Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1088

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“Why is that clever robot in the teacher’s seat?” Pansy was a little confused, and subconsciously looked towards Emily.

“Perhaps for Potter’s housework class?…I heard that he was very good at this at his aunt’s house, better than house elf…If it was opened, he would definitely get an O.” Draco looked at Potter badly said with a smile , And then glanced at the teacher’s bench, and didn’t notice that Vladimir Bodlovsky took care of his “long eye” in Durmstrang, which made him sighed in relief, “The others are Ramona Rozzi Ms. Er and her men, they used to be Aaron’s guards…”

At this time, the door of the dinning hall was pushed open, and a long group of First Year new students who looked frightened were led into the auditorium by Professor Flitwick. Because today’s school uniforms are custom-made robes based on the shape of the house, so these young The wizard looks almost the same as in previous years. He just wore a plain black cloak casually, but the cloak upper hood was asked to wear them on their heads, which exposed their chins under the shadow caused by the hat. It looks a little mysterious.

But then this somewhat serious image was broken. A few children jumped up in shock, and many of them screamed loudly. As a traditional repertoire, a large number of ghosts suddenly popped up from the wall. These pearly white, translucent ghosts slid across the entire hall, whispering to each other, slid past them pretending to be little attention to these First Year new students-but at the end of last semester it was announced that they would no longer be the ghost of Ravenclaw house. Ms. Gray is not at all involved.

A stool was commanded by Professor Flitwick with Floating Incantation to the front of the teacher’s bench. A Peak wizard hat was placed on it, and a stack of patches was applied to the hat. However, unlike previous years, this Sorting Hat has obviously been cleaned many times. It is no longer dirty, and the brim of the hat that was worn out with very old burrs has also been repaired.

This quiet makes those new students and transfer students who have just entered look even more nervous. Then, the crack beside the brim of the Sorting Hat on the stool opened like a mouth, and Sorting Hat sang loudly:

Look to the sky aloof and remote

The time has come for the stars to return

The old days are dead

…(BGM: TheCaroloftheOldOnes, Station B: BV1M7411p7Jt.)

The magic hat bowed to the four dinning tables one by one. After singing, it was motionless again, and the atmosphere on the court became more stagnant. The gloomy tone and weird lyrics of the hat sounded like a kind of unspeakable have one’s hair stand. on end.

At this time, Professor Flitwick took a few steps forward, took out a parchment in his hand and unfolded it, then looked at the parchment frowned dragged on the ground, and cast a Floating Incantation to control a chair and step on it before starting to sharpen it. “Okay, children, now you know you won’t let you fight Dragon to separate house?” He laughed before continuing, “Whoever I call by name now will take off his hood Come and put on your hat and sit on the stool. Sorting Hat will put you in the right place like stars, just like the lyrics, and your formal school uniforms and other equipment will appear in your room after the dinner. Here… Gomez Adams!”

“Yes! Professor.” A young wizard replied. He put down the serialized robe and hood from his head, showing his black oily head, and he hurried forward. After getting out of the crowd, his mouth started earlier than other peers. The development of small hairs, looks like 8 stubbs.

“Slytherin !”

There was sparse applause from the snake courtyard, and many people were not too friendly towards him.

“Hmph, the boy found out that the Torrance sisters were on the train. It was a muggle.” Daphne pointed to the twins of the boss of Yuanwang Hotel, and frowned and mumbled to the younger sister. “He is very Fortunately, Astoria… Few Slytherins are mudblood.”

“Daphne… don’t put the sex at home to school anymore… you finally stayed at school…” Astoria helpless shook her head, her voice softly and firmly retorted, “This is not the time of Headmaster Dumbledore, Harris headmaster is sure I don’t want us to continue to confront each other. I heard from Emily that Professor Hagrid was ordered not to exaggerate Slytherin’s bloodline theory when accepting new students.” (Author’s note: Many people think that Slytherin only accepts half-blood or even only Pure blood is wrong, because in Chapter 23 of “Deathly Hallows”, the lines of the arresting team show that Slytherin does have students from muggle, and here is the science.

The separate house continues.

“Listen to their accents, a lot of foreign students have come this year.” Parvati Patil twisted his head and tried to carefully watch the radiation under the students’ hoods, screaming, “I noticed that a few may be Indians. “

Ron snort disdainfully: “Percy said that many pure-blood families oppose Aaron’s education, but they hope their children can come and learn these magic when things happen. He has handled many such applications this year.”

Frank straightened his back and applauded the young wizard who had just been assigned to Gryffindor, “There is no doubt that we at Hogwarts are the best magic school in the world.”

“Gabrielle Delacour.” Professor Flitwick shouted.

“That’s not Fleur •Miss Delacour’s younger sister on the TV station? I remember she is a student of Beauxbatons Academy of Magic, why did she come to Hogwarts?” Lavender Brown exclaimed.

Gabrielle, who is exposing her waist-long pure-color hair to her robe and flashing silver light, has undoubtedly become the most dazzling existence among this group of new students because of the advantages brought by bloodline. Her eyelashes are flashing like angels. Shine beautiful and cute.

“She is a transfer.” Hermione didn’t mean to explain too much. Fleur and Albert are already married. Naturally, they want to live in Britain for a long time. Sending their favorite younger sister to the increasingly powerful Hogwarts teaching is also such is human nature. . And the wolf mother sitting in the teacher’s seat, with a smile and loving eyes, has been following the tallest one among the group of students waiting for the separate house. That is her daughter, who will also be studying at Hogwarts this year.

I have long been accustomed to the high-profile Gabrielle, she walked out of the queue naturally and generously, with her waist-length hair swaying behind her back, looking like Princess attending a dinner party. In the eyes of everyone, she lightly sat on the stool and put her hat on. Put it on the head. The wide brim covers her forehead, making her cheeks appear smaller.

Sorting Hat thought about it for a moment, and then the crack beside the brim of the hat opened again, announcing loudly:


The long table of Hufflepuff gave out enthusiastic cheers. In the previous wizard contest, they were very impressed with this beautiful girl. Now the girl with Veela bloodline belongs to Hufflepuff. The wizards of other houses seem to be stunned, because their house failed to be assigned the most beautiful Gabrielle with Veela bloodline, but this makes the young girl wizards look very happy.

Gabrielle slid off the stool obediently, put the hat back in place politely, saluted it, and then walked to the long table of Hufflepuff. She took the initiative to greet the enthusiastic wizards on the long table of Hufflepuff to express her gratitude, but secretly concealed The disappointment that floated in my heart was relieved-during the previous wizard contest, Fleur took her to the long table of Ravenclaw. She got along with the Ravenclaws very happily, and the color of Ravenclaw was blue like Beauxbatons.

So the little girl actually wanted to go to Ravenclaw the most. The second choice was Slytherin where Emily was located, but since the dust had settled, Gabrielle didn’t find it unacceptable.

Slowly, the three long rows of First Year new student teams were reduced and shortened a little bit.

“Laura Rozier!”

Mother Wolf’s daughter opened her hat, revealing her tall brown ponytail. The Hogwarts new school uniform is worn on her to match her capable temperament. Among the restless new students, she looks particularly calm, with eyebrows and horns. The corners of his lips showed a bit of heroism, and they looked very capable and reliable.

Hearing her daughter’s name was called, the wolf mother sat up straight. She very much hoped that Laura could be assigned to Slytherin, because Little Princess Emily of Harris was in Slytherin. She hoped that Laura and Emily could get closer. But Sorting Hat obviously didn’t find it difficult to choose. When the hat was just put on Laura’s head, it shouted: “Gryffindor!”

There was an enthusiastic cheer on the Gryffindor long table. Laura’s calm performance and slightly fierce appearance just now were obvious to everyone.

“This transfer student looks so heroic…” Harry slapped his slap hard, he couldn’t help but said to the side Flegger who was not very interested in Quiddich: “I don’t know if she will know Quiddich, she is fond of Go with Angelina is a bit like, it should be very suitable to be a Beater…maybe we can fight Pansy this year.”

Ginny looked at her boyfriend with a bit of amusement: “Harry, maybe she doesn’t want to fight Emily, didn’t you recognize it? She was the flower girl who followed Emily at the wedding.”

Finally, a half-blood wizard from South America was assigned to Hufflepuff. Professor Flitwick picked up the hat and stool and announced that after the dinner had started, he walked away with his short legs as far as possible.

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