Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1097

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“Representative of Vagado, this research is not a sudden result, but Mr. Aaron Harris has been working on the transformation of Animagus for many years. It was carried out before he could transform into a magic Animagus many years ago.” Hermione tried to restrain herself, and a bit of a sharp voice resounded through the arena.

Karkaroff also stood in the team immediately. He loudly let his voice carry through the audience: “Harris headmaster is so powerful, and he is not stingy with his own research results, and he is willing to publish all the deformation methods. Didn’t expect will cause this. Cannot tell good from Bad, jealous person.”

Professor McGonagall pressed his glasses to the bridge of his nose. He carefully identified the black wizard, and found that he did not know him, and concluded that he was not a celebrity expert in transfiguration.

Professor McGonagall believed that the other party must be jealous of Hogwarts’s achievements, so she would speak without careful diction and wronged Hogwarts. She used Sonorus to severely replied: “This time, Harris headmaster announced the research results and cited her in the research and development process. Of Black’s technology is also announced, and it is clearly marked in the manual. How can it take advantage of you? Of course, for the sake of fairness, this… Sir, do you have any evidence to support your allegations? “

The British local wizards, who accounted for the majority of the stands in the arena, were unable to restrain their emotions. They vented their dissatisfaction and anger loudly, especially the Gryffindors, who had already cursed loudly-no one believed Watt. The African school of Jiadu can develop such a high-level magic as the Animagus deformation method.

“Our Wizard of Vagado uses the method of adding blood to potion. There are already wizards that can become elephants and leopards. Our time for success is before Hogwarts!” The Witch of Vagado retorted loudly, his eyebrows. Twisted into a knot, his eyes widened as if he was about to spew out fire, “Babajid, you know this very well, please help Vagado to testify…please tell them, we are early for Vagado. This research was conducted.”

“Then why has Magic Circle never heard of the news about Vagado? Why didn’t you make it public?” Professor McGonagall asked immediately, “President Akinbad, as the president of the International Wizards Federation, I believe you Quality and fairness, instead of disregarding the facts and perjurying your alma mater… Can you tell us what is your knowledge?”

Babajid Akinbad also felt very aggrieved in his heart, but after the events of the last International Wizards Federation meeting, he had learned to be smart, so he planned not to speak much. But now, the two sides dragged him into the water again, and he felt even more frustrated for a while. What Wagado said was indeed the truth. His alma mater started this kind of research many years ago-but Akinbad was completely unable to So he came forward to accuse Hogwarts of stealing Vagado’s technology, and he himself had no evidence, and Aaron’s name made him unable to agree with his colleagues’ conjecture.

“However, because there are still some flaws and immaturity in the transformation method, Vajda hasn’t been announced.” Akinbad sighed, his speech changed. Time, but I can prove that this kind of research should be started earlier than Aaron Harris headmaster…”

“What does the earlier study mean?!” Professor McGonagall’s thin nose flared outward, his eyes flashing with anger, “Then, representative of Vagadu, if you can read words and have a little knowledge of transfiguration, you It should be clear that in the manual provided by our Hogwarts headmaster, the transformation method is very complete. The young wizards that have all been safely transformed before are iron proof!”

The Witch was speechless when asked, and his brain went blank for a moment. He closed his eyes for a while, then opened them again, pierced his thigh with wand’s tip, and then forcibly calmed down and shouted, “I just read the method in this pamphlet and I suspected that Hogwarts was We have improved on the basis of Vagadu’s deformation method!”

“Doubt? Conversely, you have studied Harris headmaster for many years, but have not been successful. Harris headmaster mastered the method in a short time and announced him… Doesn’t this mean that the African wizards are stupid? “Karkaroff’s sneer sounded particularly harsh in the ears of the Vagadu.

“Durmstrang headmaster! I understand your excitement, but please pay attention to your own words!” Baba Jind couldn’t stop sneering at Karkaroff’s sneer.

“Just allow you African wizards to doubt at will without justification, and if you don’t pay attention to your own words, we Europeans are not allowed to defend themselves?” Karkaroff hearing this stood up, yelling in a sharp voice against the normally slick image, “Baba President Kinder! Please pay attention to your own identity! This is the Animagus International Symposium and not the International Wizard Federation. You were not qualified to have any say in this kind of academic seminar! Look at Owen of Britain Ministry of Magic Minister, others have kept etiquette in the face of rude accusations from you Vagadus, and that is to not participate in the discussion of the Animagus seminar!”

Owen just stood up and said thank you not at all to Karkaroff with extra words.

“You! But as long as the content of your discussion involves the people of my home country, it has nothing to do with our identity… and this is not my own!” Ba Ba Jinde felt that he was simply bad luck. Animagus seminar-as a representative of Vagado and the magic circle of Africa, he must speak for them at such a moment as reasonable in every circumstance.

“Wand is our European invention! Your African wizard, even the wand in your hand, was brought to you by us! We brought you civilization and civilization! Now you want to force our achievements to be yours? !” Sirius Black also stood on the stairs near the Ministry of Magic seat and yelled-he just sneaked back from the student seat and couldn’t help but participated in the argument before he was fully reached, and then he was caught by his superior Josephine Pulled to the seat to make him shut up.

“Fart! Our people could use spell without a wand!” The Vajda wizard seemed to be impatient too. He directly threw out his wand as if he could distinguish the relationship in this way, “Your Britain’s muggle I also said something similar to our muggle, they are beautifying their colonial plundering, and you are also trying to quibble your plagiarism!”

“Enough of you!” Baba Jinde yelled, seeing things getting worse and worse, “Mutsa, calm down!”

The representative of Vagadu closed his mouth in anger when meeting the president of the federation, but the discussion among the wizards off the court became louder, and some people also deliberately used Sonorus to sing and answer questions.

“I’m from muggle, and their people in muggle world are doing similar things. What is it that the school should lower the standard for muggle races in their place when enrolling and taking exams… Otherwise they will think that this is just a matter of disregarding their Hezhong clan.”

“What is this operation? Didn’t they admit that they are inferior to other races?”

“You can’t say that yet, because there are geneticists—oh, it’s a kind of Scholar of muggle. After saying that IQ is inherently different in race, they are criticized by these people. They argue that race does not exist. Surprised-but they still insist on lowering their ethnic assessment standards in the difficulty of examinations and admissions.”

In fact, in the stands and among the wizards who watched the live broadcast, not only the ordinary person, but even the pure-blood family that didn’t deal with Harris, didn’t believe in Vagado’s claim—Harris now just and honorable to House of Black’s Contributions and help have been announced, but Vagado is suspicious. Listening to the content of the conversation, they think it may be that Vagado’s house has made slow progress with Animagus over the years or is about to succeed. Aaron Harris is more innate in this regard. Talent, they took the lead in researching and releasing new methods, which made these Vagadus feel that they had been in vain for many years. Only in this situation would they lose their minds, be jealous, and react fiercely.

“Gugamula! Did you hear that?! They insulted us like this! You still help them speak!” Representative Vajado cursed in Swahili indignantly, and he shook off the booklet in his hand. Soon, we inspected the vicinity of our house and found traces of fighting, and we have witnesses who saw a wizard dressed as Britain Auror appear in the vicinity. This is probably the trace left by the wizard who Hogwarts sent over to steal our methods!”

“Since Britain Auror is still involved, I have to say a few words as the party concerned. I was the Captain who led the team at that time. That was a mission that we Auror carried out to capture the dark wizard Death Eater! Vagadus, you are from The past few days Lockhart’s new book “Break with Death Eater”, right?” Penelope couldn’t sit still and stood up, her wand was turned in her hand, and she ignored the international and non-international. Ruthless taunted face to face, “Are you a Korean Ugandan? What is your Vagado? Now I read the plot of the novel we published to the public, and you used a few conjectures to adapt it as evidence. ?”

“Who would read that Britain liar’s novel?!” The Vagadu wizard’s eyes flushed, his face was almost blue, and both of his hands clinched his fists tightly.

“The story of Mr. Lockhart’s novel has been certified by Britain Ministry of Magic and Order of Merlin, and the muggle mother and daughter he saved as witnesses live in Hogwarts…” Madam Maxime seemed to feel a bit off topic after speaking. She moved her body disdainfully, as if she wanted to be farther away from the Vajda Witch. “The current situation is that Harris headmaster has transformed into magic Animagus early on. It is reasonable to be able to develop a perfect method in a short time. , Regardless of whether Vagado really predates Hogwarts… Does this have anything to do with what we are discussing? If this Vagado representative can’t come up with any real evidence to support his suspicions and his claims, then I think this malignant social trends must be suppressed…”

Madam Maxime’s attitude was beyond Mutesa’s expectations, and the noise off the court became louder. The Ministry of Magic’s arrest of Death Eater in Africa is indeed written in the novel, and this Vagado man The witch is just slandering and satirizing the tragic Lockhart is a lie. The wizards, especially the witch teachers, condemn him and even Ouagato and the entire African Wizarding World in a word-to give play to the witch traditions. Skills have been turned over, and some old stories have been taken out as new stories about the scandal of Vagado.

In the face of the people’s criticism and scolding, seeing those contemptuous eyes and expressions, the Vagadu wizard has nothing to do-he really can’t produce any evidence to prove that what he said is true. He gritted his teeth, his grievances He didn’t get anyone’s approval and understanding. Now, and his actions have seriously discredited Vagado’s reputation. He feels that he has fallen into the darkest, helpless and embarrassing moment of his life.

Penelope looked at the African wizard in front of him sarcastically. Except for the headmasters, most of the members of the Animagus seminar were purely academic wizards, who didn’t know anything about politicians and wanted to ridicule them even more. If you lose your senses, you will obviously offend more groups like you are now, even more how Aaron’s method, although it does refer to the method of Vajda, but most of it itself is indeed derived from the Black family and Aaron himself Efforts-as the subject of the African operation, she knew very well that the main target of their stealing in the past was not Animagus transformation, but the traditional use spell technique of the locals.

“Now I think things are very clear… I suggest that the members of the Animagus seminar should discuss and vote to consider the necessary sanctions for the actions of the Vagado magic house today…” Karkaroff saw that the atmosphere on the scene had been mobilized In place, so I let my voice spread throughout the actual combat arena, “I personally think that this kind of unfounded attempt to accuse others and possess others’ achievements is a hindrance to the development of Animagus and even transfiguration. I personally suggest expelling Wa Increase membership in the Animagus seminar of magic house.”

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