Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1083

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School is getting closer and closer, and there is not much left in the holidays.

Different from the scene when the school started in previous years, many wizard families are busier than in previous years. The housing area after the renovation and expansion of Hogwarts has been completed. Many wizards have chosen to move in, especially those in the Ministry of Magic Harris faction. Among the officials and employees of the Umbrella Group, they took this first batch of relocation into the city as a special honor.

Relocation is a first-class major event for any family. The wizards also hope to move in before the official start of school. Many wizards are in a hurry. They have to arrange for their families and clean up after moving things in a hurry. It is just the joy of moving to a new home. Let this group of busy wizards look full of Essence, Qi, and Spirit.

However, although the supporting facilities in the renovated and expanded residential areas are becoming more and more perfect, each area is too deserted because of its large scale and small population base. Some more picky homeowners and many large-scale public implementations are not at all completed, but will be completed after school starts.

At this time, in front of a new 3-storey villa near the university in the direction of the Black Lake, the entire building adopts a symmetrical shape. The building shape is based on fresh, bright and modern to form a light and lively architectural form, breaking the concrete box. The roof is dignified and dull, the roof adopts Monsa style, the slope has a turning point; there are many refined Old Hu windows on the roof, and they are round or sharp, with different shapes; the outer walls are mostly decorated with stone or imitated ancient stone materials; the details are used With French pillars, carved flowers and lines, it presents a romantic and elegant style.

After being stimulated by the strange house of the Lovegood family, Mr. Granger tried to redo the house design, but because of his identity, he was not familiar with magic. After seeing the neighbor’s idea, he finally listened to Hermione and used it as a muggle. Pure muggle architectural style-this is rather unique in a grotesquely shaped building stack.

Several necromantic Knights are helping the Granger family to move things in, carrying the dental instruments and dental equipment to the dental clinic in the villa. In this house and room full of muggle style, Mrs. Granger will take a few pieces The white doctor’s coat was hung on the clothes hook in the dressing room. Mr. Granger was cautiously placing the dental handpiece sterilizer, dental extraction forceps, dental excavator and other surgical instruments neatly on a long table.

“My dear, it’s unnecessary for you to move these things…” Mrs. Granger said complainingly: “The wizards use magic and potion to treat their teeth. Hermione’s teeth are understood.”

“But you haven’t noticed too. There are also many wizards with rotten teeth.” Mr. Granger’s hand paused, he wiped the sweat from his forehead, turned and walked over to embrace his wife’s shoulders, smiling and comforting: “Even if there is no wizard to come to see the tooth, we can keep it as a memorial and be a hobby.”

“Parents… I’m sorry… I made you give up your career…” Hermione was walking downstairs with a stack of drawings and schedules when she heard the conversation between her parents.

“Don’t worry about baby.” Mr. Granger waved his hand in a panic. “It’s very nice here. To be honest, your mother and my lumbar spine have some old problems due to work, so I just took the opportunity to cultivate for a while, speaking of which I haven’t seen Aaron recently. boy?”

“Mainly it is not safe outside now. After a few years of safety, we can still open a clinic in London. When the time comes, install a fireplace in the clinic and connect to our new home to connect to the Floo Network. It will be convenient for you to commute to get off work.” Hermione tried to apologize. She described her thoughts to her parents, and then explained, “As for Aaron, because school is about to start, he wants to make some big news when school starts, so he is rushing to work.”

“Except for the Harris family, the attitudes of the neighbors are different from what your father and I were worried about at the beginning. They are actually pretty good. There is a Grimson who always wears a hat next door and invites your father to play cards tonight.” Granger The wife also persuaded her daughter, “Speaking of which I heard his wife say that his husband is actually quite good at poker skills, but why doesn’t it seem to have won?”

“I seem to have heard him complain that it seems that after being won by a little girl and losing in hat, his luck is extremely bad… I saw him with bird feces and so on… so I never returned. Feeling like, it’s a bit abnormal to say that it’s losing cards so many times… You know that I have just learned a few times…” Mr. Granger suddenly turned to look at his daughter, “Hermione, maybe he has something to ask you for. Right? It seems I can’t play with him…”

“It’s possible to change someone else, but Grimson doesn’t show mercy when facing Minister Owen…” Hermione categorically denied holding the drawing. “Father, you can play with them at ease. You don’t have to deal with them too much. You have to know before they They followed a Dark Lord who tried to make the wizard repressively rule the ordinary person. They are always looking for you to play and they are showing their attitude…” Hermione paused did not continue to say and changed his tone. “Father, the umbrella is focusing on letting the ordinary person The technology products of China are magical, so the new treatment method combining the treatment method and the magic circle is very promising. If you want to do something serious, I will ask the Arthur · Mr. Weasley you know to come and study with you to see if you can Combining dentist skills with magic, as you said, although the treatment is not troublesome, many wizards have been like us 100 years ago… Well, I mean they are not too particular about it, and they are probably influenced by Hogwarts Environmental influences are all about snacking, and many people’s teeth are not very good.”

“Speaking of which their house is really… conspicuous…” Mrs. Granger had the same tone as her daughter, and paused to change to a more polite statement. “I can feel Molly and they are really enthusiastic towards our ordinary person… although some are too I’ve been enthusiastic, but it’s good to be neighbors with acquaintances, but Hermione, I find that their house seems not to be welcomed by others? I mean, like Mrs. Grimson, they never seem to invite Molly to a party. “

“The relationship between the Weasley Family and the Thoroughbred wizards is not very good…Although Aaron advocates that the wizards are already changing their attitude towards our muggles, they still don’t agree with their family attitude…” Hermione shook her head and looked at her parents. Knowing that they had misunderstood them, he quickly explained, “In the past, they did regard them as traitors because the Weasley Family was too friendly to muggles, but now it’s more because… You may not know that Weasley Family had a harder life. There are many pure-blood families that didn’t have a bad life, but they won a grand prize and the gold Galleon they got was all used for travel in the summer vacation, and then their child’s school supplies were not available. Satisfy…”

“Grimson just mentioned to me, they think Arthur is a little irresponsible, so that’s what they meant…” Mr. Granger said laughed, “speaking of which Hermione, Wizarding World, I can figure it out. Some aspects are indeed similar. More than 100 years ago, it was normal, but speaking of Gold Galleon, Hermione, um… Does Aaron have a brother named Rolan Harris who is the director of the wizard government? I have seen the news papers of the past few days covering him and Gringotts There is a conflict in Goblin… Someone is attacking your umbrella saying that you are trying to monopolize…”

“All around are people discussing this matter. When I was visiting the Black Lake, I heard that the wizards who were working on the construction were also discussing with each other. The wizards seemed to stand in line for this matter. I saw a lot People are blushing with a thick neck…” Mrs. Granger put down the cuffs she rolled up when she was working, and smoothed the wrinkles. “Hermione, your father and I are very worried about you. There are people in your umbrella base here. You have opinions, what will other wizard gathering places look like?”

“Don’t worry about mother, those construction wizards are just here to do work. It is normal for those who can’t be considered Harris to have their own ideas…” Hermione comforted, “Many wizards worry about the contraband in their vaults. After such a precedent, one day the Ministry of Magic will be confiscated by the Ministry of Magic for similar reasons, so it will strongly oppose it; and those Goblins that control the economic lifeline of the magic circle will be so arrogant and have the confidence to refuse the Ministry of Magic search. …This situation needs to be broken, or if things go on like this, Goblins will inevitably become a huge hidden danger for the magic circle.” Hermione clapped the drawings in his hands, “This is the way to deal with them, but our muggle world is far ahead of the Wizarding World. Things, this expansion project and plan can change everything…”

“Hermione, we don’t understand your wizard’s laws and conditions…” The Grangers glanced at each other, and then Mr. Granger said with some worry, “But through my observations these days, are you acting a bit too much… I mean Many wizards that I know now seem to be very nervous and afraid of your various actions…Of course, my baby, your mother and I will definitely support you and Aaron…but maybe you should be safer and slower?”

“Yes, Aaron, they have elixir in their hands… and most wizards don’t, so you don’t have to be so anxious.” Mrs. Granger also looked at her daughter worriedly, “Even in the ordinary person world, people are anxious. I don’t know what I can do…”

“Parents, you don’t have to worry about these things. Except for some Aaron’s personal requirements or family affairs that need to be kept secret, Aaron’s father Owen asked his staff Mr. Barcelona to form a small organization similar to the staff to assist us. Most of the plans are After careful consideration, it is not determined by whoever pats the head.” Hermione’s expression also showed confidence as the president of the umbrella, “so father mother, 10000000 don’t open a personal vault in Gringotts.”

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