Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1077

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“The ghosts of Hogwarts like to hang out.” Helena said in a worried tone. “Nearly Headless Nick often runs rampage without looking at the road and looking for a direction… they might just fall in.”

“Your mother will be between this Chamber of Secrets and our castle above, and will make a simplified version of the responsive house.” Aaron had just finished a sculpture, and when he saw his daughter next to him, he took a large bottle from the temporary pile. Coke, pour a cup each for myself and Helena and put some ice cubes into it with Quick Freeze.

“Thank you father.” Helena took it after paying the gift very educatedly. She doesn’t feel thirsty, but she really likes the atmosphere of eating with her parents. In addition, the bubble and sweet taste is still able to Drinks to make ghost feel.

“Just like you don’t want to be discovered by others when you bury the body, it’s best to dig deeper and put a dead dog on it…” Luna continued to draw the obsidian stone pillar in front of him, “What about me?”

“Don’t teach Helena about this…” Aaron complained that he also gave Luna a glass in his hand, and then slapped his daughter.

Helena quickly nodded, she took the cup and floated next to Luna, and started feeding her mother-she enjoyed being able to touch things for her parents.

The boy with the look of an old father refilled himself with carbonated drinks, “Speaking of divine force… When you pretended to be Goddess of Fortune, you gained faith in the Hogwarts Centaur tribe. Now they are being challenged by those pure-blood families. I used the dragon farm to raise Drogon on the side of Hogwarts…This made many Centaur worry about it…I’m not worried that these Centaur would really overreact to me, but out of respect for friendship, I emptied you. Help me through it.”

“En? They are indeed still praying to me…” Luna understood Aaron’s plan in a flash, but after a short while, her expression became a little trance. “But I don’t remember Goddess of Fortune’s lines…”

Aaron frowned, turning his eyes to relax, “Then these Centaurs can’t even remember how their ancestors were deceived by you…how they believed in you, when the time comes, you tell me what you can remember, I give you Now make some…”

“Yeah~” Luna complied, and then she disliked her daughter’s feeding slowly, she subconsciously took the cup in Helena’s hand with her hand, and then realized her mistake inadvertently came out of Scottish accent, “Oh… this stone The pillar was scrapped…” She turned her eyes and looked towards the daughter who didn’t understand the situation, “Helena, you will see Hermione tomorrow and help her to say something to her so that she can prepare the root materials.”

“Okay, mother.” Helena agreed immediately.

“…It doesn’t matter Helena, I’ll let Avatar tell Hermione and you don’t need to worry about it.” Aaron glared at Luna who was about to throw the pot on her daughter, and took the pot.

The light blonde girl didn’t look at her husband, she just poured the ice cubes from the cup into her mouth and chewed it rattling–but then she seemed to be caught by the ice, and she began to pinch her nose into a headache.

When the Aaron family of 3 were busy underground in Hogwarts.

In Diagon Alley, the dazzling sunlight casts on the shop windows, and the to-and-fro wizards are enthusiastically discussing Britain’s tough style at the International Wizards Federation and the Harris family’s Animagus transfiguration, even those dazzling arrays Commodities can’t draw away their interest and enthusiasm for these current affairs hotspots that are happening in Britain, even the fact that you know who is defeated in a duel is not out of date.

These heated news and current events have made the public opinion circle of the entire Britain magic circle very lively. The media controlled by the pure-blood family seem to be discussing matters, holding on to the Harris family and Ministry of Magic, while the television stations under Harris control and The paper media were not at all. They were so low-key for a while, and they began to slap each other. The ordinary wizards of Britain magic circle who hold hawkish and dove ideas also hold different opinions in this atmosphere. It became normal for friends to debate a few sentences.

All the shops, the objects in front of the shops, the people who shopped… Because of the beginning of school, Diagon Alley is very lively, Potage’s Cauldron Shop, Madam Malkin robe specialty store, Flourish & Blotts and other wizards must go to these shops before the school starts. The business is very prosperous. There was even a long line in front of the remote Ollivander wand shop. Compared with previous years, there were more young children in and out of the bookstore.

A tall wizard walked out of a shop holding a pan taller than his, yelling: “It has been restocked, copper, brass, pewter, silver Large pots, complete models, automatic stirring…foldable. Limited quantity, pre-order as soon as possible.”

Putting these cauldrons down, he wiped his sweat, and shouted at the wizards who were around to snap up: “queue…queue…”

“Business this year is much better than in previous years. The elementary schools and colleges that Hogwarts has added this year…everyone needs to buy starter supplies.” A fat witch fanned her sun visor and flushed with heat. “Innocent hot, Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlour’s ice cream is out of stock.”

“Thanks to the Umbrella Group for lowering the price of potion, in the Slug Giggs pharmacy, the price of Dragon Liver was 7 3 cents per ounce, and now you can buy it for only 1 1 cents…” Her companion pointed his finger and thought. Said: “And it can help me a lot, allowing the youngest child to be sent over… This liberates me.”

“The Boss in those shops probably won’t be too happy.” Fat Witch shrugged her fat shoulders. “The Hogwarts expansion plan is said to include the Commerce District plan, and the scale is much larger than Diagon Alley… The rent is very cheap, we fell. There is no need to set up a stall or share a room, but at least you can be a neighbor.”

At this time, there was a sonorous sound of footsteps from Diagon Alley, calming the noisy street. Looking in the direction of the sound, from the corner of Leaky Cauldron, a team of armed Aurors in H94 uniforms walked. Under the leadership of the Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement Rolan, they stepped neatly to let themselves His dragon leather boots made a neat sound and strode forward with his head held high.

The wizards who didn’t know what was going on retreated to the second side one after another, giving up the middle section to the group of armed Auror who seemed to be performing what task and had full oppression. They went straight to the tall, snow-white building towering over the surrounding shops, in front of the 2 bronze doors of the Gringotts wizard bank that illuminated Winky.

The Goblin guard in scarlet red gold-studded uniforms immediately put down the honest detector in his hand that looked like a slender gold rod and started to report to it-after Voldemort’s public comeback, the Gringotts wizard bank strengthened security measures. , Which includes the use of honest detectors to check people entering the bank. This is a kind of Dark Detector. When this detector moves around the person, it can detect hidden spells and hidden magic objects.

Later, a group of guards composed of a mixture of Goblin and wizards emerged from the gate of Gringotts and blocked the bronze gate of Gringotts illuminated Winky.

Rolan asked the Aurors to stop behind him, returned a wizard gift to the headed Goblin, and then said: “Since we have received reliable information, Horcrux of you know who is in the Gringotts Vault. After applying to Gringotts, Gringotts The party has never responded positively to our request, so now our Magic Department of Magical Law Enforcement has come by ourselves.”

Speaking of Rolan handing a letter of assistance that was actually issued by himself to the front Goblin Griphook, Ministry of Magic’s magic official seal was shining in the sun.

But the people who didn’t expect Goblin didn’t even look at it, and one of them directly handed back the letter of assistance.

The leader, Goblin, bowed and apologized to Rolan: “Director Harry, it’s not that Gringotts does not cooperate with the Ministry of Magic’s work, but we must provide security for the customer’s property, no matter who it is.. Even if it is ourselves, we will never You can take away wealth that does not belong to him from Gringotts… Please forgive me, Director Harris, you should understand that this place has a reputation as the safest place outside of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.”

“You know who’s Horcrux no longer belongs to the category of personal property. It is related to the safety of the entire magic circle,” Rolan said sincerely, but again handed out the letter of assistance. “For the peace and tranquility of the entire magic circle, I hope Gringotts can give it to you. Cooperate.”

The voice of Goblin, who had just handed back the letter of assistance, seemed a bit angry: “Gringotts has always been an independent existence and is not under the control of the Ministry of Magic. Director Harris, you have no right to investigate here.”

“Gringotts wizard bank can store all valuable things. We at Goblin will protect their wealth at all costs. We are the ideal Guardian for the huge wealth in the magic world. We speak out the secrets of Gringotts in violation of regulations, and Other Goblins will regard this as a betrayal. The voice of Goblin who handed back the letter of assistance seemed a bit angry, “When gold and treasure are involved, the wizard cannot be trusted, and the wizard does not respect the ownership of Goblin… You still I owe us something. “

“Shut up Griphook!” The leader Goblin scolded Goblin, but when he looked towards Rolan, he said in a gentle but firm tone, “This bank has been operated by Goblin for centuries. Director Harris asks you to understand that we cannot do The matter of you know who destroys the credibility that you have built so hard.”

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