Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1107

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Franz tore off the half of the broken intestine that splashed on his shoulder with a panic expression. He touched his face with his hand and felt the sticky feeling of blood and visceral fuse together on his hand and face. He was the first to react. Regardless of feeling sad for father, he drew out his wand and shouted: “Enemy attack.”

The other middle-aged Montes also took out their wands to do a warning, but now those guards and servants in the family did not make a sound, and they were touched to the Conference Hall. Everyone realized that the situation was not good. They noticed that the door of the Conference Hall had no idea when it was opened.

Gerry Igor Monte, the youngest person present, felt that his whole body was full of a strong smell of blood, and he felt as uncomfortable as his stomach turned over. He began to cry and then began to retching—tears Snot, together with the internal organs and blood splashing on his face It became a ball…

Yes Yes Yes

The sound of heavy leather boots hitting the floor echoed in the corridor outside, and the sound of heavy heels hitting the floor sounded particularly loud at this time, as if it was hitting a person’s heart.

The heavy footsteps are getting closer, the great fear, like a big mountain, a tall and thin bald wizard like a white skeleton walks in, the pale face of a dead man is weirdly twisted, no nose bridge The white eyes on his nose are blood-filled, and he is wearing a black magic robe. On his feet is a pair of dark thick-soled dragon leather boots-it is the sound made by these boots that presses everyone’s hearts It’s about to burst.

And as he entered, the Conference Hall area shuddered, and more Death Eater silhouettes appeared behind the door. A middle-aged wizard by the stove put the cloak on his body and woven invisible beast hair from his body. He came down, revealing his long, well-groomed, shallow golden hair, making him look like a white peacock-judging from the effect of this invisible cloak, it’s still new enough, and it’s not used at all. This is a sign of becoming opaque.

“Master! These guys just talked about the Eye of Vicner!” Lucius Malfoy said excitedly.

“So, Lucius, what are you waiting for?”

At this time, at the home of wand master Gregorovitch in Germany.

Several thousand long and narrow cartons almost reaching the ceiling occupy most of the room. In front of these cartons, a gray-haired Gregorovitch is in front of his wand production table, reading a copy of Letters passed by.

In another relatively empty part of the room, there are long tables and benches, facing a TV suspended in midair. Dumbledore is wearing a purple magic robe dotted with golden stars, sitting at the end of the long table. Standing on the long table with his hands together, he watched the Hogwarts Floating Void City live on TV with the members of Order of the Phoenix with a serious expression.

The scene of Aaron accepting Hogwarts Centaur’s allegiance is being broadcast live on TV, and now this wand workshop is silent except for the rubbing sound of the wand making master and the sound on the TV-Aaron floats Hogwarts in the air with strength of oneself and that The Miser energy nucleus flashing with dangerous and charming blue rays of light completely shocked the Order of the Phoenix.

After Mad-Eye Moody came back to his senses completely and dryly, he suddenly felt very uncomfortable in his heart when he saw other people’s shock and silence, so he broke the stagnant atmosphere in the room like a vent “This kid Harris is showing off… He has specially organized some international Animagus conference, in fact, he wants to show off his strength… But even the large flying carpet is nothing great… It’s the Centaur who used to be so arrogant and willing to be Harris. Working hard makes me completely didn’t expect.”

“Alastor, don’t be blinded by prejudice.” Lupin hearing this put his eyes back on mad-eye Han, and said softly, “This is very helpful for ordinary wizards…the magic circle is developed and prices are lowered. It will also promote other researches…Alastor, you don’t understand that for the marginal intelligent races of the impoverished magic circle, lower prices mean that their lives will be greatly improved…and those Centaur’s refuge, Regardless of whether these wizards are voluntary or not, Hogwarts can rely on its own power to make Britain wizards begin to accept them in this way, and it will also change to improve the situation of these creatures in other countries.”

“Remus, what you said is really reasonable, but what we are more worried about now is… the price drop caused by this sudden magic technological innovation… This will mess up the economies of the magic circle of various countries…” Kingsley said in one ear. The golden earrings shook as he spoke, and his deep and slow voice was full of worry at the moment, “After declaring war on the pure-blood families in education, Harris is starting to start economically… What are these radical actions of Aaron Harris? What do you want to do? This will undoubtedly cause other countries to become more hostile to Britain after the International Wizards Federation meeting… but Harris seems to be deliberately happy to see this…”

“Pay attention to the scale of Hogwarts.” Lupin continued, “I think you have made things complicated, pay attention to the current scale of Hogwarts… I think Aaron seems to want to use this Divine Item to attract more wizards to Hogwarts. Living nearby…Since he has expanded such a large school city, the population of Britain magic circle is not enough to fill it. You know Aaron’s style. He did this to attract wizards from foreign magic circle to live in.”

“But the magic circle in other countries will probably not be happy because of this.” said a middle-aged witch with black hair and pink cheeks. “This threat will cause other countries to become more hostile to Britain. In that case, internationally Socially, we will be as isolated as our British muggle compatriots, but they are chosen by themselves and we are forced.”

“Hacega, you’re right!” Moody hearing this somewhat impatient turned his head and shouted, “Dumbledore! Can’t we stop Harris’s mischief?”

“Don’t be impulsive about Alastor!” Kingsley glanced at Dumbledore who was silent, and then sighed then said persuaded, “We have no reason to stop…no reason, and no authority. We can’t just because Aaron invented a great magic invention. Come out to oppose… The last action of transferring Harry has forced us Order of the Phoenix to leave Britain. If we jump out with this kind of worry at this time… This will put our Order of the Phoenix at a very disadvantage. Situation…”

“This is what I am more worried about. Since the last time the President of the International Wizards Federation apologized, many young wizards in Britain Magic Circle seem to have begun to have extreme doctrine…including my old Auror partners. At this point of being a member of Britain magic circle, many people seem to have an unfathomable mystery superiority… which is not a good thing.”

“Sirius is somewhat of this tendency…” Lupin said, holding his forehead, “Or he had it when he was a child, but he has recently started to behave…Today Hogwarts has ascended to the sky, so I must think more of this.”

Dumbledore played with his wand with his hands, letting the tip touch his crooked nose, his mouth was slightly opened, frowns, and through crescent-shaped glasses looked towards the live broadcast on TV: “Remus…”

“Albus?” Lupin looked towards Dumbledore with some confusion.

“Remus, please tell me if it’s convenient… Do you know what the relationship between Ms. Gray and Aaron normally is?” Seeing Lupin’s somewhat incomprehensible look, he asked further, “I noticed that Ms. Gray is also with you. Appeared at his wedding, it seems that I have lived in Aaron’s house during these holidays?”

“This…it seems to be…” Dumbledore’s question surprised Lupin. It was a bit difficult to answer. He explained helplessly, “Sorry, Dumbledore. Normally, I didn’t pay attention to this aspect… Or I would look for Dora. Ask, she normally spends more time in contact with the Harris family.” Feeling that what she said might disappoint Dumbledore, Lupin quickly added, “But Ms. Gray seems to be that crazy girl during the holidays.. Uh, I mean Lovegood’s house. I remember when Nifa went to see the wedding dress and talked about… Albus, did you ask about this?”

“It’s nothing Remus, it just felt a little weird when I suddenly remembered.” Dumbledore expression shook his head to Lupin easily, and then he put away the wand he had been playing with in his hand, and started to pick up a piece of German butterfly shortbread and chew in his mouth, “Pretzel I am not used to eating salty snacks…”


Gregorovitch walked over from the wand production station not far away. He interrupted the discussion between the Order of the Phoenix and Dumbledore, “I have observed these days that the wand in your hands does not seem to be easy? As you are far away Working hard to protect my reward… Let me tailor a new wand that suits you, right?”

Dumbledore hearing this froze for a moment, and then his signature mischievous smile appeared on his face: “It’s a youngster, little boy, your eyesight is good… My previous wand is lost, so I just found one. Use it flexibly.”

“Little boy?! How much are you at worst than me! When we come together, others may think you are much younger than me!” Gregorovitch, with white hair and stubble, said, finally afterwards, “I will never understand The “humor” of you British people! I know you can not rely on wand use spell, but there is a handy one that can at least make you, an old man, easier in battle.”

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