Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1106

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In the living room of this mansion, there are seven core members of the Monte family, most of whom are middle age persons. There is only one young wizard, probably only sixteen-seventeen years old.

But facing the problem of patriarch, no one dared to speak out for a while.

“Gerry Igor, as a family heir, I want to hear your thoughts.” Rutherf Monte suddenly said to the young wizard by name.

“I…” Gerry Igor Monte was speechless for a while, and saw the appearance of the young wizard who had put his hand on the wooden bed beside him, and squatted down to watch him calmly, appeared on the TV again for so many years. , I don’t know how many times this scene appeared in my dreams. If that time waiting for me was not the Binding Curse, but the killing curse…

A middle-aged wizard in his 50s with a self-proclaimed style out of the ordinary reminded: “Gerry Igor, patriarch is asking you something, please don’t be distracted…”

“Ah sorry! Uncle Franz!” Gerry Igor slammed a shivered, and he quickly timidly organized the language, “Aaron Harris drove away Dumbledore, defeated the Dark Lord, and now he is alone. A city can rise…” Seeing the increasingly gloomy face of patriarch Rutherf Monte, he changed his tone cautiously and probed, “Maybe we face such a powerful wizard, we should not adopt a positive confrontational attitude… We should be right. …Compromise, at least to make some compromises on the surface, so that the other party will not target us?”

“Patriarch, I have a different opinion. We can never compromise with Harris. Although no country can stand against Britain on its own right now, I think these things about Hogwarts today have counterproductive effects for them!” Just reminded Gerry. Igor’s Franz immediately retorted, “It’s not ruled out that some people will be scared by Harris, but now it’s different. Many countries must have felt the sense of threat we have received in recent years… If we take the initiative to contact them and jointly impose sanctions. Pressure, I think there is still a chance for Harris to compromise. No matter how strong he is, he can’t fight so many magic circles.”

“That’s right! There is no need for us to directly compromise to the enemy Harris in this way. The appeasement policy is not in the interest of the Monte family.”

“There are many countries and forces whose interests are affected. It is not just our family who opposes Harris. As long as we unite and integrate the forces of other countries, we don’t have to fear Harris at all.”

“We have been operating in Bulgaria for many years, and Harris has no power or strength here. Our business is also in Bulgaria and has nothing to do with Britain. There is no need to sacrifice the family’s interests and bow to Harris to please.”

For a while, the core members of the entire living room became active, echoing Franz’s opinion against Heir’s opinion.

Gerry Igor can only shrink into his seat in fear and stop talking, just listening to the views of these family members silently, but he understands Franz’s thoughts in his heart. His son Novak is the ex-heir very good. But when he attacked Aaron Harris, he was counter-killed by the other party, and Aaron almost provoke them unscrupulously. So after he was claimed as his successor, he has been upset and likes to take the lead in picking up his own faults. It is also a family. The most determined anti-Harris leader within.

Franz did think of his son who was killed by Aaron. This wizard, who was still in middle age but half-white hair, lowered his head and red eyes. He squeezed his hands under the wizard’s robe and looked again. Gerry Igor glanced at Gerry Igor and felt even more distracting: “Gerry Igor, don’t bring your father Carson’s survival in Durmstrang to our Conference Hall…you can’t be so timid here, you should…”

“Enough Franz! Now the heir of the Monte family is Gerry Igor! Novak has embraced magic!” Rutherf Monte let out a violent rage, looking at the white-haired son in front of him and thinking of his great grandson. Sighed began to speak, “Novak is dead, you elders should take the lead in accepting this fact instead of confronting him. The current heir is Gerry Igor, and your duty is to teach him well.”

“Sorry, father…” Franz lowered his head and dared not speak, but he still felt that the nephew in front of him was scared by Harris, just like his Deputy Headmistress father Carson Monte, who only dared to live in Durmstrang and didn’t dare to do anything. He was so brave that he didn’t dare to do anything, and became a waste. Compared with his son Novak Carl Monte, he was far behind.

“Gerry, Igor, don’t worry… your uncles just lost their eyes because of hatred and wealth, but I think the appeasement policy is indeed not in the interests of the Monte family, and I don’t think that after so many years of confrontation, Harris will easily accept our compromise…” Rutherf said comfortingly to Gerry Igor, then looked at those middle age persons, “But now, continue to adopt a resolute confrontational attitude. Do you want the Monte family to be extinct? Are you still so unconscious when you are old? Although Harris can’t fight the whole world, it’s easy to find a few thorns to avenge them before compromise, and when the time comes, we count the old and new hatred together as our Monte family. Their best goal! I remember that I taught you not to treat everyone as a whole and forget it all? Even if our family is not united enough, we can’t be united. Do you still count on the countries you contact when the time Comes, after getting compromised by Harris, is willing to come forward for us?”

The Conference Hall of the Monte family became silent under the reprimand of the Old Patriarch. Only Franz opened up cautiously because of the hatred in his heart and asked: “father… please forgive us for being blunt, but what do you mean?”

“Franz, your younger sister’s plan to persuade her husband to unite with our friendly country and jointly ban Harris TV cannot be stopped. This new type of media, at least within Bulgaria, must be in our own hands. This new thing is comparable to that of magazines and newspapers. The influence is large, and if you control it, you have the mouthpiece…” Rutherf looked gloomy, “Your plan to contact other countries to fight Harris together can also be carried out, but we are not really to continue to fight Harris, we just have to Show off your own strength, that is, let Harris know our abilities, but not let the other party put all their energy on us…when the time comes, we will contact Harris privately and throw an olive branch. We strive for the best interests.”

Franz was not reconciled when he was surprised by the father’s plan: “Father! But if we sell our own united other countries this time…”

Rutherf continued to scold his son: “Idiot! As long as Aaron Harris is here, Harris will be fundamentally invincible. Don’t forget, although I still can’t believe it completely, but his family is probably still With the blessing of a True God, other countries can really fight against them when they unite, but I can’t see the slightest benefit and real chance of winning from this kind of confrontation.”

Franz was also not convinced: “But father, Harris’ style is also very tough! I don’t think they will easily accept our surrender that has always troubled them.”

“When the time comes Harris gives them whatever they want, whether it’s our property in Bulgaria or the land, or even letting your younger sister and brother-in-law cooperate with them in the Ministry of Magic.” Russef said with a serious face. “And the Eye of Vicner, when the time comes, send it to Aaron Harris!”

Hearing this, the middle-aged wizards in the Conference Hall were shocked: “How can this work! This is our house…”

“Shut up!” Franz’s eyes lit up, and he said excitedly, “Father, you mean to deal with Aaron Harris like our ancestor Harfon dealt with Durmstrang founder Nerida Vocanova?”

“I’m very disappointed in you Franz, that’s why I won’t hand over the family to you. You are blinded by hatred… Since this kind of confrontation is no longer good, we should think about turning it into good.” Rutherf looked at his son with disapproval in his eyes, “This thing has been in our family for nearly 1000 years. It will not do us any good except killing generations of elites. Since we want to compromise and reconcile, we should show our sincerity. When the time comes, you must explain the danger-Aaron Harris went back to the past, no matter whether the Goddess is True God or fake, but at least it is a founder who really came from ancient times. Divine Item’s understanding is not much worse than that of you and me. It’s so stupid to offend people to death by giving gifts…”


Accompanied by a loud bang out of thin air, the current patriarch Rutherf Monte of the Monte family sitting on the sofa was suddenly blown into a mass of blood mist, splashing flesh and blood…

Franz, who was said to be unable to raise his head, hasn’t seen what’s going on. The expression on his face is still in the gloomy state of loss when he speaks… The other people talking in the living room have not been relieved, but their family After patriarch was blown up, the minced meat and internal organs splashed with blood all over the Conference Hall.

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