Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1079

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To the west of Hogwarts Castle, this is the Forbidden Forest area made up of a large gloomy forest. Next to the narrow, turbulent river flowing at the bottom of the valley, large patches of foxgloves and wild roses grow in the clearing by the river. Bees Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! This is also the main part of the Centaur tribe. Water intake.

Aaron walked out of the shadow of a big tree.

Several small Centaur dropped the water kettle to issue a warning. Several guards kneeling on the hillside covered with lush, soft green grass immediately raised their bows and arrows, and jumped vigilantly from the ground.

Then they recognized that the wizard in front of them was the current headmaster Aaron Harris of Hogwarts. However, the wizard with strangely pale cheeks and an unidentified aura in front of him is not Aaron when he was in the lower grades after all. This made these Centaurs who knew him feel uncomfortable, and their hoofs dig a few uncomfortably on the ground.

A brown-red foal even shuddered, and Aaron realized that this was probably the first female Centaur he had ever met. She had long red hair and the upper body was a shiny brown horse below the waist. There is a long red tail behind him.

These Centaur guards slowly took the bows and arrows in their hands, bent their front legs towards the direction of his back, lowered their proud heads, and bowed their waists.

Aaron took the initiative to say hello: “Hello, I’m Aaron Harris, the current headmaster of Hogwarts, I’m here to see Matilda, please help me to tell me if you can.”

“The first man knows everything.” Centaur with a brown mane said vaguely. His tone barely fell, and a sound of horseshoes was remembered from the forest. Later, a majestic and strong Centaur walked out with a powerful step. Its strong horse body glowed with a maroon luster and a noble head. Raised unrestrainedly, a strand of golden red beard fluttered across his chest, and its eyes were deep and charming, as if there were stars in the sky.

“Matilda, I’m so glad that you are as good as the first time I saw you.” Aaron responded enthusiastically.

“Centaur eternal friends, thanks to you, our Centaur tribe has a better understanding of the signs of stars than other people.” Matilda raised her head chicly, and her attitude is different from how she was not at all. “Let Let’s go inside and say.”

After going around a few hills, the familiar scenery came to mind a few years ago. Aaron took a light car and crossed several bushes. They came to the silver star lake. The breeze wrinkled the surface of the lake, and the bright water brought the stars to the sky. world.

In some straw baskets on the grass, there are cooked oatmeal cakes sprinkled with sunflower seeds. Aaron had eaten some when he was served in First Year. He knew that they were flavored with vanilla and cheese, while fruit and honey The brewed fruit wine is contained in a split wooden goblet.

Aaron didn’t use magic, so he sat directly on the grass, picked up a piece of oatmeal cake, and opened the entrance. The air in the Forbidden Forest was cool and fresh, with a faint fragrance of flowers. In the distance, a few ponies could not do it. The adult Centaur cultivation quietly, they ran around Xinghu and played happily.

“Aaron, the stars tell me that the tranquility of this lake of stars will be broken sooner or later.” Matilda’s tone was full of worry after Aaron ate the oatmeal and took a sip of fruit wine.

“Matilda, my friend, I know you are worried about the Hogwarts renovation and expansion project, but please believe that I will not let the renovation and expansion affect the living environment of Centaur.” Aaron put down the bottle gourd goblet.

“As friends and our benefactors, we should have supported your decision…” Matilda stared at Aaron with deep eyes, and he smoothed the beard that was raised by the wind. “I heard that there will be places near Black Lake. The building of a dragon farm will also move various magical creatures here. The little ponies are deeply worried about this.”

“Matilda, even if I did not consider the friendship between us when I was designing the drawings, I also considered the interests of Forbidden Forest aborigines like you.” Aaron responded sincerely, “Please trust me , I believe the professors of Hogwarts and the employees of the umbrella, we have enough means to control them, and will not let them wreak havoc on the Forbidden Forest and threaten you like the previous Acromantula.”

Matilda shook her head: “Of course I believe you Aaron…I know the sinister intentions of the wizards who came to tell us these news, so I had to pass the news to you through Firenze, but what I worry about is, The appearance of these magical creatures will destroy the biological chain here…”

“I am very grateful for your trust… Matilda.” Aaron said, taking a sip of wine to moisturize his throat. “I understand what you are worried about. Centaur has lived here for many years. All the resources for survival are Depends on the Forbidden Forest, and these newly added magical creatures…their existence will inevitably lead to fewer preys and fewer resources available to you…”

“After the Acromantula disappeared a few years ago, new student ponies have increased again… It is not easy for the Centaur tribe to expand to its current scale… Our tribe’s Centaur ancestors have lived in this wood for generations.” Mattie Erda heavily nodded, “When I was young, I studied the laws of your wizards. If there is a Centaur community in a certain country, the magic government of this country will set aside a special living area for us, and the owner of this area is not actually We Centaur…and Aaron, you still own Hogwarts, and you are the real owner of this Forbidden Forest…Aaron, I know your family’s power from Firenze, so I beg you, my friend, I don’t know if you can bring the dragon farm to Are those magical creatures placed in other areas?”

“Matilda, as I said before, of course I considered this when designing. Please don’t worry about the problem of Dragon. Forbidden Forest can’t satisfy them… and I prefer to prey on these lazy guys. Being fed…In fact, I set up a dragon farm in Hogwarts for…” Aaron tapped his finger on his leg to clear out the picture of Drogon and Lacey in his mind, and changed to a more confident statement. “In fact I got so many magical creatures in Hogwarts. The purpose is also part of my education reform. The content of the previous Care of Magical Creatures course… In fact, most of the content is too random and unsystematic, which tests the professor’s own level… For the students, you know that Hogwarts now has 3 schools that face students of different ages. Their curriculum settings are almost completely different, but the same is that they all have a need for magical creatures…” Noting that I was off the topic A bit far away, Aaron cleared his throat, “So how can I let you Centaur be implicated because of Hogwarts’ education? Hogwarts will regularly provide Centaur with living supplies as compensation.”

“Thank you for your generosity, Aaron.” Matilda refused. “But Centaur is enough to survive on our own. We don’t allow ourselves to accept charity from others…”

“This is not a charity. This Forbidden Forest will be very lively in the future. It should no longer be called Forbidden Forest. This is an outdoor classroom for students… Matilda, on behalf of Hogwarts, I sincerely invite Centaur to serve as Forbidden. Forest rangers, please help these young wizards who enter the Forbidden Forest while the professors are teaching. If you want, please teach them, just like professors are like your little pony, let them avoid them in your way Those harmful plants, learn not to be harmed by dangerous magical creatures…” Aaron leaned slightly, “Of course, the most important thing is, you know that the situation is very uneven recently. It is necessary to maintain the order and tranquility of the Forbidden Forest without the assistance of Centaur… to the wizards. Say, the patrolled Auror in the Forbidden Forest does not have the advantages of your Centaur… So to ensure the safety of the students and Hogwarts… this is not a charity, but a request from me.”

“If this is the teaching plan of Hogwarts, then I promise that my tribe will not have any objections to this in the future… Aaron, I understand that you actually want to help the Centaur tribe get more resources and improve their lives…but You know the habits of Centaurs. Except for Firenze, most Centaurs don’t actually want to socialize with wizards too much…Of course you are not the same…” Matilda’s golden red beard swayed from his chest, and more He is accustomed to speaking straight, but he is not accustomed to considering his words.

Aaron not at all interrupted the other’s thoughts, he just let himself eat another bite of oatmeal and chewed it in his mouth.

It took a long time for the head of Centaur to make a clear statement: “Aaron, friend of Centaur, you should be clear that in the Ministry of Magic, the type of Centaur is not human, although we are voluntarily classified as beasts…Firenze It’s a different situation, it’s a unilateral choice made by it, but if our entire tribe of Centaur is directly involved in the work of the wizard…” Matilda shook her head, “This will make our tribe be affected by other Centaur compatriots. Regarded as a traitor to Centaur, it will also cause trouble to your Ministry of Magic…I know that you have not dealt with other countries recently, so I cannot agree to your request nor accept your funding, but Aaron, visit the Forbidden Forest This matter… In fact, we have been doing this for many years. We used to tell Dumbledore some signs in the Forbidden Forest. Please continue to wrap this matter on Centaur.”

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