Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1085

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King’s Cross Station in China, platform 9¾, the heavy rain was crackling on the suitcases of the wizards and their umbrella. Harry dressed in muggle, accompanied by his godfather Sirius, walked through the wall of platform 9¾ and entered the platform.

The Hogwarts Express has stopped there, and this deep red steam train is emitting thick smoke. Compared with the excitement on the previous platform, this year can be called crowded. The dressing of some parents and children made Harry judge that they are obvious. From a foreign country.

“This year, many foreign pure-blood families scolded Aaron’s educational philosophy, but privately decided to send their children to Britain to learn dark magic…Let’s go, Harry, I will send you in the car.” Sirius said with Harry. After walking a few steps, they found that the wizards in front seemed to be watching what was going on.

Sirius used his strength to open a way for himself and his godson to squeeze through the crowd and let 2 father and son get in, only to find that a group of armed Auror and a group of patrolling Auror were facing each other.

“Why hinder us?!”

“Albert Captain made the arrangements. You will not be responsible for patrolling here this year. Get out.”

“Scrimgeour is the director of Auror’s office!”

“He is a chicken…want to resist? The guy who can’t survive your combat training?”

“I will report it!”

“You are patrolling Auror. It is estimated that you will not see the Director of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. Do you need me to introduce it?”

The patrolling Auror finally saw that armed Auror had put his hand on the wand and left Platform 9¾ in surprise.

It was as if the start button was pressed, and the noisy and noisy resumed on the platform, like rolling boiling water.

“Auror because of the Gringotts before?” Harry tilted his head and looked towards Sirius.

“Not all. The internal division of the Aurors is serious. Albert Harris is responsible for arming Auror, and Rufus Scrimgeour is responsible for patrolling Auror. However, the Gringotts incident is considered the last straw, and now this kind of struggle has begun on the surface. Sirius also looked a little angry. “It’s embarrassing to let these foreigners see this scene now…”

“Those Goblins prevented Ministry of Magic from solving Voldemort.” Harry was especially concerned about you know who. “By the way, Sirius Dumbledore, did they find Gregorovitch?”

“I found it, so they can’t come back for the time being… It’s a pity that I have to go to work in the Ministry of Magic…” Sirius replied, and he glared at his godson, “Listen, Harry, I told you so many times to stop asking this, you You shouldn’t care about these and take your classes well. Take a few extra Os for this year’s exams and send me to university next year.”

“Sirius, I saw Ron and them!” Harry yelled, without expressing his thoughts about not wanting to go to school, while the surrounding armed Auror showed their professionalism well when facing ordinary wizards and quickly maintained order. Although the platform is still noisy, everything seems orderly and no longer as congested as before.

After meeting with the Weasley family, amidst the buzzing voices of the crowd and the noise of dragging heavy luggage, most children and most parents were impatient to bid farewell to the existence who had spent the entire summer with them.

Harry helped Ginny with his luggage and climbed onto the locomotive with Ron. The first few carriages were already full of students. Some younger ones couldn’t help but leaned out of the car window to talk to their family members, but more of them felt regained. After being free, he started playing around in his seat.

Because the free Harry in the new iron 3 corner is not the relationship of Prefect, Weasley 2 siblings first sent Harry to the Gryffindor gathering place, and Seamus, Neville, and Frank were already seated in the carriage they chose.

Just through the glass on the door, they noticed the strange Neville exuding all over his body. He was holding a wooden box, sitting on the chair like his severely blessed pet toad, in a trance, Frank looked Comforting him.

“What happened, Neville?” Harry opened the carriage door and walked in. “Laifu just went on an adventure again?”

“This toad, if you look at this body shape this year, you know that you can’t run… I bet Neville lent it to Luna and Hermione was feeding it.” Seamus’ sarcasm made Toad scream in dissatisfaction.

“Neville tripped up when I just got in the car. The lid of the box was just thrown off, and the bottle cap was threw away. The mixture of the grimace hawk moth pupae inside didn’t know if I saw the light…” Frank looked at Neville. The depressed look is also very depressed, “I don’t know if it’s scarlet. No, you know, this thing is not visible.”

Ron also walked in: “Then don’t open it soon.”

“It seems that for Ravenclaw’s sake, Ron, can you use your brain.” Ginny squirmed at his brother in an irritable habit, “Now turn it on, it doesn’t matter whether you have suffered or not.”

“It’s okay! And we can hide the windows, doors and windows!” Ron blushed and comforted Neville, “This doesn’t affect the final deformation. At worst, take a moment to make another bottle.”

“Mandrake Ye Dehan for a month…I still have to go to class…” Although Neville seems to be a lot handsomer than before because of development this year, his temperament not at all changed and his nose started to turn red.

“I was also very difficult at the beginning, but Neville, you should have mastered some skills in the next few days?” Harry patted Neville’s shoulder, “It’s not bad at all.”

“You have to press it under your tongue, it’s best…Neville look at me.” Ron opened his mouth to Neville and showed his tongue flexibly. “Just press the leaf under it.”

“I really envy you that you have become successful,” Aaron seems to teach a fixed form, not like you can change at will. “Seamus’ words revealed a sense of incomparable envy, “Ron, you can open our eyes once again, so that we can see and see. “

This kind of performance opportunity itched Ron’s itches, patted his chest: “This is simple, I will change… Lavender is not here? I will show her again when the time comes alone.”

“You two idiots, stop! Do you want to be a cow and squeeze Neville out of the car?!” Ginny yelled, and then flung her red hair that was ragged behind her. “Don’t mess around, we all It’s soaked, I have to go to Prefect Carriage Changed Clothes.” Ginny took off the wet coat of his upper body with disgust, pulled out the wand to drain the water, and stuffed the coat into the suitcase.

“Harry, Ginny, this Prefect has the temperament of the student council chairman…” Ron grumbled while waiting for Ginny to leave the box, and then he took off his wet clothes in a way, and put them on this year directly in the box. The new school uniform required by Hogwarts.

“Sirius said that he didn’t like the style of the new school uniform, and said it would damage the good memories of Hogwarts in his memory…” Harry tugged at the robe hood behind him, “but he accompanied me to fetch it at Madam Malkin that day. When I was in school uniform, I also ordered several sets of this style for myself…”

“Speaking of which Aaron is really rich. He already sent us such a set in the ancient magic class last year…” Seamus exclaimed, “Aside from the protection, it also comes with a constant temperature and no ironing. My mother definitely doesn’t Will give me so much money to buy this robe…”

“But she might consider protecting your clothes so they don’t get blown up by you…” Ron mocked Seamus, and then somewhat contented, “I didn’t attend that class, but Aaron gave me a set last Christmas… “

“Today, all the students of Hogwarts have changed this equipment. It is estimated that this year’s course will be a compulsory course.” Harry said, and there was the sound of a cart outside. “I’m going to buy some snacks, what do you want to eat? of?”

“Harry, look at the selection. I’m going to patrol and not eat…I have to save my belly and eat at the dinner.” Ron replied, “My mother doesn’t make corned beef now. 3 Meiji…speaking of which there is still some I miss it.”

Apart from Frank being a bit greedy for snacks in the room, everyone’s reactions were similar to Ron’s. Since Aaron became the headmaster, Hogwarts’ meals have changed to a similar ordering format, which is very popular with students.

So Ron and Harry came out of the box, one left to the Prefect Carriage, and the other went right to buy snacks.

But Harry just approached the stall of the most popular woman on the train, and noticed that Emily Harris and Pansy Parkinson were in the box next to them, seemingly just finished shopping.

Pansy held the wand and peeled and cut the apple in front of him into pieces for Emily. After cutting, she pushed the plate to Emily, who had already placed a lot of snacks in front of him, but picked up a green apple that was a little green. Take a big bite directly.

“Pansy, it seems that Luna’s sake…you have to imitate Draco if you eat an apple…” Emily holds a candy quill in her hand. She seems to think that Pansy’s show of affection is too sweet, so she forks a piece instead. Apple, “Pansy, haven’t your father listened to your advice? Or have you not started telling…”

Suddenly, Emily stopped talking and did not continue. She suddenly turned her head and looked towards the carriage door: “Oh, this afternoon, good Harry.”

“Sorry, Emily, the door is not closed.. Uh, no, I mean I just have something to ask you…” Harry scratched his messy black hair thinking that the problem did not exist, he asked in a daze, “Emily, Have you seen Aaron and them?”

“Aaron is preparing for the opening ceremonies in three schools. They are not in the car.” Emily Jane picked up a snack on the table, tilted her head slightly, and said sweetly, “Want one?”

“No…then I’ll go now.” Harry waved his hand and took the opportunity to walk out.

“Even if Aaron is in the car…but his box isn’t always at the back of the car? You are going in the opposite direction.” Pansy didn’t give Harry a good face and murmured him, watching the other side close the door and fled. The appearance of laughed heartily, “This group of Gryffindor’s eavesdropping skills have always been so bad that they don’t bring growth…”

“Leave them alone, let’s eat, Meropu, we can come out…” Emily said, taking out the little Basilisk with a blindfold from the sleeve of the robe to make it only active, and then focused on the snack in front of him— —If it weren’t for them, she wouldn’t be tempted to take the train.

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