Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1109

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Voldemort showed a terrifying smile, but his red eyes did not contain any emotion. He took the eyeball that looked a little shriveled with blood vessels and meridian from the dragged glass cover, and controlled the eyeball to fly in the direction of Gerry Igor. In the past-this makes this eyeball and blood vessels look like an octopus.

“Bring it on.” Voldemort said, “Dear Gerry Igor, show me whether this eye in your family’s collection is a real guy, and whether it will kill people after being put on and removed… If you are lucky It’s good enough to make sure it’s true, and then I’ll survive it later, and I will allow you to provide me with more services in the future…”

Lucius’s pale face was expressionless. He realized that although the Dark Lord often lost control, he was somewhat more cautious after the failure of the duel-he did not directly use the Divine Item that could not feel the magic power on his own. Body.

“Fool, can’t you hear the Dark Lord’s order?” Lucius urged, “Master! Let me help him finish it!”

Gerry Igor trembled and gritted his lower lip. His eyes were filled with tears of extreme fear. He knew that he could not resist, but there was no other choice. He trembled and raised his right hand in order to survive.

Voldemort’s ferocious gaze did not leave the wizard who was lying on the ground like mud. He continued to hiss lightly and asked, “Lucius, how is your friend Rudolph’s progress?”

“Master… Rudolphs came to explain…” Lucius did not dare to neglect, he carefully paid attention to the wording, “Master, because every corridor and every room in the ruins have been set with multiple spells, and these spells are from ancient times. It’s a little different from our modern magic, so Curse-Breaker’s progress is relatively slow…” Lucius noticed Voldemort’s frown and said quickly, “But Rudolphs dare not do anything brutally. It’s not a big deal, but if it causes a cave-in or even the heart of Vic’s inside is destroyed…it’s really bad for your major event, master, so the progress is slow…but because of this, we think that things are indeed inside. …”

“It’s too slow…urging him…I think you and your friend will not hope that I will personally supervise it…” Voldemort’s impatience compromising sound just fell, and suddenly there was a painful wailing that dragged on. Very miserable, as if answering his words.

The blood gurgled down from Gerry Igor’s left eye socket. In the sound of mournful scream, his original eyeball fell to the ground, and gu lu lu rolled into a pool of blood… Gerry Igor gasped in pain, his hands full of blood, and trembling. Lifted the glass cover in front of him, gently pinched the dry eye, and pressed it towards the eye socket. The human eye squeezed directly into his right eye socket and was infiltrated by blood. It instantly plumped up in his eye socket. Spinning frantically.

Voldemort’s twisted mouth moved and mocked: “Lucius, it seems that he is more efficient than Rudolphs.”

When this dry eye stopped turning, the skin around Gerry Igor’s eye socket cracked like cracked ground, and the entire eye socket turned black. There was still a little dry eyeball, as if it were connected by 10000000 million red blood threads. The woven spider web and the broken glass stuck in the eye socket abruptly.

Gerry Igor gasped in pain, his widening new eye could not even close at all, he collapsed on the floor and shivered, sweat and blood mixed together-until the pupils of Vicner’s Eye suddenly froze. On to Voldemort who was watching in front of him.

Without warning, Gerry Igor’s falling fingers moved, and a flame was released by his wandless use spell to cover everyone’s sight. Then, Gerry Igor’s wide-open eyes suddenly released a continuous line from behind the flame. Ray, this red ray looks like the blood vessels on the previous eye stem, rushing towards Voldemort.

Voldemort raised his eyebrows and disappeared in an instant. Although the ray emitted by Vicner’s eye was astonishing and swift, it was a Death Eater behind Voldemort who was instantly struck. The layers of red silk thread wrapped it into a red mummy, and it broke into pieces “boom”, as if all the life force had been taken away by these red silk threads, and scattered into a gray dregs.

Under the action of Vec’s magic eye, Gerry Igor, who had been shrinking and cowardly, sat upright, as if a frantic manner continued to sweep the Death Eaters in front of him with rays.

When a crowd of Death Eaters started to make a fuss about nothing 4, Voldemort, who had reappeared in silhouette, had appeared behind Gerry Igor, who was still in a state of loss of sanity. His leather boots were heavily on the ground. , Bent down and pinched Monte’s Heir’s neck with his left hand like a pale big spider, and used Vecna’s hand directly to Gerry Igor’s eyeball-his Vecna’s hand was hit by a ray , But nothing happened at all.

Voldemort pulled it out and looked at the opponent’s reaction: “It is said that the power of Vic’s Eye will change with the new Owner, but one thing is certain: unfortunately, the person who has it has never happened to good things. It is destined to betray its wearer at important moments, and abandon him when he needs its power most.”

And seeming to realize that he was about to be taken off, Vecna’s eyes in the dry and cracked eye sockets turned frantically and irregularly. Gerry Igor’s hair quickly turned gray and his skin was old and gray, as if he had lost all the moisture, and the skin appeared. The black markings…Gerry Igor seems to have lost all his life force in an instant, and the pupils of the intact eye gradually dilated.

Voldemort’s red eyes appeared brighter, and two cat-like eyes were aimed at this Vikna’s eye. After it absorbed all the life force, there was a bang when Voldemort raised his hand again. , Among the closed withered fingers, it was the eyeball that had left the eye socket and looked as dry as before—and Gerry Igor could no longer see his previous youngster face, like a skeleton wrapped in dry skin. Has long lost his life.

“Dear Gerry Igor, it seems that you are not favored by luck… but I am about to own all 3 sets of this Divine Item! This will curb this curse and give me more powerful power!” Voldemort watched Heir Monte’s body opened his mouth, some nervously muttering to his corpse, and he began to stretch his fingers to his left eye socket…

The Nurmengard wizard prison in the direction of Austria in Bavarian Asia, Germany. This cold and dark, far away from the crowd was applied to prevent Disapparation in a corridor at the highest point of the magic tower, a flame appeared out of thin air.

The sound of footsteps came from the corridor of this top-level prison. The magic lamp on the wall on the second side of the corridor faintly exudes green rays of light, shining on the golden stars dotted on the purple magic robe of the visitor, emitting a little sparkling light. . As he approached the middle cell, the visitor stopped, sorted out the pointed wizard hat on his head, and moved on again. He saw the goal of the trip.

The first Dark Lord Gellert · Grindelwald has stood upright by the railing of the cage. Although he is a little blessed, he is in a formal suit and smiles at the visitor as if he has been waiting for a long time. At this time, he has predictive eyes. His pupils are still activating-there are traces of him sitting on the sofa in the cell, there is a bucket of half-empty popcorn on the small tea table next to him, and Hogwarts is still playing on the cell TV. Floating Void City.

Dumbledore’s magic robe swayed like a wave, and the Phoenix Fawkes on his shoulders burst into flames. When the fire was over, the white wizard had appeared in the cage, and his eyes met Grindelwald’s normal eyes—on his shoulders. The male phoenix was ready to fly to the snack pile and began to peck at the popcorn.

“I think I know the poor little boy in front of me… driven by Hogwarts, misunderstood by the people he helped… no one understands and is not treated kindly, but very brave…very brave.” Grindelwald used his unique elegant tone. As comfortable as the tone of a parent encouraging a child who fell down to get up, he walked towards Dumbledore step by step, almost close to the other side, Dumbledore could feel the sweet smell of caramel from the other’s breath.

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