Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1101

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“Why am I so surprised that Hogwarts will become a Floating Void City will not? It seems like this is what Aaron should have done…” Harry said dryly, “I just hope that we can use the broomstick in the future…Commerce The District is far south of Black Lake than Hogsmeade.”

“Let me say, who did you see who antagonizes Aaron for so many years? Crouch was released, Fudge seems to be retiring soon, and then you know who and even Dumbledore… These former outsiders did not know Aaron’s horror. It’s just killing…killing!” Ron’s elbow slammed the younger sister back, “Ginny, George and Fred have planned a branch in the commercial plaza, and Aaron allowed the students to use mischief props to exercise vigilance and props. Experience… Joko is bad luck, and they are about to make a lot of money.”

“Zoko is bad luck! He deserves it. He told their magic tricks before, saying that they have a monopoly…” Ginny said angrily. “That episode made George and Fred depressed. They have been Think of Zonko’s Joke Shop as a mentor.”

There are more and more wizards at the scene, and people continue to take advantage of the opportunity to temporarily lift the ban on Disapparation Formation due to the Animagus meeting today, directly teleport to the ground, and then venture to teleport to Floating Void City-in the usual familiar After the change of location, even if the destination can be seen in the line of sight, it is a risky behavior for ordinary wizards, but fortunately, there is no such thing as Ma Daha teleporting half to the ground and sinking into the rocks.

“Is that a flying carpet? Foreigners? Are they afraid of breaking the law?” Michael Kona exaggerated. He pointed to the individual flying vehicles floating in the sky. “A lot of Aurors came today.”

“Floating Void City is so attractive… Look at those Auror who don’t pay attention to this, I guess they won’t be held accountable.” Padma Patil said yearningly, “But let me say that flying carpets are more in my country and surrounding areas. Because of its popularity, it can ride many people and is much more comfortable than riding a broomstick. It is very stable. You don’t have to worry about falling. The only thing you have to worry about is whether your clothes match the color of the carpet.”

“Those flying cars with rich wizards are more comfortable. You don’t have to get in the rain.” Michael Kona watched enviously as some wizards parked their flying cars on the open space in the suburbs of Hogsmeade. “I guess I will look at Floating Void City below. Are they more energetic than us? They are going to be disappointed. From our position, there is not much difference between the surroundings and peacetime… But maybe Aaron will build such a great cultivator into a stand until today? Wait! Could it be him? When I first studied the flying car, I knew I could make this magic miracle?!”

Just when the Ravenclaws heard Kona’s speech and started to replenish Aaron’s plan for this, not all the students were happy and excited about it, especially those sweet hobby lovers, whose attention has now been put on On Honeydukes-after all, the scale of Floating Void City at this time is so large that everyone in this stand cannot at all change too much.

Emily was standing not far from Mr. Froome. She watched the fat man constantly wiping the sweat bead on his forehead with a frustrated expression. The sympathy expression on his expression was extremely sincere.

Pansy noticed the little sweet bear’s expression and comforted him: “Emily, the commercial plaza is so big, I think your big brother means you want people from other countries to open stores.”

Emily shook her head: “The same candy products, few can compare to Honeydukes… I aunt don’t know if I can continue to buy their unique bloody lollipop…”

“Honeydukes and the best chocolate! My youth is over!” The two big hairs standing behind the girls wailed in the same way—that was Crabbe and Goyle, and they both began to look in their eyes after hearing Emily’s sigh. With tears.

As for the wolf mother’s daughter Laura, who was originally in a Gryffindor school uniform with Slytherin, she looked even more surprised at this time-as the little witch who had just joined the follower, she didn’t understand the situation at all.

But at the beginning of the calm duel field, there was a loud hong long long noise in the distance. The sound was like muffled thunder after another, and an uproar was immediately started.

The wizards naturally looked up at Aaron in the sky. At this time, the Hogwarts headmaster, who was surrounded by black smoke and floating in the sky, was obviously the initiator. The magic he had just continued to display in the sky finally seemed to be about to There was movement, and finally, slowly raised his hands and made a crosscut posture.

And as if some giant broke with Aaron’s movements, it made a louder and duller sound.

The wizards looked horrified at all they could see. They couldn’t tell what the sound was, and they didn’t know what this sound actually represented what the young headmaster who was used to making big news would do.

Even some young wizards have secretly prepared for evacuation. This dull and violent noise made them wonder if Floating Void City was about to fall and Aaron was doing any remedial measures.

“Look, what’s that?” At this moment, a sharp young wizard’s voice sounded.

Others looked in the direction of the child who was afraid of getting on the decorative pillar to give him a height advantage, and saw that the broken mountain peak was just like the sun rising, in the unexpected distance of the Hogwarts horizon. Popped up.

This broken peak gradually crossed the horizon of Floating Void City. It seemed to be cut by an invisible blade out of thin air, slowly rising, as Aaron intently and slowly reversed his palm, and then seemed to have a huge suction to the mountain, let it The volley slowly rotates and reverses the direction, and the mountain peaks are like a big earthquake. Some boulders and plants fall down and hit the ground. The sound of huge peng peng is endless.

And under the action of the powerful spell, the cut off mountain slowly tilted to the right, and a lot of black things flew out of the broken mountain towards Hogwarts Accio. When they got closer, they discovered that it was difficult to write a dementor in a ragged cloak. Floating away from the broken peaks—they went on the infiltrate mountain long before Aaron use spell, relying on their own characteristics to drive the animals on the peaks down the mountain to prevent them from being affected by the broken peaks—as for the plants And little Insect, Aaron has no time to take care of it.

The broken peak floats in the air and finally flips upside down, and the cut side becomes upward. This side is as smooth as being cut by a knife, and is suitable for building any building. Aaron once again controlled the severed mountain to descend vertically and slowly descended. Everyone understood his plan. He planned to use these stones to fill up the huge pit left by Hogwarts rising.

“Is this Harris headmaster raised by manpower? So is our city?” Karkaroff was so surprised that his mouth opened wide, showing his yellow teeth, a pair of cold and sharp eyes full of shock.

“President Abbakind, I don’t believe…how could anyone have such powerful mana in Floating Incantation…it’s not magic!” The eyes of the representative of Vagado were full of fear—Abakind ignored him, he just Feeling the cold sweat oozing out of his back, he didn’t think he would be stronger than a mountain.

“…I thought I had designed some magic device to help float in the air…no, that’s right…” Madam Maxime didn’t hear the enquiries from others, “This is not what a powerful Floating Incantation can do, even if Harris headmaster is better than Dumbledore and Voldemort is not good… Previously, Credence Barryborn heard that he could blow up a mountain with a spell… But let him rise… What kind of targeted and powerful spells did Harris headmaster specifically invent for this? “

There was a loud noise, and the earth seemed to be trembling. 4 smoke and dust enveloped the ground. Aaron also began to stop using spell and began to descend. When the dust settled, the abyss left on the earth was partially filled by the cut peaks. The noise made many wizards on the scene and in front of the TV feel that there were 10000000 million kilograms on his chest, as if something burst or broke in his mind.

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