Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1090

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“Mr. Gilderoy Lockhart’s situation this time is different from before. He indeed fearlessly rescued the innocent muggles from Voldemort’s base… and even sacrificed his precious life for this… As everyone knows, he used to He was sent to Azkaban by Harris, but that was because of his deception, and now that he is genuinely a hero, Harris will rectify him…” Aaron raised the volume to overwhelm people’s comments, “In fact, Mr. Lockhart The muggle girl rescued is also a wizard. She is participating in the enrollment ceremony in the elementary school today. The specific actual situation will be reported by the TV station later. I will not repeat them here.”

Hearing Aaron’s words, the wizards, out of trust in Aaron, did not ridicule or question Lockhart anymore, and Lockhart did not say much. After hearing Patricia’s expression, his face was tender, and he bowed to Aaron and others in preparation. go away.

“Mr. Lockhart, Ministry of Magic is applying for a Level 2 Order of Merlin for you because of your business. You are the pride of Ravenclaw.” Aaron turned his head to Lockhart who had left, and then looked towards the teacher’s seat, “Holas ·Professor Slughorn, out of his own physical considerations, this semester will only serve as the NEWT class, which is the Potions’ Professor of the 6th and Seventh Year, and the OWLspotion class of the Fifth Year will be in charge of Severus ·Professor Snape.”

Professor Snape raised his eyes and looked towards Mr. Qiaoshou, his eyes were cold and hollow, like two dark tunnels-as Dumbledore, Voldemort and Aaron’s 2rd-layer spy, everyone thought he should stay in the school most appropriate.

And Professor Slughorn’s bald head was shining in the candlelight Winky, and he smiled at the wizards as always, and his thick double chins were squeezed together. At present, the Harris family is powerful and has advantages in many aspects of the magic circle. Status, although he judged based on personal experience that he shouldn’t have too much communication with this kind of fighting party, but if he left Hogwarts directly, he thought he would also offend the family. And Slughorn agreed to Dumbledore coming to Hogwarts to teach last year. His most important purpose is to avoid security problems after being targeted by you know who. Now Dumbledore has been driven out of Hogwarts, and Dumbledore is still leading the Order of the Phoenix in Europe. Confronting Death Eaters… So after guessing the form, Slughorn decided to stay in Hogwarts-Britain magic circle is currently the safest Wizard Society in the world, and Hogwarts is considered the safest place in Britain magic circle.

“So Professor Snape will no longer serve as Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor this year. As for the candidate to replace Professor Snape…” Aaron tilted his head and looked towards the teacher’s bench. “Mr. Murphy, will serve as Defense Against the The professor of Dark Arts…”

This surprised the wizards. Seeing that many people were sitting on the teacher’s bench, they thought that one of them would have to be a teacher of Defense Against the Dark Arts. Didn’t expect the title of this teacher to fall in one. Everyone knows about the smart robot. As a household robot, it is very easy to use, but is it capable of teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts?

“I feel a little sympathetic to mysterious…Oh, we should say this name boldly now, Voldemort.” Hufflepuff head Pomona Sprout put down the broth spoon and shook her head with a smile, making her gray hair more flowing, but Then he noticed with some frowning that his robe sleeves were too clean, and there was no soil attached to it, which made the Herbology professor a little uncomfortable.

“The essence of the curse is actually similar to the devil contract. As long as you master its essence and analyze its trigger conditions accurately, you can avoid it…” Aaron smiled and greeted Sprout, and then continued to face the audience. “So, all young wizards, please note that when you are waiting for the elective courses to be filled out, the Defense Against the Dark Arts course will be a required course for Hogwarts this year.”

“Curse is a type of black magic and the most evil in dark magic. But there are many forms of curses, and their magic power have nothing common with each other, although most of them are very evil, powerful, and lasting for a long time. , The effect is difficult to eliminate. Most of them will cause serious injury or unbearable pain, mind control or directly cause death…” Flitwick Deputy Headmistress smiled and helped Aaron further explain, “Although many curses can be directly eliminated by related anti-curses and Curse-Breaker Effective, but Voldemort’s powerful curse for the position is very difficult to break directly… and now let Mr. Qiaoshou be the Defence Against the Dark Arts Professor… the worst consequence is just that when the time comes and another one A golem like Mr. Hand.”

“I remember that this method used by Harris headmaster told us this during his fifth year.” Professor McGonagall nodded agreed, but immediately asked, “Then, Harris headmaster, instead of Defense Against the Dark Arts class. What is the curriculum arrangement for the teaching function?”

“Regarding the course arrangement… My ancient magic class was in a special situation before… So now it is divided into two courses, they are ancient magic class and magic practical class, the later ancient magic class is too obscure The difficulty question will continue to be an elective course, and it will only teach the content that should be taught in its name…” Aaron raised his hand and picked up the pocket watch to check the time, and continued, “The previous practical courses will be officially expanded in this name. It will be a compulsory course for students from one to seven years old. It is based on the customs of the Wizarding World in Europe. In addition to the unruly combat courses in the past, this year will also open the Duelling Club that was briefly opened before. A formal duel mode has been added…” Professor Aaron looked towards McGonagall nodded to her, “The joining of the duel class is actually the suggestion of McGonagall head. She thinks that if you just do not follow the rules, you will gradually be mastered by yourself. Controlled by power, and now joining this traditional duel with its own rules and etiquette, switching between this unconstrained and constrained combat, this can help you learn to exercise restraint when you learn to use it.”

The young wizards in the audience were a little bit noisy. I don’t know how to arrange an extra class and course, and some young wizards who don’t like fighting hobby and peace didn’t participate in this course originally, but now they learned that it became a compulsory course and remembered those last year After taking this course, the wizards felt a lot of pain after taking the practical class.

“Because of the tension of the new semester curriculum and the establishment of the wizard elementary school, A History of Magic will no longer be used as the curriculum arrangement of the Hogwarts headquarters. It will be used in the wizard elementary school as an enlightenment course for young wizards that cannot use magic…” Aaron The young wizard laughed a little bit annoyed, “In addition, because many people have already put their energy on this course to prepare for OWLs and NEWT exams, this reform will not be fully completed until 7 years. In the past few years, the Ministry of Magic will hold exams for this course as usual…Of course, if you want to listen to ghost Cuthbert Bins, you can go to the elementary school to listen in… It is not easy to get him over… I have used several Confundus Charm…cough…” Aaron noticed that he couldn’t help but utter the complaint, coughing dryly, and then pressed his hand to the omniscient mark on his arm. “As for the professor of magic practice class, she now…”

At this moment, the door of the auditorium was slammed open, and Penelope Clearwater appeared at the door. She strode into the door, her leather boots making a crackling sound on the smooth floor, every step she took There was an empty voice echoing in the auditorium. Like other professors, today she did not wear the H94 uniform representing armed Auror, but an ancient wizard. Although the robe concealed her figure, she could still Let people focus on her refined face.

Penelope walked to the teacher’s bench and turned back. Wand put a flower in her hand, and her gaze swept across the faces of the wizards in the auditorium. She was satisfied that no wizard dared to take a cold look with her. She stared at each other, and then her cold voice sounded in the auditorium: “Sorry, Harris headmaster, I just checked the umbrella and the necromantic Knights for negligence in security, so I came a little late.”

The wizard below is a bit cringe. The female Auror in front of them is not unfamiliar. Except for some young wizards who knew her when she was still in school, more people used the new female professor to perform official duties in the Ministry of Magic. Fear her for cruel methods and bloodthirsty behavior.

“Why did Aaron invite this female devil?!” Ron only felt a slight pain in his calf, and the experience of being knocked down by Penelope riding a motorcycle came to mind again-although the opponent was caused by the wooden cup he had thrown away. Out of control.

“What female devil? Apart from Albert Harris in Armed Auror, Miss Clearwater is the most famous! Her battle strength is much stronger than most wizards!” Ginny habitually stunned her brother’s remarks, and looked a little angry. Unfair, “Do you look down on witch? Do you want to go to the duel to compare with me?”

“Harry! You should take care of your girlfriend! She and the all-female Holyhead Hobby’s Captain Gwenog Jones met at the Horace Dinner, and they became more and more intensified!” Ron ignored Ginny and complained to Harry, and said desperately, “I would rather face Snape’s class…”

Hermione didn’t care about Harry, who was comforting his girlfriend and his big brother. She looked at Penelope and muttered, “What is the security check? I obviously waited outside the door for a long time… For this appearance, I came here to practice a few yesterday. Time… so that you can come in too early before Aaron finishes chanting…”

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