Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1082

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Time Change is constantly circulating, and this one was originally regarded as Obscurus by him. After actually entering the water, he discovered that the black fog of the other party and the black fog in the depths of the lake are constantly having eyes out of thin air on the black fog. Appearing and dissipating, just like the scars on his body before.

Dragging down the Star Lake Matilda can’t remember how many times this is. When he just wakes up from the shore, these memories will be sealed, and when he is touched by this strange black mist, these memories will be all in an instant. Returning to his mind in one breath, this feeling made him have a splitting headache and become a little crazy-but all this is calm after he is completely covered by the black mist at the bottom of the lake, and after he regains consciousness, he will be Waking up on the shore of Xinghu Lake, he fell into a loop again.

The memory of constantly being dragged down the lake made him understand that it was destined to be futile, but he was still unwilling to appear again under the water. Matilda pierced the soil with both hands and fingers in the mud to ease the speed of being dragged down. Then, he suddenly I saw a few familiar objects in the mud on the shore. They were the Divine Idol of the Centaur gods and a few of the gods he had placed in the tent. They were washed down by the water of Xinghu Lake and fell into In the silt-and it seems that just like himself, these things have been copied into double copies, one of which is lying in his tent above.

It was noticed that the head of the Quetzalcoyater, the feathered snake god, was facing upward, and the statue that had been soaked in lake water looked cleaner and more energetic than before. Matilda seemed to have caught the last straw, praying to the feather snake.

“Gudong Gudong”.

The lake water poured into Matilda’s slightly opened mouth. He shut his mouth helplessly. Without other methods, he could only hope that Spiritual God could hear his inner prayers, but it didn’t work. Soon he was silently obscurus. Dragged by the entrapment, and finally swallowed by the water of Xinghu…

Infinite cycle, Matilda, who was once again caught in silent Obscurus, replaced the object of prayer with the “Smoke Mirror” Panther God Tescatlipoca, but the final result was still being obliterated by the cold lake water until she was completely conscious. disappear……

In the third prayer, Matilda, who recovered his memory, gave up this useless prayer, and searched 3 places to try to find other ways to break the cycle of prison.

But among the debris washed down by his tent in the mud, a statue of a female deity stands out among a crowd of sculptures that are down or down or lying down-because only her sculpture is standing upright. In the mud.

Matilda tried to open her eyes wide and recognized in the turbulent lake. Her gaze swept across the crystal ball in her hand and a coin with a smiling face in her hand. Matilda recognized the God, so He pinned this hope on this god, desperately and piously in his heart: “Goddess of Fortune Flores, please have mercy on my situation, and take me out of the predicament…”

Without warning, the thick fog above the water of Star Lake seemed to disperse, and the first quiet, cold moonlight shone on this female Divine Idol tonight.

“Death, believers far away from me.”

A song-like ethereal female voice softly appeared in Matilda’s heart. The silver moon rays of light began to spread like all around from the smiling face of the coin on the female Divine Idol that had stopped turning, in such a gentle and powerful power. After touching the black fog, the space began to vibrate strongly.

But Matilda only felt that the black mist that entangled himself didn’t seem to give in. It began to spread along his ankles, wrapping himself tighter and tighter, and dragging to the bottom of the lake. He closed his eyes in despair and waited. One reincarnation.

The process that Matilda was familiar with not at all happened. The lake around him seemed to boil and began to beat rapidly. Continuously 4 overflowed and rolled away, and finally dissipated between Heaven and Earth. He seemed to hear the cracking sound. When he looked startled, he saw that the world in front of him was like a broken mirror image, shattered and shattered in an instant. The whole world was like a wave of water. When it shook, the image of everything became blurred.

Matilda felt relieved in his heart. All the inexplicable panic and inexplicable horror before had disappeared. Knowing that he had returned to the real world, he had recovered his breath and gasped violently.

Waiting, Chief Centaur saw that his clansman were trying to get up from the shore of Star Lake, and began to look around in panic like himself-it was obvious that the entire Centaur tribe was the owner of the entire Centaur tribe who had just fallen deep into the foreign world.

The fog that rolled like boiling water has quickly dissipated. The clear sky, moonlight, and the stars that have returned to where they should have been tonight have broken their previous restraints and sprinkled their bright brilliance on the Centaur tribe, illuminating Centaur. The world before our eyes shines on these Centaurs.

Feeling the amount of this holy God Holy Force, the rescued Centaur felt their original panic and irritability, and seemed to suddenly become calm under the appeasement of this force. This energy fluctuation is different from pure magic power. Let the Centaur understand that this is the blessing of the coming god, and they can get rid of the illusion.

These Centaurs faced the moonlit star lake, lowered their heads, and prayed devoutly to the Spiritual God who had saved them.

The mixed 7 and 8 prayers made these Centaur who were praying very guilty, and their hearts were rolling up and down like boiling water, ashamed hitting their hearts, making them unable to be safe-different from Matilda Many people not at all learned which of the gods of the Centaur tribe, Patronus, who showed this divine force.

Just when the chief of Centaur wanted to scold the clansman, the silver light masterpiece on Xinghu Lake, where the rays of light were shining, a figure that looked hazy was suspended on the surface of Xinghu Lake.

At this time, the only thing that can see clearly is the female eyes that are exuding rays of light like moonlight, and 7 silver 4-leaf grasses are surrounded by the touching shallow silver pupils.

Under the shock of the pressure brought by the Spiritual God, the Centaur were full of horror. They stood there blankly, almost forgetting to breathe, speechless, and physically weak, standing there motionless like a wood. It wasn’t until these breathtaking eyes withdrew the imposing manner and blessed the lives of her rays of light, did they regain the ability to direct their actions.

The Centaur all recognized the identity of the god in front of them, and they stretched out their front hoofs, bent down deeply, bowed their heads, and expressed their respect to Goddess. Like the clansmans, Matilda began to pray to Goddess of Fortune, but his responsibility as a chief made him anxious and wondered what had happened to the Centaur just now, but in front of True God, he dared not to go beyond asking. .

But Goddess of Fortune seemed to see through his mind, the ethereal voice came from the mark in the heart of the lake, and crossed the lake surface of Starlight Winky: “My believers, you have just been imprisoned by Death. For 1000 years , His position on one thing will never change, that is, drag all creatures into death, and turn all areas into his Death domain-between him and another True God Ravenclaw The struggle of the dead, 10000 Gu set the target on you, who also belonged to Hogwarts.”

“The stars are up! Is Death in the wizard fairy tale staring at us?”

“Why does the wizard thing involve us…”

“Kind Goddess, we pray to you, please save your followers from death.”

The soft voice of Goddess in the heart of the lake came: “Don’t hesitate, give yourself to fate. To believe that you have the luck, you are your master, and I will help you. But if there is nothing to do Set a goal or direction, and you will soon fall into Eris’s arms and experience the “compassion” of doom—that is, no mercy.”

Matilda, who was said to be a little confused, for the future of her clansman, exclaimed to the clansman just now that it did not arouse True God’s unhappiness, so she boldly said, “Goddess, forgive me, forgive me for being blunt. Stupid, but please Goddess to make it clear.”

“My enemy is Goddess of Misfortune Eris, but this eternal struggle will certainly have nothing to do with mortals.” The pupils of those eyes floating in the air focused on Chief Centaur, “The one who sleeps forever is not the dead, but in the weird 10000 Even death itself will disappear in ancient times. To assist Ravenclaw who is fighting against death, to assist Hogwarts who are fighting against Death servant you know who and Death Eater. This is a struggle between all living and undead.”

“We will not live up to your expectations, noble Goddess.” Matilda bowed deeply to the heart of the lake again. Some Centaur pondered Goddess’s will, wondering if it was necessary for their Centaur to join Hogwarts.

Lake Xin’s eyes returned to Chief Centaur, and she affirmed: “When the stars will return to the correct position, Hogwarts will give the Centaur their due glory again.”

“We will not live up to your expectations! Goddess!” Centaur was affirmed and inspired a high howl.

“Those who have hurt you will lose all their luck and throw themselves into Eris’s arms and scream to death.” Goddess’s voice resounded in the heart of every Centaur, “Will you wait for me, for Hogwarts, and for you? Kill those enemies holding wands yourself?”

And as if he had been inspired, the chief Centaur’s usual tempered spirit seemed to be aroused. He stepped forward and rushed into his tent at full speed, and then rushed out again with his lance, “Keep down the enemy wizard Our stone house!”

“Put down the stone house of the enemy wizards!!!” The Centaurs off the court watched the chief’s movements and followed up with vows. They drew out their scimitars and raised their hunting bows, but they did not hold them. Centaur, armed with a weapon, also waved his fist and began to ring his nose.

“Would you like to be destined to fight a True God when the final battle comes?!”

The Centaur raised their front hooves with enthusiasm and landed heavily on the ground. Bane showed his chest muscles with crimson eyes and fisted and waved his arms towards his waist with both hands, and then smashed his chest with his hands.

“Sun, Moon and Stars testify! Sun, Moon and Stars testify!”

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