Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1074

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Owen also accidentally touched the stubble that had already built up on his chin. In the turbulent scene before him, the excitement of these young wizards was indeed not arranged by him-but after recognizing the hit The Ministry of Magic couldn’t help but want to laugh.

Auror, who was maintaining order, changed from his usual training. After a while, he walked over and pulled them apart. Dempster Wiggswald stood up dazedly and shook. Shaking his head, he has cast a healing spell on himself. As soon as he regained his consciousness, he was annoyed and roared irritably: “Harris, you are… uh…”-he wanted to attack Harris with this thing and instructed the mob to attack him, but he saw the opponent clearly. After his appearance, he choked in his throat when he wanted to accuse him.

Wiggswald recognized this scumbag-faced middle-aged wizard as Gerald Butler, a columnist for The Dark Arts Outsmarted magazine. He is well-known in the industry for his extreme rhetoric and loud voice. In the previous wizard competition during the Goblet of Fire period, he attacked Aaron Harris with fierce words. He used dark magic in the game, and even referred to Aaron as the Dark Lord III. Later, he repeatedly criticized Aaron Harry for his indulgence of ancient magic. Behavior-and today he beat himself up and began to support Harris in this matter, no doubt because he was just a middle-aged angry youth, just like many younger wizards, Harris incited national sentiment.

“This is not in your Scotland! I will sue you!” Wiggswald cursed a few words of anger, but he knew he could not use this to attack Harris, because no one would believe this big The guy who criticizes Harris partly is Harris’s-but these brainless, passionate young wizards are agitated but they are trying. Wiggswald thinks he has the responsibility to pull them out of Harris’ deceit. “I am very worried to find that the domineering style of the Harris family seems to have affected the atmosphere of our Britain magic circle. Many youngsters have become extreme and began to have some unfathomable mystery superiority under this bad drive. This is for us For Britain Wizarding World, this is a very dangerous thing…”

“Don’t talk about it, you idiot! I say you are the old man!” The wizard still stared at Dempster Wiggswale, reluctantly continuing to curse rudely in dialect. The Auror had to drive him away from the scene, what he still said in his mouth, “This is the Scot!” ‘Such a slogan of unfathomable mystery.

“Reporter from Wiggswald, according to the regulations of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, if you deliberately try to provoke a dispute with something irrelevant to the interview today, we have to and can only expel you from the scene.” Rolan said. He took this opportunity to put half of the blame for the riots on Wiggswald, “If I remember well, your family and yourself have not at all ruling experience, so if Wiggsward Sir, if you want to give the Ministry of Magic some ruling advice as a senior journalist or think you have found any bad signs, you can write a letter or write an article directly to comment…let ordinary wizards know what you think Thought.”

Dempster Wiggswald, who was ridiculed by Owen’s staff as a political layman, was a little annoyed. Although he wanted to use this matter to attack Harris for his authority, the situation on the scene can already be seen a lot. Ordinary wizard’s attitude towards the Ministry of Magic’s actions in the meeting can easily be described by opponents as a traitor who betrayed Britain’s magic circle.

However, Wiggswa, who was eager to do something, did not give up. After he glanced at Rolan, he pointed his throat and threw another question very loudly: “I’m sorry I just said a lot of digressions, so Rolan Director Harris, I noticed that Director Josephine · Harris and Albert · Harris Great Captain have not yet come out of the Department of Management and Control of Magical Creatures… And I also noticed that Director Rolan Harris, you also not at all show your magic Animagus form… I don’t know what the 3-digit form is?”

Dempster Wiggswald guessed that these Harris may not be at all the ability to transform magic Animagus, or at least not yet, but they are now counted together to increase their family reputation and influence. Aaron Harris’s education reform is better paving the way, and the scene that has just been heated up is silent because of Wiggswald’s questioning, which seems to have brought an invisible pressure.

Rolan frowned and looked a little irritable: “My aunt and elder brother’s transformation review process is still going on, and the reason why I personally did not transform in public is because my Animagus form is not suitable for changing in front of such a crowd…I There are so many opportunities for my brother, but we will publicly announce what our magic Animagus creature is.”

After hearing Rolan say this, Wiggswald became more certain of his guess. He loudly said: “It’s not suitable for this reason, but it can’t be convincing… Minister Owen Harris and Emily Harris Young Lady’s Animagus are both Basilisk… Since such a dangerous magical creature can change in front of everyone…”

This really made many wizards look at Rolan suspiciously, waiting for his further explanation or action.

Morgan Lefleux stood a little tired. She held Daisy’s arm and asked in a low voice, “Aaron didn’t come today. I haven’t seen him coming home in the past few days. What is he doing?”

“Drilling into the ground with Luna and talking about what can be nuclear… Mother, who knows what they are doing now?” Daisy glanced at Dempster Wiggswald indifferently, then looked at Rolan. Shishidi shook his head and whispered to Morgan Lefleux beside him, “Ai, no one wants to approach Rolan anymore.”

Emily saw Dempster pressing endlessly, patted on the Ministry of Magic floor with dark green Little Pi boots and looked at Rolan at each other, then she jumped to John Barça’s side and pulled. The other’s sleeves. Seeing that it was Emily, John Barça leaned over slightly and Emily whispered a few words in his ear.

“Mr. Wiggswald, it’s just that I haven’t fully grasped the special ability of the creature that I transform…” Rolan shook his head, “It is dangerous…”

At this time, John Barça also smiled slightly at Emily nodded, and then turned to loudly and said, “Director Rolan Harris, since Mr. Dempster Wiggswald has doubts about your Animagus… it’s better to show it to everyone. Right?” He straightened up to face Dempster extend the hand and asked, “Also, Mr. Wiggswald might as well get closer so that you can see more clearly…but you have to judge the authenticity.”

Wiggswald’s eyes turned a circle-the opponent’s appearance let him know that there must be something tricky in it, and he didn’t want to take risks. Although the probability is not great, if the opponent wants to take advantage of the transformation and get out of control and so on, he can solve it. After that, there is really nowhere to redress, so he shook his head and refused, “Thank you Mr. Barça for your reminder, but no, I think this location is very good. The new model of our magic camera umbrella, I believe it will be shot. Very clear…”

John Barça touched the short curly hair on his head: “At that time, Mr. Wiggswald, Director Rolan Harris wanted to demonstrate completely because of your personal strong request… If you can’t judge the authenticity by looking at it up close , I don’t think Director Rolan needs to demonstrate at the scene…unless there are people who question it on the scene?”

“I think it’s good for me to stand in the current position. The distance here is enough for me to judge the authenticity.” Wiggswald’s eyes flickered a few times: “Excuse me, Director Harris, what exactly is your form? What?”

Barcelona saw that Wiggswald was not taking the bait, so he turned his head and raised his hands and pushed to the other reporters: “Then ask others to stand back a little bit, and leave the place to Mr. Wiggswald.”

Harris and the others began to retreat. When the reporters in the audience saw this, although they did not know why, they all retreated with their own long spear cannons. Rolan appeared to be walking towards him a little alone.

Dempster was coldly snorted. He believed that the other party wanted to rectify himself, but thinking that there was such a multimedia presence on the scene, Dempster used a short time to judge that he should have no mortal danger. He who is eager to make some achievements must bear it. The reason for nodding pains in exchange for attacking Harris was still acceptable, so he stood in place and made a posture to record the whole process.

Without warning, Rolan’s body shape changed drastically, swelling and twisting in an instant, and in a flash, a huge animal that looked like a leopard took the place where Rolan was just now.

It is dark in color, with a broad and round head, thick and short thorn-like bristles on the neck, and sparse short spines on the back. The torso is covered with irregular black markings. The four limbs are strong and strong, and the claws are sharp and flexible. , Looks terrible. Suddenly, it raised its head and snarled, and the thick mane on its neck was immediately erected. The entire head and neck were instantly inflated like a pufferfish into a huge air sac, allowing the head and neck of this leopard-like monster to see. Going up like a lion with a dense mane.

After the leopard-shaped creatures such as Barcelona, ​​who had prepared for a long time, inflated their air bags, they used wand to flick in the air: “Super Bubble-Head Charm.” A transparent round bubble was squeezed from the wand’s tip. When he came out, the air instantly magnified, and soon Ron and Dempster Wiggswald in front of him were enveloped in a huge circular bubble, while everyone else was isolated.

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