Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1093

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Chapter 367

When asked by the headmaster, Astoria’s fingers were twisted together, her long eyelashes flickered, her white teeth bit her lip, and she kept silent.

“Harris headmaster, you know the situation of our Greengrass family…Because of the blood curse, we are very resistant to the magic of this kind of person turning into an animal. We are worried that this will speed up the blood curse and make her unable to recover her body.” Daphne saw the younger sister’s expression instead of Astoria and explained, but she was distressed and asked anxiously, “Harris headmaster, you promised to help Astoria solve this blood curse problem… I don’t know. How is the progress now?”

“Not so much…” Aaron shook his head and explained before the other person spoke, “One of the original purposes of I let you participate in Transforming Animagus is for the Grigrass blood curse…”

“Harris headmaster … what do you mean?” Daphne’s hand holding Astoria’s arm tightened, her voice trembling a little, “Being transformed into Animagus is related to curing the blood curse on Astoria?”

Astoria hearing this, opened her mouth in surprise, did not say anything, but was disappointed in her heart. He did not prepare for the transformation according to the requirements of Harris headmaster, which affected his healing.

Seeing Aaron’s nodded confirmation to her, Daphne couldn’t bear it and generally leaned against the tree behind her. She was anxious: “In other words, we made our own claim to prevent Astoria from deforming, but it was wasted. Time, it took her…wait!” But after trying to understand the hidden meaning of Aaron’s lines, she asked who came back to his senses in disbelief: “Harris headmaster…you mean you can heal me Is the blood curse on younger sister?”

“There is indeed a therapeutic concept…but to be precise, it is not actually a treatment.” Aaron pressed her palm down, indicating that the two sisters should not be anxious. He asked calmly, “Then, two excellent The young wizard of the Slytherin house, can you tell me, what are the most important features of Animagus?”

Astoria was calmer than Daphne, who was still in frustration and shock this time. She condensed her mind and said: “Animagus transformation can turn the wizard into a closely related animal, and it can also transform from an animal back to a human form.”

“Well, the answer is good. In the past few years, I will give extra points to the young wizard who can answer this question…” Aaron continued to ask, “What about the blood curse on you?”

“The wizard family under the blood curse will inherit from the family’s matriline. Among these female offspring members, the body will change from time to time to a specific animal… And with the ebbing of time, this transformation will become more Coming more and more frequently and uncontrollably, in the end, in the end…I was permanently trapped in this animal form.” Daphne held Astoria’s arm tightly, staring at Aaron and talking about younger sisters. The blood curse characteristic that the whole family can’t be peaceful-in the eyes of many wizards, being a blood orc is a kind of inferior creature.

Aaron was nodded to Daphne, and then turned to the younger of the Greengrass sisters: “Astoria, what is the animal you became because of the blood curse?”

“Headmaster, I don’t know…” Astoria shook her head in confusion, her long curly hair swaying behind her, “…I have been trying to fight the blood curse, never really turned into an animal.”

Daphne still couldn’t understand Aaron’s intentions. She eagerly interrupted their conversation: “Harris headmaster, if you have any needs, please tell me directly, I can be the master for my father on my younger sister.”

“En? I need? Oh, you misunderstood…and in fact, what can you do for me, eh?” Aaron stared wide-eyed in surprise and shook his head with a smile.

This made Daphne’s face flushed-and realized that Aaron in front of her is not a normal pure-blood family, and Greengrass currently has no capital that can make him tempted.

“I am not helping you for any benefit, but I am your headmaster… for your younger sister to treat the bloodline concept and the traditional pure-blood family is different and more enlightened support.” Aaron sternly explained, “I The reason for asking so many questions is just to make sure you are in a good state to deal with the blood curse.”

Daphne bowed and apologized to Aaron: “Sorry, headmaster, we don’t have the same wisdom as you… I beg you to help my younger sister. Her character is different from my father. For you, the half-blood muggle is a wizard. The idea is very supportive.”

“I have to admit that, as I said just now, according to my current research, I am not at all the way to cure the blood curse on your younger sister… For this reason, I also asked Ms. Ravenclaw, and she could not do anything about it. Because this curse is not directed at your younger sister personally, but at the blood flowing from the female members of your family within the body, even if I have the ability to regularly use spell for your younger sister, but the nature of the curse will make it act on her again within the In the new blood of the body.” Aaron raised his eyebrows and explained the difficulties first-but in fact, the wizard and Goddess just found a way to be lazy when chatting, they not at all Spend energy to study the method of cracking the blood curse, even if they may indeed be able to do this, but obviously they don’t at all this idle effort.

I heard that even Goddess was helpless, Daphne was a little desperate, but Astoria was clearly awake in this situation than her usual elder sister, she was not affected by this, and asked, “Harris headmaster, But what you said before is not a cure, does it have anything to do with Animagus?”

“Smart, you know that I am a Ravenclaw, and I should be familiar with our house’s style of work.” Aaron cheered admiringly. “You should be clear about my arrangement for the Defense Against the Dark Arts class, right? I also can’t help it. Untie his curse on this position before dying you know who.”

“Yes, headmaster, the wizards in your house are all full of wisdom. You just created a new course with a different name, and you evaded the condition that triggers the curse…” After speaking for a moment, Astoria suddenly widened. After closing his eyes, his long eyelashes trembled and suddenly opened up, “Harris headmaster, you mean… you mean… if I become Animagus, will I become a human being after becoming a blood curse creature?!”

“It’s not… uh, well, I don’t want to liking you anymore, just relax, I did find a way to evade it like the Defense Against the Dark Arts curse.” Aaron smiled on his face, “The blood curse may be caused by it. The worst-case scenario is to permanently become a characteristic animal-but before this happens, let Astoria learn to transform Animagus first.”

Although Daphne hadn’t turned the corner yet, she looked at her headmaster expectantly when she heard the words of younger sister and Aaron, as if looking at the only light in the world in the darkness of despair.

“The curse in the blood curse is to change people from animals to humans. The characteristics of the curse are like making a wish with the devil. Although it is full of viciousness and evil, the trigger conditions and effects need to be set accurately.” Aaron stood up and held his hands. “So my plan is… In fact, even if your younger sister can complete the transformation today, I will not ask her to perform Animagus now, but deliberately let her blood curse strike and let her After confirming that her blood curse turns into an animal, learn Animagus before she can finally return to a human form, and I teach that your Animagus can choose to transform objects, so that the forms will not overlap and avoid risks, so wait When you finally cannot change from a blood cursed creature back to a human, you can change from the blood cursed life form to Animagus first, and then use the Animagus form to bypass the trigger condition of the curse that the blood cursed creature cannot return to a human, and then return to a human form …”

After the two sisters froze for a while, the two little girls screamed with excitement. Aaron’s method theoretically not only relieved her younger sister’s troubles, but also relieved her and the Greengrass Family from the nightmare that had troubled her for many years. She didn’t have to worry about herself. A female offspring of will become a victim of the blood curse.

“In fact, if you count this way, maybe it won’t be a curse in the future?” Aaron described in a relaxed tone, “Because Astoria, although the blood curse is different from Animagus, it is not controllable… but you When the time comes, it will become a wizard that can transform into two animal forms…I cannot cure you and the curses that may appear on the female members of your family in the future, but we don’t seem to need to cure it now, right?”

This sentence directly caused the two sisters of Greengrass to stand up and want to come over and give their headmaster and family benefactor a hug-but instead, Aaron was shocked, and he jumped back from his chair with the shot. And stretched out the palm of his hand to make a stop gesture and yelled: “Stop, I can understand your feelings, but I am your headmaster and you are my students, please pay attention…”

Daphne, who was still holding out her hands, calmed down after hearing this, but it seemed that her rejection of Aaron narrowed her mouth a little bit unanimously.

And Astoria seemed a little embarrassed. After calming down for a while, she remembered the doubts and asked urgently: “But headmaster, but why has no one cured a blood curse like this before?”

“Blood orcs will be discriminated against by many wizards, and few wizards can study this disease at will…Most wizards not at all have been educated in logic, just like the Defense Against the Dark Arts class, they are dealing with these issues. It’s more rigid, and my mind is only trying to crack the curse itself… and the most important thing is that before I went to register for Animagus, only 7 people in the world magic circle registered for Animagus, so naturally there is no Animagus and blood curse connection. The news in this area came out…” Aaron neither too fast nor too slow made a confident voice, “Now, muggles are improving in technology, but our magic is also improving…Animagus will no longer be a minority… Uh…” As he said, Aaron’s face turned into a sneer, “Penelope, are you here? Is the potion all ready?”

“Harris headmaster, it’s almost there indeed.” Penelope said in a more formulaic tone, “It’s just that I came here because I just noticed that these two little witches entered the tree Old Lin for a long time, and just heard these two little things screaming again. , I’m afraid that there is some danger, don’t let Hogwarts cause any scandal.”

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