Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1078

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“Get out! Get out! Auror, do it!”

At this time, the wizard of Gringotts Bank was pushed away, and Scrimgeour led a team of patrol Auror into the crowd.

The Auror office director’s sharp eyes captured the situation on the court. He pondered for a moment, and in a tone that was different from his usual style, he asked a question, when already knows the answer, saying: “Director Harris , Do you know what happened here? What are you guys?”

“The Magic Department of Magical Law Enforcement is performing official duties…” Rolan’s gaze swept across the group of watchful patrols Auror. “Director Scrimgeour… I don’t remember I told you to come over.”

“Wait… Director Harris…” Scrimgeour glanced around. He walked a few steps closer to Rolan, covering his lips with his hand, and whispered: “Director Harris, I know you are here to fetch you know who you know Who’s Horcrux…but I don’t think we can’t just force into Gringotts just like that…” He turned to look at the Goblins of Griphook, and lowered his voice a little, “We can try our best to catch a dark from the Lestrange family later. wizard, and then use him to negotiate with Goblin… so Goblin has reason to compromise and not break their own rules.”

“Now that Lestrange has disappeared without a trace with you know who, how do you make sure you can find one? Rolan also moved closer to Scrimgeour and explained in a deep voice, “But Horcrux of Gringotts must be dealt with as soon as possible, since you Know who is already understood. We are looking for his Horcrux, so sooner or later he will find a way to transfer the contents away. If when the time comes, it won’t be so easy to find again…”

“I can understand, but…” Scrimgeour shook his head. “Director Harris and Goblin’s intensification of conflicts may cause no less consequences than you know who caused. Think about the previous rebellion initiated by Goblin…”

“This is not a question you should consider as the director of Auror’s office.” Rolan’s tone became tougher. He narrowed his eyes slightly. “When will the Auror office, a subsidiary of the Ministry of Magic Magic Department of Magical Law Enforcement, begin to teach Did the magic Department of Magical Law Enforcement do something?”

“Sorry Director…” Seeing that Rolan could not persuade, Scrimgeour raised his lion-like head. “This is where Auror patrols. Patrol Auror is responsible for patrolling Diagon Alley and maintaining peace and tranquility in the area… If someone breaks in by force in violation of regulations Wherever we patrol Auror, we naturally want to stop it.”

“So, is the director of Auror’s office planning to disobey? You are against the Ministry of Magic’s arrest of the Dark Lord?” Rolan’s voice was very soft and slow, but the oppression that Scrimgeour brought to Scrimgeour was very strong.

“I didn’t disobey, I’m all committed to fighting the dark wizard! But if the magic Department of Magical Law Enforcement wants to go in and search, please show the valid certificate issued by the Ministry of Magic.” Scrimgeour increased his tone, and his brown hair followed “If the Director has any objections, we can go back to the Ministry of Magic for a meeting to discuss and deal with…”

Scrimgeour also took the risk. He didn’t think it was a right or wrong question, but if Harris really broke into Gringotts so unscrupulously, apart from Goblin, this is also a provocation against the pure-blood family with Vault in it, and the consequences are comparable. A Dark Lord who didn’t dare to return to Britain was terrifying-he even suspected that Harris’ goal standard was his disobedience and wanted him to be removed from the position of Auror’s office director.

Several well-dressed wizards also squeezed in from the crowd of onlookers and retorted angrily.

“Strongly oppose any organization or individual using any means to embezzle or destroy our personal property, and the right to private property is sacred and inviolable.”

“You don’t have the right to come to Gringotts to take away private property belonging to individuals. No matter what the reason is, this kind of precedent cannot be set, otherwise the Ministry of Magic will not be able to search the private vault of the wizards for various reasons next time?!”

A golden short-haired witch and a buck-toothed wizard sang together excitedly-they are Annette Popin and Marcus Flint.

Rolan recognized the identities of these two people. He helped his gold glasses and glanced at Griphook with a smile at the corner of his eyes. Also laughed. Besides notifying Scrimgeour, it seems that the Goblins also hurry up and become pure blood. wizard.

“For Merlin’s sake, please let me in…”

The voice of a wizard came again, and after another half a day, the master of this voice swayed in from the crowd, and everyone discovered that he was Bosd whose daughter was expelled from Hogwarts last year and the family was rejected by Hogwarts forever. Family patriarch Ben Bosd-formerly close comrade-in-arms with him Paul Greengrass after the last meeting of School Prefect, it seems that because his daughter’s condition has compromised with Harris, so the whole summer vacation None of them have troubled Harris as before.

“Huh… if our private property cannot be guaranteed… huh… it is really insecure. If the Ministry of Magic approves such behavior, then for long-term considerations, I will transfer my assets to Go to other countries…” Ben Bosd made a gasping for breath threat.

However, this caused some laughter from the crowd below. The Bosde family had already invested abroad under Harris’ suppression and exclusion. Daughter Millison was forced to borrow the relationship of Hogwarts’ former headmaster Dumbledore to go to Beauxbatons in France. The transfer of students is a well known thing.

“If I remember well, Vault doesn’t necessarily need to go there in person, because Mrs. Weasley and the boy who helped the Potter family withdrew money.” Rolan ignored these pure-blood families, but said that it doesn’t count. Reasons for reasons, “So under this precedent, Gringotts is not willing to support and set an example in fighting the Dark Lord?”

Seeing that there were more and more onlookers, the previous Goblins were forced to walk out with a glance at each other.

“Director Harris, your family is also a user of Gringotts… It should be clear that… the size of the vault itself is different, and the degree of security varies. Of all the vaults, the largest and best protected vault belongs to the oldest The wizard family is located on the deepest floor. As you get closer to the ground, the size of the Vault will become smaller and the security measures will be less. The deep Vault requires Goblin to touch the Vault door to open, while the shallow Vault only A key is needed…According to the agreement, general shallow users will not use too strict services in this regard.” Goblin took out all the wizard well known regulations and said once, “Of course, if Director Harris can get it. With the authorization of the members of the Lestrange family, you can indeed walk into the Vault of the Lestrange family like Mrs. Weasley…”

“Director Harris, if you have to enter Gringotts forcibly and take away belongings that do not belong to you, then in order to protect the legitimate interests of customers from loss and maintain Gringotts’ reputation, Gringotts will timeout payments and deposit deposits and withdrawals.” Goblin Griphook’s dark face is very serious, and his pointed beard curls up and down as he says, “Besides, we discussed with Goblin, Umbrellas and Hogwarts to establish a branch in the Hogwarts expansion area, which lies in an unstable situation. Goblins do not have the energy to protect the two banks at this moment, and may have to give it up. Those merchants in the Commerce District in the design and planning can only be affected and run to and from Diagon Alley more.”

Now there are obstacles to patrol the Auror and the pure-blood family. These Goblins have begun to pull ordinary wizards into the water, knowing that Harris is afraid to continue to behave arrogantly under such circumstances, and must Harris also have a scrupulous decision to act and cannot give each other The idea of ​​a surprise attack at another time comes next time.

And this threat from Goblin did make many onlookers change their attitude from a matter of no concern to oneself, and there was a burst of discussion-most of the things in the shallow Vault owned by ordinary wizard families. They are more common gold Galleon and the like. They will not have enough family history and financial resources like those ancient pure-blood families to own dangerous goods that make Ministry of Magic worth checking, but now the threat of Goblin makes them Recognizing the reality, if the Goblins are really angered, even if it is not to the level of rebellion recorded in A History of Magic, it will make them ordinary persons uneasy.

“Furthermore, Ministry of Magic can now use the reason of attacking the Dark Lord to freely explore a family’s Vault to take away personal belongings that are not Ministry of Magic…It is hard to guarantee that the Ministry of Magic will not use similar reasons to take away other things in the future.”

“What if the Ministry of Magic recognizes Gold Galleon as a prohibited item in the future? I mean, with today’s precedent, will they use this money to fund the Dark Lord and then collect it for the reason?”

Pobin and Flint 2 seized the time to speak with rhythm.

The success of these threats made it impossible for even those who originally supported Harris to fight against the Dark Lord.

“Director Harris, the Dark Lord dare not return to Britain anyway…”

“In fact, Ministry of Magic can find a Lestrange house to open the door, so that both parties have a reasonable reason.”

“Gringotts is not an international wizard federation after all, and the federation will make mistakes before… we can’t be so arrogant.”

At this time, Rolan seemed to compromise in these fierce resistance. He helpedlessly raised his arm to the armed Aurors behind him, and then began to withdraw outside of Gringotts.

It’s just that when he was leaving, he was different from his calm style in the past, and his voice seemed a little lost self-control. His voice was angry. The outermost wizards on the crowd could clearly hear his words: “Gringotts’ behavior seems It seems to be protecting personal rights, but in fact, you Goblins are sheltering you know who… His Horcrux is there, and because of your protection, it cannot be destroyed…Britain is indeed not protected because of my younger brother’s protection Damage, but the Dark Lord is raging in Europe. Your behavior is equivalent to killing!”

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