Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1100

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The floating city’s rising speed slowed down and gradually stabilized and no longer jittered. The actual combat duel appeared out of thin air. A door to another world appeared. The silhouette of Owner Aaron Harris of Hogwarts School City stepped inside. Came out and floated in the air.

The noise of the Hogwarts wizards suddenly disappeared, and the wizards who saw this scene seemed to have only this wizard hovering in the air, staring blankly-they had confirmed that this was A History A miracle of Magic, this giant Great City floating in the air is exactly the handwriting of the young wizard in front of him.

The previous quarrel about Animagus seems to have become insignificant in the current situation. The several wizards who were still fighting before have been suppressed by the power of Aaron and Floating Void City for a while.

“Wizards, I’m sorry that the surprise just now seems to have frightened everyone…” Aaron’s gaze swept across the wizards’ faces, “However, as you can see, our rising Hogwarts city after the expansion , Will stay in the sky forever and become a Floating Void City… You don’t have to worry that this Floating Void City will fall. If it falls, I will not crack a joke with my school and new home, it is very safe.”

The conjecture in my mind was confirmed, and the instigator’s assurance was also obtained. After breaking away from the panic of falling, most of the wizards on Hogwarts Floating Void City at this time, the feeling of looking towards the ground from the air is completely the same as before. Different, such a huge city flying in the air, the shocking feeling it brings to people is not at all comparable to the feeling of looking down on the earth when riding on a broomstick.

And those Hogwarts students, after knowing that they would not be in danger of falling, began to look all around, they could no longer see the surrounding mountain range, but the unmoving openness between blue sky and white clouds made them double It was shocking-but many young wizards who had high altitudes and flew too high into the sky were a little surprised. Now they are not at all the feeling of hypoxia and cold.

“During the summer vacation, I worked hard with the wizards who helped expand this place, and carefully compiled a series of spells to adjust the climate of the whole city to the most suitable state for the growth of most magic plants for 4 seasons a year. …Of course, as much as possible to make us feel warm and comfortable without looking too hot, but this land will usually be rained heavily in the night.” Aaron looked at the group of young wizards as if seeing through their thoughts and explained, “Fortunately about For these non-combat magics, our modern wizards can do this much easier than in ancient times. The ancient magic empire I admire did this by creating a wizard called Marvin. After Marvin’s world weaving’ this advanced spell that can temporarily control the weather, it can be cast for a few 100 times in a long time to permanently change the climate of a fixed area.”

After a brief silence, the Hogwarts students burst into enthusiastic cheers, louder than any cheer they had ever heard in their memory.

“This is Hogwarts! Our Hogwarts!”

“We not only have the first wizard city! It is still floating!”

“There is no better school than Hogwarts! There is no better place than Hogwarts!”

Those wizards of Britain Ministry of Magic stopped their backs and held their heads high. With such an architectural miracle as Hogwarts, there is no doubt that the status of Britain Ministry of Magic will rise further in the international community.

These wizards on the field, whether they like Aaron or those who don’t like but don’t hate, are amazed by Aaron’s one-handed feat. At this time, except for the representative of Vagado, everyone else on the field has no mind at all. Animagus is deformed.

Babajid heard that the other party started to say some minor things, and finally came back to his senses: “Aaron Harris headmaster! Now is not the time to talk about these things, what are you planning to do…”

“Harris headmaster!” A wizard’s voice interrupted the question of the president of the International Wizards Federation. The wizard with a wide back and a shiny head squeezed out of the crowd, and he directed loudly at Aaron in the sky. Some flustered and exasperated asked: “Harris headmaster! What’s the matter? I watched Hogsmeade from the stands, why didn’t I see my Honeydukes? My shop seems to have become a big hole?!”

The bosses of several Hogsmeade stores also squeezed in, gathered behind him, and asked Aaron anxiously about the situation of his store. Judging from their location, the place where Hogsmeade belongs to their own store is a sunken pit. They can’t see what’s going on below, but what is certain is that their store did not stay where they should have stayed. They disappeared.

“Please don’t panic, you can tell me if you have any questions, I am the specific Chief-In-Charge responsible for the Hogsmeade project.” Hermione said, and she reached out to several bosses and pressed down with her hands, and said politely.

“Well, during this period, please allow me to stay away for a while. I’m just worried that you will be frightened and come to explain for the time being… I have to use a spell to do the finishing touch.” After Aaron finished speaking, he ignored Baba who tried to speak. Jinde, instead, floated to a higher place and began to tinker with the crystal ball on his wand.

Seeing Aaron ignore him, Mr. Boss Ambrosius Froom of Honeydukes wiped the sweat from his head and quickly looked towards Hermione: “Miss Granger? What is going on? I not at all sign your agreement to accept the transformation. ! Why is my shop destroyed by you?”

“Yes! We are asking for compensation, Hogwarts is too overbearing! We didn’t agree to reform!”

“We are going to the Ministry of Magic to sue you! You controlled the Department of Magical Law Enforcement but now you are breaking the law!”

“Please don’t worry, it’s because you don’t agree with Hogwarts’ expansion plan…” Hermione was very friendly and gentle, “So your shop has not been harmed in any way, and they are still staying where they were.”

The bosses of several other shops became more excited and angry, echoing the questioning. Their excitement attracted more onlookers of wizards and live footage.

“What do you mean?” Froom was stunned for a moment before he realized it. He asked, “You mean, our shop was still left on the ground?!”

“Don’t worry, they are all fine and unaffected…Neither Hogwarts nor Umbrella have any right to move your shops to the sky…Private property is sighed and inviolable.” Hermione Weiwei sighed then said, “because you did not sign the consent at the time. Hogwarts related to the expansion and reconstruction agreement, we also expressed our willingness to purchase stores at a price higher than the market, but unfortunately, we did not get your consent…so we respect your wishes and use the obelisk to combine these stores with The land under your shop is completely preserved in place, and I guarantee that they will not at all suffer any damage.”

Froom was speechless for a while, and several shop bosses were dumbfounded.

When the surrounding wizards heard Hermione’s words and saw their expressions, they sneered-Hermione’s attitude was gentle and patient, but what he said was actually an irony to these bosses. Without Hogwarts, most shops of Hogsmeade were gone. In this muggle deserted and remote place, there are only a few lonely shops left, and there is no agglomeration effect. Let alone doing business, it is no longer suitable for individuals to live there.

Mr. Froome was like swallowing a lemon alive. It was so sour. After the expansion and floatation of Hogwarts, he can predict how hot the business here will be in the future. He regretted that because of the pure blood, he thought the other party could not help him Does not cooperate with Hogwarts’ actions.

“Ravenclaw’s belly button! What does it mean without damage!? What use is it for you to leave my shop alone?!”

“Miss Granger, please give us a chance, I am willing to relocate the shop!”

“Yes, I am willing to sign!”

Except for a few who are still swearing on the spot, many of the shop bosses are still businessmen, and they hurriedly expressed their views, hoping for a chance to be saved.

“Everyone, please forgive me. After the city has risen, this matter has become a foregone conclusion… Our umbrella and Hogwarts practices have been consulted and confirmed in advance on legal affairs. This is completely legal.” Hermione softly refused, “but change After the expansion, Hogwarts School City has also re-arranged many Commerce District areas. Those shops will be rented out. You can pay attention to the investment promotion advertisement of Harris TV.”

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