Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1110

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Seeing the old wizard whose teeth had been completely filled, the rays of light of the magic lamp were beating on Grindelwald’s gray hair that was sparse due to age but was also meticulously combed. From Dumbledore’s point of view, this made the man in front of him Wu became younger, which made him a little dizzy.

Grindelwald leaned slightly, stretched out an arm slowly and gracefully, and raised his hand with his palm up. Grindelwald kept his head down and stared at Dumbledore as if he didn’t need to blink at all.

Dumbledore raised his left hand and rubbed his nose sighed, and handed it to Grindelwald’s palm-but unexpectedly Grindelwald did not take his hand but drew away quickly, then quickly pulled Dumbledore to hold it. Wand’s right hand, then pulled hard, pulling Dumbledore into a stagger, pulling closer to himself.

Dumbledore silver white, his waist-length hair dangled in front of him. He stood in a daze. The blue eyes behind the crescent-shaped glasses looked at each other’s eyes intently. The pale and old cheeks were now rosy and Grindelwald was strong. Grasping Dumbledore’s wrist, he pulled the white wizard’s recovered completely right hand to the end of his nose, sniffed Dumbledore’s right hand vigorously, and from start to finish, his eyes didn’t leave. Dumbledore, this made the old man’s complexion more rosy.

“Rowan…wizard wand made from this kind of wood often has a clear mind and a pure heart. Rowan wand can also play the defensive spell to the best extent, so it has a lot of protection in terms of protecting the owner. High talent, other wands are inferior.” Grindelwald’s hand holding Dumbledore’s wrist loosened. “If I remember correctly, your new wand is the same as your original Elder Wand?”

Dumbledore’s face became hot for a while, and he realized that he had misunderstood. The other party was just recognizing his new wand.

“The holder of Elder Wood wand always seems to have a strong sense of identification with the wizard chosen by rowan wand.” Grindelwald’s right eye with only a strange ash-gray pupil blinked slightly, revealing a charming smile “As the former owner of Elder Wand… I quite agree with this point of view, what do you think, Albus?”

“If it has been spread for a long time, it usually makes sense…” Dumbledore turned around a little annoyed not to let the other person look at his expression, pretending to sit calmly on the chair facing the TV, and grabbed Fawkes in his beak. I pecked a popcorn, threw it into my mouth and said vaguely, “I have also used Elder Wood wand.”

“Besides, I didn’t know that you changed the soap… Cedar blended with citrus flavor… Sister Ojivi soap…” Grindelwald’s eyes narrowed, and the corners of his mouth reappeared with a smirk. He leaned forward slightly, his pointed nose as if Dumbledore The crooked noses came together, “I haven’t smelled it in a few years.”

“Gregorovitch asked me to wash my hands before making the wand selection for me.” Dumbledore frowned suddenly after answering. “Have you smelled it in a few years? Who else have you smelled?”

“What? Jealous?” Grindelwald teased deliberately. He took out a 2.5-liter bottle of Coke from the cabinet and poured a glass of Dumbledore. “Although Unfathomable Mystery recently offered me this muggle drink, it tastes at least It should be more suitable for you than beer and sauerkraut juice…”

“Gellert, I noticed that your newly made prison clothes seem to be a size bigger than last time… it fits well.” Dumbledore winked playfully at Grindelwald, and finally appeared to be back to normal and no longer affected by Grindelwald’s emotional provocation. He replied unconvincingly.

After a while, using his fingers to use spell the chilled Coke to make Dumbledore’s expression more relaxed, he leaned more and more freely on the chair, and soon the popcorn bucket reached the bottom, and passed a few more because of the carbon dioxide in the drink. After the burp caused was vented unscrupulously, Dumbledore seemed a lot easier than he was at Gregorovitch before.

“So, Albus… recent events worry you a lot, and everyone else will only ask you for help to clarify your confusion… Grindelwald’s right eye pupil shrank a bit, and the repaired beard on the top of his lips rose with it.” A lot has happened to Hogwarts… You want to know what exactly Aaron Harris wants to do? “

“Gedler, don’t use your abilities to look at me.” Dumbledore habitually faced each other with his fingers and fingers, and his blue eyes ran across Grindelwald. “Harris reminds me of you a lot… so I really want to hear it. Your opinion, if you were him, what would be the purpose of doing these things?”

“Where do you think we are?” The skin exposed under Grindelwald’s neck showed an unnatural white. He raised his chin and raised his brows deliberately, “Skin? Hair color? Gender?”

“Stop cracking a joke…” Dumbledore said so, but he looked at Grindelwald from above the half-moon-shaped glasses and laughed in a pleasant voice. “You really look alike, don’t you? Both like to explore ancient magic, and They are all good at speaking, good at grasping the hearts of others, seeing through their nature… can easily stir up other people’s emotions, and can make good use of…”

“Then it should be that the three of us are alike…” Grindelwald frivolous said, and then put a smile away said resolutely, “but we are always just like, essentially different individuals, so I thought What you want is different.”

Dumbledore agreed with nodded and then asked, “Then what do you think he wants?”

“Albus, what did we want to do?” Grindelwald didn’t answer directly.

“In order to break the “International Secrecy Act” and realize the wizard’s rule over mortals… Gedler, I changed later, so we had a lot of disputes… You mean Aaron, too?” Dumbledore’s white beard shook his chest, expression It didn’t seem surprising.

“It’s a practice for Harris TV to broadcast those muggle programs and the illusion I created at the rally; before, Britain issued a warning to various countries to comply with secrecy laws, and then forced the African president to compromise…” Grindelwald turned to Dumbledore Leaning, approaching Dumbledore, his words revealed some youthful “wildness”, “I don’t have his patience, but I have to say that now many countries have been overwhelmed by unmaintainable secrecy laws, right? It’s a pity that I didn’t have advanced magic equipment like a TV back then…”

“Fortunately not!” Dumbledore glared at his boyfriend in disapproval, drank a large sip of Coke and hiccuped with soda, “but I did consider this possibility… but today this Floating Void City, don’t you think it is? Want to make wizards farther away from muggle? Form a more closed wizard world?

“That’s why I said that the three of us are essentially different individuals, and we want different things…” Grindelwald shook his head, “Albus, you have noticed it yourself. In fact, you don’t want to believe that it is because Harris is like the morning sun. , But you are like the sunset, you can’t control the other party and can’t beat him… I understand that you are too tired and unwilling and unable to have greater disputes with him… Anyway, you think he treats muggles much better than me. Anyway, he will not squeeze the value of muggle like me? But you are wrong, Albus. In my opinion, the breaking of the “Secrecy Act” is only a small part of his thoughts… What he wants to do may be far more than you think In trouble…”

“Oh?” Dumbledore raised an eyebrow in surprise. “My worst plan is that although the Ministry of Magic is controlled by Harris, the affairs of Scrimgeour and Goblin made him aware of the constraints… so I came up with this. My own Floating Void City… My worst plan is that he wants Hogwarts to break away from the nominal control of the Britain Ministry of Magic… But Gellert, your worries seem to be more than this?”

“Who do you think Elder Wand is most likely to be in?” Grindelwald continued to answer with rhetorical questions.

Dumbledore nodded then shook his head again: “Do you think it is him?… Maybe Tom will go astray, but we are not overly dependent on this foreign object…”

“Albus, don’t forget, this little boy is pulling a big car behind…” Grindelwald reminded in a serious tone, “There is a Goddess behind him, and she is declaring that she is fighting against a Death…”

With that, Grindelwald waved his fingers in the air.

“Elder Wand.” Grindelwald drew a vertical line in the air; “Resurrection Stone.” He added a circle on the vertical line; “Invisibility Cloak” he drew a triangle outside the vertical line and the circle.

“In the legend, the person who owns all Deathly Hallows is the owner of Death…” Dumbledore stared at the Deathly Hallows symbol floating in the air. “If they really do it for this noble purpose… I don’t at all have any opinion on this… Although I Personally, I wonder if Death really exists… In fact, I think Ms. Ravenclaw may have only mastered powers that ordinary wizards don’t know…”

“I met you when I was young and invited you to search for Deathly Hallows with me… Where do you think I learned about Deathly Hallows and use him as my personal mark?” Grindelwald turned and asked again, no Waiting for Dumbledore to answer, he pointed to the mark in the sky, “The one who induced me to know this mark and start looking for them is also the owner of our Eris mirror, Goddess of Misfortune Eris…” Grindelwald brought his face too close to Dumbledore’s. Face, “And the Deathly Hallows necklace hanging on the boy’s chest is not because his grandfather admires me… I can tell, it’s not my mark… Because I didn’t fulfill my promise, I was killed by you before I collected 3 types of Hallows I was locked up here, so I taught the boy a few hands as compensation to Goddess behind him…” Grindelwald breathed his breath to Dumbledore’s face. “But recently, I found out because of this… well, I guessed this one. Goddess, it seems there is another identity-Rowena Ravenclaw, the founder of your previous house.”

Dumbledore was shocked by the information implicit in his boyfriend’s words. He felt that things exceeded all the probability he could think of before. It was like a big net behind him was manipulating chess pieces, controlling the actions that Dumbledore thought were chess players. .

“The Harris boy has gone farther than me…Albus, maybe you should watch his eyes more. You are very upset that I don’t take muggle seriously…but he is in the bones, even if you do this to the wizard It’s a good thing… but maybe you don’t take the wizard seriously anymore…” Grindelwald said with satisfaction, seeing Dumbledore’s expression reacting, he began to retract the sofa and gave himself a sip of soda, “So you think I am relaxed? I thought I could not cheer myself up? Your white wizard’s career has just hit the road… But don’t expect me to help you deal with my successor… I just want to remind you to pay attention to those’ It’s just a real struggle between the gods… By the way, if I’m right, the Potter’s undead boy… the authentic Invisibility Cloak handed down by Peverier has long been lost? “

“I didn’t lose it… It’s good to be with Harry.”


“But Gedler, you are right. Although this kind of struggle between the gods is incomprehensible to mortals, it is not good for mortals besides danger…”

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