Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1103

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The wizards at the Hogwarts site, or the audience in front of the live TV, for any bystander who knows what is happening in the magic circle at this moment, the wizard city floating in the sky and the Miser core are dazzling The blue rays of light all carry a wonderful attraction and a certain disturbing fatal danger.

For the ruling class of other countries, whether it is the Ministry of Magic or the ancient pure-blood family, this kind of oppression is more intense and makes them more impatient, even the wizards who were indifferent to Britain magic circle and Harris now have to Face it… It can even be said that they felt the threat that Harris brought to them.

This is not only because the reform education teaches students some formidable power huge magic. For those Ancient families who still have inheritance, this is fatal to destroy their roots in the long run, but it won’t happen in a short time. Affects their rule; and Aaron flattened a mountain, this threat to people is more proof that his personal strength is stronger than they thought, that’s all; and even built a magic circle in a scale that can be called a city and The feat of raising it to the sky is more of an honor and political advantage to Harris, and it does not have much influence on the magic circle abroad.

And now Aaron has just and honorable just and honorable describing the role and influence of the Miser Energy Nucleus. There is no doubt that it will have an unprecedented positive impact on the wizards living in Hogwarts, but at the same time, it will also give those Wizards in other places of residence bring tremendous pressure, and it is easier for ordinary people to make magic items and plant potions, which are unremarkable changes. For those ruling classes, they panic and feel affected. A deadly threat.

Because as far as Hogwarts have this kind of energy core that can be connected to primordial magic power, magic creation will be very low cost because of the use of cheap materials and labor-saving quasi-magic Rare Item for their internal needs. There is no longer a problem of insufficient output.

For traditional magic creations, although the materials themselves are not at all changed due to the need to take out the range of influence of the energy core, it is easier to cast these difficult creation spells within the range of influence of the energy core, except for the reduction of working hours. In addition, because of the particularity of magic, the success rate of the spell can also be changed to save more time and material costs.

Because whether it is umbrellas or other family-controlled industries, the production methods are basically the situation of private workshops, and mass production of assembly lines like muggle cannot be carried out, so the production efficiency depends more on the personal ability and on-site performance of the wizard.

This is also why the competitiveness of the pure-blood family’s old workshops can easily surpass the later emerging workshops-even if it is not deliberately suppressed, in the wizard manufacturing industry that is not an emerging industry, these ancient families have been left from ancient times to the present. His experience and heritage helped their family survive.

So if it’s just Aaron Harris, or even how powerful the Harris family’s own wizards are and how they control the Ministry of Magic tyrannically abuse power in Britain, the pureblood’s sense of crisis towards Harris is only derived from Aaron’s educational reform of Hogwarts, and now , It’s just that Hogwarts has the Misser energy core. For the wizard’s manufacturing industry, many wizards who know much about muggle think of muggle’s industrial revolution. The advantage brought by this capacity will undoubtedly The magic circle of the whole world brings economic shock.

Some families in the magic plant business have already keenly realized that the Harris family might have known the situation a few years ago. They have been purchasing many precious magic from various magic circles in the past few years. Plant seeds, for these plants and potion merchants, did not feel threatened, because whether it is to build a corresponding greenhouse or hire more laboriously to use spell to maintain the climate of the medicine field, the increase in cost makes the umbrella In the face of their not at all competitiveness, umbrella companies threatened them more in potion because of the technical suppression of potions grandmasters—they didn’t know that the Arcane Garden in Harris Tower was better than Hogwarts’ Several greenhouses are much stronger.

Therefore, for other countries that do not master the technology of nuclear production, these great advantages obtained by Hogwarts are completely incapable of imitating them. Instead, Harris has shown a tough style of doing things in the past few years, and Aaron’s remarks just now From the hidden meaning, Harris does not shy away from doing so.

In addition, today Aaron Harris deliberately cut off the mountain peak on the live broadcast and then floated it back to fill the pothole. It also let these rulers know that he was demonstrating—plus the power of Britain magic circle and Hogwarts and the umbrella. No wizard country in the world can rely on its own military force threat to make Harris compromise.

“Harris headmaster, today’s events have opened my eyes.” Madam Maxime’s mind is not at all on manufacturing. She is still sighing for Floating Void City itself, “But I have to remind you that such a huge building stays In the air, if it is detected by the scientific equipment of the muggles…” Maxime said to Aaron and glanced at the chairman of the International Wizards Federation, “Do you have any means to shield it? Please tell us so that no one will happen. Misunderstanding, worry that this will expose the entire magic circle.”

“Oh, this is my negligence. Everyone knows that Hogwarts has always set a variety of protection spells to prevent muggle from approaching here; and because Hogwarts is full of strong magic energy, it has a strong impact on muggle and electronic equipment and equipment. These things don’t need to be dealt with by us at all, they will be automatically damaged due to the influence of magic power…” Aaron gratefully Madam Maxime nodded, and then calmly gave an answer, “And as everyone felt first, now The concentration of magic power in the whole school city has become higher due to the effect of the energy core… In addition, it is now easier to arrange a constant spell within this range, so the protection of the entire Hogwarts school city in this respect is actually better than before It’s a lot stronger. When the muggles see this, they will only treat it as a thick cloud.”

In fact, the president of the International Wizards Federation didn’t really have any intentions to compete on secrecy at this time. Unlike the headmaster of Beauxbatons, he fully understood the impact behind this. Anxiety and fear flocked to Babajid’s heart. He brace oneself, relying on the duties brought by his identity, said hoarsely: “Harris headmaster…now that you have invented and mastered this powerful force is the blessing of the Wizarding World…but I am really worried that the long-term peaceful magic circle situation, in After you know who makes it smoky…others will misunderstand it because they don’t understand these things, which will cause the world situation to become more tense…”

Aaron hearing this raised an eyebrow and turned slightly to Babajid with a surprised face, as if he didn’t understand why Babajid said that.

Seeing the other party’s calm expression, Babajid felt his heart jumped out, only that he was about to face an arduous and compelling burden. His heart was suddenly tired-Aaron Harris, a cunning bastard, No matter what he does, there is always his purpose behind him, and he hasn’t had any birthday since he became the president of the wizard federation.

Seeing that Aaron did not intend to make any response, Babajid brace oneself made a request: “Harris headmaster, I ask you to help the stability and peace of the Wizarding World. If you can impart these knowledge…then the overall magic circle It will usher in an era of great development. This should be in line with Harris headmaster’s statement on reforming education. I think the magic circle of every country in the world is more willing to make more compromises and support.”

“Support my educational reform? President Babajid, regardless of you personally, just open today’s newspapers and magazines. I think there should be a lot of accusations on this matter, thinking that I should not teach these dangerous magic. To the students…” Aaron chuckled, “I became a headmaster, built the school city, and now I have raised it to the sky… I don’t think I need much support…”

Babajid looked at Aaron and did not argue. He was sighed and his expression made up his mind: “Harris headmaster, if you are willing to do so, depending on your contribution to the Wizarding World, I am very happy to step down as president in advance and support you. As the new president of the International Wizards Federation…I originally took office temporarily because of some misunderstandings, and your ability is beyond doubt. I think this can help the world’s magic circle develop better.”

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