Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1084

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At the midpoint of the triangular bottom line between Hogwarts main school and Harris family castle perpendicular to the university and elementary school, in the southern part of this area planned as the Commerce District, all the landscapes can be seen in the Hogwarts expansion plan. The most impressive thing is this oval open-air plaza surrounded by walls at least 3 feet high.

It looks like a huge Quiddich stadium, and the towering wall is like a stadium, using a trapezoidal ladder-like structure to divide many shops of different sizes, so the closer to the ground, the shop area is also The bigger it is, and on the walls outside the enclosure, there are some buildings that resemble a pier structure hanging high in the air, connecting to the door openings.

And in the middle of the square, a lot of awnings are pulled directly, and below are some empty stalls. Although they look simpler than the surrounding shops, the scale is so large that the wizards who build here can’t help but wonder if Aaron plans to Let all the wizard families in Britain send someone to do business…

At this time, there are always some dementors floating up and down over the most completed square, because on the central axis with Harris Castle and Hogwarts, near the north of the square in the direction of Black Lake, there is a huge deep blue. The majestic building bordered by the main bronze, its scale is a bit larger than the average wizard town, and its existence demonstrates the status of Ravenclaw Goddess in Hogwarts.

At this time, Rolan, who was inspecting the construction site, came to the gatehouse of the huge southern porch called Ravenclaw Square.

Under the garden shelf outside the uppermost room, many large legal works are scattered on the large stone table inside. The Clearwater couple are discussing the same problem. In order to improve the law of the magic circle, the Clearwater couple built a building in their own room. I came to live in Magic Circle a few days ago.

With the help of Rolan’s alleged violation, the study, which was temporarily transformed into the Commerce District management office in the future, can be regarded as the place with the most complete legal provisions in Britain magic circle except for the magic Department of Magical Law Enforcement— —Rolan the past few days Because Hermione was busy planning to deal with the Gringotts, Aaron went underground to play in the mud, so he was taken over by the well-known talent and took time to monitor the construction site.

“Rolan, you finally came.” Mr. Clearwater pressed his temple. “We looked through the laws related to the economy and Gringotts. There are no loopholes that can be exploited to allow the Ministry of Magic to legally enter Gringotts.”

“It’s really hard work.” Rolan quickly bowed and thanked him, “Most of the editors of these laws have Goblin’s participation. These things often launched rebellions in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, and there are still some Goblins today. The subversive group is opposing the rule of Ministry of Magic.”

“No wonder the law between Ministry of Magic and Gringotts is surprisingly rigorous compared to other legal provisions with 100 loopholes.” Mrs. Clearwater closed her pen and put it aside. “Rolan, sorry, Flippe and I Nothing can help you.”

“Mrs. Clearwater, it’s okay. In fact, even if we find out the loopholes, Aaron is not necessarily willing to use it… If Goblin really compromises, it will be a hassle. Now there are other staff who are making other plans… Well, I will need to be sober in the future. I want a bottle of pumpkin juice. I want ice. Thank you.” Rolan ordered Mr. Qiaoshou who came to serve him, and then found a place to sit down, “Our next job is the highlight, to revise all laws. Regulations are not an easy task.”

“Rolan, I, the past few days, and Letizia have probably read about their background, “Decree for the Reasonable Restriction of Underage Sorcery”, “Anti-werewolf Law”, “Ministry of Magic Approved Course Standards” , “Muggle Protection Act” these legal provisions are not difficult to amend.” Flippe pushed his own gold glasses, “These one matter can have multiple interpretation powers according to the judge’s own preferences, it is really somewhat…” Clearwater Paused did not finish the mockery, “These should be clarified and restricted by corresponding legal provisions, and we should be clear on each and every word.”

“We in the wizard world need the same rigorous attitude as yours towards work… Mr. Clearwater, Mrs. Clearwater, I am not joking… If the Ministry of Magic can have a few more capable officials like Mr. Clearwater, it would be great. Most wizards There is no sense of urgency, which makes their efficiency at work much slower than the two…” Rolan couldn’t hide his appreciation in his words, and he couldn’t help complaining, “I actually tried to modify myself before. Some, but when I took over, I felt my head was bigger, you know, everyone! Even the Arthur Weasley you met before, this kind of good old man will leave enough back doors for himself in the law he made… “

“He he he …” Mrs. Clearwater chuckled softly, “Rolan, you are too polite. With the relationship between our two families, since you have something, as Penelope’s parents, we are of course duty-bound.”

“That’s Aaron, this kid was so lucky…” Rolan didn’t know how to answer positively. He could only show an awkward but polite smile and then said, “Penelope is also very helpful to our family, you know me The brother Albert’s recent fight with the owner of Auror’s office has been put on the table, and our family’s armed forces are now all dependent on her for training and management.”

“No wonder she hasn’t even had time to give our house ideas recently. She asks every day and says something…” Mrs. Clearwater nodded complained, “Flippe looked at the roller coaster-like building and wanted to get one. I think it’s too It’s weird, we should be more orthodox… He doesn’t understand magic and doesn’t have any innate talent to paint. He just scribbles, the description of the same house is different every time it describes its function…”

“Letizia! This is business time! What about your professionalism!?” Mr. Clearwater flushed with embarrassment. He yelled to his wife a little angrily and then turned his head and looked towards Rolan, ” Rolan Gang, I haven’t talked about playing, but some of them seem to involve the “International Wizard Federation Confidentiality Law”, the “Wizengamot Charter of Rights” also has a lot of laws, and some laws…just like those related to Gringotts law, Ministry of Magic The Department of Magical Law Enforcement and even the Ministry of Magic don’t have the authority to make changes without authorization…Isn’t there no need to touch them first?”

“Oh, blame me for this. I didn’t describe it clearly to the two of you. We don’t need to consider the attitude of the International Wizards Federation or even the attitude of Britain magic circle when we make the law this time. All we need is…even you can understand. In order to just borrow these existing magic circle laws and re-compile a completely new legal system, there is no need to worry about anything except rigorous and fair. Of course, it is necessary to favor the umbrella and Harris family appropriately… Well, thank you BB- 2” Rolan took the iced pumpkin juice from the smart robot and poured himself a big mouthful.

But unlike Rolan’s relaxed tone, the Clearwater couple, a well-known lawyer who had served the senior government of the muggle for more than a year, were very close and their eyelids twitched. They heard the voiceover in Rolan’s words, and Mrs. Clearwater picked up the pen again , Slide shua~ shua~ shua~ on the paper.

“Rolan…Is it too…” Mr. Clearwater wiped his sweat. He hesitated for a while and asked out loud, “Are you thinking about tenure? According to my understanding of Ministry of Magic and magic circle, Ministry of Magic’s Although candidates are elected through democratic elections, just like Owen’s situation, they can directly take up this position in an emergency without voting… In addition, although the Ministry of Magic must hold elections regularly, the maximum interval is 7 Years…but Mr. Owen’s tenure is still more than half… and if he retires, you will be elected to the Ministry of Magic. It will be a solid matter… and later if Aaron wants…”

“Aaron will not focus on these political matters… Also, Mr. Clearwater, you have misunderstood us. Harris did not count as permanent rule of the Britain Ministry of Magic… I will indeed take over, maybe Albert or other of us will. We will take over in the next term, but the regular election system itself will not be destroyed.” Rolan leaned back a bit and then seemed to feel that he shouldn’t be too proud of Penelope’s parents. Straight back, “Most of these laws are not for Britain magic circle.”

“En? Is that…?” Mr. Clearwater didn’t understand the doorway inside.

“Sorry, Mr. Clearwater, you may have heard Penelope mention it? Some wizards have mastered a technique called Legilimens, and some of the masters of this ability can even detect the other’s thinking without chanting and waving wand… So In fact, the above words should not be told to the two for the time being.” Rolan said apologetically, “but don’t worry, the umbrella has been researching new equipment for Auror and their own armed forces. Among them are headbands with similar Occlumency capabilities. The interference effect of the current sample is not as good as the pure Occlumency, so it has not been launched…There are some more core legal content, we need to complete this head ring before we can continue.”

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