Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1111

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Nox’s home in the suburbs of New York, USA.

The yellow and white lights are intertwined. Thanks to Jessica’s meticulous care, the room is full of beautiful young trees with gorgeous flowers in full bloom, which looks lively. There are several magazines scattered on the green marble coffee table in front of the sofa. One of “Break with Death Eater” has been turned to the middle position, and it was buckled upside down on the sofa.

Jessica, Ian, and Leonard’s family sat on a long table at the other end of the hall. They enjoyed a simple dinner consisting of salad, fried chicken and toasted macaroni, and small pies…and on the TV facing their dinning table, A broadcast of related news about Hogwarts is now playing.

Aaron Harris has just accepted Centaur’s allegiance on TV and is giving his final speech.

“Those who keep on saying’one generation is not as good as one’ should look at you like me. I look at you with envy. The wizard has accumulated thousands of years of wealth. All the knowledge, insight, wisdom and art seems to be dedicated to The gifts you prepared. Magic prosperity, luxuriant culture, prosperous cities, the fruits of the wizard civilization are opened in layers, you can enjoy freely, learn a spell, learn a skill…

If you still need my blessing, then rush after the waves! We are on the same rushing river”

“I used to say proudly in front of Aaron that Ifamoni is the best magic school in the world…” Jessica swallowed a salad and chewed the vegetables, and said with some yearning, “The magic school floating in the air Being with Liu Fengfuyun, it sounds romantic… That must be a wonderful feeling…Uncle, is there really no restrictions on admissions at Hogwarts University as advertised?”

“Ka Jessica, do you want to go to Hogwarts University?” Leonard wiped the corners of his mouth with a napkin. “Now Hogwarts University has only started enrolling students, so although the start time has passed, there are really no restrictions, but the teaching methods are said to be more like ancient times. Magic circle is the kind of apprenticeship, in which a tutor takes several students in addition to public classes.”

“Jessica, I don’t approve of you. Now is not a good time for Britain to study.” Ian raised his eyebrows. Although his voice was low, it was very firm and strong-the pet Curled Winged demon left by his parents fell beside him. A raw cow’s brain is sucked on the chair. It looks like a bat, with brilliant colors and thorns.

“Why?” Jessica put down the fork unhappily. “Many of my friends wrote in this afternoon saying that they have been living in Floating Void City for a few months.”

“Now Hogwarts has become a Floating Void City. It’s all trivial, but they have energy nuclei, and now there are so many national forces staring at them…” Ian, who has a stubborn short golden hair, said in a serious tone, “Nothing in the magic Congress Young officials are also arguing over this matter. The Chief of the Serious Investigation Department and the Congress Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement are arguing with the president and the Chief of Staff.”

“Ian, you can’t bear Jessica? The younger brother can’t do without elder sister, so I don’t want her to go as far as Britain. Because once she goes, you won’t see her for a long time.” Leonard laughed heartily, teasing Ian wittily.

“Leonard Uncle! Jessica wants to go to Britain to study. This is a very serious matter.” Ian emphasized earnestly, embarrassment of being poked at the center of his face.

“Ah ha ha, are you reluctant to bear me? Afraid that no one will cook for you?” Jessica’s eyes were bright, and her tone was brisk to join in the jokes. “If I go to Hogwarts, would you like to help you explore your duel tournament’s number one competitor Aaron? The bottom line? For example, maybe you find that he is afraid of cockroaches and mice and so on. You can scare him when you are in a duel… In fact, I think you should resign and go with me. We can still be students in the same class.”

“Don’t talk nonsense!” Ian yelled in embarrassment, “Uncle, you know the situation!”

“Come on, Jessica, it’s really not the best time to go to Hogwarts.” Leonard looked a little serious. “Actually, I don’t agree that you are going to Hogwarts to study now… Hogwarts’ recent performance is too eye-catching. The threats and fears brought to other Wizarding Worlds are too great. It just happened, you better not to take risks…” Leonard’s tone became more serious, “Our domestic attitude towards Britain has always been more resistant, plus Aaron was too domineering before. It has given many radicals a reason to be disgusted. He broke their idea that the United States is more powerful than Britain’s magic circle… And after today, I think that the former centrists who were a matter of no concern to oneself were forced to stand on the second side. .”

“Yes, Uncle! Jessica…you didn’t think Ifmanni is better than Hogwarts? There are already a lot of wizards with radical ideas. Now it’s better not to irritate them. You may be disgusted with those of you who go to study abroad. …” Ian said sternly, “I’m not afraid that this will cause trouble for me and Uncle. Now that Hogwarts has just been raised, the situation is still unclear… But Hogwarts doing this now is tantamount to creating a further threat to other countries, 10000 Once they lose you when the time comes, will they be implicated…”

Jessica was a little annoyed: “The American Wizarding World is the most free! I don’t care what your Auror colleagues think.”

“There are certainly no less spying nuclei. Hogwarts itself is positioned as a wizard city instead of a magic school, so the population flow will be very small and large… which means that Hogwarts will not be safer than before.” Leonard said. “But if you just stay in school and don’t go around the temple, it shouldn’t be a big problem, Ian, you should stay away from the group of radicals…this duel tournament thing…you think you have a chance to be with Dumbledore and You know who compete against opponents of this level, just having this kind of experience is enough honor.”

“I can’t do it…” Ian muffled the steak on his plate. “I got letters from some players just after I went to work. Many people want to quit this year’s duel tournament… You know, I have private contact with some players. After Aaron and you know who won the public decisive battle last time, there were already many players who wanted to withdraw from this duel tournament. What happened in Hogwarts today will probably bring them a fatal blow… Even if this duel match can still take place, it is estimated that the contestants will become the least ever.”

Ian couldn’t eat anything, so he simply put the fork aside and stopped and continued to eat dinner.

“Ian, no matter how many opponents you participate in the match, do what you want to do the most… Since the last time you lost in a duel with Aaron, the most important thing you want to do is to compete with Aaron again. It’s the process, not the result. Such a fight is good for you…so give me a good meal.” Jessica directed the fork to fly back to Ian’s hands, “I still decided to go to Hogwarts with my friends to see if I can enroll, and it’s not as good as others. Not as good as others, there is nothing bad to admit.”

The cool-looking boy listened to elder sister’s words very much. He continued to fork the macaroni and put it in his mouth to chew: “Jessica, you have to go later and prepare, I don’t want to wait for you to dress up for more than an hour… “

“That’s because I didn’t know what boots to wear that day!” Jessica retorted, but she got up and went to her room.

“Ian, are you going to that ghost place again?” Leonard hearing this frowned. “That’s a place where a bunch of baristas are making a fuss. A bunch of wizards who don’t get much salary each week are still discussing the national major event…Jessica. Interested in these?”

Ian put down the fork and untied the opening in the collar. “Rigid Fuji Graves invited me to the Blind Pig Bar today for a drink. He will be on stage tonight.”

The wrinkles on Leonard’s forehead piled up: “Ian, we are not radicals. I told you that we don’t mix with that group of people… and the blind pig bar was a meeting place where it was all a few decades ago. Now I see It’s not much better.”

“Even though the words and actions of Fujitsu Fuji 3 seem to be too radical, he can still accept the opinions of others, and you have always respected Uncle…” Ian said to Leonard, “Jessica is not interested in these, she likes that. Spirits, I’m just going to listen to them. I have been telling them some of your ideas and worries. I think this can also affect them, making them more appropriate and not adopting more radical behavior.”

“I’ll go with you.” Leonard stood up and thrust Wand around his waist before going to get his jacket. “Don’t let you be fooled by that person’s radical remarks.”

“Leonard Uncle, when the time comes, you don’t get so excited that you come on stage and participate in the speech…” Ian’s tone was a little unhappy. the time comes, you pay the bill.”

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