Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1095

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“Don’t worry about Madam Maxime, Harris headmaster must know that the curriculum design of these young wizards should have nothing to do with magic power.” Karkaroff used his sweet false voice, full of enthusiasm, and took the initiative to explain to his master. After speaking, Karkaroff glanced at Aaron’s cheek quietly. Seeing that the other party had no objection, he was secretly proud of himself—since Harris headmaster defeated Voldemort in the live broadcast, he was very thankful that he held the right thigh.

“Madam, Igor is right…” Aaron deliberately called Karkaroff’s name to make him smile, and then he turned around and continued: “This wizard elementary school does not involve the actual use of magic power at all, as I announced before. In that way, it just unifies the basic cultural education of young wizards and avoids the uneven situation of the previous First Year students.”

“Harris headmaster.” A gentle female voice sounded from the corner, and a female teacher in a teacher’s uniform walked out of the classroom next to her. She was still holding a muggle math textbook. After she finished calling, she found Aaron behind. Following a lot of wizards, his eyes became a little frightened.

Aaron was stunned for a moment, only to recognize that this female teacher with short haircut was little Patricia’s mother, “Nancy, good morning, how is it, have you adapted to life in Wizarding World?”

“Mr. Lockhart helped us a lot, and everyone treated us very well.” Nancy suppressed the fear of the strange wizard in her heart.

“If you have any needs, let Lockhart tell me, let’s go ahead.” Aaron saw that the other party was uncomfortable, knowing that she had been traumatized, and she couldn’t adapt to contact with strange wizards.

After waiting for the other party to leave, Abakinder watched for a while, walked over to frowns and asked, “Harris headmaster, if I understand correctly, this female teacher seems to be a muggle?”

“This is a math teacher in the elementary school. The mathematics curriculum of the wizard elementary school directly introduces the textbooks of the muggles, so we hired this lady.” Aaron explained calmly, “and her daughter is actually a wizard, so It’s like the previous young wizard from muggle can take their parents to Diagon Alley. What is the violation of this not at all… In fact, she is the muggle saved by Lockhart.”

Karkaroff robbed him again: “Chairman Abba Jinde, there is nothing to make a fuss about nothing. What’s more, what if Hogwarts has a pure muggle? Whatever the few people say, these people who don’t believe in magic will treat him as a lunatic… “

“Harris headmaster! Miss Granger ordered me to come and inform you that the Ministry of Magic and the TV station are ready.” An employee dressed in an umbrella also walked into the elementary school and saluted Aaron.

Gusdrian Tutley of the Animagus International Symposium took the opportunity to propose: “Then Harris headmaster, let us do the business first before continuing to visit.”

The Bok family mansion. In that room with a grand and extraordinary fireplace, Herbert Bok is sitting in a wheelchair in front of the TV. He wears a lens inlaid with crystals and constantly adjusts the focus. Reading glasses, watching the live broadcast of the Hogwarts Animagus International Symposium on wizard TV.

Although the weather outside today was a bit hot, he still had a thin blanket on his legs in a constant temperature room.

Seeing the splendid view of the number of onlookers watching the wizards in the conference venue on TV, Herbert Bok raised his hand, and Steward Alfred, who was behind him, immediately stepped forward, bowed and listened and said, “Master.”

The room was silent, and there was a desk clock on the shelf next to the fireplace. The ticking sound of the desk clock made the atmosphere more solidified.

“Harris…” Herbert’s old voice was very gloomy, “How did you arrange things?” The fireplace slammed into sparks, and scattered mud fragments splashed onto the brick red floor.

Al Fred bowed lower, he cautiously said, “Master, there is an event for Harris today… Millison intends to use this international event held by Hogwarts to let Marcus incite Centaur, if it can In front of so many people…”

“Idiot!” Herbert’s voice was hoarse and low. “What can we do if this kind of thing is successful? The more frequent Ministry of Magic and Umbrella checks have caused us to lose our business? Is it the child’s revenge?”

Alfred was frightened by his cold expression, and quickly said: “Master, I’m already in touch with the matter you explained. It would be good if this matter today makes them embarrassing…”

“This kind of little thing that can’t hurt Harris, you should not participate in it and focus on your own task…” Herbert let himself relax in the wheelchair, “Continue to contact them, if nothing happens to this Animagus today, Harris is sure It’s going to show up again…but it’s good for us. The threats the Harris boys now pose are no longer aimed at Britain…Did the duel tournament players agree to pressure?”

“Not enough…but Master, the plan is still under control.” Al Fred tidyed the blankets on his legs for the Master, then stepped out.

Returning to Hogwarts, in the newly repaired magic practical class, young wizards who are about to undergo transformation, neatly dressed in their house’s new school uniforms and robes, stood in the middle of the field, quietly waiting for the upcoming assessment.

Harris TV station has also set up all around all around. Several wizard photographers are shooting the audience who heard the news in the stands. The host Fleur is watching several parchments and preparing for the official live broadcast. .

Aaron took the headmasters and members of the Animagus International Symposium to sit in the front row of the stands. Britain Ministry of Magic Owen also came to the scene, and he took some Ministry of Magic officials to sit in the stands directly opposite the transformation wizard As the main Chief-In-Charge of the Department of International Magical Cooperation, Daisy also attended this international conference. Because there are too many young wizards to be transformed today, many Ministry of Magic Officials also played guest roles in the arena. I am ready to register and record-this is also the first time that Hogwarts has so many Aurors appearing on campus after the expansion. They also came to the scene today as personal guards of officials.

The parents of the young wizards are planned to be in the second area slightly higher behind them. The wizard who came to see the lively is invited to the Third Layer. Now the atmosphere of this arena is like the Quiddich finals. There are so many students in the field waiting for the transformation. The sitting wizards whispered to each other in surprise. The number of these transformations was beyond their expectations.

Aaron took out his pocket watch and checked the time. He stood up and bowed slightly to apologize: “Everyone, I’m really sorry, I will accompany you to prepare that surprise for you for a while, please forgive me.”

“Harris headmaster, we are well taken care of here, so go ahead.” Karkaroff said graciously.

Seeing Aaron turn around and leave, Gusdrian Tuttley choked in his throat when he wanted to ask.

“But there are so many people off the court?” Abakind clenched the frowned armrest of the seat, and he was secretly annoyed in his heart-his alma mater in Africa, Vagado, is also planning to study the transformation of a large number of wizards into Animagus, and now Hogwarts is expanding. After that, not only the scale has surpassed it, but it also seems to be a big step ahead of other houses in transfiguration.

“How is it possible…that many wizards may be assisted wizards get involved, impossible so many wizards are involved in the transformation.” Gusdrian Tut shook his head vigorously, to the heart of the wizard who can transform the gerbil Animagus , He didn’t want the ability he had acquired with great effort to become popular.

Madam Maxime turned to the wizard reporter from “Transfiguration Today” who wore thick-soled glasses and dressed as an old Scholar. “Mr. Driver, as an authority on transfiguration, does he really master the Animagus transformation method with such a high success rate? Is it possible…?”

“Although so far, the number of people who can transform Animagus is still small, these young wizards are likely to have other tasks…” Driver took off his glasses and wiped it hard. “We are the most potential newcomer in Transfiguration Today. The winner of this year’s award has already decided to be Harris headmaster, but if he is really successful today…maybe we have to leave him with another award alone, otherwise it’s not enough.”

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