Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1104

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Vagado representative Froom heard Babajid say this, and he couldn’t believe his ears. He swallowed 2 mouthfuls, as if his throat was dry, and couldn’t care about etiquette anxiously and fearfully: “President Babajid, it’s not long since you just assumed the position of president… Don’t get excited…”

“This is my decision. It’s all for the sake of the overall situation. Don’t worry about it.” Babajid yelled at the Vagadu wizard in annoyance, for fear that this guy who had lost Vagadou would say anything degrading, Babajid De has a deeper understanding of his current position and is bored. Once he felt so honored for this position, how eagerly he wants to leave now-this position is because of the wizard in front of him. The situation was different a year ago. If you continue to stay, it is undoubtedly like sitting on a living volcanic crater that may erupt at any time.

As a senior in Vagadou, he naturally knows how much effort Vagadou and the African Magic Circle have put in to get Babajid to get the post of president after Dumbledore’s dismissal. He is impossible to let Babajid just like this. The president who gets it will let him.

Frum was in a hurry, he quickly stepped forward a few steps, and grabbed Totti on the opponent, “President Babajid, consider it carefully.”

Babajid didn’t care about him, but continued to look at Aaron-but the other party obviously didn’t care about him either, because the tall and cold-eyed female Auror came to Aaron’s side and began to whisper to Aaron.

Until a little while.

“Sorry, President Babajid…but I’m not at all planning to devote myself to politics completely, so I don’t have the terrorism of this position at all…” Aaron came back to his senses casually shook his head, and then tried to speak without looking. Babajid turned his gaze to the Vagadou representative who just looked sighed in relief. “I just heard Miss Clearwater told me that Vagadou magic house is also studying Animagus transformation in a similar way… It seems that the path we have found is different routes to the same destination, and we have found the right direction…Although it seems that there have been some misunderstandings, the two of us are essentially pursuing the development of transfiguration. Hogwarts is very I am willing to have a deeper cooperation with Vagado in the future to further develop Animagus and transfiguration…”

Froome glanced awkwardly to one side, hesitated and couldn’t say anything. Now he even himself, after seeing the other side cutting off the mountain and rising the city, completely agrees with the research spell of Aaron Harris and Hogwarts. The strength above is far superior to other magic circles. He already feels that his previous protest behavior is almost like a clown now.

“I also heard that the misunderstanding caused some unhappiness on both sides just now, just like my declaration shouldn’t classify our wizards by bloodline… This kind of unhappiness shouldn’t have happened.” Aaron’s tone was very friendly, and he suddenly faced him. He said brightly, “By the way, I heard that the wizard on the African side can avoid wand use spell by hand gestures…I will teach this skill in Hogwarts later, even if it is one of our friendly cooperation, Well, you know that our European wandless skills are very slow and difficult to learn, and the skills I personally master are generally difficult for wizards to learn…”

Many wizards on the field clapped their hands, because no one thinks that Aaron really thinks that the African gesture of use spell is of great use.

The European wandless technique has a slow progress in practicing a spell and a spell, but after learning it, it can greatly increase the speed of use spell, and like professor-level masters, the formidable power of their spells will also be compared with when using wand. Not much inferior; and the African wandless technique is more of using complex gestures to complete the assistance that wand can be completed very quickly. The same spell uses this gesture technique to use spell to slow down a lot-this is also a tile The reason why Jiadu wizard introduced European technology and started using wand a century ago.

And now compared to the previous Vagadu representative who aggressively poured dirty water on Hogwarts, slandering Aaron Harris’s little-fashioned appearance, now Harris headmaster actively gives them the dignity under the steps—at least academically. Aaron Harris showed the characteristics of a Ravenclaw without being overbearing as usual.

Seeing that Aaron’s attitude is so friendly, Baba Jind, who was disappointed, did not give up the idea of ​​continuing to persuade: “Harris headmaster, if you have other ideas and requirements…”

“Baba Jinde, you are not really bad…but please don’t get me wrong. As long as you don’t host Hogwarts and can face its development…I will be happy to let the two parties communicate,” said, Aaron’s hand under the magic robe touched himself On the omniscience mark on the arm, the voice became louder, “I noticed… I noticed a lot of wizards who just caught up from below. Many people are curious about the dock-like ones on the lower shell of Hogwarts Floating Void City. What are the functions of the facilities and the excavated caves…”

There was a very loud and weird sound from the clouds in the distance. It was a suppressed rumbling, and it was growing more and more.

The wizards looked up to the distance in the sky, in the air where there was nothing, appeared out of thin air, a cloud of black mist appeared, and in an instant, dozens of clouds burst out of it. There are 3 types of black ships with different sizes and looks, from large to small.

These ships teleported to in the sky as if they passed the Disapparation, and appeared in the vision of the wizards. (Author’s note: You can refer to the teleportation method used by the magic ship that captured Heart Demon in the Bode’s Gate 3 trailer. Most of the following ship types also refer to the same expansion setting “magic ship battle setting set” used in this game Some information in.)

Before the black mist on the body of the largest giant magic ship was completely dispersed, it drove towards the duel, revealing the prow of the three-eyed raven with its wings spread out and flying high. The shadows caused by these giant ships were enveloped On the ground below, when the black fog dissipated, people found that it was more like a traditional muggle sailing battleship on the bow, with three main masts and three inner decks. The places where the muggles had artillery were just left empty. However, various dragons with their heads inlaid for protection flew out from the deck. They followed the giant ship as if escorting it.

The medium-sized ship looks like a giant squid. It has two main masts. The two fins on the top of the squid’s head become its stern sail. The tentacle inner circle of the squid is straight and smooth. The bow of the ship protruding like a squid’s mouth turned into a device like a collision angle, and the surrounding tentacles were activated with spells, so that they could wriggle in 2 places like a real giant squid, with a straight body and good mobility. Sexually leads it to become the fastest of these types of ships.

The final specification is the smallest and the largest. Its spiral shells and some luxurious decorations make it seem to provide passengers with sufficient protection and a very comfortable confined space. Although their flight speed is not as fast as the squid ship, it is very smooth.

The sky is instantly obscured by densely packed spaceships of different sizes that appear out of thin air. They fly over the duel field of Hogwarts like hiding the sky and covering the earth, advancing like a wild beast, a huge spaceship team. The grandiose, the majestic imposing manner is breathtaking and breathtaking.

This made the sky seem densely packed, and the scalp numb wizards’ noises and exclamations came from the stands of the duel field.

“Please don’t panic, gentlemen and ladies…this is just a supporting facility of Floating Void City.” The voice of the owner of Hogwarts soothed the important task. “Those docks you see are prepared for these floating ships, and you are from The caves on the underground part of the Floating Void City seen from the ground are the caves for the Dragons to live in more in line with their preferences. The reason why the underground area of ​​the Hogwarts School City takes up a general area is also because of the planning of the entire School City. I not at all. Satisfied with the surface, the underground facilities that have not been completed will be connected to the underground passages of these piers and the dragon cave…”

“Ravenclaw’s long hair! There are as many ships as Ms. Knowledge’s hair! Harris headmaster really knew that his school could go to heaven early on…”

“Profane! Whoever has such a little hair is not a bald man?! Do you dare to frame Goddess as a bald man?!”

“Er, a flying grandmother, mother-in-law 4, eh… we had these ships back then and would definitely defeat Harold and the illegal child William…”

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