Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1089

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Then came the opening banquet that the wizards most anticipated. It has changed since Aaron came to power last year. The delicacies not at all dropping from the sky piled up on the long table, and a refined one appeared in front of each of them. Menu, each wizard can follow this menu to order something according to his own preferences.

Compared with the previous long tables filled with a dazzling array of food, this can more specifically satisfy the liking of the wizards, and will not cause a large amount of residual food to cause waste. This reform is very popular with Ravenclaw and Slytherin, but it is very popular with Gryffindor. As for Hufflepuff, it makes them think that there is less lively atmosphere.

When the wizards satisfied their appetites, the plates on the long table were emptied, and on the faculty seats, Aaron stood up and came to the front of the podium. The voice gradually stopped and everyone turned their eyes to their youth. The headmaster. Aaron opened his arms facing the auditorium and pressed on the podium. As the sculpture on it spread its wings, many people realized that the owl sculpture that Dumbledore loved before had been replaced by a raven.

“Hogwarts welcomes you.” Aaron said calmly and forcefully. “Although I didn’t like this kind of talk time when I was a student… After becoming a headmaster, I realized that there were some things I had to say…” There was a chuckle from the audience. , Aaron paused, “… Our school rules this semester will have a lot of changes compared to before… But because of the amount of content, I will only pick a few to explain, and please read the school rules manual carefully for the others. .”

After that, Aaron Patted, just like the menus and dishes that appeared out of thin air just now, a refined booklet appeared on the table in front of each wizard, with the Hogwarts school badge on the cover.

The wizards picked it up immediately, and as Aaron explained on it, they flipped through it simultaneously.

“Allow duels?” Seamus approached Frank and Neville, and turned to the new rule that Aaron had brought on stage with a little excitement. “We still don’t allow private fights, but students are allowed to have no assistants under the witness of the professor. Honor duel, it is allowed to resolve disputes in this way… Oh, you have to use the restraining damage wand, on the premise of not harming each other’s lives…”

Hearing this, Harry couldn’t help looking towards the long table on the Slytherin side, and said to Ron, “If we had this one in First Year, then there would be no need to sneak a midnight duel, and Malfoy would not be a coward. Refreshing appointment…Uh…” Noting Hermione’s disapproval eyes, “Hermione, think about it, we didn’t have to be deducted that many points…”

“George and Fred and they will be very happy. The prank items that they were forbidden to sell before were brought into Hogwarts, but now they are allowed to come in…” Ron lit one of the school rules, thinking of the pitiful little he had. Pocket money, and twin wants to earn a lot of gold Galleon, Ron’s tone is a bit sour, “Aaron is an investor in the joke shop, and the two of them have found a good Boss and are about to make a fortune.”

“If they were still in school, they would be happier…” Ginny, as a Prefect and a girl, didn’t understand the indulgence of school. “Hermione, how did you allow Aaron to open these things?”

“Aaron told me that this can help young wizards practice responses to sudden occurrences…” Hermione was unhappy to recall the other party’s reasons when she was persuaded. “This will exercise students’ vigilance… and if they are caught for mischief If you get to the handle, you will be punished, so those who perform pranks will also construct more detailed plans instead of using them randomly…”

“Filch may not be happy…” Neville thought he would be targeted by others, so he glanced at Argus Filch, who was sitting on the faculty seat, and found that he had also been given a brown robe. In the uniform of the staff, Neville felt disappointment written on that wrinkled old cheek no matter how he looked at it.

“I don’t think he cares anymore…” Frank didn’t care. He flipped over the school rules in his hand casually. “I noticed at the school gate that Filch had ordered some Mr. Shoushou, and he was here directly. Sit down…so now he doesn’t need to clean the caterpillar brains on the ceiling… His life is very comfortable, there is nothing to dissatisfy…”

Emily flipped through the manual, then put it on the long table in front of her, and aligned it with the bottom line of the table with her fingers. Hearing the thing next to him, she turned her eyes to Crabbe, who was chewing, and then turned her head. Pansy.

Pansy noticed Emily’s glance and found that Crabbe hadn’t listened to Aaron’s talk or read any manuals at all. He was holding a piece of cake with his head buried in his mouth and chewing on his face-he hadn’t ordered it since the meal was opened. Something else.

“Crabbe! Wipe your face clean! Goyle and you too!” Pansy scolded a little disgustedly, “give you 3 days to write down these deduct points.”

Crabbe was taken aback by Pansy’s sudden scolding. He stuffed the cake into his mouth with one bite, and his face flushed with choking. Goyle handed his fat partner a glass of orange juice before letting him go.

“Pansy is right, you two idiots must remember, don’t shame me… The standards for deduct points, the behaviors that cause deduct points, and the corresponding punishments have been refined…” Draco looked at these items carefully. “There is no generalization or ambiguity, although I still think that Gryffindor’s reckless dumb heads are more likely to be deduct points…but this also means that this year…professor and head can’t be casual…” Draco frowned and glanced at his head Snape. “Unless It’s the students who really made a mistake…Professors can no longer do things according to their own preferences.”

Hufflepuff long table, Gabrielle flutters and flutters her eyelashes and chats with new students. Her English has a strong exotic accent. The most obvious is that her h is silent, but it sounds cute and cute: “Um, Hogwarts Is the management so strict?…Beauxbatons also have some deduct points guidelines, but more of it is to maintain the dress…Here is so finely divided…I’m worried that I can’t do it well…”

“Don’t worry, I can’t do it well!” Hufflepuff chaser Zacharys Smith was trying to please Gabrielle with smiling faces beside him.

Justin Finch-Fletchley, with curly hair, looked at the courteous Smith a little bit. He sarcastically said: “Zacharias, before your concealment is cured, it seems you can’t do anything. “

Zacharias was anxious to refute: “That was Loony’s nonsense explanation! There is no such disease in the world!”

“But it is true that you did not hold the quaffle in your hand for more than 1 point after the opening…” Ernie Macmillan cooperated with his friend to hit a person when he’s down to Zacharias.

On the school staff seat, Hufflepuff’s head Pomona ·Professor Sprout has been paying attention to her students as usual, so she discovered this scene and she knew the reason for this sign. She estimated that her house was not as united as usual this year, so this year It is estimated that there will be nothing more about the house cup, she sighed, and put her mind on the stew in front of her.

On the podium, Aaron no longer explained the school regulations manual, he beckoned to the ceiling.

“Before introducing the new professor, we first have to welcome the return of an Old Friend… Just as I told you at the end of last semester, Ms. Gray will no longer be the house ghost of Ravenclaw this year and will become the ghost representing the entire Hogwarts school. Her successor will be…Huh? Don’t be shy, come down…Mr. Lockhart.” Aaron continued to extend the hand, and made another move to the Hogwarts ceiling in a welcome gesture.

The milk-white ghost jumped down from the star-shaped ceiling.

Gilderoy Lockhart slowly floated to the podium amidst the exclamation of the crowd. He showed his iconic charming smile to the wizards of Hogwarts on the left and right sides, but this set of actions seemed a little rusty compared to a few years ago.

“Oh, hello! I am Gilderoy Lockhart. I used to be the Defence Against the Dark Arts Professor and won the Witch Weekly’s Most Charming Smile Award 5 times…” Lockhart moved towards the students and shouted, “In the second half of this year, I and the umbrella The co-authored “Break with Death Eater” will be published soon…”

This caused a noise in the auditorium.

“He’s actually dead!? But what qualifications does this liar have to be the house ghost of Ravenclaw? It’s already in the second half of the year and what’s the second half of this year…”

“Last time I saw him at Albert’s wedding, I thought I was dazzled, and didn’t expect that he was really dead and became a ghost!”

“His books are all stolen from other people’s experiences. In essence, he is an incompetent liar. Now that he doesn’t know how to play, he can still be the house ghost of Ravenclaw?”


“This incident is indeed adapted from my own personal experience! I will tell you the most authentic Death Eater and you know who, I hope you will pay more attention…” Lockhart watched the wizards look at him with distrustful expressions and listened. With those mocking words, the smile on his face disappeared, “This is really my own story…” He tried to explain for a while and saw that even the students of Ravenclaw house didn’t welcome him very much. He stopped speaking and lost himself. Sigh there.

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