Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1091

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“Since the actual combat course will be a required course for all Hogwarts students in the future, as an excellent Auror, Miss Clearwater has other jobs…so I have some teaching assistants for this important course.” Aaron pointed out. The umbrella team said, “They are all wizards with rich combat experience and professional training. They will share the class tasks of 7-year-old students.”

The wolf mother brought his team members to their feet, except for the long-eyed need to protect the Prime Minister of Britain muggle, everyone else arrived.

“These assistants all have their own specialties. In addition to basic combat training, they will also teach you some… unique skills.” Aaron pointed to the umbrella team and moved slowly. “This is Ms. Ramona Rozier, She is a Captain of a combat squad. She is very experienced in group warfare. She will teach you the art of commanding; Otto Skorzner, I think Weasley twin will regret not meeting him in school, he will teach How to use magic combat props more rationally and effectively; Fritz Barça, teaches physical training; finally, Michela Heinzwafen, she will teach you how to perform magic emergency medical treatment in battle, and at the same time she Part-time school doctor, to relieve Madam Pomfrey’s burden…but I don’t recommend wizards to intentionally hurt themselves because of her looks, otherwise her style should impress you more deeply than Madam Pomfrey…”

“So many teaching assistants in practical courses…must take a very large proportion of the courses this semester, Harris headmaster, is this to train us all to be armed Aurors?!” Ernie Macmillan speculated in surprise.

“No…it’s not like Auror, it’s not a secret police…this makes me think I’ve entered a military academy in muggle world…” Justin · Finch-Fletchley touched his chin, “Is this making us soldiers?”

Professor McGonagall, who was sitting in the teacher’s seat, tightened her lips at this time. She was very worried about these arrangements and the huge and combat-related teaching arrangements. This is why Dumbledore wants her to stay in school.

“Then it’s too late now…” Aaron pressed his hands down, noticed his movements, and the auditorium became quiet again, “Although there are some other important things…after the preparations are completed, we will notify each other …Prefect …Wait, by the way, after 3 weeks, each grade will select a new Prefect based on the results of theoretical and practical courses. So now, everyone, Prefect, take the students from your house to dormitory Rest and go.”

On the 2nd day, Hogwarts officially opened.

The morning sun shines on the new practice course training ground, and the practice course venue is located next to the Quiddich stadium-the tone says the training ground. Now this new venue is compared with the previous empty dam stacked with transfiguration at will, just like It is a professional arena.

This newly-built irregular circular arena has a competitive area in the center. The obstacled venues used in ancient magic classes are also set here. The venue itself has not changed much except for the expansion of its scale.

And those surrounding stands on the most changed site. In the auditorium, there are also large canopies hung by suspension cables, which are controlled by the wizards standing on the uppermost colonnade using magic like sails.

These canopies are not only used for shading, but these canopies can control the weather and temperature in the arena, allowing the wizards to practice and adapt to competitions and duels in various weather and temperatures. The color of the canopy can also be controlled and changed, and you can even slide on it to display and combine different text.

This huge monster building is a three-story structure, and the exterior is made of huge and heavy stone, iron blocks and alloys carved with densely packed rune. Even if the wizard uses strong destruction magic in the competition, it will not bring this arena. damage. There are 3 round arches on the top floor, with unique column shapes, arranged in the standard order of Doric, Ionian and Corinthian; the lower two floors are decorated with small windows and pilasters.

This kind of exaggerated setting made the young wizards suck in a cold breath of air and began to speculate that this kind of duel activity in the future, Hogwarts, is probably to make it normal, and to do serious competitions like tournament and Quiddich.

“This kind of practical class schedule is more complicated than other courses. Most of the time, it is divided according to grades. Although the classes are in the same grade, it is more arranged to mix other grades and do not care about the age of the wizard—— My mother said, considering the actual situation, you can’t expect to meet an opponent of your own age and starting line forever.” Laura saw Gabrielle, who was with her peers, and she was very nervous when seeing so many senior wizards appearing in the arena. And fearful, she slowly slowed down and explained to the younger sister of Fleur.

Although Laura father is French, her English is much more proficient and fluent than Gabrielle, who is also Beauxbatons, because of the teaching of mother wolf mother. Her voice is a little hoarse. Her character is more independent and rigorous. She is getting the class schedule. When I was in, I found out the situation clearly.

“But Laura…in Beauxbatons, we don’t have such courses… and fighting is strictly forbidden on campus.” Gabrielle’s long eyelashes quivered, and there was a bit of anxiety in her voice, “I have never had a fight…”

“Don’t worry about Gabrielle, Hogwarts has a Harris intensive training class, which organizes students to practice various magic after class. You can join in and study together, and soon your strength will improve.” Emily patted Gabrielle slung on her arm Arm, “Wait a minute, if we are scheduled to fight today, after you play with us, we will protect you.”

“ao !!!”

The roar from the arena caused countless screams and shouts below, as well as the sound of suck in a cold breath

In the sight of everyone looking up, two particularly huge dragons flew over the arena, and their silhouettes reflected on the ground of the arena to form a huge shadow, covering people.

“I know Hogwarts has Dragons, but they are actually free and unfettered!” Gabriel’s face was a little pale, and she clutched her chest tightly, “God, that red has to chase down the front …”

“Noberta was beaten by Lacey again… Don’t worry, it’s just Hagrid’s Dragon. It and other Dragons have restraints on their foreheads that can be controlled very well, so they will be released to fly freely, and it won’t hurt. Human.” Emily held Gabrielle’s cold hand, and then said in a somewhat unconfident voice, “The red one behind and the other black one and a Hungarian Horntail, you should be careful… That is Luna controlling, I think You should understand what I mean…”

The two giant dragons hovered in the sky, and the more flexible Lacey at the back was chasing Noberta in front. It stretched its neck and looked like it was about to expel a hot dragon’s breath to teach the front. Nobetta.

“Lacey, Noberta, stop!…Good child, obedient!”

The huge motorcycle rumbling sound resounded across the sky. Hagrid was riding the Sirius motorcycle and chasing the two giant dragons behind. The high-altitude wind blew his beard and hair scattered, and he made a sharper cry than usual. “Lacy, Noberta, stop! Stop it! Don’t fight!”

The farce came from another louder engine sound, and the wizards were attracted by the louder and louder sound.

Penelope was riding on the VESPA motorcycle that Aaron gave her, her magic robe rustled by the wind. She flew directly from in the sky on a flying motorcycle, and stopped in the arena with a beautiful flick.

Penelope took off the motorcycle helmet from her head and shook her short black hair. She stretched her long legs and stepped off the motorcycle. She stood the car up and hung the helmet on the motorcycle handle. She looked around at the wizards around her. Guys, the voice spread throughout the arena: “Very well, since Aaron trusts me to let me serve as your practical teacher… I will try my best to teach you… the content of the first lesson…” She paused for evil Smiled, “All of you come up to deal with me together, take out your restraining wand, don’t think about any ridiculous student friendship, show your full strength, let me open my eyes…”

hearing this, thinking of the horrible rumors of the new professor, the young wizards some screamed, which is worse than they expected-a few Ravenclaw young wizards in the First Year have never seen such a posture. Tears couldn’t help but burst into tears.

Hermione, who was standing at Hogwarts, frowned. She couldn’t help but reminded: “Penelope, First Year new student hasn’t learned magic yet…they…”

“Miss Granger, it’s class time, call me Professor Clearwater…” Penelope’s gaze swept to Hermione, “Then please tell me, the chairwoman of the Student Union, according to the new school regulations of Hogwarts this year, students are allowed What will happen if you speak?”

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