus phoenix, Initial Mastery had indeed used the method of transforming magical creatures…but…” Owen’s voice increased. , Emphasized, “Compared with Animagus, which usually transforms into an ordinary creature, this method needs to be fine-tuned for the individual use spell, and it is the same as the wizards previously recognized. Once it fails, it will There were totally unpredictable terrifying consequences…so…until such a long time has passed after Aaron, those of us are ready to perform Animagus transformation together…so after careful consideration, we think this is too dangerous and personalized The method is really not suitable for popularization and cannot be made public.”

Hearing Owen’s words, there was a commotion at the scene, the old scholar had already let out a sigh, and some anti-Harris media began to think about the news content, preparing to describe Aaron, who had previously tried to reform education, as a hypocritical politician.

Owen looked at the expressions of the reporters and knew what they were thinking. He laughed at what a joke and turned forward: “However, my son is not present, but as the headmaster of Hogwarts and a voter of Ravenclaw, he is trying to reform education. A knowledge disseminator of, this dangerous but profound knowledge will be placed in the Ravenclaw Temple, and he himself promised to select sufficiently good apprentices from the Hogwarts University Department from time to time to assist in this transformation…”

“If this is the case, it is indeed a more secure method of communication…” The old wizard of “Transfiguration Today” praised Harris for his nominally conservative style, and then asked another question he wanted to ask. Minister Harris, I noticed that Harris headmaster promised to help students perform ordinary Animagus transformation last semester and asked them to prepare for the holidays… Does this mean that Harris will disclose more effective ordinary Animagus transformation methods?”

“That’s true.” Owen nodded confirmed, “Compared with the way to transform into magic creatures, Animagus transforms into ordinary creatures. We will make it public after school starts. I think “Transfiguration Today” will serve as a Professional media in this area will be our priority.” Owen pointed to Sirius Black, who was wearing the uniform of the Department of Management and Control of Magical Creatures. “Part of the knowledge of this transformation method for ordinary creatures is actually derived from the ancient House. of Black, before Harry Potter, and Weasley Family’s siblings turned successfully using the Black’s method, and my son used it to complement his potion’s achievements and perfected a safer and more effective method. I plan to teach them to ordinary wizards.”

The uniform was not neatly dressed and Sirius, whose expression was a bit of a melon-eating crowd, was originally leaning on the door frame on the side. The sudden roll call made him very uncomfortable. Without any preparation, he saw the reporters pointing their cameras and so on. Yourself.

“This is a blessing for transfiguration academia… If everyone can really turn into Animagus… Harris has contributed to the development of this subject… I will fight for Harris headmaster for his due honor…” Although I know Harris will not easily announce the transformation method of magic creatures, but the old wizard of “Transfiguration Today” still feels very excited, even if it is the ordinary Animagus transformation method, if it is first published in their magazine, he judges at least it can Leave their name on this magazine on A History of Magic.

Owen and “Today’s Wizard” prevented the following opposition wizard reporters from attacking on this basis. However, they did not at all easily give up accusing Owen, and a shrill voice burst out: “Minister Owen Harris, so far So far, you and Aaron Harris have arbitrarily announced the withdrawal of Britain at the International Wizards Federation while bypassing the Ministry of Magic collective discussion and discussion. We have not given us an explanation for the British ordinary wizard.”

It was Dempster Wiggswald who asked the question. As the mouthpiece of the pure-blood family, he raised very sharp questions in these few Harris press statements, trying to attack Harris in public opinion — -And he who has not made progress in this regard is also a little anxious, wanting to make a little merit in front of his investors.

It’s just that Wiggswald’s tone barely fell, some Ministry of Magic young wizards and some young reporters onlookers began to refute him. Some seemingly passionate stunned youths also shouted to Britain Ministry of Magic this time Support for meeting performance.

“What happened to Britain this time is very exciting, why should they sanction Britain?”

“We must be so tough to get those who want to oppress us out of Britain.”

“This is the imposing manner that Britain should have! I am invincible in the whole world!”


These screams made some opposition reporters with pure-bloods behind them joined the debate and began to refute them. Although the youngsters were enthusiastic and the angry voices of each and everyone shouted very loudly, they said no compared to those professionals. If there is any good reason, it will soon become a little overwhelming.

The scene was noisy again,

“In fact, we did not at all really withdraw from the International Wizards Federation. Instead, the International Wizards Federation apologized to us for their wrong decision.” John Barça stroked his newly trimmed, just like his son Victor. As Owen’s staff, he spoke for Owen, who was inconvenient to drop the price. He stood up and argued, “Reporter Wiggswald, I must remind you, Mr. reporter, today is just an interview about Animagus, please don’t Ask questions about unrelated topics.”

“The question is not whether this action of Secretary Harris is wise, but whether this action complies with the Ministry of Magic procedures…Britain is not a country that easily signs and implements international treaties. These treaties are serious commitments that have gone through numerous wizards. It took effect after the ancestors debated. And the unilateral actions taken by the minister did not meet this standard.” Those angry voices made the questioning Dempster Wiggswald’s expression more firm, and he didn’t care about John. Reminded me, I thought I had touched the problem that Owen wanted to avoid, so proudly, extend the hand pointed to Owen, “even more how, Secretary Harris is for the unimportant glory, and let the whole Britain magic circle face the international The danger of the Wizard Society being isolated, this is an unnecessary risk.”

“I say your female horse!” With a violent roar in a Scottish accent, a middle-aged wizard with strong muscles, reluctant to take care of everything, directly lifted his foot and kicked Dempster Wiggswald’s chest. Knock him to the ground, then he did not use wand but punched Wiggswald in the face, and then rode on him. When this reporter was beaten, he used a big hand to firmly clamp The two slender wrists who lived in him continued to hit his head with the other fist, “You hero! Traitor! Do you still think that Britain will not be treated unfairly? Rebellion, in turn, can’t apologize to those countries?!!!”

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