Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1076

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In the expansion site of Hogwarts here, just like Ravenclaw built a Chamber of Secrets in Black Lake before, at this time, the basement of Lake Heart Island Harris Castle was built to a certain extent with the upstairs theme, and it was also designed and arranged here. Chamber of Secrets underground.

In this huge and spacious underground space, the area that needs to be constructed is very large, and its internal space is very high, it is like a palace for giants, and there is no supporting pillar in such a spacious space. Huge magic energy reinforcement. In the center of such a spacious underground space, a huge 6-sided platform is built. To climb this platform, you need to step over 7 steps.

In the direction centered between the corners of the 6-sided platform, there are also 6 thick obsidian stone pillars standing on each. The stone pillars are engraved with layers of magic inscriptions, and the top of these huge obsidian stone pillars is suspended with a color. have nothing common with each other pyramid-shaped object, and each side of the pyramid uses a triangular structure to be carved with an omniscient mark. The pupil of the all-seeing eye above is moving to scan the entire platform.

Standing on this huge platform is a round sphere with a diameter of 150 feet. This magic device looks very much like a huge crystal ball. If you look at it from the top down, you can see these 6 pieces. The pillar just stood at the 6 vertices of a huge six-pointed star, and the huge sphere stood in the middle of the six-pointed star.

At this time, 3 Aaron and 3 Luna are busy on this platform.

Because it is in the construction stage, the whole Chamber of Secrets is empty, except for the construction materials and tools needed for construction, not at all decorative items. The basic building materials of the Chamber of Secrets and the building materials used in the new Harris castle upstairs are similar to those of the original training room in the Ravenclaw tower to prevent blasting damage. They are made of heavy stones and alloys. The difference is In this Chamber of Secrets, the ancient runes carved with dense silver threads were drawn by Aaron and Luna.

The other construction workers in the Chamber of Secrets are not wizards, but those Eris dementors draped in raven feathers. As a key secret project, they are independently constructed. These dementors are floating on the wall, which makes them look far away. Like a Flying Insect.

These dementors, whose whole bodies are decayed, are covering and installing some metal blocks carved with ancient runes on the heavy stone wall surface underneath. Although they have changed their shapes, it does not allow them to use magic like a wizard. With crusted palms, I picked up the various tools that the umbrella company had equipped for gentlemen and used the magic of these magic creations to complete the construction.

Because it is different from wizards who use a wand to construct from start to finish, when facing different projects, these dementors often need to float up and down to replace different tools, and the progress is slower than the wizards. .

The black smoke envelops Aaron and the others. They float in the air, moving their arms slowly in different directions around this huge circular sphere, using the magic power on their fingers to engrave very complicated on the surface of the sphere. The magic pattern, focused all attention on the round sphere in front of him, because the production process is very complicated, at least before he completes the overall depiction of a small part of the sphere on the sphere, he cannot stop or make mistakes. , Must be in one go, otherwise the entire crystal ball will be scrapped.

Even though Aaron’s forehead was sweaty, he couldn’t take care of it.

Luna’s head did not carry Luna’s famous hat, but Ravenclaw’s famous Diadem. She and the Avatars floated in front of an obsidian stone pillar on the periphery of the round table. She looked focused and changed from the past. In a trance, some raised silver eyes focused on the obsidian stone pillar in front of her. She moved slowly, raising her arm, and carefully carved intricate magic patterns on the obsidian in front of her. The radish-shaped earrings shook gently with the sculpting movement of her arm. From the side, she was slightly sweaty on her face. The reflection caused by this made her face more clearly defined, quite a bit Rowena Ravenclaw. Style.

Aaron took a dazzling glance and then retracted his gaze, unable to move away from her for a while, relying on his memory and the muscle control of the Body Refining Technique to stop the movement of his hand not at all.

Luna seemed to perceive Aaron’s gaze. Luna glanced at Aaron from behind the obsidian stone pillar, and then turned his attention to the obsidian stone pillar in front of him. The Diadem on her head also floated to Aaron who was staring at her. On top of the body, she then said in a singing voice: “Break another one… When you pay the bill, you can’t explain it to Hermione. There is no good reason to fool her this time.”

“There are still that many time to do, it is inevitable…when the time comes just and honourable, it’s okay to say it is bad.” Diadem brought Aaron some clarity and asked him to turn his head back, but his mouth did not stop, “You have lost weight recently. Now? The past few days seems to have become more beautiful.”

“The side effect of divine force.” Luna’s ethereal voice wafted in the empty room, and even echoed, “Recently, there are more wizards who believe in me than the magical creatures who have deceived wisdom before, so I modified some dementors. Be a servant.”

“There is still such a good thing? The side effect is the more the better…” Aaron kept saying, “After defeating Voldemort in a duel, a small part of the dementor has returned to the control of the Ministry of Magic. If you still need it, you don’t need to catch it yourself. Let someone send some over… You know Ministry of Magic doesn’t trust them now, and the one behind this creature… I only dare to let father put them in unimportant places. “

Later, only the sound of dementor construction can be heard in the empty room for a while.

But after a while, the milk-white, translucent Helena got down from the ceiling, and passed in from the ceiling above the huge round sphere: “father! Mother! Grandma dare not disturb you with the mark , Let me come over and have a look and ask you to go back to eat tonight…”

“Helena! I told you not to come in casually!” Before Helena’s words were finished, Luna rarely raised her voice and interrupted her. “Morgan Lefleux will definitely explain when he asks you to come over, let you see the situation first. Excuse your father’s work.”

The female ghost was startled by the sudden rebuke of the mother, her transparent body trembled and floated in midair, nodded in a daze, she lowered her head in fear and secretly looked in front of her, which was harsh but somewhat orderly. The awe-inspiring mother of the founder of the Eagle Academy.

“What are you doing so loudly…” Aaron turned his head and glared at Luna. He continued to keep the sculpture but looked at his daughter, “Helena, this big orb is the Miser core, although it is not dangerous today. But when it activates, people who come into contact with it will be instantly killed, and any objects will be dissociated immediately…even if you belong to undying creatures, you will be destroyed immediately…” Aaron made his voice softer.” So Helena, don’t be afraid, your mother is just caring about you.”

“Tell you grandma, we probably won’t be able to go back before school starts.” Luna’s expression returned to normal. She pointed to the snacks and Coke stacked aside, “My father and you prepared snacks.”

Seeing that mother did not deny father’s words, Helena’s tight transparent body relaxed. She carefully avoided the obsidian stone pillar in front of Luna and floated by Luna’s side. She did not speak, but her expression seemed a little happy. .

“The reason why it took so long is not just here… The entire Hogwarts surroundings have also made similar Chamber of Secrets.” Aaron worriedly continued to warned repeatedly, “…but you don’t have to be at ease, and when you are free to Study, I’ll mark the location for you on the map, and you can just remember it yourself.”

“Thank you father…” Helena asked with some confusion, “Why do so much?”

“Because the influence of a single Miser core is only one mile.” Aaron’s body finally completed the magic pattern drawing of the small area of ​​the Miser core in front of him. He floated backward for a certain distance and looked at his masterpiece. “It’s like this piece of magic text only covers a small area of ​​the entire sphere. This time Hogwarts has a large expansion area and has to do a lot…in order to catch up with the beginning of school, so I can’t go back for the time being.”

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