Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1096

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Hermione, dressed in a protective umbrella, and Professor McGonagall, representing the Hogwarts transfiguration expert, are opening the presentation.

Hermione pointed at herself with wand’s tip, with the thick end facing the audience, and the voice spread throughout the arena: “For the development of the entire magic circle, a safer and more effective method of Animagus transformation will be shared with the wizards to reduce the amount of Animagus brought. The damage, the reduction of the difficulty of deformation, and the promotion of the level of wizard magic. The latest research results and methods of Harris headmaster on Animagus will be announced next.”

“It’s so simple, so I have to directly announce the deformation method?” Gusdrian Tutley couldn’t believe his ears.

Madam Maxime applauded gracefully; Mr. Driver was so excited that he hurriedly took out the parchment; Abakinder was so nervous that he was breathing a little bit shortly, and his heart was drumming, waiting for Hermione to continue to announce.

There was enthusiastic applause and cheers from the stands. Ron looked around at the cameras around, envying him. He scratched his red hair hard, and regretted to complain to Harry: “Ai, we should use the school teaching method Transformation… If you can’t transform now, Neville and Seamus will not help but want to eat us…”

“According to the previous analysis of Professor Clearwater, theirs is actually not very practical.” Harry also sighed: “Actually I think the most useful one is the Ravenclaw house, at least it can fly…”

“I knew that we shouldn’t have listened to Dumbledore’s arrangement to directly transform… Gryffindor’s shape is more prestigious than ours…” Sirius, who was in the Ministry of Magic Magical Creatures Management and Control Department, had already taken the opportunity to sit and sit. On the godson’s side, he was lying on a chair and looked a little arrogant, “However, he also reported my family’s name and it was considered a point of fame. After hearing the news, the old witch in the painting could at least curse me less. A few words wasrel…”

“Sirius, you’d better speak quietly. Don’t let Director Josephine Harris catch you slipping over to the student seat.” Ginny reminded, shaking her head disapprovingly, “Besides, I think Mrs. Black will take you with you. Go up to Aaron and scold you two together for both wasrel…”

“Harris headmaster entrusted the honor of publishing this matter to me and Professor McGonagall. The specific deformation methods and precautions are in the “Hogwarts Animagus Transformation Handbook” that you can get. Next, please call the transfiguration professor Minerva McGonagall of Hogwarts. To explain it to everyone.” Hermione raised the color booklet in her hand, and then surrendered her position to Professor McGonagall.

Immediately, 3 cameras were pointed at Professor McGonagall, while other cameras were capturing the looks of other wizards. Gusdrian Tutley jerked his head down and flipped through the refined color manual; Mr. Driver’s face was almost buried in the manual.

“This method is a brand new method that Aaron Harris headmaster introduced House of Black’s method of improving the success rate of Afuck’s deformation, his own research on transfiguration and magic Animagus, and research on potion, combining the three technologies… Then Let’s take a look at the actual effect.” Professor McGonagall gave an order, and soon in the center of this arena, these not at all stood by 3 separate houses but mixed with young wizards, they were colored reddish brown. Hairy male lions and lionesses, giant eagles with bronze feathers, badgers with black and white stripes on their faces, and large snakes entrenched and twisted and vomiting snake letters to replace them-judging from the performance of this group of students, they should be at least It has been successful for several days.

Harris TV’s camera quickly captures the moments when the deformation is successful, and the camera changes direction continuously. The staff of Ministry of Magic were also disrupted by this speed, and started to register in a hurry, and some hysterically called one by one.

“It’s really so much!” The old reporter of “Transfiguration Today”, Driver stood up with youngster’s agility, and shouted incoherently, “So many wizards…all deformed…there is nothing in the invitation letter from Harris headmaster. !”

“The four forms correspond to the animals in the Hogwarts house.” Madam Maxime’s hands were tightly gripped on the armrests, his body was sitting upright, and his eyes couldn’t leave the court at all. “Does this mean that they can become anything if they want? The creature you want to be?”

Abkind listened to Madam Maxime’s words and noticed that there were indeed only 4 types of animals in the field. Abkind had a bad feeling for this kind of directional transformation method he was familiar with. , He quickly turned over the manual.

After all the wizards became Animagus one after another, Gusdrian Tutley’s eyes reddened, “There is no failed wizard! How did this happen? So many wizards have become Animagus. …” Gusdrian Tutley has always been proud of being able to transform into a gerbil, and now he cannot accept the impact and strong sense of loss caused by the number of people exceeding his original expectations. “I protest! Abkind will Long! I want to file a formal lawsuit with the International Wizards Federation!”

“Idiot, what are you protesting? Protest that Harris headmaster has found a new way to announce him to the magic circle?” Karkaroff was originally happy that he and his master were getting more powerful, and he immediately retorted when he heard the yelling around him. Don’t want this technology to be popularized? That’s why it has been established for so many years so that there are so few members who can successfully transform into the magic circle of the whole world?”

“You!” Gusdrian Tutley, who was still in anger and horror, didn’t know how to refute, he just accidentally told his own heart. (Author’s note: Pottermore-JK Rowling’s writing: Vagado. In this short article, at a seminar held between 2015 and early 2016, the delegation of the Vagado School almost It caused a riot and attracted a lot of media attention. Many older and experienced male witch teachers felt that they were threatened by a group of fourteen-year-old children because they could become elephants and cheetahs at will. At the same time, Animagus, who can become a gerbil, Drian Tutley also filed a formal complaint with the International Wizards Federation.)

And the voice is spreading all over the arena. Professor McGonagall, who explains the key points of transfiguration, is slow in speaking, and his pronunciation is very clear, “…so theoretically, add the blood of animals that want to transform, and use potion knowledge to deploy a new Animagus. Transformation into potion… can be achieved… Currently Hogwarts has only developed these 4 animals related to house… If you still don’t understand, you can ask me.”

Hermione faced the live camera, facing the camera, and said generously: “About this “Hogwarts Animagus Transformation Manual”, if ordinary wizards need it, you can go to the Ravenclaw Temple on the southern commercial square of Hogwarts New District to receive it. The Ravenclaw Temple will Provide free knowledge explanation and assistance in this area. Finally, if there is a need for potion preparation, Umbrella Group said that it will provide corresponding potion deployment services, and want to conduct Animagus’s wizards to consult Umbrella Group’s pharmacies-Umbrella Both the company and Ravenclaw Temple will do their best to assist Hogwarts and popularize this subject to wizards all over the world.”

Mr. Barça, the staff member who followed Owen, complimented the Ministry of Magic: “Animagus is no longer a patent for a few people, but must become a basic ability for wizards-and the world will remember this. It is Harris’s credit, which will expand our influence.”

This Animagus deformation method is safe and effective, and has a significant help in improving students’ strength. Obviously, once it is promoted, Hogwarts’ influence will also expand. Beauxbatons wants to compete with Hogwarts, and it is less likely to catch up with each other.

Madam Maxime’s fingers wearing a huge gemstone ring clicked on this handbook that looked very small to her. She was deeply sighed, and she only felt like a big stone was stuck in her chest, managing herself. The school Beauxbatons Academy of Magic is worried-the method provided by Hogwarts, even if it is not the Wizard of Britain, will be affected by this in the future. Obviously the influence of Hogwarts will be further expanded, even more how the current research results are still the representative creature of Hogwarts four houses , The name of the world’s first magic school seems to be farther away from her school.

“We protest! This method of using blood… This is a new technique that copied our Vagado magic house!” Among the guests, a black wizard dressed in African national costumes stood up and used Sonorus. He still held it in his hand. This transfiguration manual shouted a harsh voice from his mouth full of anger-he is a transfiguration professor from the magic house of Vagado, and he participated in this Animagus international seminar as a representative.

And the president of the International Wizards Federation, who was also reading the manual, Abakinde, was startled by the yelling of his alma mater’s representative and opened his mouth to stop him, but he realized that it was too late, and felt aggrieved. The hand pulled Totti around his waist into a distorted form.

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