Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1098

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Hogwarts, on the edge of the Forbidden Forest, buck-toothed Marcus Flint stared into the Forbidden Forest with his bloodshot gray eyes, a breeze blowing through his hair.

The light in the Forbidden Forest was dim, and there was silence. Marcus stepped away, hurried inward, walked a section of the road, and reached the fork in the road. He was gasping for breath, although he was not actually the first time. He came over, but the surrounding environment seemed to be the same. He took out a rough marked map and pointed it with wand, then stared at it and continued to walk a section of the road in the direction indicated by the map, and crossed it. A tree stump covered with fresh moss can hear the sound of gurgling water.

Marcus stood still and tidied his clothes. At this moment, a Centaur jumped out from behind the oak tree in the lower ear, carrying lance. He has black hair and a dark body, and he looks rough.

“Bane, I’m so glad to see you again.” Marcus saw Centaur Relaxed, who had been familiar with the previous exchanges. “Bane, I have important things to see the leader Matilda. Is the chief free today?”

“Marcus…you know that the chief doesn’t like your suit.” Bane raised her head, grabbed her thick black hair with her hands, and stayed on her head stiffly for a while, habitually looking up at the sky.” There is no star to guide me now, you come with me.”

“I have brought new news.” Marcus followed Bane, watching Bane’s swaying ponytail, Marcus secretly whispered: Idiot is in the daytime, what stars are there? There is always no blunt answer from these damn Centaurs-and Bane started to treat the wizard very badly, but after Marcus sent a few bottles of wine and complimented Centaur’s powerfulness, at least he wouldn’t see each other again. Want to drive him out.

Bane jumped easily over a bush. Marcus flicked wand from side to side, struggling to open the way with a spell. Hearing the sound of the arena outside the Forbidden Forest, he said with some effort: “Hogwarts is really noisy after the expansion. It will not be easy for Centaur to be quiet in the future.”

Bane shook his mane, his tone stiff, he glared at Marcus: “Humans are very noisy.”

Marcus barked his teeth. The tone sounded reluctant, but then he thought happily that this might also mean that Centaur must have had a grudge against Hogwarts in his heart. Under the leadership of Centaur, they bypassed several hills and over several bushes, and they came to the silver star lake.

Matilda was standing next to the Star Lake. Hearing the movement behind him, he turned around. Those deep and charming eyes were fixed on Marcus. This Centaur chief seemed to be more powerful-it’s not physical. Change the senses.

Marcus leaned forward slightly. “Dear Warchief, the last time I met was before school started… I don’t know how Hogwarts has had a further impact on Centaur recently, as we said last time, if there is a need…”

“Thank you for your concern about Centaur… Mr. Flint, the stars told me that 10000 things have their own laws, and everything can’t be stopped.” Matilda’s horse glowed like a maroon, and the noble head was raised chicly.

“Chief Matilda, today the whole Hogwarts is suffocatingly noisy, and the tranquility of this star lake will be broken sooner or later… I entered the Forbidden Forest this time, just as I worried about in the warning to you… “Marcus took a few steps forward, revealing his big teeth, “Aaron Harris still ignored the fact that Forbidden Forest belongs to Centaur, and moved the dragon farm to Hogwarts…” According to the plan, Marcus summarized what they had discussed in the meeting. Those Hogwarts renovation and expansion may have an impact on Centaur one after another.

“At present, Hogwarts has also given us a lot of subsidies to Centaur because of the expansion.” Matilda dumped Maroon’s ponytail. “Harris headmaster also made a special trip to explain to Centaur.”

“Warchief! This is for him to paralyze you!” Marcus was a little impatient when he heard that Hogwarts had subsidized him. “Dear leader…Centaur is a well-known race for independence. You would rather divide yourself as a beast than just for the Ministry of Magic. The resistance of those ignorant officials? I want to take the pride of Centaur, let alone most wizards who don’t see Centaur, and Hogwarts will continue this kind of subsidy… You could have lived a self-sufficient life without waiting Alms from others!”

“Mr. Flint, it seems that you respect our Centaur customs.” Matilda did not move, and let his human form face Marcus. “So, do you have any suggestions for this?”

“Just like the attitude I exposed before! Many of our families are also very disgusted with Harris’ various arrogant behaviors. I think we have to support you in the Centaur matter.” Marcus righteously told the long buck. Ya’s mouth opened and closed, “If you can stand up to fight and fully express your wishes, with this prerequisite, our other wizards can justify and support you publicly!”

Matilda looked hesitant, and then became remaining unmoved: “Mr. Flint, as you said before, we Centaur are beasts. In theory, we don’t have much power in the Wizarding World, nor do we Qualified to fight.”

“In normal times, we can’t make a big move, but Chief, you may not know. Now Hogwarts is holding international events. Many internationally renowned wizards are on the scene, and TV stations are broadcasting…” Marcus is sly gray Eyes raised upwards slightly, “I suggest that Centaur can take advantage of this rare opportunity, go to the scene now, and publicly tell the unfair treatment they received in Hogwarts…”

Matilda shook her head, and Golden Red’s beard wandered before the moon, and said embarrassedly, “I don’t know how to do it…Centaur has never done anything like this before.”

“Chief, you have hesitated for a long time. Let’s look at the current situation. My warnings to you all have become reality. If you don’t do it today, there will be no chance to do it in the future. He can only be eaten away step by step by Hogwarts, completely handing over his own destiny to the other party, hoping that the other party can continue to show kindness to you.” Marcus’s messy black hair made him look more gloomy at this time, “Protest itself It’s not difficult. I personally suggest that you can show the necessary military force when appropriate…” It seems that you are afraid that what you say is too much to cause Centaur’s suspicion, Marcus added, “Of course, don’t hurt others or you will be passive… For your troublesome buildings, I think setting fire to a few buildings will help you attract the attention of the wizards and let them know the seriousness of the matter… All this is for Centaur!”

Matilda’s deep gaze swept across Marcus, he raised his two front legs and hissed up to the sky. The surrounding Centaurs of different sizes and manes have nothing common with each other and immediately rushed towards him: “The leader?”

Matilda solemnly announced the order: “Clansman, now, under the watchful eyes of Goddess, take up the weapon!”

Seeing that the Centaurs rushed to their homes again, just as energetic and bustling as they were when they arrived, Marcus was in ecstasy, so happy that his lower lip was wrapped up with his upper lip, and his cheeks almost became a bump. He was completely unaware of the strangeness in the chief’s lines.

Until these Centaurs ran out of their tents again, Marcus’s heart jumped. It was different from the original image of Centaurs holding wooden handles and lances and stopping bows and arrows without wearing clothes. Now these Centaurs are all equipped to watch. Here comes a special armor customized for Centaur’s body shape.

Even the civilians and foals who are not tribal warriors wear black leather armor, while the Centaur hunters who are usually involved in hunting are now covered in human bodies and horses that are deliberately blackened and will not reflect light under the moonlight at night. Metal chain armor, and the taller tribal warrior like Bane, who is responsible for patrolling the tribe, has a heavier metal breastplate-he also wields a noose in his hand, which makes this Centaur In Marcus’s opinion, he felt a little like the American muggle cowboy he saw on wizard TV.

The weapons in the hands of all the Centaurs are relatively uniform. The former lance made of wooden handles has now become an all-metal long spear. A saber is hung on each of the two sides of the human waist, and there is a carving on the back of the horse. Rune’s bow and arrows and some messy equipment.

As they approached, Marcus, who had realized that the other party was fully armed, was not right. He saw the umbrella logo on these armors and weapons. Without a lot of words, Marcus immediately reached out and wanted to take out the wand, and wanted Disapparation to leave here— —The Slytherin who had stayed in Hogwarts can’t do wandless teleport.

But Centaur, who had been prepared for a long time, reacted more quickly than his. Bane waved a few loops of the rope, threw it out, and accurately placed it under Marcus’s shoulders, and then pulled him to the ground. After finishing this set of actions, I tightened it tighter.

With the sound of horseshoes, another Centaur Ronan wearing a breastplate waited for an opportunity to pull out a cast net from the horseback and threw it over. It completely wrapped Marcus’s head, and then cooperated with one of the two Centaurs who were in harmony. Marcus used a horseshoe to cut off Marcus’s right hand holding the wand, and the other directly used a long spear to smash his wand.

Marcus, who was covered by most of his upper body by the cast net, couldn’t scream, but through the gaps between the wires on the net, he saw Chief Centaur wearing armor that Centaur could not wear alone under the service of other subordinates.

“Mistakes need to be punished, Goddess will let you eat the consequences.” Matilda put on a horned helmet on his head, and he only made a sound at this time, “Mr. Marcus, we are going to the venue now, but we are here to report For your crime-all your conversations just now have been recorded by the surveillance equipment invented by your wizard that I agreed to install in our tribe… Clansman, go for Centaur! For Hogwarts! For Goddess!”

After talking about Marcus’s shock and struggling, Centaur patriarch took the lead and rushed towards Hogwarts with his horseshoes. His Centaur clansman also screamed and started running and following behind.

The same is true for Bane. He did not let the two-legged wizard ride on his back like other Centaur compatriots treated young wizards. Instead, he directly dragged Marcus on the ground with the rope, and quickly rubbed it against the ground. The high temperature and the pain caused by being hit by stones and scraped bushes caused Marcus to groan painfully in the grid-and Centaur, who usually advocates peace and is friendly to the wizard, obviously has no objection to this.

Marcus, who was dragged in a hurry, couldn’t even feel regret. He only felt the pain of the heart coming from all over his body: his cheek was severely scratched by the net and the ground, and his four limbs were bare outside. The skin has been scraped and tumbling by thorns, grass and stones. And being dragged away by violence like this, he who has fainted hu hu doesn’t know how long it will last. The only thing left is soberness telling him that the distance between the arena and the Centaur tribe is not short.

But actually, the drag stopped much faster than he thought. Before he was dragged too far, Bane stopped. To be precise, all the Centaur stopped. They looked at each other in surprise, Marcus. At the moment when more pain struck him after stopping, only a moment later than the Centaurs, he clearly felt the reason.

All around the magic power contained in the air skyrocketed, and Hogwarts, which was originally covered by a high concentration of magic power, was now covered by a huge, primordial, pure magic power.

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