Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1102

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Aaron flew down from the air, and the black smoke disappeared. However, under the shock of seeing Aaron’s moving mountain peak, the surrounding wizards bowed respectfully and stepped aside.

The tall and thin Karkaroff really couldn’t contain the panic in his heart. Such a huge city floated in the air and realized that Aaron might be a charm… 10000 fell down… He asked himself the close relationship between Aaron and he laughed. He asked in a low voice, “Harris headmaster, please forgive me. I just saw your feat. This powerful is shocking… What I want to know is… whether the Hogwarts Floating Void City under our feet is also personally imposed. Did magic power hold it up?”

“This is an exquisite gravity reversal spell. It uses the force of nature to achieve floating by changing the direction of gravity. Otherwise, the magic power is used to counteract roughly. I think no one in the world can do this. It is called The movement of Plocktiff’s mountain allows you to cut off the top of the mountain, float it in the air and turn it into a floating block of soil. Its section is a smooth surface suitable for construction…Of course, its difficulty will follow The range of influence of your spell increases the hardness of the receptor…” Aaron said and noticed that Karkaroff’s goatee was trembling, and the low whistle that had always been rounded at this time became a little harsh because of excessive panic, so she endured I laughed and added, “Although cities and mountains need to be supported by wizard use spell, the subsequent supply of magic power depends on a kind of magic creation called Miser Energy Core. Don’t worry, my mother is in a new home. I took careless thoughts on the decorations, I dare not break it…”

Hearing the exclamation and discussion from the audience, Aaron’s Legilimency received many thoughts similar to Karkaroff’s delusion of murder, and also received more shock that he really admitted that he had turned a city into the sky by his personal magic. In fact, he laughed in his heart-under normal circumstances, the area of ​​the conventional Floating Void City is not large, but it is the size of a mountain that has just been truncated upside down. The Grand Arcanist is generally expanded later based on development and population conditions. , It’s just that the modern Wizard Society is more convenient to build buildings, and in order to have a more shocking effect, he himself chose to use multiple shadows and let Luna take the hand to expand the building and then make it to the sky at once.

“Magic items such as brooms, motorcycles, flying carpets are relatively small, and don’t need much magic power support, but now we are discussing a school city, whether or not a special magic spell is invented to reduce the difficulty…Harris headmaster Having this kind of power is really…” Madam Maxime couldn’t help feeling the excitement in his heart after witnessing the magic miracle, and began to wonder, “Misser energy core? This can actually provide magic power to ensure that it will not fall… Some are beyond my imagination and cognition.”

“Madam Maxime, I know a little bit. I’m singing the opposite…er.” Driver of “Transfiguration Today” said, finding that he shouldn’t slander another magazine in person. “I mean in some non-academic magazines. , I remember that I published some stories about the ancient magic empire… It seems that there are descriptions of Floating Void City and this kind of Divine Item… Most of them don’t know it, and I don’t believe it before, including myself… regard them as A joke or muggle’s superstition…but today, it all seems to be true…”

“Amazing memory, Lord Driver… This kind of magic device can communicate with the primordial, pure magic power. It directly transmits such magic power… The long-lasting magic power it produces can make the whole seat The mountain range is floating in the air.” Aaron said deliberately looked towards the wizard merchants, “It transmits such magic power directly to the entire territory of Floating Void City, and the wizards will be able to use it easily without expending much effort in the future. Magic is a kind of invariant spell to create magic items, and if you create magic Rare Items that are only used within the scope of Hogwarts, it can even be made more easily without looking for high-quality alchemy materials and without consuming much of its own magic power. Out such quasi-magic items…”

The businessmen in the stands sensed the business opportunities. Urbanization and floating were enough to bring them more benefits, but now their expressions have become a bit fanatical after hearing this—even if they are not at all in Hogwarts. The foreigners in the shop also thought.

Aaron turned his staff upside down and transferred the crystal ball underneath upwards. Instead of using the water pipe this time, he directly projected an illusion-this perfect spherical magic device fixed by a gorgeous pedestal, it looks like Much like the crystal ball on Aaron’s staff, but compared to the surrounding reference objects, its diameter is 150 feet. The sphere is emitting very bright rays of light with a hint of blue on the edge, which is as dazzling as looking directly at the sun, and there are some dim shadows on the surface.

“This is the Miser Energy Core. It is currently being placed at the top of the Ravenclaw Temple… It is open to everyone and you can visit it at will.” Aaron pointed to the general direction of the temple south of the Black Lake. He did not at all place it. A case with an influence of only one mile will be explained. In fact, this one placed on the Ravenclaw Temple is to attract these people’s attention on the surface, and also to increase the influence of some temples on the belief of the wizard. .

“Harris headmaster, you mean to say that this kind of energy… As long as you stay in Floating Void City, can everyone have permission to use it? He won’t have the power cap problem?” Gusdrian Tuttley asked a little unwillingly. , He looked at this energy core with envy, and his heart became more jealous of Hogwarts.

“Don’t worry about the power issue, this energy core is not generating energy, it is just a porter of magic energy… These little things are not consumption at all…” Aaron said proudly, holding up his hand without a staff. In addition to making traditional magic items more casually, we Hogwarts people can also use some materials that do not originally have a good metal attribute to make items with permanent magic effects, as long as these items stay in Hogwarts’ Within the scope of influence… Within the scope of our school city, we don’t need to spend a lot of money to build any magic greenhouses. We can easily change the climate of a constant area to become a climate suitable for us to cultivate magic plants…”

The businessmen who have manufacturing workshops in the audience are no longer paying attention to the words introduced by Aaron. They estimate in their hearts that these magic items and quasi-magic items will be sold as soon as they appear, and even Hogwarts will soon face it. The problem of excess goods. If they are really so easy to make, the price of magic items will drop sharply, while the cost of traditional magic products – that is, the price of using more expensive materials and casting more complex magic constant spells should also drop. After all, it is at least It has helped save a lot of manpower…and only those who are out of the influence of the Mysera Core need this traditional item.

“Harris headmaster, this Miser energy nuclear function is so powerful. Is it easy to manufacture? Will you announce the function and production method of this Miser energy nuclear and popularize all wizards?” Driver’s old voice was full of excitement, although More often it was just like an old scholar, but as an academic wizard, he fully understood the meaning behind this energy core, so his hand holding parchment was still shaking.

“It’s a pity Mr. Driver, I think everyone can understand the meaning behind this. This is the Harris family’s trade secrets and its importance to Hogwarts…” Aaron smiled and confessed to his selfish considerations.

Driver was nodded with regret and understanding. He did not try to persuade the other party to disclose this knowledge like before trying to persuade the other party to disclose the magic Animagus. He fully knew the meaning of this Rare Item and the impact of the transformation of the animal. the same.

“But I am also a Ravenclaw, so out of respect for Ms. Ravenclaw’s pursuit of knowledge, I put it in the temple of the Lord of Knowledge, leaving this self-study for all those who intend to study it. The way…but I have to remind everyone that although the Miser Energy Core does not matter how effective it is, its materials are very expensive…but it is very dangerous if anyone comes into close contact with it.” Aaron deliberately changed his tone. He had to become more religious to his old friend. He looked at the wizards with greedy and jealous expressions, resisted the urge to laugh, and warned repeatedly, “Actually, once accidentally or out of What is the other purpose… When a living thing touches this energy core directly, it will be killed instantly… Anything, even a magic creation, will be dissociated immediately when it touches it, and the guards I arranged are around it. Those necromantic Knights or other undying creatures will be destroyed immediately if they encounter him… Even its maker, myself, cannot move its position after it is activated…” Hogwarts’ headmaster shrugged again, “So As long as everyone promises…after the event, your loved ones will not ask Hogwarts for damages, and this energy core welcomes any wizard to visit…but based on my personal experience, it is estimated that only the mysterious affairs department has been carried out for a long time. The silent people who study witchcraft can learn something from it.”

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