Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1086

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The train continued to drive north, and now the windowpanes showed a thick, sticky gray, and gradually deepened, until the lights in the corridor and on the luggage rack were all on. The train was swaying, the rain was knocking on the windows, and the wind was getting stronger and stronger.

The train seemed to slow down when it saw the mountains and woods under the deep purple sky.

“We are finally here.” Ron, who returned to Harry’s box after the tour, took his gaze away from the chocolate balls Frank had eaten. “I’m starving to death. I want to eat a big meal… I hope Aaron won’t take the chicken legs out of the menu… “

“No.” Ginny leaned over the window and looked out. “This is not Hogwarts… Why did the car stop?”

“Then why did it stop?” Ron asked strangely, “What happened?”

Harry looked at the mechanical watch in his hand: “I won’t encounter any dementor again. I want to check it…”

The train went slower and slower, the sound of the wheels became quieter, and a male-female voice echoed on the train: “The train will arrive at the new Hogwarts platform in 3 minutes. Please leave your luggage on the train and we will do it for you. Sent to school.”

“Fortunately, the rain has basically stopped.” Ginny happily retracted his head from the window. “Ron, we have to check the carriage to see if the young wizard has fallen asleep and not got out of the car.”

“Don’t bother me, there will be other Prefects.” Ron waved his hand impatiently, ignore Ginny, and beckoned Harry to get out of the car. The cold at night made everyone shiver.

The train slowed down faster, and finally stopped. The passengers shoved and shoved, rushing to the door, and descending to a newly built platform, which was much more elegant than the black and small before.

After seeing the scenery, Harry and the others walked out with the crowd. Turning a corner and leaving the platform, a huge wall suddenly appeared in front of them, built right next to the station.

“This is the boundary of Hogwarts’ previous expansion plan?” Neville held his unwillingness to move, sticking one’s head around to look for in those empty pits with no end in sight. “There are all brackets inside… this is really enough. deep.”

“The railroad is here? There is no railroad anymore… The previous platform was changed to this far from Hogwarts?” Dean Thomas complained, “We can’t make the dinner by the carriage…”

“Let me see where Hogwarts is… I haven’t even seen the Black Lake.” Seamus looked around, his mouth wide open, and he said blankly, “Are the shadows in front of this city wall? weird…”

Then some rays of light made by Lumos lit up from the wall, and some silhouettes in robes came over: “Students of Hogwarts, please come here!”

Seeing someone’s guidance, this makes the young wizards who don’t know the way different from previous years, relaxed.

Harry noticed that those Aurors in H94 uniforms who were responsible for guarding Hogwarts had disappeared without a trace. Instead, they were similar to young wizards, except that the color was black and the wizards wearing ancient protective robes.

“Are these who? Or are the Ministry of Magic Aurors changed again?” Justin Finch-Fletchley gave Ernie Macmillan next to him with his arm.

“Don’t see the umbrella logo? The necklace hanging on the outside of the robe is also the symbol of omniscience? That is the umbrella of the armed forces…” Ernie Macmillan raised his arm and pointed, and then put it on Justin Finch-Fletchley’s shoulder. “Hogwarts doesn’t have Auror anymore… I guess Ai… I guess Harris headmaster probably wants Hogwarts to be completely Ministry of Magic.”

“But isn’t the Ministry of Magic also controlled by the Harris headmaster?” Justin was a little confused. He understood what Ernie was saying, but he didn’t understand why Harris headmaster did it.

“Anyway, let’s just leave it alone.” Ernie Macmillan shook his head. He didn’t know why.

Under the leadership of the umbrella staff, the young wizards walked along the spacious stone road on the very flat platform, crossing a huge arched porch, and after arriving at the platform, they needed to follow a steep and narrow path. In the dark, stumbling down to the Thestral carriage. Compared with the wizards, the treatment of the wizards is completely different this time.

The crowd came out of the platform, and the wizards cheered and talked with excitement. The platform was built on a relatively high terrain. Harry looked over the fenced wall, and a very magnificent scene appeared in front of them, a thick city. The wall is not enclosed in a square-shaped shape, but is built into a prismatic shape one after another. The convergence point of the wall and the wall forms a very sharp sharp horn.

On the top of the city wall, a triangular fortress is stacked, and a very wide trench is built in front of the city wall. These defensive walls are very thick and very tall. They are made of hard rock covered with metal panels carved with rune. They look exceptionally strong and majestic.

And outside the city wall, there are trenches outside of a flat open space, which look like a circle of gaps and trenches opened outside the city.

“This is a bastion?” Frank yelled, noticing the eyes of the surrounding wizards, “This is a construction method of the ancient muggle fortress… The essence is to change the walled city from a convex polygon to a concave polygon. This is an improvement. , So that no matter any point of the attack on the castle, the attacking side will be exposed to more than one bastion surface, and the defending side can use cross fire to make multiple strikes.”

“But I don’t understand. It’s so far away from the school. Why build a city wall here? What’s the use?” Ginny pulled Harry’s arm, “Is the range where Disapparation is forbidden to be so far in the future?”

“It’s too far from the Hogwarts residential area, and it’s the first time I’ve been here.” Harry was asked, and he estimated the distance in his heart. He found that it was the first time he saw such a magnificent building. “I also think I don’t understand, if it surrounds the entire Hogwarts expansion area, and pulls all the Wizards of Britain on it, it won’t be full?”

“Why must must be useful?” Ron leaned against the wall, a little proud. “Let me say, Aaron is showing off his financial resources, regardless of whether he is useful or not. The largest magic house in the world is not Vagado in Africa. It’s Hogwarts.”

“Children, don’t forget the super strong Shield Charm…” An umbrella wizard that guides children heard their discussion and spoke with some pride, “This wall is actually decorated with many defensive spell nodes, the most important thing is If activated, it can quickly cast a large range of super strong Shield Charm shields, wrapping the entire Hogwarts and its surroundings… Please go through the city gate quickly, don’t worry, you will be at the school soon .”

After the city wall, the young wizards found themselves in an urn city.

The walls on the left and right sides of the city wall in Wengcheng are inlaid with black and shiny dark wooden boards. A row of gilded fireplaces are embedded in the wooden boards. Every few seconds, some wizards suddenly emerge from a certain fireplace on the left. , And with the pu’ sound light sound, some black smoke appeared out of thin air, some wizards came to this place with some young wizards who were still very young and Disapparation, they carefully cleaned up the ashes on the child, Patting their backs made it easier for the children who were a little dizzy following the manifestation.

And in front of the fireplace on the right, there are some employees wearing umbrella uniforms, and they began to guide the wizards to orderly transmit through the fire powder through the floo powder, and to divert the students at the front, making the whole scene very fast and orderly.

“The scope of prohibition of Disapparation is really so big? But many of those kids have not used floo powder. Isn’t it dangerous to use fire?” Neville saw those young wizard’s cute faces, and he couldn’t bear it. She rubbed her fingers and said worriedly.

“En! Many children look too young…” Harry agreed with nodded. He remembered that he had pronounced the wrong place name the first time he used the fireplace. As a result, the floo powder took him to the very dangerous Knockturn Alley.

“The Floo Network of the fireplace on the right should not be connected to the external range, so don’t worry about these children’s mispronunciation. They can’t leave this range anyway.” Ginny explained with Harry’s puzzled eyes, “Didn’t Sirius tell you? My father I complained when I was building the new The Burrow during the holidays, saying that I might have to switch to more fireplaces in the future…but Disapparation shouldn’t be banned in the morning. I didn’t expect such a large coverage this time.”

“If it is not in an emergency period, the Formation that prohibits Disapparation will only be activated near a few schools.” The umbrella-armed wizard socket that led them over explained before, “Hogwarts is now too big to transmit, it will make us look too Like muggle, it’s not good for the economy… In fact, today this is what Harris headmaster means. He doesn’t want to change the tradition of having to take the train first to come to Hogwarts, so the first school day is special… Of course the elementary school, university and your situation are not The same, they are much more convenient…well, children, it’s your turn, go now.”

This group of Gryffindors turned their attention back to the fireplace. There is an oak bucket in front of each fireplace, and there is a lot of shiny floo powder in it.

“Even if one scoop is 2 sico…” Ron, who was in the front row, was a little dumbfounded. “But how many scoops you get for such a bucket… are all free?”

“Yes, fireplace is free, the red-haired gentleman, please hurry up…” the umbrella employee urged Ron, “You should go to Hogwarts station.” He has said this many times. Now, the voice is a little hoarse.

“The feeling of floo powder is not very good…” Ron muttered, squeezed a handful of sparkling powder and threw it into the flame. With a cry, the fire turned green, the flame rose, and he went straight into the fire. Speaking of the address as clearly as possible, “Hogwarts station.” His figure disappeared instantly.

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