Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1108

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On the wand production table, the silver tape on the black background flicked at Gregorovitch’s fingertips. The tape automatically stretched out and flew around Dumbledore. Gregorovitch wrote down the corresponding data on the pitchment.

“Dumbledore, since the last time you helped me repel that person’s Death Eater, Germany seems to be quite peaceful… Do you think they will come to me again?” After a rustle, Quill’s wand producer was temporarily put away He asked, “These thugs seem to have robbed the wealth of several pure-blood families abroad…you know who are they driven in a hurry? I don’t think they will find much in the ancestral homes of those families… They should go to Gringotts.”

Dumbledore opened his arms and asked the tape measure to measure his arm length. “Tom is very anxious. He found that he has an opponent that he can’t beat at all, but he doesn’t want to admit it and is not reconciled. So he is more important than seeking wealth and trying to recruit troops. It’s trying to strengthen your own abilities, so you are not safe here until you know who determines the whereabouts of Elder Wand.”

“Speaking of the whereabouts of Elder Wand… this is the most ignorant, calm and cruel wand… He keeps tempting his master to fight, but he is not always loyal to a certain person. It has no permanent master, and Will continue to cause fighting…” Gregorovitch drew closer to Dumbledore, “Now it will also lose its trace from your hands, which confirms this statement… Dumbledore, please forgive me, I am really curious… Dumbledore, who in the world can You took Elder Wand from your hands?” Gregorovitch quietly looked at Dumbledore’s expression, “Is it Aaron Harris?”

“Oh? Why do you think it is him?” Dumbledore’s expression looked surprised. “Gregorovitch, why do you think it is him?”

“You know who wants to find me to find out about Elder Wand, then he naturally doesn’t know that Elder Wand was in your hands… and you have lost it… Then the great wizard in the world, only Aaron Harris is possible Gregorovitch pulled out a brand new parchment with some rough slender fingers, “and you have lost it now…then you will be the three most powerful wizards in the world…” Gregorovitch looked at Dumbledore’s expression, “but , From your expression, it seems that it’s not him? Is it… was stolen? It’s a pity that Elder Wand has to be defeated to change hands. If he doesn’t know this, it seems that he will have to wait for decades. You can only use its formidable power until you meet Merlin.”

Dumbledore sighed: “Elder Wand was taken away by two wizards disguised as Death Eaters when I happened to be poisoned…when I was unable to resist, but the other party put the wand in my hand and used it again. Expelliarmus …So unfortunately, the other party seems to fully understand the secrets.”

“It’s probably a pureblood with a little background… at least it should be a half-blood… Muggle doesn’t know this.” Gregorovitch nodded, “Then, Dumbledore, do you think it will be Aaron Harris?”

“To be honest, I have doubted… Since those two people are posing as Death Eaters, they didn’t take the opportunity to kill to the last one… If the whole thing is a trap, it is indeed Aaron’s style and his to me. Attitude…but Gregorovitch, I think you should have noticed on TV that he has completely gotten rid of his dependence on wand…” Dumbledore shook his head, “You seem to be extra interested in him today?”

“The umbrella company just sent me an invitation letter, inviting me to live and open a shop in Floating Void City.” Gregorovitch pointed to the letter he had received before, “I want to learn more about him from your mouth.”

“Oh? I also invited you…” Dumbledore frowned and pondered for a moment. “If you are willing to go to Hogwarts, your safety is certainly not a problem, but what do you think now?”

“I haven’t thought much about security issues…but Dumbledore, I’m older…” Gregorovitch squeezed a bitter smile. “It’s a bit hard to make a wand for a lifetime. I just noticed the auxiliary function of the energy core…it seems Can help me continue my career.”

“Looking at it this way, it is indeed a good thing… Durmstrang students at worst travel to Floating Void City during the holidays to find you to buy wands… Ollivander will also be very happy to have a colleague compete with him in close quarters.” Dumbledore Hearing this understood the other party’s thoughts and blessings, “speaking of which, he recently learned from Aaron and started using metal to make wands.”

“That’s why I want to see in the past…” Gregorovitch replied excitedly, discovering that Dumbledore was turning his head and seemed to have a keen interest in the wand of a row of cabinets. Gregorovitch, who knew that the other party was reluctant to say more, turned and pulled one away. On the door of the cabinet, the wand producer pulled out a large box, which contained a variety of woods with labels. He picked out 3 woods and pulled them out.

“Ollivander is obsessed with the’wand choose wizard’, but I am not like that…Most mediocre or young wizards who have just enrolled in my box choose those in my box, which is irrelevant… For a wizard with innate talent like you, I think tailor-made wizards can give you more play. The potential of… I remember that you have a phoenix. Use the tail feathers of the magical creature that is closely related to you for the core.” Gregorovitch directed a basin to float over with the wand. He pointed to the soap on the side of the basin. Before these 3 pieces of wood, Dumbledore, you have to wash your hands, you just ate too many pastries with your hands while watching TV…”

Back at the Monte family mansion, Voldemort’s heavy leather boots stepped on the scarlet red viscous liquid on the ground, and the splashed blood slipped from his leather boots.

In the room, the flowing blood slowly solidified and began to turn black, only the tangy smell of blood spread continuously, and the cold si si sound rang. Behind Voldemort, Nagini’s wavy body, bypassing those horizontal and vertical. 7’s corpse left a winding, wide blood trail on the floor. Judging from the human figure in its belly, it has already had a full meal.

Heir Gerry Igor Monte of Monte is not like his elder relatives who died in this Conference Hall. He is still alive intact and curled up in the corner, trembling staring at the Dark Lord in front of him. The closer.

Voldemort’s snake-like terrifying pale face carries a gloomy distorted smile, and his pupils are like a slit scarlet red. The eyes meet the young man lying on the ground like mud, and his slender palm holds a soft cushion. After holding it, the withered human eye was covered by a glass cover engraved with intricate magic text.

“Very well, dear Gerry Igor, you are not lying… I see the truth is looking at me from your worthless head… This is indeed the eye of Vicner I was looking for.” Voldemort possessed and used it. A side-faced, seemingly uneven head approached the boy on the ground, “You know the truth of current affairs better than your stupid relatives…”

“The most…most noble Dark Lord, please spare my life…I…I still have use. Most of the Monte family wealth is in Gringotts. As the only heir, I can take them out.” Gerry Igor Frightened, with a hint of hope in his heart, now that the Dark Lord has found what he wants, he may be able to let him go-he now wants to return to Durmstrang and the protection of his father.

Voldemort’s cold eyes rolled a few times on Gerry Igor’s face: “Lucius?”

“Master, the wealth we grabbed recently is not enough for the time being… If we want to rebuild our power, I think we can choose a better target…” Lucius bowed his head and walked forward quickly, cold gray blue eyes looking down without emotion. Gerry Igor, who was paralyzed on the ground, said, “The Goblins of Gringotts are very smart. Although the boy in front of him is indeed qualified to inherit the wealth of their family, he can’t get any gold before he proves that his elders really died… Master, we don’t need to delay this…”

Gerry Igor was so scared that he couldn’t even yell for mercy, but after Lucius finished speaking, there was no movement. He raised his head slightly and looked sideways at Voldemort, trying to see his attitude from the master’s expression, but saw him. The cold mouth has stopped moving, his slender fingers pressed on his arm, and he checked the message carefully. It seemed that he hadn’t noticed his thoughtful reply-the hostile and unfriendly relationship between the Monte family and the Harris family. It was completely clear. Seeing the opportunity at this time, Lucius took the opportunity to push the Monte family towards destruction.

The low si si sound made the Death Eater present couldn’t help shivering. The giant snake under Voldemort’s feet leaned forward and stood upright. Its body was as thick as a human thigh, and its eyes did not blink. The pupils are vertical.

“Nagini? Well, now that Bella is just finished… of course you can take care of the child…” Voldemort looked down at the giant snake that was climbing higher and higher. The giant snake put his body on Voldemort’s shoulder and Voldemort used it. The slender fingers caressed the giant snake carelessly, and his eyes looked towards Gerry Igor, who was trembling beside him, “Gerry Igor Monte, since you know who I am, you want to live again, then let us Come make a game.”

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