Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1105

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It is nothing new for the wizard to let the ship have a teleportation function. The Durmstrang ship in the Goblet of Fire period also used this method to enter the Black Lake from the open sea without any estuary, and now it can let the mountains and the city in the sky. It’s not too surprising that the floating Aaron gets some ships larger than the wizard cars, but the sudden fleet number surprised the wizards who are not used to the big scene until now due to population problems.

“No wonder the master is going to leave the drawings of the Durmstrang ship…” Karkaroff raised his thin chin and thought inwardly, “Building so many ships… Does the owner really plan to hit the market in other countries?”

“In this comparison, those cars are so much inferior…” Ron looked at the Nautilus-shaped boats with enthusiasm. “I don’t know if father participated in the research.”

“This is the wizard’s stuff and it is not combined with muggle. Father definitely didn’t participate. Don’t expect to send you another one…” Ginny saw through Ron’s expectation and hit him, but then he thought of his boyfriend and brother about to graduate. “But if there is one, it’s good to go on a graduation trip… But flying carpets are banned from going to the sky in many countries, and these ships are bigger.”

“Aaron must have set up the anti-muggle mode…but…ah” Harry closed his eyes while standing in the stands and shook his head. He felt the hot pain from the scar on his forehead, and covered his 2 hands. On his face… he heard a sound coming from his mouth. It was a sharp, cold voice, without any human kindness. “Don’t be stupid to make me talk nonsense…” Harry immediately saw A long, white hand gripped a wand tightly and raised it at the end of his arm. He heard the sharp, cold voice from you know who said: “Other people come with me.”

“Harry? You know who went to rob again?” Ginny seemed not surprised at Harry’s state.

“Those sailors on the boat…”

When the spaceship approached, the wizards found that countless red rays of light kept shining, as if there were 100 or 1000 stars. That was the rays of light emitted by the Soul Fire in the eye sockets of undying creatures. The ship is full of skeletons with creaking skeletons that are almost white, acting as sailors, and those dementors are floating on the side of the sails to control them, and several Mr. Handy Golems exchange the tools on their tentacles to borrow The spell stored above is playing magic… These guys who let people have one’s hair stand on end act as sailors of the magic ship.

“Everyone, what you see in front of your eyes is the new vehicle of the umbrella. These magic ships have the ability to disapparation…Although they are different from the wizard themselves, they cannot be used continuously for a short time… But the cabins are all arranged very stable. The non-marking expansion curse so the carrying capacity is still very good…” Aaron’s explanation sounded, “In addition, as you can see, the operation of these hulls is very simple, unlike the wizard car or broomstick, these undying creatures or undying creatures without much wisdom. Constructs can easily control them as a crew member.”

“Aaron!” With a little hoarse female voice, Auror Penelope, the woman next to Aaron interrupted Aaron’s explanation, and began to whisper to him again.

However, Aaron’s explanation just now was enough to cause a commotion among the wizards again today. Reminiscent of what Aaron said before about cultivating magic plants in Floating Void City. If Hogwarts uses these undying creatures and golems to grow them, they don’t know. Tired, no need to rest, no need to eat… This saves a lot of wizard manpower, so the cost of growing Hogwarts is even lower.

The only flaw is that after entering the modern society, many magic circles have avoided using these dark creatures too much, so as not to have a bad impact on their reputation, and they have always retained the use of Dementor’s Britain and in the last semester. Aaron, who started teaching the necromantic spells to the students, obviously won’t take much care of it, except that he won’t kill muggle directly in order to create Inferius like you know who did.

After Penelope whispered to Aaron, Aaron nodded to Penelope. Penelope lowered her head and whispered to the collar badge on her uniform. Standing at the student entrance of the duel, the guard of the red umbrella was facing the 2 The boss saluted from a distance and then turned and waved.

Yes Yes Yes

There was a sound of horseshoes in the student passage of the duel, and the sound became louder and louder. Before people paid attention to these noises, this large group of Centaur, who looked at go with and had different styles of fully armed, rushed in.

A Centaur, described as majestic and strong, walked forward with a powerful step. The powerful horse’s body glowed like a maroon, and the noble head was raised unhurriedly, while the majestic Centaur of different colors followed behind him. They were dragging something that could only vaguely see some human shapes—Marcus · Flint could no longer be called out because of the abrasions and plant mud caused by the long-distance dragging.

“I am Matilda, the head of the Hogwarts Forbidden Forest Centaur tribe.”

Centaur’s extremely calm and dignified self-introduction sounded throughout the arena. The wizards looked at the Centaur, who was full of kingly style, curiously. Some wizards who had heard the recent gossip looked at these Centaur from a distance in the stands. With the armor and weapons in their hands, many people began to wonder whether these Centaurs would protest to Aaron Harris because of the great changes in Hogwarts today.

“This wizard named Marcus Flint broke into my group many times in the past few months, trying to incite our Centaur to express to the wizards our dissatisfaction with the expansion of Hogwarts.” Matilda pointed to the ground with the long spear in her hand. Marcus, “And just now, this wizard made it clear that he wanted to try to make us Centaur use military force to wreak havoc in Hogwarts. This process has been recorded by clansman Firenze of our tribe using your wizard’s tools. Now Centaur will hand him and related evidence to your wizard for disposal.”

This unexpected result surprised many wizards, but just before they came in a hurry and reacted more, the Centaur chief’s actions were even more startled.

Chief Centaur placed his lance on his hands and held it flat, then raised it to Aaron and lowered his head. Under his leadership, the other Centaur also made the same movements behind him.

“Goddess is on, Sun, Moon and Stars testified. As the leader of the Hogwarts Centaur tribe, I now solemnly announce that our Centaur tribe will formally show its loyalty to the Owner Aaron Harris headmaster of Hogwarts. We will completely obey your arrangements. And orders.”

At the time of the Centaur’s allegiance, the European southeast part of the Baltic dry peninsula southeast part of the Bulgarian capital Sofia, in a large mansion.

Large tracts of purple lavender grow vigorously under the action of magic. Surrounded by lavender and vineyards, it is also the most spacious and magnificent building within a few miles. Those huge and smooth stone bricks, stately four-poster porches with round arches, geometric ceiling decorations and richly painted walls all silently demonstrate the ancient and wealth of this family.

In the living room at the center of the manor, there is a fountain embedded in the wall. The rich fragrance of rose water is sprayed from it. The sun shines on it through the window lattice, reflecting a little rays of light, which is very romantic. At this time, the members of this family are sitting in front of the magic TV in the spacious living room. It is Hogwarts’ live broadcast on the TV.

“About Harris today’s…’feat’…tell us your views.” Gloomy, a 70-year-old wizard asked with a face, he was strong, sitting firmly on the leather sofa in the middle like a mountain. , His fingers are covered with dazzling jewelry.

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