Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1092

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Penelope’s question made Hermione a little angry, and she stabilized her emotions, “Deduct 5 points in the house, professor…but professor, if you can’t take care of so many people, someone injured too badly will cause trouble for Aaron.”

“Gryffindor deducted 5 points because of your behavior.” Penelope was a little triumphant, then turned to look towards the students, “Duel practice assistants will help in the future, and today…Do you think I don’t know the severity? As for First Year new student If you don’t know how to be magical, you can also learn how to avoid the curse in actual combat. If you encounter an enemy, they won’t stop attacking you just because you don’t know the spell…” The female professor looked towards those young wizards,” So what are you doing here? Why don’t you pull out your wand and enter?!”

“Yes, professor…” The wizards could only draw out the wand and walked into the duel field on guard against each other. Before Penelope himself moved, these young wizards formed an alliance and formed a team, consciously taking the lead in taking the lead in their own interests. Most of the young wizards and new students who did not sign up last year wandered around the venue in a panic and not knowing what to do.

Penelope hugged her arms and watched condescendingly as these wizards were looking for partners and positions. She squinted her eyes and pulled out wand and was ready to leave, but the sound of “da da da” from far behind made her stop. , Looked towards the Gryffindor head who walked and ran down from the upper steps.

Penelope squinted her eyes and turned to meet the professor who had taught her transfiguration before, with a somewhat alienated tone: “Professor McGonagall, if I remember correctly, it should be my course now… I think you guys will do it after the Dumbledore incident. You should learn not to hinder this course.”

“Professor Clearwater, I’m sorry, I need to take a little time… Although I do not agree with your course schedule, I am not trying to prevent you from attending the class.” Professor McGonagall raised the parchment file in her hand, and then used a A somewhat anxious voice said, “Harris headmaster informed me that the students will undergo Animagus transformation in the afternoon, but I need to do a little research on the students immediately and register the candidates… so please forgive me for having to come over.”

“In the afternoon? It was decided temporarily?” Penelope raised her brows with a cold face. “Professor McGonagall, since Aaron needs it this time, please complete the investigation as soon as possible…” After speaking, she turned her head to Hermione and said unhappily, ” You’d better let Fatty get another box to cover it… I’m not trying to remind you, but if you shame the umbrella, it will also shame me.”

Hermione, who knew that the other party was talking about Thunderbird’s body shape, was embarrassingly nodded, and more young wizards were very excited when they heard that the school really planned to transform them collectively.

It is difficult for Professor McGonagall to combine the image of the cold female Auror with impatient eyes and the outstanding female student council president at the time, although Aaron knew that the female Prefect in front of him made Ravenclaw’s McGonagall forget his name before entering the school. The male Prefect is very afraid of her, but the changes that have occurred in his body just a few years after graduation are so great. McGonagall lowered his head slightly, concealing the emotion that was flowing in his heart, and then raised his head and pointed wand to his mouth. She A stern voice echoed throughout the arena, “Everyone, I need to do a little research… The wizard who is ready to transform into Animagus, come to me.”

There was a commotion in the arena, and many people rushed to the left of Professor McGonagall. Professor McGonagall registered the names of the wizards prepared with potions on the parchment, and raised his head and said: “You better be careful. I will arrange for you this afternoon. Transformed.” As if noticing the commotion, she turned to Penelope and spoke a little hesitantly, “Professor Clearwater, I noticed that you are about to arrange for them duel…I don’t want to interfere with your teaching, but please also pay attention to the students’ fighting scales. Don’t let them get hurt… the afternoon is a challenge for these children.”

Penelope seemed to have no objection to Aaron’s arrangement. She waved her hand to the young wizard who was registering happily: “You don’t want to participate in the big duel today, just show up there.” Penelope turned to Professor McGonagall and pulled out her wand. “Then, Professor McGonagall, please do it yourself, I’m going to class… If it’s convenient, please inform Madam Pomfrey for me and ask her to be prepared”

The Hogwarts hospital is well-equipped and can handle most common and magic diseases and injuries, including the treatment of skeleton fractures and missing. Only in the most severe cases, patients will be sent to St. Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries for further treatment Treatment-but after the first actual combat class, the young wizards were disarmed, and when they experienced the extra bitter potion in Bobby Madam Pomfrey’s hands, they were a little itchy trying to find a new female school doctor The howls of the little wizards who helped quickly became part of Michela Heinzwafen’s own reputation.

Bobby Madam Pomfrey, who cared very much about the students, quickly praised the craftsmanship of the “Doctor” Michela after the initial panic. Although she felt that the other party had done a little too much, she still automatically made up for the sadism. This is the same as her purpose of deliberately making the medicine very awful-that is, to hope that the injured young wizards will pay attention to their safety and not come to the school hospital too much.

And outside the window of the school doctor’s office, known as the Dark Forest, is the Forbidden Forest on the edge of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. As its name indicates, Hogwarts students were not allowed to enter before, except for those who needed to be confined or In special situations such as Care of Magical Creatures, students have the opportunity to walk into the Forbidden Forest, so for most students who are used to abide by the law, this is a very novel and exciting experience-although in fact, except for Gryffindor For those people, there are always some young wizards in each house who went in to find out.

The Forbidden Forest in the afternoon seems to be cut off from the sun. The sun shines on the densely packed leaves, falling down, and the light and shadow falling on the ground are whirling.

Under the leadership of professor McGonagall of transfiguration, the wizards who are ready to transform and more wizards who are ready to watch the excitement walk along the path to the depths of the Forbidden Forest.

The deeper the light, the darker the light. The branches and leaves of the thick trees stretched out, the branches were staggered, and the sky was obscured. The sunlight could not touch the ground. The wizards walked in Ling Zhongxing, stepping on the soft soil, sometimes stepping on Leaves that have been blackened and corroded.

The young wizards holding their small box came to a relatively empty ground, where there were no thickets, only thick trunks and lush foliage above their heads. The observing wizards were quietly scattered behind the surrounding trees, and these wizards that needed to be deformed occupied a relatively empty position in the middle under the command of Professor McGonagall and Prefect, and took out under the shade of the trees shaded by sunlight. Own potion bottles, and the umbrella employees added some fresh blood to their scarlet potion on site.

Of course, a few sloppy students discovered that their potion had been damaged after their potion bottles were taken out. This made the group of bad luck eggs have to lament and slur on Mandrake leaves for a whole month. .

And the Hogwarts headmaster, who was already waiting here, glanced over the wizards who were watching, and he was a little surprised to find that the two sisters of the Greengrass family were also standing among the group of wizards that were not ready.

Aaron’s brows were raised, so he created a shadow raven and let it fly over.

The raven hovered in front of the two people, and the beaks under the three eyes made Aaron’s voice: “The two Young Lady of the Greengrass family, please come over, I have something to say to you.”

“Uh… yes, Harris headmaster.”

Astoria, who had never participated in the ancient training class, complied in a panic to the shadow creature that made her feel uncomfortable in front of her. She rubbed her fingers and met Daphne’s worried gaze. The sisters came arm in arm. Aaron in front of lush bushes.

Aaron waved his hand and used transfiguration to stretch the roots of the plants on the ground into two wooden chairs, and let the two sisters sit down to isolate their silhouettes from the eyes of the curious wizards.

“I noticed that none of you are one of the people who are going to transform today… But according to my judgment, your innate talent should have performed better…” Aaron slowed down, his low voice was kind of soothing Strength, “So I want to ask, what additional difficulties did you encounter during practice?”

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