Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1080

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“Matilda, Centaur’s wisdom is amazing. The Ministry of Magic still believes that Centaur is a magic creature with’close to human intelligence’ in accordance with Article 5, Article 2 of the Department of Management and Control of Magical Creatures. This is a mistake. , I also think this is a great insult…” Aaron’s tone paused. He carefully looked at Matilda’s expression and said carefully, “I can’t make decisions for all Ministry of Magic, nor can you. All Centaurs make decisions, but if we don’t take a more positive attitude…but we can let Britain Ministry of Magic set the right example and let your Centaur be reclassified into the category of’people’, which will be more representative Meaning, it will also allow our wizard and your Centaur to have a better life for each other. Don’t let yourself suffer more because you don’t want to share your identity with dark creatures like Mu Yecha, Banshee, and Vampire.”

Humans and beasts are three categories after the Ministry of Magic catalogued all the creatures that exist in the magic world. This category was established in 3 by the then Ministry of Magic, Grogan Stump-“human” The definition is any creature that has enough intelligence to understand the laws of the magic society and bears part of the responsibilities in the process of making these laws; “beast” refers to the lack of intelligence to understand the laws of the magic society, and cannot bear The responsible creatures in the process of these laws; and the last type of “Spirit” is not very accepted by ghosts. They always protest and complain, which makes them appear to be “Tomorrow” until the then president of the wizard council. After Alfreda Cragg redefines it, these ghosts who have enough intelligence to carry out an opposition march ceased.

“Aaron, I know you are really thinking about Centaur, but even if I agree, the Centaur of my tribe will not be happy… Tradition has made us lose the ability to change, but this is also Centaur’s pride.” Da’s deep eyes looked towards Xinghu, and his clansman were sitting or lying freely around Xinghu, “So I can’t accept your assistance, but I promise that the provocations of those pure-blooded wizards will not work anymore, you tonight Being here is enough for me to convince most Centaurs and give them peace of mind… In addition, I can also assure you that you don’t need to worry about their safety when you enter the Hogwarts young wizard in this Forbidden Forest in the future. The clansman will take care of them secretly. Although the Centaur may not speak very nicely in the face of ordinary wizards, they will still be happy to provide assistance when they see an innocent foal in danger.”

“Matilda, I will not let Centaur suffer losses for no reason. I will consider a more detailed plan when I go back… and if you can persuade your clansman to change their minds, please tell me at any time.” Seeing the other party insisted, Aaron decided not to say any more for the time being. He knew in his heart that the other party decided to bear the loss caused by the expansion of Hogwarts because of his favor that he gave them the moonstone.

After Aaron left, the wind blew across the star lake, filled with ripples, Matilda stood up from a kneeling state, its strong horse body glowed with a maroon luster, it lifted its 2 front legs, and its sky was long. With a hiss, the surrounding Centaurs of different sizes and manes have nothing common with each other and immediately rushed towards him.

Matilda simply informed clansman about Aaron’s visit, his tone barely fell, the Centaur who had been standing still couldn’t help but become agitated.

“I agree with the chief. According to the philosophy of the wizard, this is originally the site of Hogwarts. We live here and should make a certain compromise.” Centaur Ronan’s voice was low and sad, and it also attracted the support of some supporters.

“But Ronan, if it is to ensure the safety of Aaron himself, I am willing to pay my life for him. We promised to let Aaron’s friendship with Centaur last forever in our hearts…” Bane took the lead in commenting, “But if it is something else Wizard, it’s too shameful for us to do this, we are not slaves to those humans.”

“Helping humans is a low-level behavior, Chief, should we be driven by humans like ordinary mules?” Bane’s words made many young and passionate Centaur boil, echoing the roar.

“Listen to me… After Aaron publicly defeated the man who couldn’t name it… You have seen the recent astrological signs, but Mars is even brighter.” Seeing the clansman arguing below, Matilda’s majestic Sonorus resounded. In this space, “The war is fiercer than we thought. We want to continue to survive here. It is not enough to be neutral… Tonight will be a sunny day. I want to stargaze on this… Ronan, get me some Sage and fragrant mallow wait for me to burn at night to further interpret the results of stargazing.”

Seeing Matilda’s final response, the Centaur didn’t say more and had to leave.

Although the chief made a decision, for these Centaurs, when they thought of what the pure-blooded wizards who came to the Centaur tribe had said, and when they might really want to be neighbors with terrifying magical creatures like Dragon, in Centaur There was still a lot of discussion and anxiety among the tribe.

And with the ebbing of time, on the hillside covered with lush, soft grass, the Centaurs have been completely restless before long, unable to be as leisurely as they used to be, rising in the hearts of the members of the Centaur tribe. Uneasy panic, inexplicable fear enveloped them, but no matter what they did, they could not get rid of this restless feeling.

This illusion is particularly serious for Ronan’s melancholy sensitive Centaur. By the afternoon, these Centaurs had no energy to negotiate with the clansman. Many Centaurs began to hide behind the tall trees on the edge of the tribe. In the dark place, he weakly put his head on the trunk that was so high that he could not see the treetops.

Not long after they participated in the discussion, a vague voice always sounded in their hearts from time to time, continuously whispering dimly, and whether they were running along the lake, or divination, or praying to the many Spiritual Gods of the Centaur faith , Can not be eliminated, the sound seems to be stationed in its mind, there is no way to get rid of it, but its frequency seems to fluctuate, and in the end many Centaur even just thought they had auditory hallucinations.

But after everyone exchanged this strange situation with each other, it was panic to discover that every Centaur felt this unnatural emotion, and many also heard this call-like voice. This uneasy atmosphere quickly Permeated the entire Centaur tribe.

“Think about it, Matilda just let Hogwarts expand. This feeling has appeared in so many of us. This must be a warning from God…”

“Don’t talk nonsense, I think it’s because we refused the assistance of Hogwarts, which will make it more difficult for us in the Forbidden Forest.”

“Tonight we all have to carefully observe the astrology. The starry sky will reveal to us…when the time comes depends on the result of the prediction, not your personal wishes. The stars and the moon will guide us.”

But then, the light in the jungle dimmed gradually, one after another gray fog was rising from the damp woodland, although the Forbidden Forest itself is often foggy, it is preparing to be burned by stargazing at night for better observation Ronan, the vanilla of the future, was worried as he watched the abnormal clouds gradually diffuse. He raised his head and looked towards the sky. The fog grew bigger and bigger. If it continues, he wants to use astrological divination and check signs tonight. I am afraid there is no hope anymore.

In the evening, after the sky was almost dark, just as Ronan was worried, the bushes and undulating mountains growing on the woodland were no longer visible in the forest, and the thick gray fog had covered the entire jungle.

Centaurs ran in the jungle, shuttled in the dim like ghosts floating in the white mist, generally suddenly left, suddenly right and intermittent passing by the black and lacquered tree trunks-obviously their familiar home This kind of climate is also very common in the Forbidden Forest, but these familiar night forests, diffuse fog, and whispering calls from time to time in their hearts give the Centaur a strange and desolate feeling.

Matilda did not give up stargazing. Under the burning of fragrant mallow and sage, she looked towards the sky through their smoke and flames, trying to Forecast Future from those faintly in front of the bright spots through the fog.

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