Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1075

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“It’s Cystic… Cystic Leopard!” The old wizard of “Transfiguration Today” who was on the sidelines trembled. After a chill, the notepad in his hand fell directly to the ground-as a senior expert on transfiguration and a As an elderly man, he has never lost self-control so much.

The wizards who were watching fell into a panic immediately after a brief inhalation. The whole floor screamed again and again. The wizards began to collapse. The reporters threw away the cameras they carried. Some of the quick reactions have begun to give their heads. Make magic bubbles on top.

More people just burst out of vitality like the old wizard of “Transfiguration Today”, and began to rush out quickly and screamingly-except for the third world of the Wizarding World, the government buildings of the wizards of various countries are now in Voldemort Voldemort. Anti-Disapparation array Formation has been activated under the raging form.

Cystic leopard, a wild beast produced in East Africa, is similar to leopards, and is considered to be the most dangerous creature in the world. It and werewolf, Acromantula, and Dragon are all planned by the Ministry of Magic as dangerous level ✕✕✕✕✕, But its true degree of danger is obviously similar to that of Basilisk, which is also classified at this level, far ahead of other peers-the breath it breathes can be highly toxic and can cause fatal diseases, and it is difficult to be subdued. According to According to the statement in “Where is the Magical Creature”, it takes at least 100 wizards to work together to subdue the poisoned leopard, and the villages in East Africa, whether it is wizards or muggle, are often destroyed.

The crude grading method of the Ministry of Magic Magical Creatures Management and Control Department only proves that magical creatures of this level are known to kill wizard animals and impossible tamed or tamed species-but this is not completely accurate, just like Salazar Slytherin and Tom Riddle can control Basilisk without using enslavement gems, and Newt Scamander has his own way of dealing with cystic leopards. Although the specific methods are not yet known, he can not be The cystic leopard attacked, and was not poisoned to death because of the disease it exhaled.

In the current situation, although the poisonous leopard changed by Rolan is staying in the bubbles created by this variant of Bubble-Head Charm, this spell can make people underwater or in the surrounding air. Enough oxygen is obtained when it is dirty, so theoretically the poison qi inside will not leak out and cannot cause harm to other people, but they cannot determine how long the protective cover can last, and the poison qi seems to have started before the magic takes effect. spread.

And those wizards who have enough knowledge about magical creatures snort disdainfully to those wizards that make bubbles in the mouth and nose—for these viruses that can be infected by contact with the skin by poison qi, unless they are made enough like Barcelona did before. Except for the big bubbles, just holding one’s breath may not have much effect except perhaps reducing the infection speed slightly.

“Please…cold…quiet…Don’t panic, Ministry of Magic guarantees your safety.” John Barça’s loud voice covered the screams and shouts. When the crowd calmed down and stopped running, he continued Persuaded comforted, “This powerful Bubble-Head Charm has already undergone a rigorous test when Director Rolan Harris registered just now. It is enough to stop the spread of diseases.”

Many of the journalists who were leaving in a panic were willing to turn their heads and saw Harris staying calmly in place, and John Barça, who had just spoken, also stood peacefully very close to the protective cover. Seeing that they didn’t even cast any extra defensive magic for themselves, these reporters slowly calmed down from their panic, dubiously.

However, even though they believed that the protective cover could play a role in isolation, the wizard reporters still stood far away. None of them wanted to get too close to the poison sac. Various camera equipment once again aimed at the poison in the protective cover. Poison Leopard and Dempster Wiggswald, Poison Poison Leopard has returned to a state of calm, but Dempster has collapsed to the ground, and beads of sweat rolled continuously from his forehead, stared wide-eyed, He gasped violently, as if it was difficult to breathe, his face flushed and lips purple.

In a short period of time, he could see large areas of ulceration and sores on his exposed body, emitting a strong stench. Suddenly, he stiffened his body suddenly, his eyes turned up, and he lost consciousness in a flash. It seemed that life was about to come to an end. The leopard who had collected the poison sac on his neck looked towards Dempster on the ground with cold ginger yellow eyes. He took a step forward, and in an instant he changed back to a human form.

And as Rolan lifted the Animagus form, the well-known bacteria that caused large tracts of ulcerated skin and abscesses on Dempster’s body were also eliminated. These wounds stopped in an instant and the naked eye visible deterioration was stopped, and the condition did not recur. Continue to develop to a worse point-but the damage that has been caused in that short period of time will not be undone, so the reporter is still deeply unconscious.

Rolan slowly pointed the wand at Dempster on the ground, casting a healing spell on him. After a while, Dempster was successfully regained consciousness. He collapsed on the ground, trembling all over, and let out a painful hoarse moan with his half-opened mouth-although the physical injuries were no longer magical after the removal of Animagus The power effect was quickly healed, but it is not something that can be solved immediately to fully recover.

“I’m really sorry, Mr. Wiggswald… I haven’t fully grasped my Animagus form ability and leaked some poison qi…” Rolan leaned slightly towards Dempster who was still unable to get up on the ground. “It shouldn ‘t be what continuous damage to your health…but to be on the safe side…” Rolan straightened up in the horrified gaze of the opponent, silently used 10000 spells to end, enveloping them in the huge bubble-like transparent protective cover As if he was punctured, he disappeared without a trace with a “pu”, and then he waved to an Auror who was keeping order on the side, “Please send Mr. Wiggswald to St. Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries to do it. Check in detail…”

The Auror 2 leather boots banged and stood upright, then he stepped forward, commanded Dempster to float up with the wand, let the reporters take pictures, and started walking towards the elevator at the end of the corridor— —Just a few steps, that Auror stopped suddenly, Dempster was suspended in front of him, and the other reporters also felt the vibration from the floor.

‘boom! ! ! ‘

With a loud noise, the wall cracked, building fragments hit the ground, dust was flying, and a huge beast resembling a rhino broke through the wall.

Dempster, who was splashed on his face, did not care about the pain. At this moment, his eyes were raised in surprise. The distance between his current position and this giant beast was the closest among all the people on the scene. He recognized this magical creature. muttered: “Poison Horn…”

This is a ✕✕✕✕-level dangerous giant beast that can be dealt with by a skilled wizard whose head is deemed dangerous and requires specialized knowledge. The gray tail is like a long rope. From a distance, it will be mistaken for it. A huge rhino, its skin is very thick. Most spells are helpless. There is a sharp horn on the nose that resembles a rhino but is much larger than the head. The light venom inside is swollen on the horns and the top of the head. There are magic rays of light in his skin-the horns of the venomous horn can pierce everything from skin to metal, and the deadly liquid in its horns will cause any object injected with this venom to explode .

What’s even more frightening is that something like a floating black cloak swam from Unicorn’s back, flapping its edges, and quickly slipped off Unicorn’s back, turning into a black wide-brimmed velvet hat. Some sturdy elegant ladies.

“Albert! I tell you to be careful after you transform, don’t let the horns of your big fat head touch anything! You blew up the wall of my office!” Josephine Harris, who had changed from the Voldebat form, complained, and she pulled out wand, Will belong to her cracked wall Reparo.

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