Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1094

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A few days later, Hogwarts reconstruction and expansion projects were completed one after another, and with the completion of some of the projects, the speed of the project construction became faster and faster, because the vacated dementors were put into the construction of other projects.

The Harris Castle standing on Lake Heart Island in the Black Lake has also been completed without a hitch. From a distance, the clear lake, lush and green forests, and the castle standing on the water are as beautiful as an illusion, adding another landscape to Hogwarts.

In the expansion area of ​​Hogwarts, Aaron accompanied a group of headmaster and Animagus International Symposium members who were invited to visit the new school.

After the newly-built commercial plaza connected to the huge temple of Ravenclaw came out to the south of Hogwarts, especially Igor Karkaroff, he did not hesitate to praise his words. He completely ignored the large scale of the newly-built plaza and the lack of accommodation that seemed deserted. Fact, but praised its hugeness: “Hogwarts is now not just in name only, but also in reality world’s number one magic school, both in terms of scale and quality of teaching…” Speaking of which Karkaroff seemed to realize I am the headmaster of Durmstrang, saying this is a bit too to have no shame, so he coughs dryly, “In fact, I think its scale now should be regarded as the only city in the Wizarding World that belongs to our wizard in the true sense…what are the villages now? The wizard settlement in any town is nothing compared to this university town.”

“It reminds me of a small town in the Salzkammergut region of Upper Austria, Austria, where many wizards live. It is the town of Hallstatt on the shore of Lake Hallstatt. The Black Lake is the same as that. The mountain peaks and the crystal clear lake here have turned this place into a paradise on earth…Is there a hotel by the lake? I plan to stay for a day or two before walking…Muggles, if you can see this place, the name of the most beautiful town in the world It’s about to change to Hogwarts.” And Olympe Madam Maxime obviously has a more favorable impression of the residential area by the river. The houses of the wizards inspired the Frenchman’s lack of hope in the design valley. I just heard that Hogwarts is the Care of Magical. After taking a look at Hagrid’s house of Professor Creatures, she decided that after getting closer to Hagrid, she would completely overthrow the big wood house that was almost a replica of a small wood house on the edge of his Forbidden Forest.

“Harris headmaster, where the responsibility lies, I have to remind you that the expanded range has increased so much on the original basis. If the Muggle-Repelling Charm cannot be completely covered, it is likely to be intruded by the muggle. If the muggle is not eliminated in time Memory, the magic circle will be exposed.” Babajid Akinba, president of the International Wizards Federation, reminded stiffly in German that his eyes have been observing the various details of the expansion of Hogwarts.

Abakinde did not speak much before mentioning the topic of muggle. Regarding Aaron’s invitation to attend this Animagus International Symposium this time, I felt particularly puzzled, because since the last time he was forced to apologize to Britain in theory, both parties The relationship has dropped to a freezing point, and now this Animagus transformation problem has nothing to do with him not at all, but it was taken from the opponent’s previous arrogant performance, after this time Aaron’s invitation, he thought about 3 or was invited to come, so as not to Aaron What happened after taking the opportunity to play.

“Thank you for your reminder, please rest assured, President Abakind…” Aaron, who had changed his arrogant tone at the Federation meeting before, spoke very mildly today. “Muggle-Repelling Charm was originally used near Hogwarts, and we Now that this area has been expanded, ordinary muggles can’t get close to here… they can’t see Hogwarts.”

This made Abakind completely puzzled-in the face of his tentative warning, Aaron’s attitude towards him was still so friendly, as if the discord before the International Wizards Federation meeting did not exist.

The invited reporter from Transfiguration Today James Maxwell raised his head and said, “Harris headmaster, I know that muggles can only see a pile of ruins, and the entrance says “Danger, no entry, unsafe “The brand…I also know that your magic houses are all used spells, so they cannot be marked in any way… But now there is a hidden danger.” The old pedant paused, “I remember, the electronic equipment and equipment of muggle could not be used in the past. If Hogwarts is used, it will be automatically damaged. Because the surrounding area of ​​Hogwarts is full of strong magic energy, it will cause strong interference to electronic equipment. However, if the school scope is expanded to this far, there may be a risk of being detected by muggle using their muggle machine. .”

“It’s true, but this problem will be resolved after the Animagus International Symposium is over for a while.” Aaron laughed gently to the old scholar, “However, please allow me to keep it secret for the time being. This is a surprise… I will give you all later. Reveal.”

Seeing that Aaron’s mood today seems to be particularly happy, everyone was infected by him and the surrounding environment, and many people also showed smiles.

Abakind staring at Aaron suspiciously, followed him and led them and the guests to continue visiting the reconstructed and expanded Hogwarts. After experiencing the hugeness and luxury here, he felt that he had found his way. He thought the annoying guy in front of him was looking for For the first reason, let yourself come over and listen to him show off Hogwarts after the renovation and expansion.

The representative of Animagus International Symposium, Gusdrian Tutli rubbed his fingers and was in no mood to visit the school city. As a member of the Animagus International Symposium, he was also one of the only 7 wizards in the world before Aaron registered for Animagus. My animal form is a gerbil—it looks a bit similar to his long face.

Since the end of last semester, Gusdrian Tutley learned that Aaron was going to extensively develop the Animagus transformation among students, he has been keeping a high degree of attention, so when Aaron sent the invitation letter for this meeting When it was given to him, he set off immediately and was the first guest to arrive at Hogwarts.

But at this time Tutley followed Aaron all morning, he could not restrain his curiosity, and got close to Aaron’s side, “Harris headmaster, you are going to hold the Animagus International Symposium, why don’t we start the topic quickly? We will come back to visit this great wizard learning city later.”

“Mr. Tutley, please don’t worry. The students still need to prepare. The members of the Ministry of Magic of Britain also not at all arrived in Hogwarts. They will register for the young wizards on the spot…” Aaron said slowly, “Picture Mr. Terry, if you are tired, should I arrange for you and Mr. James Maxwell to go to rest first? Today Three Broomsticks Inn provided us with a lot of cold drinks…”

“No, no trouble, Harris headmaster, you can continue to lead the way.” James Maxwell, the old man, seemed very energetic. Seeing his reply, Tutley could only suppress the excitement in his heart and follow the crowd to continue the visit.

Leaving the square towards the West on the south of Hogwarts by the Black Lake, the entire group led by Aaron into the elementary school of Hogwarts in the forest-the sound of children playing and playing in this brightly colored castle The son is in their ears.

In the square, the adult wizard led a group of children who were too young to shuttle between various fairy tale sculptures, organizing these children to play games-a few children were put into a bubble by the wizard teacher’s use spell, just outside the castle The sky bumped back and forth.

Reached out to stop the faculty and staff who wanted to come over to say hello. After Aaron and the guests entered the castle, the slightly older young wizards in the classroom showed a more orderly classroom. The gray translucent ghost professor in the room faced a group of young wizards. His boring voice told the magic history according to the book. It seems to be the wizard version of the 1001 Night Tales—Professor Binns, the very old ghost, under the influence of Aaron’s several Confundus Charms, not at all discovered My teaching location is already not in Hogwarts.

“That’s Professor Binns? I remember he was the professor of Hogwarts A History of Magic… My students told me in the previous Triwizard Tournament that they didn’t seem to like… Well, I mean they all liked his class. “Karkaroff wiped his sweat, and he sneered.

“Don’t mind, dear Igor, Professor Binns’ courses are indeed more suitable for teaching elementary school students. Compared with the older wizards, these children who have not yet been exposed to the spell are obviously more interested in the magic history…” Aaron through the classroom Looking through the transparent glass window, Penelope’s nominal discipline, little girl Patricia is sitting in the first row of this classroom, with two arms resting her cheeks, listening very carefully.

“Oh… Is that Mr. Gilderoy Lockhart?” Madam Maxime’s volume increased a little.

Everyone followed the sight of Beauxbatons headmaster. At this time, a ghost with his head stuck out from the wall and his back half exposed indecently was hovering not far away, apparently peeking at the students in this teacher’s classroom. Situation. Hearing the movement of someone calling his name outside the wall, the male ghost quickly retreated from the wall, and he was the Gilderoy Lockhart of Ravenclaw’s new house ghost.

“Oh, sirs and ladies… I’m just a little curious about the teaching methods of elementary school.” Gilderoy · Lockhart moved towards Everyone showed their iconic handsome smile, and blinked his eyes and explained that he didn’t want to be regarded as a peeping kid He is a voyeur, but apparently he has only recently become a ghost, he has not yet fully adapted to the new student life-now he is in a state that no one regards him as a pervert.

Madam Maxime smiled and beckoned gracefully. She introduced to the guests around her face and revealed disdain, “Mr. Lockhart recently published a new book called “Break with Death Eater”, which tells that he took a muggle child escape alive from the base camp of Death Eater. This is his own real experience. Harris headmaster also wrote a preface to testify for him… After reading this book, I admire him… It is not easy to change evil and become a real hero.”

This long-lost compliment made Lockhart’s signature smile more natural. He showed his 8 teeth perfectly.

“Actually, the muggle girl saved by Mr. Lockhart is attending class inside. She is a wizard. I think he was paying attention to the child he saved just now.” Aaron twitched his mouth to agree, and then calmly Looking at Madam Maxime, this book has only been on the market for a few days. Due to Gilderoy’s prestigious reputation as a liar in the magic circle, sales are not very good for the time being. Basically, some hard-core female book fans are supporting him-and Madam Maxime is so Almost finished reading, it seems that Madam Maxime, who has always been sensible and elegant, is also a hidden book fan of Lockhart.

“Speaking of this, Harris headmaster, I’m very curious, what courses does Hogwarts elementary school set up for children?” Madam Maxime paused, “Excuse me for the abruptness, Aaron, I just remind you that these are not ten years old. For the young wizard’s course, please don’t arrange for them to use magic for 10000000. Their current magic power is unstable and prone to riots and unexpected dangers.”

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