Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1081

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As Matilda’s sight moved in the sky, he suddenly fell in a cold breath, and the whole person or the whole group of horses was stunned, just like seeing all the horror contained in the starry sky, Matilda 4 The foot seemed to be nailed, and could not move. He lowered his head and shook his head vigorously. The familiar environment called home and the blooming plants in summer seemed to have become poison in his eyes. He raised his head unwillingly.

Stacked fear shrouded him-the stars in the sky were not where they should be.

A feeling of falling, Matilda woke up when he heard a familiar and unfamiliar voice screaming in his ears. He felt wet on his face. Only when his eyes opened did he realize that he did not know when he had fainted. He was lying on the ground in the mud and water, and the strange starry sky and the decadent breath in the air that he had just witnessed in his memory made the Centaur chief full of vigilance and anxiety.

Matilda quickly turned over with both hands and 4 horseshoes and stood up. He looked up again and looked towards the sky but found that it was covered by dense fog and nothing was visible. The inability to observe the stars makes this Centaur feel as if a part of his life has been cut and uncomfortable. Under the helpless, he can only focus on his eyes. At this time, he feels the stiffness of his limbs, but his attention is already Put it on the surrounding environment.

Unlike the past, the terrifying and terrifying Centaur tribe gathering place not far away made Matilda realize that something was wrong, and there were drag marks caused by horseshoes on the ground beside his tent. The traces seemed to indicate that Centaur was dragged into the side by something. In the star lake, he moved towards the lake for a few steps, but the sense of danger made him stop immediately.

The disturbed Matilda lifted the door cloth of her tent and went in, only to find that the contents of his house had been overturned to the ground. Matilda ignored the treasures on the ground and the various Centaur gods. Divine Idol and the emblem of God, but directly took the bows and lances that he hadn’t used for a long time since he became the chief.

With the courage brought by the weapon, Matilda tried to call clansman and moved towards Xinghu, but did not get any response or discovery. He could only start to walk towards the gathering place of his tribe, but with his horseshoe Not long after the sound was heard, he shivered and spokeless-the Centaur tribe that he had spent countless efforts to manage and was proud of had turned into a ruin revealing corruption, with only the desolate land and gray mist coming toward him. The originally verdant grassland was all withered and turned into a scorched land, and the dim gray mist wandered in this dead and dead jungle.

Enduring the grief, Matilda called her clansman name in vain, suddenly, the sound of ka-cha under her hoof made him stop, and his eyes stayed on the mirror that he had trampled on. This mirror was a tribe. The beloved baby of the most popular little female foal’Pretty Umi’, this is the Hufflepuff little witch who secretly entered the Forbidden Forest and made friends, the other party gave her a gift-even the old angry young Centaur Bane is also right This turn a blind eye did not say three things to her.

Matilda picked up the mirror that he had stepped on, but dazzled and saw that there seemed to be something and so on on her face in the mirror. Matilda subconsciously took the mirror closer to her. Upon closer inspection, he was stunned to find that his face seemed to have a stitched-up scar, black, lying on his left cheek like a reptile.

He felt these scars and was checking them carefully. Suddenly, he found that his chin and forehead began to appear one after another black thin lines, even on the back of his hands. These thin lines were spreading rapidly, and Matilda was so scared that he turned the mirror. He stepped back a few steps, only to feel his scalp numb.

Matilda, whose thinking was in chaos, was pulled back by the scratches that started to itch. The itch caused his mane to stand up, and in a daze, he found that the scars on his hands seemed to have just stirred underneath. . He stretched out his right hand and tremblingly approached the scar on his left arm.

But at this moment, the scar cracked, revealing what was inside. It was not flesh and blood but an eyeball. The deadly pale eyeballs were even turning in the turbid whites of the eyes. gu lu gu lu Focusing on Matilda, the feeling that other scars started to crack one after another made him know that it was still happening.

The tide of madness and pain enveloped Matilda and jumped out from the mirror on the ground. The cold sweat fell into the eyes, and the tingling sensation instantly occupied the nerves, and the restless heart beat faster and faster. ——But all of them disappeared in an instant, including his scar and those eyes in the scar.

These nightmarish scenes corroded Matilda’s thinking. His brain gradually became confused to the point that he felt mad, but in the end, these emotions turned into despair and made him unconsciously in this once so familiar tribe. Wandering.

The sky above his head was completely dimmed, and the shadows surrounded him, as if the rays of light they all around were slowly being sucked away. With the dimming of the rays of light, the summer air became extraordinarily cold under the action of the dense fog.

I don’t know how long it took, Matilda saw the figure of a Centaur faintly revealed in the gray fog, as if seeing an oasis in the desert, Matilda, who was full of expectations, immediately moved to the Centaur. The hoof jumped past.

But before he could get closer, Matilda froze in horror, but she choked in her throat when she asked for help. It was Ronan who had been with him for many years. His face was rotten and smelly, Marty. Erda could only recognize his identity from the other side’s ornaments and remaining hair.

Later, he tried to walk towards Hogwarts to ask for help, but he found that he couldn’t get out of this Forbidden Forest no matter how he turned, even if Hogwarts’ castle was not far away, even if he even heard Auror’s words when he was the closest. Conversing, but he just couldn’t walk over, couldn’t get where his eyes could see, and Matilda was enveloped by a vague, unspeakable fear.

And as he walked, when he repeatedly walked the place he had walked, he found that there were more corpses of his clansman on the ground, he realized that he was trapped here, trapped in this completely dead world , A barren world covered in ashes, ruins and dead bodies.

After a while, Matilda opened his hooves and started running towards Xinghu. He wanted to rely on the power of Xinghu to perform divination and figure out what had happened—he had subconsciously selectively ignored the sky now and completely invisible. The facts of the stars.

But Matilda ran to the star lake next to his tent, and found in a panic that in the lake that was still rippling when he first left, now only the dry riverbed is left, and the entire water area has disappeared without a trace. The dry river bed only left many fishes of various sizes that originally lived in them, just like the chief of Centaur at this time. These fishes panted continuously and desperately, wagging their tails desperately, trying to get rid of what was in front of them. Dilemma.

Suddenly, a fish on the riverbed moved towards the sky and flew up. Just as Matilda looked up, more fish fell towards the sky.

The reason why it is said to be falling is because it seems that Heaven and Earth are turned upside down. Originally the sky that Centaur’s favorite for divination of astrology, it is now occupied by a water area. Judging from the color of the lake, this water area is clearly disappearing. Lake of Stars.

Just as Matil faced the horrible spectacle of existence that was fundamentally impossible and belonged to this World, he began to tremble both mentally and physically, and those torrents hiding the sky and covering the earth in the sky began to press down.

Swallowing the entire Centaur tribe, Matilda was also photographed in the water. The water pressure was not as strong as he had originally expected, but the pain from time to time caused him to use his hands to block his face in vain. The debris rushed out of the surrounding area injured his head.

When the current calmed down a little bit, he was rushed into the bottom of Star Lake after choking a few mouthfuls, and he stroked his 6 limbs desperately, trying to penetrate the water. Finally came out of the lake, Matilda lay on the lake shore and panted violently for a few seconds before she had enough time to observe the situation. The scenery above the lake was different from what she had imagined, but the one she saw when she just woke up. The desolate centaur tribe.

And not far from Matilda’s tent, there appeared a living Centaur with four stiff limbs and collapsed on the ground, which seemed to fall asleep.

Matilda judged that he was alive from the undulating belly of the opponent. He struggled to get up from the mud on the shore of the lake and approached the Centaur, but as he approached the opponent, he was familiar and strange life aura let him Increasingly uneasy and frightened, these frights finally turned into reality-he fell unconscious on the ground before him.

Just when Matilda recognized himself, the opponent’s body cracked out of thin air and the scars he had appeared in the mirror before, and all opened involuntarily. The pupils in those eyes turned and stared at Matil. Up.

Then there was a loud noise behind him, and a huge group of black, seemingly unstoppable creatures rushed out of the star lake, and pieces of red light roared in it.

“Mo Obscurus? Ah!!!”

Just after recognizing it was and so on, Matilda had just finished speaking, his voice turned into a scream, he was instantly wrapped up by the tentacles of the thing in front of him turned into black mist, and began to drag him towards the lake go with.

The black substance quickly entangled his whole body, Matilda weakly inserted her hoof into the soil to try to resist the struggle, but then realized that the hoof print left by Centaur when he saw being dragged into the black lake was him. The huge shock that he left behind made him lose his reason and forget to resist. Finally, dragged by the black material, he was instantly swallowed by the water of Xinghu Lake. The agitated splash 4 splashed, and he was paralyzed. Matilda’s face fell on the shore…

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