Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1099

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In the duel field of Hogwarts actual combat class, it was like soaking in a pool of magic power. Every pore was soaked in magic power. This unprecedented comfort and fulfillment that almost penetrated into the soul made them tremble involuntarily. In a trance, I forgot my purpose and where I was. I was so comfortable that I temporarily lost my mind and I was completely immersed in this magic power.

The tall and thin Igor Karkaroff almost collapsed on the seat, his short white hair almost stood up, and his thin chin with a goatee with a small scroll tipped on the tip trembled inexplicably… Actually On, he can’t think about anything anymore.

Now most of the wizards’ minds are completely blank, and they only feel a kind of extreme joy-as if everything in the world is not important, as long as they can always be immersed in this pool of magic power, being filled and excited by this, Euphoria wrapped.

Karkaroff’s leg touched the giantess Madam Maxime next to her, but the half-blood giantess who usually cared about gracefulness did not feel the unconscious offense of the other party at all. She was completely immersed in this piece of magic power. In the wonderful feeling, she couldn’t help but fall into it and made her ignore the perception of the outside world.

In the stands, the Clearwater couple and Granger couple who were invited to witness the international event of Hogwarts were amazed. Seeing the suddenly abnormal behaviors around the wizards, they panicked for a while.

“Flipper, what’s the matter?” Mrs. Clearwater rubbed her eyebrows and asked in horror, “Do you feel it?”

“Well, the wizard milk you gave me is delicious…Huh?” Mr. Clearwater was squeezing the wizard snacks his wife gave him. At this time, he finally felt something was wrong. He opened his hands and swept across the air, carefully. Feel this wonderful feeling.

At this moment, Mr. Clearwater felt that the ground beneath his feet seemed to vibrate, but he didn’t care at all and continued to feel the changes in the surrounding air.

But then the ground shook again. This time the tremor became even stronger. This made Mr. Clearwater a little unstable. He quickly looked back towards his wife. His wife had already firmly grasped the armrest of the stand, and obviously felt the second time. shock.

For the wizards who are trapped in the magic power, this level of vibration can finally wake up some people, but they can’t grasp the status quo at all, and they don’t understand what happened to Hogwarts.

“What just happened?”

“The quality of the stands is not good?”

“Is this an earthquake?”

Vagadu representative of the Animagus seminar stood up with his hand supporting the armrest. He felt a little sore in his waist. He felt the magic power in the air after he got rid of it, although it did not happen. What changes will still make people feel comfortable, but they can no longer let him fall into awe.

Not only him, but more wizards were waking up one after another, ignoring the feeling of magic power, and soon discovered the abnormality of the ground at this moment. Karkaroff looked down and twitched his pupils, and then ran to the highest stand in horror.

And with the beginning of another shaking, this shaking was very violent and continuous, and the entire ground was shaking violently, like a boat bumping in the wind and waves, or as if it was breaking away from some restraint.

As for the president of the International Wizards Federation, Babakjind, he has keenly grasped the top railing of the stands and looked into the distance. Seeing this rising higher and higher, he sucked in a breath of cold air with 2 feet. As if pinned, he couldn’t move a single move, and there was an expression of horror on his face.

But soon the wizards discovered the weirdness discovered by the President of the International Federation of Wizards. Stared wide-eyed looked at the mountain range that seemed to be sinking in the distance, and finally confirmed in horror that the land under their feet was actually breaking free. The gravitational confinement began to rise slowly, and at the same time the sound of hong long long was heard, which was caused by the violent friction of the mountain.

Hogwarts is flying.

“Professor! How far are we going to stop before we stop?”

“The professors don’t seem to know?! Is this a personal experiment by Harris headmaster?”

“Is this an experiment? There is no force in the world that can sustain the weight of an entire city! If we fall now…”

“Idiot, today Hogwarts didn’t ban Disapparation…that’s Hogsmeade Village? Why does it seem to have more depressions?!”

More and more wizards woke up and discovered their current situation. Under panic, various screams echoed in the air. Even the professors, Ministry of Magic Official and Auror apparently did not know beforehand and revealed With expressions of horror, the restless people discussed their current situation spiritedly after calming down, arousing various speculations.


On the high platform, Baba Jinde looked into the distance, muttered in a daze, “This is the surprise Harris gave us…to float the whole city…”

At this time in Hogsmeade, Mr. Zoko, Boss of Zonko’s Joke Shop, heard the huge stone wall friction and vibration and rushed out of the shadow-covered shop. He was still holding a piece of intensive phobia in his hand. Frightened 10000 points of frog egg soap.

Outside the door, outside the obelisks with rays of light, what Joko saw was a mottled and moist stone wall, and the smell of mud filled his nose. Following the slowly rising stone wall, he raised his head and looked up, but he could only see the sky with only his own storefront courtyard.

A huge panic grabbed Joko’s heart. Seeing the rising ground, his mouth opened wide nervously, standing there blankly, his heart seemed to pop out of his chest, “My shop fell to the ground. Up?!”

For a while, the what a joke shop boss, who was a little dizzy, didn’t distinguish that the land under his feet was actually rising. He thought he had fallen.

It wasn’t until a while later, when the lowest part of Hogwarts Floating Void City was fully raised, that he saw the surroundings again and understood the situation.

A huge floating city shadow shrouded his head, Hogsmeade village, except for a few houses and the things inside the obelisk outside them, stayed on the ground sporadically, not to mention other things in the village and Hogwarts Castle, including Forbidden Forest, Black Lake and even the entire school city expanded during the summer vacation are gone.

These moved places only left huge hemispherical pits that were difficult to measure. From his location, the height of the bottom of the pit made him a little dizzy. These marginal lands, which seemed to be dug out with violence, had some The rock wall seems to be impossible to support. The weight of the soil above it is constantly collapsing. He can hear the rumbling sound of mud and stones falling from the stone wall and hitting together…

The few buildings left on the ground in Hogsmeade Village seem to be built alone on the sheer cliffs and precipitous rock faces. If one accidentally steps out of the courtyard, he will fall off the sheer cliffs and precipitous rock faces… Fearful, Zoko fought his teeth like an “ice mouse” and made a creak creak sound.

Looking at the bottom shell of the Floating Void City overhead, the university has been moved to the sky, but his shop remained in place. Mr. Joko, who understood the situation, was furious: What kind of Hogsmeade village is this? Do business with yourself and what the hell? magical creature? No, that’s not right, Forbidden Forest and Black Lake are gone, and it’s hard to find a magical creature now.

In the rising city, in Hogsmeade Village, originally a place like Zonko’s Joke Shop, the only trace left at this time is the patio the size of each and everyone house. Some wizards that copied the expansion project before appeared here. They rode on the broomstick and got into these huge cavities, hovering over their edges, and began to use wand to solidify the mud walls of these huge holes-from Floating Void City It seems convenient to throw trash down through these patios, so the discarded things will only fall directly on the surface through these empty hollow passages.

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