Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1087

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For young wizards who have obtained the Disapparation license, in fact, not many people would like the floo powder travel method.

Harry got out of the fireplace, patted the ashes on his body, cleaned his glasses, and put them on his nose again, looking towards the surrounding. This was a place he was very familiar with. He saw the familiar black lake and the towering castle on the high hillside across the lake. The windows shone under the stars. Harry knew that he had entered Hogwarts where the train stopped before. At the platform.

Like the city gate just now, there are many fireplaces installed in this remodeled old platform. The familiar environment of Hogwarts brings a sense of security to the students at this time. After waiting for them to look at them, those who are not in Hogwarts The young wizard of the new residential family, looking at the black lake and the buildings that popped up in the distance around it made the strangeness resurrected—Hogwarts was no longer that isolated school.

And there is a complex of buildings on the former vacant lot next to this platform. Many buildings similar to dry docks and large piers have been built-the reason why they are similar is that they are not built on the black lake like the boat hut of Hogwarts school, but directly Built on land.

“Another stadium was built next to the Quiddich stadium?” A young wizard exclaimed. Everyone looked in his direction and found that a similar building was built beside the Hogwarts Quiddich stadium in the distance. The young wizards saw it clearly, but the difference was that it seemed to be made of stone.

Apart from this, Hogwarts did not seem to have changed much, and then a light swayed above the students, causing the familiar voice of the senior young wizards to shout: “First Year new student! First Year new student here.” Come! The others will go ahead and take the car as usual…”

Hagrid is now dressed almost like the umbrella guards wearing ancient robes, and his dress today is as formal as his previous prom, his usual shabby hair is tied into a ponytail and left behind, and his beard is also After being carefully processed and braided into a braid, he is doing well with the viking necroman Knight because of the relationship between physique and strength.

But the sudden roar of dragons in the Forbidden Forest overwhelmed the half-giant, making the young wizards who had not returned to school during the holidays shuddered and realized that it is true that there is a dragon farm in the Forbidden Forest. thing.

“For Ravenclaw’s sake… Lacey is bullying Norberta again…” Hagrid’s dressing today is as formal as his previous prom. “en? Don’t be afraid, you will meet her in my class after your Third Year. …” Hagrid seemed to distinguish Harry and Ron from the tops of his head in front of him, “Oh, you are here, maybe you want to see Norbert with me later? By the way, she is Norbert, and Charlie and colleagues later discovered Norbert. It’s a female dragon, so I changed its name… I should have known… the female Norwegian Ridgeback is much more ferocious than the male.”

“This is the one saved during Harry First Year? But let’s talk about it when we are empty, Hagrid, you should take the new students on the boat.” Ginny, as a Prefect, looked at those who were afraid of Hagrid and dared not dare. The children who spoke out said – but at least Hagrid didn’t let any children cry because of the sense of civilization brought about by not wearing that mole suit and properly dressed up this year.

The following process still retains the Hogwarts tradition. The new students went to the Black Lake to prepare a boat for 4 people to experience the feeling of the founders before the establishment of the school.

Others took the car pulled by Thestral to the school. More carriages are waiting here than ever before. This year, because of the unevenness after the return of the Dark Lord, more young wizards can see with their own eyes the skinny, dragon, and long The black Thestral with huge bat wings—this creature that can only be seen by people who have seen death makes many superstitious young wizards feel very ominous.

However, under the comfort of the Prefects, the carriage team was still zhi zhi, quacking and shaking on the road, rolling forward, and they came to the magnificent pair of cast-iron gates at Hogwarts. Not at all has been remodeled. Next to it is 2. There are still many stone pillars, with winged warthogs as decoration on the front end.

But the guard outside the gate is not the old Auror or the previous umbrella wizards, but is composed of three tall necromancer Knights wearing full plate armor and holding a Viking axe. Two of them stand on the left and the other. Next to Iron Gate 3, and the one in the middle who watched the carriage opened the door for them, and then walked away.

As he approached these undead Knights, another piercing cold wave hit Harry, causing him to shrink into the uneven seat and close his eyes until they walked through the door—in fact, Harry was very happy with them. The undead Knight has no fear, mainly because this feeling reminds him when he was attacked by the dementor.

The carriage increased its speed on the long slope lane and drove to the front of the castle; watching many corner towers and towers gradually approach them. Finally, the carriage swayed to a halt. The tall Professor McGonagall, wearing a protective gown similar to that of the Gryffindor students, stood in front of the gate. The only difference was the Gryffindor head gown and the suit on Aaron’s body. The method of inlaid with longan beads is similar to that of general gems, and there are many rubies with practical functions on them.

McGonagall, who was wrapped in a red cloak like a lion’s mane on her shoulders, looked at the students as serious as before, comparing the names of the students to the list. At this time, she was doing business without any thoughts of chatting, but just ordered nodded to Harry. After looking at Ron with a frown, he smoothed the hood that turned over his shoulder, not at all, and started to compare the parchment list carefully when he said something extra.

When they came to the entrance of the auditorium, they saw the small Ravenclaw head taking the place of the former Professor McGonagall, waiting for the First Year young wizard to climb up from the pier rock tunnel.

Potions’ Professor was wearing a Ravenclaw version of the robe with a lot of dark sapphires, allowing the young wizards to determine the clothing restrictions imposed on professors this year, and Harry realized another change in Hogwarts. Filius Flitwick replaced it. The head of Gryffindor has become the Deputy Headmistress of Hogwarts-Flitwick and McGonagall, who are not interested in fighting for power, have no additional thoughts about this. This not at all affects the mood of the two heads of the other house, especially when Professor McGonagall calms down After Flitwick.

Entering the auditorium, the ceiling in the hall is still too high to see the ceiling, so big that it can move the entire Dursley house into it, and the luxurious marble staircase on the front remains unchanged, leading directly upstairs. However, the flaming torches around the stone wall in previous years have become the soft blue light of Ministry of Magic this year. Compared with the red stone pier statues of torch, it seems to be blue that can keep people calm at any time, making this ancient castle seem like It was radiated with new vitality and elegance.

The hall reverberated with the sound of students’ footsteps, the floor was light and the young wizards entered the dinning hall.

There are 1000 to 10000 candles floating in the air above the table. Not at all. They are still completing their mission to illuminate the dinning hall. The velvety black ceiling is a little bit of starlight flashing, and it’s still hard to believe that there is a ceiling on it. It’s hard to believe that the roof of dinning hall is not open.

But as the students took a few steps, looking at the length of the candles and the 4 long tables and the number of utensils that seemed to be more than in previous years, they realized that the auditorium might have been cast with an additional non-marking curse this year. It’s much more spacious than before.

Under the innermost wall with windows in the auditorium, a huge omniscient mark was placed in the center behind the faculty seats, and the pupils of the all-seeing eye on the mark couldn’t help turning to scan the entire auditorium.

Harry and they had just walked to the Gryffindor table. When Lavender Brown saw Ron, it was like a bee seeing nectar, pounced on to make a fuss about nothing, and firmly grabbed Ron by the arm. Harry met Ginny and sighed tacitly when he saw this, and sat down.

“Harry, you can’t run around in the middle of the night this time, otherwise a lot of points will be deducted… This year is our last year at school. For the sake of God, please do me a favour. Let us take it at least once. house cup …” Hermione poked her head from the end of the long table over the young lion beside her and chattered at Harry’s side. “The school has a lot of these omniscient signs, and the eyes on it are somewhat similar to Gringotts’ defenses or Moody’s. Magic eye can make people invisible. In addition to the dormitory, toilet and bathroom, most parts of the school are equipped with Ministry of Magic monitoring and control rooms, and people are checking them at any time.”

The bad news made Harry’s good mood disappear. He mumbled and complied indiscriminately and replied that Hermione had no intention of chatting, but the others in the auditorium seemed very lively. What happened this summer kept them from seeing each other during the whole vacation. There are too many young wizards to share and discuss, but at the moment, they are talking more about the professors on the long faculty desk in front of the auditorium, and their number is much larger than usual — there is even a coincidence Mr. Shou also faltered on it and sat on the chair.

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